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The Carling Cup, Darren Purse and Predictions – What I’ve been reading this week.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been posting a weekly look at what I’ve been reading on other Blues websites. Here’s some of what I liked.

With it being the Carling Cup yesterday, I’ve been reminiscing a lot about last year, and I thought Charlotte Parker caught the mood right with this post on “It’s Round and White”. I think she’s got it right in why it was a special occasion – but moreover, the difference between how it was perceived by Arsenal and Blues fans; the weight of expectation versus those just up for a fun day.

Of course, last year wasn’t the only time Blues have been in the League Cup final in recent times; there was the 2001 final against Liverpool as well. One of the heroes of that final, Darren Purse spoke to Joys and Sorrows recently. In the interview he talks about that final, along with the affection he holds for Blues fans and about his career with his current club Plymouth Argyle amongst other things. When we first went up Pursey was a bit of a hero of mine; although he was usually good for one mistake per game he played wholeheartedly and gave Blues some sterling service.

As those of you who read the blog will know, predicting where clubs will go is a tough science and one I think I completely got wrong. JK Cornwall has had a bash at it on the Birmingham City Fans Forum, and I think it’s an interesting read (although I hope he’s got it wrong as he’s got us finishing third at the end of the season).

If you’ve seen or written something interesting you think I should include next week please drop me a line and let me know.

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