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Blues Online – a roundup of what’s good out there about Birmingham City

One thing that is pleasing to note is that there has become a proliferation of writing about Birmingham City online. If there is one thing I’d like to see more of in this life it’s passionate bluenoses, and I think some of the writing out there is absolutely top-notch. With this in mind, I thought it would be good to do a fortnightly roundup of other Blues stuff I’ve read online.

First up is “A Voice in the Wind“. I can quite honestly say I’ve not read anything this funny about Birmingham City for quite a long time. In the post I’ve linked he talks about Zigic’s four goal beating of Leeds, and how Zigic has been the lynchpin of Blues good form. Fair play to Rowett, who writes the blog – I’ve never seen someone so accurately nail listening to Tom Ross on the radio.

I don’t get to many away games so I’m glad to see fans perspectives out there from the hardcore band of fans who do. Charlotte Parker, who writes for “It’s Round and White” gets to pretty much every game Blues play, and she offers factual, concise and insightful reports of them.

I’m a big fan of supporter groups as well, and it’s good to see sites like B31 Blues spring up to give fans a platform to air their views, thoughts and photos of Birmingham City as they follow us around the country and Europe. I will admit I spent a good thirty minutes looking through the Maribor photos remembering what a great day it was out in Slovenia – I hope they can get more pics up of away trips because I love looking through them.

The Seventy Two is a blogsite covering the whole of the Football League (ie the three divisions below the Premier League), and Blues are lucky enough to have Chris Quinn write Birmingham City for it. In the post I’ve linked Chris talks about the things Blues need to do to secure promotion to the top flight; I’d like to see him write more stuff for what is a well-respected blog.

If you look at the bottom of the right hand sidebar, you’ll see some links to other stuff I read and like, and as I build up this series I’ll be adding these sites to it. If you write for a site or read something especially good about Blues that you’d like me to cover, just drop me a line.

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3 Responses to “Blues Online – a roundup of what’s good out there about Birmingham City”

  • nigel peat says:

    As a season ticket holder living in Chesterfield I really enjoy reading your site and the others.

    Just wondered if we are going to get all the Shed End for the cup game at Chelsea?

    Hopefully yes and first crack at the tickets this week will be in the upper tier the 1,500 initial allocation sounds like lower tier though average view.

    Finally hopefully 3 points against Pompey then head for Barnsley, local for me I have no doubt we could fill the away end (holds 6,000) but 1,200 allocation seems poor , shocking prices also, if Barnsley increase the allocation that stand will sell out though probably restricted to 4,000.

    • almajir says:

      I really honestly don’t know regarding Chelsea.

      As for Barnsley – I think it comes down to what we can sell. The club have to be careful as the first allocation I believe is non-returnable, so they can’t be left with too many unsold tickets. If the demand is there I’m sure Barnsley will allow us to have some more.

  • parkp says:

    Reports suggest that Swansea striker Stephen Dobbie is asking to go when the loan window opens. A reported target for Blues on Deadline Day.

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