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We Hate Villa More Than You

Here’s a question for you – how much do you actually dislike our neighbours from across the expressway? Does the sight of pink and baby blue fill your throat with bile or are you coolly dispassionate about them?

There’s been talk on messageboards recently about the “obsession” with our filiopietistic (look it up) friends – from the amount of chat about them on the online forums to Block 11’s continued singing of their “Sixteen years…” song there are thoughts from some quarters that we pay them too much mind. Indeed, I’m wondering if I’m doing myself a disservice writing this post.

I can understand why people think we shouldn’t talk or sing about them. After all, isn’t it more important that we back our own team? Shouldn’t we get behind our own players and sing their names rather than once again yell about our urges to defecate on the mob from the other side of the expressway?

Unfortunately, football is tribalistic. Going to the football brings out the caveman in many people – including me. It gets the old testosterone pumping, the heart jumping and with that the rational part of the mind shuts down somewhat. For me, it’s about belonging to something bigger than the sum of its parts which is symbolised by a ball and a globe. It might have started with twenty-two blokes kicking around a pigs bladder but it’s not “just a game” any more – it might not be life and death but I don’t know of many other things that have such power over people’s emotions.

With the tribal thing comes the natural “Us and Them” situation. If you’re not part of “Us”, you’re one of “Them”. I remember growing up in school when kids didn’t support the big four in the main, and it was pretty much Blues or Villa. It decided who your friends were, it decided what part of the playground you played on and I think it even defined your character; as a kid Villa had not long won the league and the European Cup and so the kids who followed them tended to be a lot more full of themselves and pushy about it . The Blues kids on the other hand were the ones with the wry sense of humour, who could accept defeat for what it was and could take the crap with good grace.

Fast forwards to now. February 27th 2011 changed everything. For all my Blues supporting life I’d heard opposition fans singing that familiar refrain – “you’ve never won f*** all” – and now, after that glorious error by the Arsenal backline we had. For the first time in my life, we were the holders of a trophy that actually mattered. Meanwhile, our near neighbours from Aston had once again had another season of ignominy – and just for one moment, they were in our shadow. Relegation may have changed that in some eyes, but for me it didn’t. We’d won something, they hadn’t.

So does it bother me when Block 11 sings its Sixteen years” song? Hell no, I love it. We all have Villa neighbours, colleagues and relatives – Christ, some of us have even made friends with them. For just once, we can crow about something. For just once we can sing something and they can’t answer it. Not only that, but they’ve now gone and hired one of our cast-offs to manage them. Schadenfreude isn’t the best reason to laugh at people, but I’ll take it. Every bedsheet with badly spelt abuse on it, every moaning phone call to a radio talkshow and every single gripe about how much they are being held back from the big club they should be fills my heart with joy.

Do we talk about them too much? Probably – but it’s not going to stop me taking the piss. It wouldn’t stop them.

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137 Responses to “We Hate Villa More Than You”

  • Bombay Blue says:

    Born and bred Blues fan. Lived in Brum for 35 years, never mixed with vile fans or had them as mates. will never like them!!! Arrogant inbreds that think history is important. Don’t understand that what makes a BIG club today is the wealth and financial backing of the owner!!!


    • kentucky blue says:

      Your history same as mine.i never had vile mate. I know lots of ex- pats here, then my daughter met a viler at work i didnt want to meet him, cant stand em.i dont care about their history i just love blues kro

  • mitchell says:

    Do we talk about them too much? Probably – but it’s not going to stop me taking the piss. It wouldn’t stop them. – great article mate!

    ALL of my mates are vile, school was a daily grind of “you’ve never won fuck all”, college wasn’t much better. The Bruce era was class, and the the ginger one won us a cup, so it’s been great to take the piss for once!


  • Jaffa says:

    Shit on the Villa.

  • JohnR says:

    I’m probably alone in this so indulge me. I first started going to watch football in the 1950’s with my dad, we used to go to Blues one week and Villa the next. My dad was a Villa fan whereas I supported Blues Those were the days when the crowds were not segregated and you mixed together with the opposition supporters.
    Fast forward to today when I guess there are few if any who go to watch both Villa and Blues. I’m passionate about Blues and have no real feelings about the Villa but I certainly don’t hate them.
    I guess it’s an age thing but I really cannot understand the hatred there is in football, for goodness sake it is only a game.

    • Paul says:

      Me too. I grew up in a family which predominantly supported the Villa but which also had Blues and Baggies supporters. I regularly attended Blues games with relatives, and mates, through the 50s and 60s until some time in the early 70s when St Andrews was invaded by Millwall supporters. That was the day when football changed for me and when friendly banter suddenly became vitriol and violence. I’ve never hated the Blues and I find it difficult to understand why fellow Villa supporters spend more time singing about their hatred of the Blues than supporting their own team; I guess it’s their own insecurities bubbling to the surface. I suspect there are thousands who don’t even realize that their oft sung about hero, Peter Withe, once played for the Blues. I grew up being able to admire Latchford and Francis as much as Withe and Shaw. I was also chuffed for Birmingham, the geography, when the Blues won a Cup-Final against a London team last year; and I was pleased for the Blues fans who have put up with a lot of disappointment since they beat us in the league Cup in 1963. I’m Villa first, a Brummie second, Warwickshire third (I was even chuffed when Coventry beat Spurs in the 87 Cup Final), then English. Good luck to the Blues for promotion and if you get to the Play-Off Final I will be routing for you. But, when we meet next I will be claret and blue to the core.

    • Blue55uk says:

      I have always said you dont become a blues fan you are born one,

      you clearly was not.


    • r griifiths says:

      I’m with you mate .Always a blues supporter but son’t hate and despise the villa just like to see them loose to us.

  • KiwiJohn says:

    Interesting – I have certainly kept vile supporters at arms length for no logical reason. Even now at 49 I’m living in NZ i came accross a Brummie accent, had a chat then the obvious question, as soon as he said the V word that was it!
    I was in Melbourne a few weeks ago on business with a Rangers fan. We bumped into a friend of mine who was a Celtic fan. Things went fine for 10 minutes. Then the question came up. Talk about 2 grown men acting like kids! Now that is REAL hatred! We just palay at it. KRO SOTV….

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Strangely enough, I have been doing genealogical research to discover my family roots. It turns out that in the late 1800’s early 1900’s, my family were dotted all over the Aston region of Summer Lane. I also realised that the Aston slum clearance programs led to new estates being built in the likes of Stechford, Yardley and Sheldon and much more latterly Castle Vale and Chelmsley Wood. So it turns out that the Aston emigrants constitued that element of the Brummie populus that were to populate the terraces of Muntz Street and Saint Andrews!!

  • Shane says:

    They make my blood boil I love watching them loose to anybody Man U Arsenal even wolves I am currently enjoying listening to Tom Ross with them coming on his show every week crying about Mcleish and his negative tactics long may it continue, I grew up in kingstanding and had to listen to the morons for years talking about European cups and title challenges and even now the are talking about being a big club all I can say is in the words of that famous Royal (Jim) big club my arse

  • prewarblue says:

    Dont go in much on the mocking of the Vile,,,,,they cant help themselves,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and it is wicked to mock the mentally sub normal

  • Lee says:

    The Blues have never or will ever be our rivals, they aren’t even noisy neighbours due to their small fan base …….. two totally different clubs. They are like the kid up the road you never liked but isn’t a threat to you. As a Villa fan I have no interest in what the Blues do, the only time I worry about them is when we play them and hope to beat them (which normally happens) …. as for the League Cup, they knocked us out so I was glad that they went on and won it. It gave the City a lift and some cheer in bad times.

    • almajir says:

      No interest in us… but enough to comment on a Blues website, eh? ;)

    • Bombay Blue says:

      Typical villa fan who does NOT understand modern football. There are two possibly 3 clubs who will continue to dominate English football because they have the wealth! Every other team whether in the premier league or lower leagues are in the same position. They will not win the EPL and there is a possibility that they MAY win a cup!! Still what do you expect from a deluded historian? KRO SOTH and RUTV (right up the villa!!!)

    • Bombay Blue says:

      Typical villa fan who does NOT understand modern football. There are two possibly 3 clubs who will continue to dominate English football because they have the wealth! Every other team whether in the premier league or lower leagues are in the same position. They will not win the EPL and there is a possibility that they MAY win a cup!! Still what do you expect from a deluded historian? KRO SOTV and RUTV (right up the villa!!!)

  • Lee says:

    Almajir ……………….. it came up on news now and I unfortunately started reading it …… so it would be rude not to comment on one of your pages ….. you have a cheek about being on other clubs websites though, there are more of you lot on our sites than on the ones you have yourselves. UTV

  • Shane says:

    You see that the whole thing about vile fans Being d*******s take a look at lee and his comments there own club are that s**t they have to read our fan pages and comment because there owns fans have got nothing to say and lee your massive ground that you ain’t filling is a fitting tribute to a bunch of w*****s

    Comment edited

    • Lee says:

      Lmao ……. how sad you’re working yourself up little Blouse … chill man chill ….. we may be experiencing some tough times right now but we’ll come back stronger as we always do .. even half empty VP is still better than St Andrews… UTV

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Having left Brum over 7 years ago, whenever I bump into another Brummie I seem to know straight away who they support. Has anyone else noticed this?
    What is heartening is seeing kids from Oxfordshire supporting Blues after watching the Carling Cup final and seeing our progress this season – they comment particularly about the support, compared to the ‘glory’ teams and wannabes like the Vile.
    Saw the Hull game from the home end (free tickets). One of the comments was, “…they’ve had loads of European experience, you can see it in the way they play…”!

    • Bluenosesol says:

      Hi Wingman, I could have got free tickets to the Hull game as my employers are Hull club sponsors but never fancied it as tickets are in the home end. Should I accept in future? (If we share the same league!)

  • Santos says:

    “Relegation may have changed that in some eyes, but for me it didn’t. We’d won something, they hadn’t”

    Keep telling yourself that when you’re en route to Barnsley this Saturday ;-)

    We might be mediocre but we’re medicore in the best league in the world.


  • Lee says:

    Wait until Carson Yeung goes down and they put the club into administration ….. now that will be mediocre !! pmsl

    • almajir says:

      Four comments now. For someone who isn’t interested, you’re doing a damn fine job of it.

      • Lee says:

        Still no interest in your club, but I find Blouses fascinating in the way you try and justify you delusions. UTV SOTC

        • HullaBalue says:

          Justify our delusions? What delusions exactly? I’m sure a large percentage of Bluenose will admit that yes we have a smaller fan base and yes we have nowhere near the history. But what we have is a sense of realism and a trophy win in this millennium. I would love to hear a similar percentage of Village fans admit that they are not as big a club anymore and will be lucky to survive in the Premier League at present, without insinuating it’s all McLeish’s fault! Now that’s delusional, is it not?

  • Johnny says:

    Pretty hard for you to be our rivals when you’re playing away to Doncaster. UTV. The city is ours.

  • Santos says:

    You can laugh at our mediocrity but it’s not like there’s a great deal at the sty to crow about…. Unless I’ve missed something.

  • Lee Lindsay says:

    What a pathetic pointless article. Your obsession with Villa and hundred year jealousy continues as you continually live in our shadows. Why sing and write about us, you will never be as big, never have our success and can never write history…… When Carson Yeung bought your club, we were all laughing at you. Now you’re laughing at yourselves. In fact the whole football league is laughing at you….. Good due dillegence by your incompetent board. Good luck in the play offs!

  • Lee Lindsay says:


    My god. Typical Blue Nose.


  • Masaccio says:

    Vile fans can’t help falling in love with the blues (blouses are what school girls wear). Still they are revolting at the Evening Mail kindly told us this week. Never a truer word…..

  • Santos says:

    ‘European football, goals and cup runs. Nah, our season has had nothing, innit?’

    And didn’t you get held 0-0 by Peterborough at home and scrape a win at home to Portsmouth? I don’t hate Blues, they don’t really bother me. Never seen them as a threat.

  • zublue says:

    Hate is a strong word and on reflection in the cold light of day…its not strong enough. Their fanbase is full of geeks, moaning non-brummie hangers on. I was brought up in a blues area, we are the ne’er do wells, the rough and ready working mans club, we are the cult club who can and has to take all the crap thrown at us in our stride because we know we’ll always have each other. If they had to put up with what we have over the years their crowds would be 5,000 & dunhelm wouldn’t have a sheet left. Singin “the city is ours” whilst waiting for their trains to lichfield, stafford & worcester says it all.

  • I Roth says:

    Both Birmingham teams and with West Brom I hope they all do well with the Blues coming out on top though. Up the Blues.

  • hammy says:

    as an old fella on dads army once said….”villa…yer all DOOOOOOOOMED”….

    KRO mcleish…..

  • jamie says:

    spot on, football is tribalistic,and i do hate them its a class thing as well,they are stuck up we are more down to earth.we laugh at ourselfs,they would do no such thing

  • Santos says:

    ‘Hate is a strong word and on reflection in the cold light of day…its not strong enough. Their fanbase is full of geeks, moaning non-brummie hangers on. I was brought up in a blues area, we are the ne’er do wells, the rough and ready working mans club, we are the cult club who can and has to take all the crap thrown at us in our stride because we know we’ll always have each other. If they had to put up with what we have over the years their crowds would be 5,000 & dunhelm wouldn’t have a sheet left. Singin “the city is ours” whilst waiting for their trains to lichfield, stafford & worcester says it all’.

    Pleeeease. Spare me the ‘school of hard knocks,’ ‘university of life’ bull sh!t. So you’re from a rubbish area, doesn’t make you any better than anyone else.

  • Santos says:

    Also, this is one of the most poorly written pieces I’ve ever seen. Poor punctuation and grammar, not to mention lacking in wit and punchiness.


    • BlueinBrazil says:

      Where are all of these grammatical and punctuation mistakes in the article? As an English language teacher I was able to find one place where a comma might have been included, but it was also possibly a stylistic choice.


  • Al Toner says:

    I used to take a totally indifferent view to the Vile – never used to sing SOTV, My Old Man, that kind of thing. But I find the older I get, the more the nagging, natural dislike of them I spent years suppressing has turned into blind, irrational hatred.

    It’s not just the pomposity of then deluding themselves that they are still a top 6 club. That the whole world should be in awe of them that they started the Football League (did you know that?). That, in the words of my favourite bedsheet defacer at the hilarious demo in August, they ‘don’t want McLeish cus he won’t win us the Champions League’

    No – it’s the fact that their fans are the worst kind of bleating, arrogant, humourless drones.
    And violent too. The interesting thing about the derby games over the past decade is how many nutters they’ve got. They always looked down on us for having an disproportionate mental element, but surprise surprise, they have them too. Only more of them.

    I mean, who in their right mind would take a flare into a football ground?

    Villa are a Baby Jane club – a faded starlet who constantly sits in front on the mirror screaming ‘why?, why? at their faded glory’. Quite sad really.

    By the way, fans from other clubs also despise them. This was from a Newcastle forum last week

    “I really want us to beat Vile this coming Sunday. Not just because the points will come in handy but because I fucking well loathe Aston Vile. Not so much the club. Or the players. Or the manager. They seem pretty much okay to me. It’s the f***ing gimps that call themselves fans. Those at Vile Park on 24/May/09 when we slid out of the PL will know exactly what I mean. I never ever want to let this grudge go and when a parcel of shit is delivered to their door I do hope it’s a Geordie asking them for the signature. We murdered them in the sunshine last season at SJP but I’m not sated. I want more of their blood”

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Hi Almajir, when we were kids and we happened on a wasps nest, we would hit it with a stick, find a vantage point and watch the pandemonium develop. I see its still a fun thing to do :-)

  • Lee Lindsay says:

    I’m surprised he knew how to use a computer!

  • Matt says:

    Almajir, I come to websites like yours to read intelligent takes on the blues. Internet biters and trolls, of any creed, including our own, make me disappointed in human nature, so it’s a shame to see some commenting here for both clubs.

    Of course, I will sing SOTV when caught up in the moment, but I think it could be used less – I don’t agree that we need to be defined by our ‘enemy’ as I think that’s a pretty negative way of defining the club. I think any rivalry should ideally be in the area of witty, and where possible good-natured banter. When it moves into hate I tend to get fed up of what it brings out in people.

  • Matt says:

    By the way Almajir,

    Any idea why the blues official website is down (at least for me)? Can Carson now not afford his broadband connection?!

  • I Roth says:

    I see the ref for this weeks game at Barnsley is from Yorkshire. the linesmen are from Cheshire and Durham. respectively. And where is Barnsley why its in Yorkshire. This is supposed to be fair?

  • shedrocket says:

    Zublue is spot on, they are deluded geeks, I will watch their slow fall from grace with much glee. It will be nice seeing those proper working class brummies prince william, david cameron and tom hanks crying into their caviar. If they go down there will be days of mourning in evesham gloucester and stafford. The monthly edition of farmers weekly will I am sure be cancelled as a mark of respect. Long live agent mcjudas! Right I’m off to buy some shares in dunhelm and partners..easy money.

  • Kaje says:

    I’m as much a Bluenose as anyone else on here, but I refuse to sing songs about the Villa unless we’re actually playing them. I find the obsession some fans have with them (particularly Block 11) borderline embarrassing.

    When we’re not playing the Villa, we should focus solely on supporting OUR team or singing songs about opposition players. Villa fans can’t hear us if it’s not on the TV, they won’t shed a little tear or take a confidence knock – so why the hell should any of us waste our breath?

    Support the Blues, don’t obsess over Aston Villa.

  • Santos says:

    ‘No – it’s the fact that their fans are the worst kind of bleating, arrogant, humourless drones.
    And violent too. The interesting thing about the derby games over the past decade is how many nutters they’ve got. They always looked down on us for having an disproportionate mental element, but surprise surprise, they have them too. Only more of them’.

    This is frankly hilarious. Funny there’s only trouble with our fans when we play you. Your fans have more previous than Marlon King.

  • Rich P says:

    I love hating the villa, for me the soap opera it creates adds a lot of fun to following the Blues.

    But as is the case with a fair few people, its all surface level. I have some great friends who are vile and I would never tear up seats and fight over it. For me its a good source of pub and terrace banter. The team you support is all in just a label, and had we been born into different circumstances we may, heaven forbid, have been on the other side of the divide

  • Danny M says:

    I dont hate the Villa at all, I’m not too fussed what they do, I just care what the Blues do. I have some friends who are are villa fans who I have some friendly banter with. Thats how it should be, rivalry not hatred. I mean it is only a game.

  • Al Toner says:

    Well done. This is exactly what I mean. Funny how it’s our fault that you’ve got a load of loonies isnlt it?

  • McGregor says:

    I find Blues fans hilarious. Always trying to get one over on the Villa, always trying to pretend and wanting so desperately to appear to be be the city’s biggest team, like they deluded themselves into thinking when they first came up to the PL and beat us a few times. The fiasco at the Sty when they beat us in the Carling Cup, and now finally after winning a trophy, giving it the Jonny Bigbollix to Villa.

    And oh the righteousness of it all, Blues, the working mans team, Villa the arrogant big club wannabees .

    Yes, you are completely obsessed with Villa, and that says it all.

    You’re just like an annoying little brother.

  • Danny M says:

    What I do find funny about the Villa fans is that still seem to think they are a big club, when they arent, at least us Blues fans know our limitations.

  • JB says:

    Rivalry between BCFC @ the other half can get out of hand sometimes as we know.
    I recently spotted a Villa fan in a nothern suburbs shopping centre in Perth West Australia.
    I wandered up to him(he had his Sister and Mom & Dad with him I later found out)and spoke in French to confuse him.i then reverted to a German accent with jibberish English and informed this closset fan that I wanted his shirt to light my BBQ later that evening.I can keep a straight mush for ages I can tell you.The guy had panic in his face.It was a picture.
    After changing to my broad Brummie broag I convinced him that Birmingham Council had re-zoned Villa Park to “allotments” to grow turnips & potatoes which would be more use to the City in the future.He was not impressed.
    I have a friend in Perth who’s an ex-copper from KINGS HEATH.
    He’s now a Senior Customs Officer at Perth Airport working shifts.
    His boss targeted a moron wearing a Villa shirt entering on a Qantas Flight for a “strip search”.
    Bob my mate was loving it informing the AV lover that all Villa fans were on a
    STRIP SEARCH” list and were not liked by Customs officers at major airports.
    You can believe this story or not but it is really true.

  • Tilts says:

    I can’t stand them they are a right bunch of TOOLS!!

    The obsession is double sided they loathe us and talk about us as much but don’t like to admit it. Meanwhile villatalk have a thread FOUR YEARS and counting which discusses us and generally picking the bones out of our club!!!

    When we broke the long absence from derbies I told a long standing viler that he does care about what we do and over them 4 games by the end of it when they kept losing he admitted that beating us was of huge importance.

    Like it or not they are not in direct competition with the big boys and never really were they have achieve zip in SEVENTEEN YEARS and not been a big player for THIRTY YEARS!!!!!

    The fact that a few years back they invented the BEST TEAM IN BIRMINGHAM song shows what’s the most important fact. Ask any viler beat Man Utd twice and finish 16th or beat us twice and finish above us and they will take it every time. They won’t probably admitted to a blue nose but they detest us enough privately.

    The final evidence to prove their hatred and obsession of all things BCFC. McJudas appointment a manager of the neighbours that finally dragged us into winning a major trophy should really have been a chance to say thanks for your most successful manager and now we are going to achieve with him with a better squad… but instead of that protests galore and 5,000 missing fans because of it!!

    In my opinion you keep your friends close and your enemies closer, football without rivalry is just not football, I love everyone of their defeats and that is second only to a blues win, every embarrassment they have is something that I will enjoy highlighting. To support the blues and not hate the villa is simply STRANGE!!!

  • shedrocket says:

    “Blues are like an annoying little brother” but you aren’t arrogant? Haha I wouldn’t mind so much if you were anything, your fans are whiners & whingers you haven’t won a bean this century and you won most of your trophies when charles dickens brother was your coach! But you really think your club is something its so plainly not, its that that gets up the noses of other midlands fans. Personally if we had fans moaning and crying and protesting at the slightest setback I would start watching rugby..which I suppose is what you will be watching for the next few years under mcjudas.

  • Margaret Decker says:

    I’m an old lady so low on testosterone and able to remember the days before fan segregation. When I was a kid we often went to Villa Park when Blues were playing away and, of course, supported whoever was playing against Villa. I remember the banter but it didn’t seem bitter. I don’t mind fans singing rude songs about fans of other teams but I’m concerned when they seem to believe the insults they’re singing. Throughout history a multitude of atrocities have stemmed from a them-and-us mentality. It was ok to have slaves because they were not like us. It was ok to gas Jews because they were not like us. It’s ok to kick in the heads of Villa fans because they are not like us.
    I agree that it’s great to feel part of a group and I love being at games where the crowd gets behind the team. However, I believe that it is best to belong to several different groups so that the them-and-us viewpoint doesn’t take hold of your mind. If there are Villa fans in your family or other social group then you will not view them as sub-human. The Villa fans in my church help me to remember that Villa supporters can be lovely people; my fellow Blues fans help me to remember that non Christians too can be great people.
    Sorry to take this so seriously, but I do fear the them-and-us mentality.

    • Bluenosesol says:

      Margaret, our parish priest is a Vile fan and often taunts the bluenoses in his congregation. He therefore acknowledges the difference between them and us. It is good banter and nothing else. We all call each other names, but to date I havent seen anyone on this blog advocating the kicking of heads! My beloved uncle Alex took me to Vile Park for two years before I ever went to St Andrews and it broke his heart when he realised I was destined to be of the Royal Blue persuasion. Once I had experienced the buzz at the Blues, Vile Park quickly became a hazed memory of old men and Park Drive. I often feel extremely guilty for occasionally succumbing to singing and annunciating SOTV, but as long as we keep everything in perspective we can retain our fierce rivalry and remain as wholesome individuals.

  • Masaccio says:

    You have to be a christian to support the pinks now?

  • BluePenguin 76 says:

    Villa fans?…in truth being a bigger club than us (and yes, they are, ill admit it) is pretty much all they have left!.

    I’ve heard it many a time ,how much we are obsessed with them and how playing them is our cup final..f**k off (bigger fish to fry),I’ve had many a quip about them losing the cup more times than we have won it *yaawwwnnnn* ,If that doesn’t show how arrogant they are what will? .

    Don’t get my wrong I do get a perverse pleasure from beating them, but it’s like when you gave that cocky guy from school a good slapping. You knew he wasn’t all that and you just made him look like a total c**t!!.

    I don’t care and I’m not jealous about Villas distant history (let’s be honest most of their “Glory Days” took place when the British Empire ruled the globe and men ran around in knickerbockers and stupid moustaches!!), over a hundred years ago!

    The Villains’ are totally disillusioned about their standing in the game,Blackburn last won the league in the 90’s are they a big club????, the truth is they’re a mediocre side nowadays (and have been for some time) with about as much chance of winning owt as us…….last year proving that point :)

    The City is ours??…………f**k off!!,they can keep it!……. half of them will be supporting Man City in four years time.


  • Barry'sboots says:

    “spot on, football is tribalistic,and i do hate them its a class thing as well,they are stuck up we are more down to earth.we laugh at ourselfs,they would do no such thing”

    Jamie, that is rubbish – we laugh at you all the time!

    But you are right about the class point! You have no class unfortunately.

  • Mr Blue Sky says:

    I love the fact that Vilers say we are obsessed with them, but look how many of them are commenting on here, and have a look at some of those Blues obsessed Vilers on teamtalk. They need to get over themselves, and go win a trophy! Agent Eck keep up the good work!

  • Tilts says:

    BlueSky you beat me to this point.

    Agreed comments on most these articles on this site are not ever en masse but the volume would highlight it.

    I admit I am obsessed with seeing them lose and laughing at all things bad about them… It’s part of being a blues fan. What makes me laugh is they just won’t admit the same token back to us.

  • Barry'sboots says:

    The Big Club debate again. There is no such thing nowadays. It is all about money and we should be talking about wealthy clubs and not big clubs.

    We are clearly, and have been for ages, a wealthier club than you Noses – consistently in the Top 20 Wealthy clubs in Europe although we have dropped out now. That doesn’t make us any better but it does mean we typically get better players, have better facilities and have consistently been a premier league club. I would be highly sceptical of any Nose that tells me that he wouldn’t swap positions on those factors.

    I laugh when I look at Carsen Yeung but the reality is you guys have been hampered by a very poor, and underresourced, owner in just the same way that Randy is now trying to damage us with the appointment of McTool.

    I personally think it would be great if the two of us were battling it out for the EPL title, as long as you guys were always runners up, but I think this is some time away if ever.

    • Bluenosesol says:

      Wealth only prevails whilst wealthy owners hang around. Randy Lerner was sent abroad by his astute father as his business acumen was putting his father’s investments at risk. Once he has screwed the Vile, he will be sent packing leaving the Vile to cope with more debt than CY could muster in 10 lifetimes!!

  • Tilts says:

    Meanwhile villa are £86m overdrawn so you can imagine how quickly that would manifest itself if McTwat takes you down lol

  • BluePenguin 76 says:

    To be honest, I’m not a massive fan of the Vile (obviously), but you can’t beat the passion and the banter!. Just LOOK at the reaction to this article, quality post Almajir, football is indeed tribal and that’s what makes it so fantastic!.

    It’d be boring without the Villa thinking they are something special. I wouldn’t change the delusional fools for the world!.

  • Mac says:

    Hi Noses.

    I would like to congratulate the posters on this site and in particular, those posting against this thread. I had no idea that people from Small Heath could almost spell. In fact, one or two of you have managed to string a couple of sentences together so you should feel mighty proud of yourselves. Well done!
    Over the years I have worked with, played football with, associated with and most importantly, disliked Bluenoses. I know a couple of half decent ones but in the main it’s really been a struggle to hold any sort of meaningful conversation with one. The one thing however, that has always put a smile on my face when faced with a nethandertal from the dark side, is their ability to never let us down. By that, I mean that Noses are always good for a laugh. If one thinks of the ‘KRO’ song and the high regard that Noses seem to place on it, how come when one asks a Nose if they have been to the game the response is normally that they watched it on the telly? I though you would be there through thick and thin even when ‘tired and weary’? How come when the Noses are on TV and one goes to the local pub or club, the Noses are happy to watch from as afar away as Solihull and don’t seem to notice the banks of empty seats at the ground? How come when the League Cup (or whatever you want to call it) was last won (again) by the local elite that it was always referred to aa a Mickey Mouse Cup and now it sits in higher esteem than the FA or even European Cup since you lot fluked a win?
    Come on Noses, you have to admit that you are a pretty sad bunch filled with such petty envy and jealousy that you feel the world is against you. The reason you sing the same old ‘S O’ song about your elegant neighbours is that the words are not too difficult to remember and it fits in with the mental standing attributed to a knuckle dragger.
    How’s the rumour going about a rich arab coming to rescue Small Heath? A revolting Nose said to me last week (he was serious) that the ground would fetch a pretty penny. See what I mean……you lot are always good for a laugh!

  • I remember the last game of last season when villa fans were more concerned st the fact that we had been relagated. They were cheering ad singing “there ging up,there going down”. So all this works both ways and is only babter between the two clubs.

  • Nick says:

    just remeber this, at the same stage last season blues had roughly the same amount of points as villa do now…look what happened, we’ll be sure to wave past on your way down!!! KRO SOTV

  • McGregor says:

    Not sure what exactly defines a “big club” these days. Villa are the most successful club in the midlands, have a larger fanbase and a bigger stadium than Blues, WBA and Wolves and the rest.

    Biggest club in the midlands? Case closed.

    I think Villa can still be called a big club, as can Everton, Newcastle, Sunderland etc. unless “big club” is entirely down to the bank balance, therefore some Qatari injects billions into Morecambe and all oa a sudden their bigger than everyone else.

    A clubs stature should be measured by it’s history, tradition, fanbase, stadium, facilities and trophy cabinet, not how much money it has or it’s relatively recent history (Chelsea, Man City).

    In saying all that, (and as much as I hate to say it) I think Birmingham City fans should also see their club as a big club, why not? Isn’t Birmingham the second largest city in the UK? Has anyone ever looked at the Football League pyramid? It’s mind-blowing.

  • Nick says:

    so what about blackburn, are they allowed this title also? get real, villa will never win the champions league or PL in your lifetime…like so many other vile fans i know that might come as a bit of a shock, at least with blues this is accepted. delusions of gradeur and all that

    • McGregor says:

      Still banging on about delusions of grandeur are we? That’s all you’ve got isn’t it? Blackburn bought the league in 94/95, a trend that has caught on a lot in recent years, after that they were dismantled and soon relegated and have been PL scrappers ever since, so no I wouldn’t afford them that title.

      I wonder how many Man City fans thought they would ever win the league or CL in their lifetime, now it’s inevitable, not that hard these days with the right investment.

      And I don’t know what Villa fans you’ve been talking to but I don’t any that talk about winning the League or Champions League, right now all we want to see is good football, and to occasionally hang on to our best players. Delusions of grandeur my arse.

  • Tilts says:

    Mac, you sound like the typical arrogant prick villa fan that what most us blues fans talk about!!!!

    I for one have never called the league cup a mickey mouse trophy….

    Fact is it’s been mainly your fans that have tried to put the trophy down over the years… Lets keep it factual for many years your fans have quite clearly said Blues have never won NOTHING, when we mentioned our league cup win in the 60’s this would be met with THAT DONT COUNT, so by stating it dont count your fans are in turn admitting you have only won 3 trophies in around 100 years, so what you won the league a lot in the early days….AGAINST ONLY ELEVEN OTHER OPPONENTS!!!!! You also won the FA Cup loads when you and the ELEVEN OTHERS CORNERED THE MARKET ON PLAYERS due to you being professional and all the others being AMATEUR offering players a substantial income improvement.

    Even with counting the League Cup you have won nothing for 17 years my son is 16 and knows you as a club who wins NOTHING!!! So history especially in the modern era just dont cut it does it?

    Every time without fail when a viler is losing the plot out come the dusty books from the library and the black and white still photos and the odd PATHE NEWS reel, yes that’s how old and boring your history is. Well done Ron Saunders and Barton achieved glory in the 80s but just like your club to go from European Cup to relegation in a few years has anyone else managed that?

    Facts are the last 2 major honours you won technically don’t exist anymore, Champions League & Premier League are now only won by BIG CLUBS and the days of clubs like yours winning it are long gone, but what makes us blues fans laugh so much is you fools still think you are in direct competition with the SUPER CLUBS! You are not and have not been for many years we still laugh how you believe your history quantifies you a place at the dinner table of big league football.

    If you are still talking about yesterday then you have done nothing worth talking about today!

    On the subject of our song, in 130+ plus years with all your glory you inbred twelve toed freaks have still not been able to manufacture an anthem HAHAHAHAHA!!

    Ask any fan around the country what is villa’s song and the reply is usually have they got one or is it that multi word VILLA VILLA VILLA that’s about the limits of you muppets…

    Meanwhile most fans around the country know ours and commentators often refer to it. Even on FIFA12 you can hear our song meanwhile for your club it’s just that technical complex VILLA VILLA, how well thought out that must have been!

    Seriously you just need to accept that when in the premier league you are about as likely to win it as blues and about as likely to get in the champions league as blues. In fact we probably have as much chance of winning the premier league from where we are now LOL!!

    You are a nothing club THAT WINS NOTHING ANYMORE…

    Altogether now:

    “Seventeen years and won F**k all villa villa, Seventeen years and won F**k all villa villa”
    “We are the boys in blue and white we love to sing love to fight”

    Up yours

  • Tilts says:

    McGregor like it or not UEFA’s Fair play move will bring to an end the method of picking up a club and thrusting it into the super rich, but what Uefa don’t realise is they have actually made it more of a closed shop because now the big 4 who are earning around £200m can continue to spend within that remit meanwhile clubs like yourself can only spend within your remit £100m ish??? so in fact that now leads them clubs to be able to improve their clubs TWICE as quick as even you thus ending any lingering barmy dreams you may have.

    Hence why Randy is packing up and ready to go. Overdraft reduced from around £160m to £80m ish just lately so I would guess as soon as that is more manageable then he will cash in his chips and sail off in the sunset selling you for at least triple what he paid meanwhile not spending a single penny of his own money!

    After all Doug said he would only ever let a businessman in. He has accepted you cant win stuff, one day soon you will too.

    When every season starts Blues and Villa have only 2 major domestic trophies to aim at I ACCEPT THAT you lot obviously dont. The only downside to our league is winning either of these 2 trophies is reduced due to squad size and capabilities even so we are more likely to succeed from this league than you this season.

    Sad state of affairs for your club at present is you have one of the leagues many negative ‘Just Don’t Lose It’ managers and this breeds poor results, these managers can win cups as he has proven but 1.2 points per game averages mean abject league failure.

    At present I know even with our rag bag bunch of Bosman’s if we played you this weekend you would struggle to beat us!

  • eric says:

    Silly immature stuff here, I am surprised. I grew up sitting near opposition fans and have no problem because it is a GAME. I am competative NOT tribalistic. I am sad to hear you are tribalistic, I thought you were more sophisticated. The opposition is the team we are playing now – not the villa. Those who keep singing about the villa when we are not even playing them are merely raising their profile. Some fans spend the game looking at the other fans and chanting crude songs rather than watching the football game. Yes i am a Bluenose with friends who support other teams including villa. Please get back to serious writing.

  • leigh says:

    Has any question recieved so many responses? I canot say I read many of them, as they were nothing short ( and I mean short) of abusive.
    I agree wholeheartedly with John R, as a schoolboy after playing Rugby ( yes I did say Rugby) on a Saturday morning , a friend from Kingstanding would often often knock on the door and ask if I would go to theVilla with him dad would invariably give me the money and send me off. I saw some good matches, and yes there was no segregation, and on one occasion I remember after a leg breaking tackle by a Manchester United player we all, incuding the United supporters in the crowd roared Villa on to a 4:0 win with ten men! ( I think my memory is accurate.
    The whole problem is that awful phrase ‘Bragging Rights’, me for one if it were a cup final Villa against a London or Manchester, or for that matter any other non West Mids Premiership club, I would be cheering the Villa on !

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Ladies, ladies, ladies…..please!

    100 comments of back and forth…jeez….

    Don’t hate Villa fans. We are too busy with the business of supporting our own club to potential promotion, so we can enjoy derby games. Obviously, everyone’s definition of ‘enjoy’ is different.


    P.S. Anyway, if their mothers had known in advance, they probably would’ve crossed their legs… ;)

  • 30Hopey30 says:

    Rivarly is fun. Singing SH!t on the Villa is fun. Like our rivalry with Oz in the Cricket, Germany / Argentina in international footy etc. It adds spice. But It needs to remain as banter, when people actually wanna fight about I question why I like football. Small minded tw@ts

    One or two posts have talked about being able to tell who a brummie supports when you meet them. Well I cant. And on more than one occasion I’ve met a really good bloke and they have turned out to be a Villa fan. We take the p!ss out of each other a bit, but at the end of the day its just banter, and they’re from glorious brum and we have a few drinks and a laugh.

    Ultimately I want Villa to lose whenever they play and laugh when they do, but I don’t hate them, and I don’t hate the fans. I would expect the same from them.

    Ultimately I love Birmingham City, but I also love Birmingham the City. I’d take any Brummie over a Manc or a Cockney…even if they are Vile

    KRO and SOTV but lets keep it civilised eh?

    • tmsblues says:

      i think you have it just right in all respects but one the singing of that song ! Why do it during a match when you are supposed to be supporting the Blues ! Sing City songs and raise the morale of the team and reputation of Birmingham supporters rather than, as someone else remarked , being preoccupied with raising the profile of the Villa.

  • BluePenguin 76 says:

    Leigh, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a degree of tribalism or rivalry in football mate.

    It’s when it becomes overly offensive or downright aggressive, it crosses the line between banter and stupidity!.

    Football is a passionate game and it adds bit of spice belonging to one group (or another).It’s what makes us go mad when we our side scores!.

    I’d never wish the Villa to do well in anything, reserves, women’s league or even the U-8’s. I wouldn’t however wish their fans any ill….we’re all human beings , whatever shirt we put on!

  • shedrocket says:

    I just love the liberal “let’s love humanity” brigade. If you are genuinely passionate about the blues I feel its your duty to hate the villa, no one is condoning violence but that inherant hatred should be in your DNA, thankfully 99% of bluenoses adhere to this, it makes life spicier & believe me plenty of twelve toes feel the same, as I would expect them to.

  • Barry says:

    If you say you hate someone because they support another team, I suggest you go out more and get a life! If you really mean it, I suggest you go and get some medical help. There’s plenty of better things to hate if you put your minds to it – grannie bashers, kiddie rapists, drug dealers, racists, and so on. It’s only a game when all is said and done!

  • kentucky blue says:

    I remember my first game was at vile park v blues in 1976 we won 2-1 so began life as a bluenose,and from that point every villa fan i met ( mainly at school back then ) very kindly saw it as his duty to tell me the whole history of the vile. I soon saw that being a bluenose mafe me scum in their eyes,i couldnt see the big deal as most of their history was in the 1800’s,and i didnt care. Wish i could be there this season it sounds great.come on you blue boys kro

  • Aussiebrum says:

    I don’t even know any Villa fans – there just aren’t any in Australia. And we want to keep it that way.

    I’m unsure you’ve used the adjective “filiopietistic” in the right context – I’m sure the readers on here can offer some more appropriate adjectives to describe the Villa.

  • DoctorD says:

    If Blues were a chocolate bar, we’d be a Curly Wurly: traditional, slightly odd, a bit cheap, not glamorous but quite a bit of fun. I think of Villa more as a Caramac: never tried one, bit bland, not terribly successful, nobody really likes them.

  • Scudmuffin says:

    I don’t hate the villa, I just think a lot of the fans are gloating arseholes and arrogant twats.

    I have friends who are Vila fans and we’ll go, watch and support each others teams but tbh I find there is too much ego with a lot of people, most of which being those who are more interested in league position than football on the position.

  • Sotv 16 says:

    Never a true word spoken, warmed my heart to read, KRO SOTV

  • skareggae72 says:

    127 comments,is that a record Almajir…? SOTV

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    Vile Park is useful as ******* magnet; just think if it did not exist some of them could be polluting our ground and lowering the gene pool. They are glory hunters who just have not cottoned on that a self proclaimed ‘Biggest Team in the Midlands’ means as much to the outside world as being the number one ski jumper in the Sahara.

  • theurbaneguerilla says:

    My brother, my late sister and my nephew all supported or support Villa.
    Come derby day or a particularly damaging or embarrassing defeat, you can guarantee some hefty urine extraction…from both sides.
    I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Rivalry is what makes football the draw it still is. Yet wanting to cram a Villager’s head in is a bit OTT.
    In answer to the original point, yes we obsess about Ladywood Town a lot, but it’s a reciprocal thing. Long may it continue, without major injuries or deaths.
    Keep up the good work Agent Orange, it’s giving us scummy Bluenoses an extra spring in our step this season.
    KRO, SOTV.

  • Oby says:

    The 6 toed lot are are so not bothered with us that they now have 484 PAGES about us on their own Forum LMFAO—Link–


  • bluenose08 says:

    Back in the 70 s i was a teenager and went to villa park and the only ticket i could get was for the holt end,blues won and john connelly scored a cracking goal and there was about ten of us bluenoses stood with coppers surrounding us what a day! There is nothing to beat the sound of k.r.o being blasted out by the fans. Yes i have friends and workmates that support the vile and its great to have the banter,but lets keep it at that just banter as when the clubs meet and there is violence and thugs throwing things from both sides invaiably innocent people get hurt. k.r.o.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Aston Villa sounds like a posh house but is in fact the name of a sinking ship. :-D

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