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Where Are They Now? Part VI

Every once in a while I like to take a look back at some of the players who once graced the Royal Blue shirt and have since moved on to see where they have got to in the world of football. For this edition, I’ve decided to look at the, ahem, legend that was Carlos Costly.

Courtesy Birmingham Mail

He of the famed dragback – Carlos Yair Costly Molina – played for Birmingham City in the second half of the 2008/09 season on loan from Polish club GKS Bełchatów.

In eight appearances for Birmingham City (five of them from the bench) in the Championship, Costly failed to trouble the scoresheet. He was a bit of a target of derision for the fans if I remember rightly; seen as a cheap player bought in by our former board cos they liked a Latin American player in the team. Barring the “Costly Dragback” I can’t actually remember him playing for us – which shows just how little he disturbed my consciousness at least, and I guess there was no surprise that he was packed off back to Poland once the season had been completed and Blues had returned to the top flight.

He didn’t have a very happy time in Poland, making allegations of racism against his coaches as they wouldn’t pick him in his favoured position; although the Polish seemed to think he was unprofessional. He eventually got his wish and moved on to Vaslui of Romania, where he picked up a serious injury which ruled him out of the 2010 World Cup with Honduras and from there he moved on to Club Atlas in Mexico and from there on loan to MLS side Houston Dynamo.

Costly only scored one goal whilst playing in the Houston Orange, and thus like Blues, when his loan ended he was sent back. Unfortunately for Carlos, the raft of offers he believed he had prior to the transfer window didn’t materialise and having turned down a few offers in his homeland (due to him thinking he was bigger than that) he’s now found he’s in a bit of a pickle; he needs football to continue to be picked by the national team but he’s burnt his bridges with Atlas and he has to hope he’ll get picked up again by Houston Dynamo. The local fans seem split on whether they want him or not – but it would appear that even if he did go back to the Texan side, he won’t be earning the kind of money he was hoping for.

So there you go. Crap for us, not much cop elsewhere but he thinks he’s worth it.


17 Responses to “Where Are They Now? Part VI”

  • geodude says:

    the content of this article takes me completely by surprise

  • KRO says:

    Thank you once again for an intresting arcticle about another former blues player, if I remember he really was hyped up to be an amazing player that didn’t materalise to anything but I would rather give a player a try and see what happens…

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Unfortunately, Another ” hyped up player ” that came to nought,!!.

    Thank God, We have some that did do their stuff for us,!!.

  • Chris Quinn says:

    Next up, Luciano Figueroa? Apparently rubbish for us, yet went on to be an Argentinian international…

    In Sullivan, I trust… /runs

  • Sad Buray says:

    I recall that this bloke gave me and my mates one of the biggest laughs in the season when he came on as a sub in match and tried a back heel (not a drag back) which he completly missed. The funny part was that the opposition defenders around him anticpated the back heel due to the slow speed of movement but were fooled by the miss kick, resulting in our hero leaving them for dead! Quality!

  • Paul Martin says:

    I saw him play at Palace in that season. I think first starts for Costly and someone called Stephen Carr. A few things I remember from the game. First Stephen Carr seemed unable to take throw ins and looked rusty but Costly was through on goal and as he shot from the away side it seemed only a matter of time before the net bulged. But no such luck he had missed by a mile. He was replaced by another goal machine Jerome. We huffed and puffed and could not beat a poor Palace team reduced to 10. Another Blue that day was Scott Sinclair now what happened to him?

  • PhilN says:

    I believe Wally Corbett was a Blues player when he won a gold medal with the GB football team at the 1908 Olympics.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    What I want to know is what happened to Christian Benitez . I heard he started well in the Mexican league but no more info on the little man. I still think we would’ve stayed up if we had bought him.

  • skareggae72 says:

    Another player who comfortably finds his way into the all time worst blues xl,up front with Njaji Kuqi

  • Sophie Bane says:

    Can we have the ‘legendary’ Ricky Otto and Olivier Terribly next, please? Don’t know if you’ve already done Kevin Francis, but I love the fact that he is now a Mountie in Alberta. There should be laws against having two cool jobs in one lifetime.

  • Paul Martin says:

    What about the Portuguese friend of Jose who played in the Auto Windscreens semi at Orient I think at left back. He may have only played once but he really wasn’t up to a wet night in East London

  • Julian says:

    I met Luciano and his father in Touchwood. He looked much, much than in the YouTube videos. Another Barnes / Blissett fiasco?

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