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Steven Caldwell Texaco Interview

As you may know I’m posting up the Texaco interviews with Blues players. Today – it’s Steven Caldwell talking Vanity Fair, Kenny Rogers and Robert Mugabe…

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3 Responses to “Steven Caldwell Texaco Interview”

  • Kaje says:

    I’m going to admit, right here and now, that when we were in for Caldwell – I was skeptical. I thought he was an awful defender, getting on a bit, and would offer us nothing.

    Not only have I been proven wrong, he’s one of my current faves! Superb bloke and super defender, fantastic stuff!

  • jeff says:

    as almir will testify i said caldwell would be fine at this level.what has hit me hard is how cool the man is.the best leader of men we have at the club.in my view he should remain captain even if carr returns .

  • Rich says:

    What occurred to me, with both interviews (CD & SC) are that they are articulate, intelegent guys. Not something that is always associated with footballers. It’s all well and good having natural ability as a defender, but if you possess a little bit of ‘cleverness’, it can count for that little bit extra. Steve Bruce was a case in point.

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