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Transfer Embargo?

The Sun has published a news story this morning that Birmingham City face a transfer embargo for not publishing their accounts by last night.

The short article states that as Blues didn’t file their end of year accounts by the end of February, they will be under a transfer embargo and may have difficulties in obtaining a licence should they be promoted to the top flight at the end of the season.

In the last month I have left messages for the League for comment on what would happen if Birmingham City didn’t publish their accounts without response. I will be chasing them again today.

Update: under rule 16.2.1, clubs in the Championship are required to file accounts with companies house by March 1, on pain of transfer embargo. There are also rules with respect to the group filing accounts.

Premier League rules state under rule C.88 that Blues have until June 30 to provide the relevant details – with similar powers (ie Clubs unable to register new players) should they not be met.

Further update 11:20 02 March – club statement is here. Furthermore, I’m given to understand that there are no further sanctions that would be put into place by the Football League; it’s my understanding that once accounts have been filed and the FL is satisfied the embargo would be lifted.

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19 Responses to “Transfer Embargo?”

  • Bluenose Pete says:

    Which is presumably why we got three players in just before the deadline! Worrying times…

  • Masaccio says:

    Let’s see what peter pannu says…….

    • Marcus says:

      Pannu will say “by amazing co-incidence the decificit will match the future Sky money and as we could not buy players the cash must be used sensibly and sent to China”

  • AuldBertie says:

    “In another development, Chris Kershaw, the club’s PR and Communications Manager, leaves this month, with no explanation.”

    It doesn’t look good does it.

  • Nigel1875 says:

    no surprise the day they announced the accounts would be past the deadline this was likely if it has indeed happened

  • Ed says:

    Times are hard enough without this added stress. Why do we always make life so difficult for ourselves? Surely this could and should have been avoided.

  • Dodger says:

    A transfer embargo boo woo woo! Hasnt anyone noticed that putting a transfer embargo on Birmingham City would be like putting roller skates on a fish .
    There is no point as we aint got cash for transfers any how.
    So bring it on we aint scared KRO.

  • PaganDave says:

    There’s nothing on the BBC Football website stating this news story, but it does state that Coventry City are under the transfer embargo; i think the Sun website have got their story wrong!

  • alexjhurley says:

    It’s bad news in that it adds to the negative “swirl” of PR around the club, deflects from achievements on the pitch and gives the conspiracy theorists more ammo.

    In reality though it’s a red herring – we’ve done our business for the season, the squad has been topped up and top marks to the club for getting this done in time – they’d have known this was coming

    What REALLY matters is getting up. Personally I’m not sure we’ll have enough to overhaul west ham and southamptons lead – especially given the quality they’ve got. As for the lottery of the play-offs, obviously anything could happen. I wonder what odds I’d get on Carter resigning and scoring the pen that takes us up………………………………

  • JohnR says:

    Obviously not good news but at least we have got our business done. The loan window closes on 22nd March so there can be no more transfer business done until the window opens at the end of the season.
    My concern is will, in fact, the accounts be published on 30th April as promised. Given the fact that the accounts have continually been delayed since last autumn can we trust the board to do what they promise?

  • John says:

    If finances were that bad,we would not have signed the players that we have over the past week. I am not concerned or interested in the clubs finances, as a season ticket holder i,ve done my bit,but I am looking forward to us getting as many points as possible from the remaining games,to at least, get in the play offs. Just focus on the team, we can help them achieve what they and us want,which is to see them playing well. KRO

  • The problem with Blues’ finances is the lack of clarity about anything. Things like this are worrying, even if they amount to nothing. It makes us look like things are a mess, even if they aren’t, and damages the reputation of the club. I appreciate things aren’t straightforward for the owners, and I think some of the other comments here are a bit ridiculous, but it is nonetheless worrying that these sorts of sanctions are being applied.

    As time goes by the more it seems that we need to be promoted this year. Firstly to keep hold of the best manager we have had that I can remember, and also financially to keep the wolves from the door.

    The players we have signed don’t exactly send chills down the spine but they are cover, which is key, especially at full back. Hughton is doing a superb job with the resources at his disposal.

    If we don’t win this weekend though I think we can kiss goodbye to any chances of automatic promotion. We can’t be losing anymore home games.

  • chris says:

    As often as I have criticised the poxy board and pannu, I’m not worried about our finances till the season is over and income dries up.
    Let’s put all our effort into staying in the top six in the last few weeks of the season, resting the players if necessary if automatic promotion is out of our reach in April.
    Chris can then concentrate on finding his best 11 for the play-offs, which I think is our best chance of going up this year.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Distrust of Peter Pannu and fears for the future are a direct result of this silence from the board. Perhaps it is a sensible silence, given Mr Pannu’s ” there will be no fire sale…” comment, but it still looks ominous and detracts from the results on the pitch. Without being a Jeremiah, it would seem we have no alternative to promotion, I fear the wheels would really come off if we stay in the championship. Promotion gives us a fighting chance of getting out of this mess, and we all need to get behind CH and the lads. Don’t look down. KRO

  • Rathater says:

    Can’t wait to see our new signing ’embargo’ play!!

    Is he a striker…..


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