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Arrogance of a Plastic

If there is one thing I hate more than a gloryhunter fan, it’s an arrogant, plastic, gloryhunter fan. You know the kind – the ones who follow a team because they like the colour of the kit or because they’ve been on the telly a few times, who like to remind you that Blues are a little team yet have barely been to the city let alone the ground that their team plays in. It’s why pieces like this one from the Bleacher Report really annoy me.

Having seen our current injury list, coupled with our recent lack of signings and high profile departures, I’m almost sure we may struggle to beat Chelsea. When you hear that Blues are giving another youngster a squad number for this trip, and you know that the bench could contain as many as five players without a league appearance at the club to their name, you know we might be in for some trouble.

Yet I find the arrogance of that piece astounding. It’s been written by someone who probably couldn’t locate Birmingham on a map let alone name anything about our team. The hilarious lack of research coupled with the tactical insights – “give the ball to Mata” and “have a strong defence” make me ashamed to have given the article pageviews, let alone linked to it.

A few years back, some nomark Swedish centre half made some disparaging comments about Birmingham City prior to a match involving our brethren from across the expressway. Our then manager Steve Bruce cut the article out of the paper and put it up in the dressing room. He told the press after we won that he hadn’t needed to give the team a team talk – the waffle from Mellberg had done the job.

Now whilst this game isn’t going to be anywhere near as fiery as those encounters, and the difference between the teams is going to be a lot greater, I hope Hughton does something similar. Hughton has got together a squad that whilst not exactly costing the Earth has become a great unit, a tightly knit team that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Yes, we’ll probably be written off by every pundit out there but I hope Hughton reminds them that Blues have been written off before – wrongly – and that if they go out there and play to the best of their ability then they can be proud whatever the result.

Whatever happens on Saturday, I’m pretty sure I’ll still have my head held high and I’ll still be proud to be a Bluenose. However, if a miracle does happen and Blues somehow do get a result – then I hope Dan Renfro (who wrote the article) has the bollocks to front up and say that he’d got it wrong. Somehow, I doubt it.

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27 Responses to “Arrogance of a Plastic”

  • JohnR says:

    Well said Almajir. Judging by the replies even Chelsea fans have been embarrassed by that blog. i love the fact that there are lots of reports of dressing room dissent at Chelsea, compare that with Blues. We probably won’t get a result but I’m sure we will work hard and put in a decent performance. That’s all I ask for.

  • Spotlight Kid says:

    ‘As Chelsea prepare for their FA Cup match with Birmingham City, there are some things they need to focus on. Birmingham City are not a very good club.’ Bleacher

    Why get steamed up over this article? The Bleacher Report like so many heavily tagged websites are simply revenue chasers, relying on myriad gullible visitations and reactions like this to generate advertising microdollars . The Beacher Report is a US company, and has the hard psychology of the exploitative model.

    My advice, Almajir, is simple, ignore it completely – eventually it might go away. To give credence to articles cut and pasted by junior interns is exactly what its business model is based on. For real news and informed comment we rely on OP and its ilk. Now calm down, have a cuppa and a hobnob, and delete this article before you send still more traffic to its vaccuous domain….

  • Alex T says:

    Wow!! not only a load of ignorant tosh, but what a poorly written article!! My 6 year old daughter could write a more insightful article and she hates football (much to my disapointment).

    At least he is rightly slated by both sets of Blues fans. KRO

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Well this arsehole has compromised the credibility of his organisation, thus making it look as if all their football ‘insights’ are garnered from a mish – mash of sources, without any validity or impartiality.

    By trying to make out Blues ‘are not a very good club’, he has set the boys from the Bridge up for a decent fall. There is absolutely no reason as to why Blues cannot attempt to take the game to them and perhaps cause an upset. Long shot but not impossible. With all the reports of disharmony and unrest emanating from Chelsea, in my opinion it is a good time to be playing them, as Blues really have nothing to lose and all to gain from this tie.

    Let the hostilities commence!!

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

      This idiot and the one from Bleacher report seem to have derived from the same contaminated batch of petrochemical used in their manufacture.

    • KJ says:

      The only thing that annoys me about that piece is his dim-witted stereotype of Brummies.

      Not only does he also get two of his ‘examples’ wrong (Kevin Turvey is a character created by Rik Mayall and Slade were from Wolverhampton) he fails to list:

      Francis William Aston – Nobel Prize Winning Chemist and Physicist
      Neville Chamberlain – Former PM
      Trevor Eve – Actor
      Nigel Kennedy – Violinist
      Julia Hartley-Brewer – Politician and Presenter
      Carl Palmer – Of Emerson, Lake and Palmer
      Enoch Powell – Politician, Classical Scholar and Soldier
      Martin Shaw – Actor
      John and Roger Taylor – Duran Duran
      Murray Walker – F1 Commentating Legend
      E.L.O. – Amazingly Influential Prog Rock Band

      Not exactly dim folks…

  • debully says:

    Can’t understand why you’d get wound up by someone who is so irrelevant. They’re all like it.

    I watched an FACup final in the pub one year, there was a prick with a ManU top on feeding the bandit for the entire second half.

  • Raters says:

    And this is why Americans should be kept far away from soccer, sorry meant FOOTBALL

  • Alboy says:

    There are not enough swear words to describe this bloke, he obviously wrote in on his Iphone while sipping his Chardonnay.

  • Bombay Blue says:

    The English Premier League’s rise to fame and it’s subsequent finances are on the back of “plastic fans” both inside the UK and certainly in the global market. Just visit any sports bar in Asia, India and latterly China and you will find ardent Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea fans that have never been to the UK yet alone a football match. They even sing songs they have heard on the TV at these bars, it is really cringe worthy. Unfortunately Almajir you (we) are part of the minority who actually support their club live (you more than me at present) so I am afraid this is factor you will have to get used too! Cheers KRO

  • bluenose08 says:

    Whats the song bluenoses sing at old trafford “We support our local team see you on the motorway”
    says it all really. I was born in brum but now live in stratford upon avon but i have always been proud to call myself a bluenose and i have brought up my daughter and niece the same way. k.r.o.

  • Bluehobba says:

    Not a very good club, we beat them last season..Knobhead.

  • Sophie Bane says:

    What’s that Kevin Keegan quote? I would LOVE IT if we got a result at the Bridge tomorrow. Wasn’t it about this time last year that the media were reporting Arsenal’s deliberations about Cesc Fabregas going up to lift the Carling Cup?

    I want AVB’s to be the fifth managerial scalp we claim this season. That, and being unbeaten in 2012, are two records that should spur us on, and at least if we go down we’ll go down fighting. Luckily, we’re good at being underdogs, and if ever there was a team with something to prove…

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Who cares what these idiots write if Chelsea lose it will be because they played poorly. If they win with their multi million pound squad no doubt the tabloids and London media will masturbate over superior London putting inferior second city to shame and show the goals again and again. They are full of sh!t and so up their own arses i wouldn’t take anything they say seriously. whatever the result lets enjoy the occasion. If the squad that costs over £150m can’t beat our team which costs about £5m in total by 6-0 then they are f*ckin sh!t. I bet there wont be many cockneys willing to put their money where their big gobs are.

    Comment edited

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    Wouldn’t worry about tossers like the one who wrote the article that upset you; no one takes them seriously and they get up the noses of their own proper fans more. We can all think of fans we have had to put up with whom we would have rather have been supporters of someone else ( preferably the vile). The author of the article concerned will probably have a rethink at the end of the season if Chelsea are not winning anything and find another designer club. Indeed if Chris Hughton stays in charge for long enough in 5 years time it could be us!!

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    An American follower of the Pensioners has produced a far more respectful view of the Blues.


  • jeff says:

    in the late 70,s they had collection buckets at stamford bridge.they seem to have forgotten their financial problems of yesteryear.

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