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Player of the Season nominations – Marlon King

There was some uneasiness around some Blues fans on the signing of former Coventry man Marlon King. On the one hand, he’s a good goalscorer at this level, an intelligent player and the kind of striker Blues needed; on the other, he’s got 14 convictions including one for sexual assault, has been at Her Majesty’s pleasure twice and thus has a fair bit of baggage. Which player would Blues get?

It’s to Marlon’s credit that he’s let his football do the talking. Despite all his past infractions, barring a recent speeding offence where he got banned from driving, he’s kept his nose clean and got on with the job in hand of scoring goals. It would be easy for him to lose his rag, being taunted week in week out for his sex-related conviction but it seems he’s got a tough hide and he doesn’t let it get to him – barring the occasional cupping of ears for a goal celebration. As the Tilton sing, “he scores goals”.

Currently the leading scorer for the club with thirteen, Marlon has almost hit the 15-20 goal target that you’d hope he set himself at the start of the season. However, his game is more than just goals; he works tirelessly for the team trying to help create chances, often playing with his back to goal on the edge of the box to act as the fulcrum of an attack. Although some times it doesn’t seem like it, he does possess a beautiful first touch; it’s a great sight to see King bring down a lofted pass with one smooth movement and get away from a defender with another. Five assists for the striker in the Championship alone point to a player who is unselfish enough to play in a team-mate rather than waste a chance for himself.

King has benefitted the team when he’s been up front on his own; unlike previous seasons where a lone striker had plowed a lone furrow up top King has the guile and ability to hold the ball up and play in other players, or to pick it up in the channels to cross for an oncoming midfielder to have a pop at goal. He’s strong, and whilst decisions don’t always go his way he’s a useful battering ram for tiring defences, pulling centre halves about and generally not allowing them to settle.

A great example of King’s strength and ability was Chris Wood’s winner against Brugge at the Jan Breydal; he took down a long ball down the right side, got away from the defender using firstly his strength and then his pace before playing a perfect ball for the on-rushing Kiwi striker to bury.

As King starts to enter the twilight of his career he may look back at what might have been, and how much his troubles with the law might have cost him. However, it’s my opinion he can look back on this season and be justifiably proud of what he has achieved both in goals and in his general play.

Voting begins on Sunday.

Marlon King stats 29(8) appearances, 13 goals, 2 yellow cards


10 Responses to “Player of the Season nominations – Marlon King”

  • kingy says:

    Great summary, I was open minded about King (no relation by the way) I firmly believe that he took his punishment and as so should have been cut a little more slack. Marlon King works like a trojan EVERY game. If we would have had him last season we would have stayed up no question. Its a little Ironic that my favorite three players (King, Burke, Davies) were signed by the “Ginger one”. My vote for player of the season would go to King but a special mention to Caldwell, I will clear my conscience a little here as when he came i was quick to judge him as “finished” and a “never was”….Caldwell’s attitude and performances have firmly shoved those comments back down my throat…..KRO.

    • Julian Glass says:

      I hope that’s no a pop at CH. If CH had got the money McJudas had had we’d be seeing talented footballers here and I emphasise ‘footballers’.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Let’s not forget another recent player who came with violent baggage – Lee Bowyer. Like many bluenoses I was against his signing, but he got on with the job in hand and was instrumental in our first cup in years. Marlon can’t change his past, but he does seem to be getting on with improving his future.

  • Dino Tiltoni says:

    Sure, Marlon is a worthy player of the season and you provide a good summary. He has played very well, is very skilful and a great team player. It’s hard to see that the man on the pitch seems to struggle elsewhere in life.

  • NooBloo says:

    I know a lot of people wouldnt agree with me but I would actually give the player of the year (thus far) to Boaz Myhill.

    There have been just so many games won by the odd goal where he has made crucial saves and the difference between the 1 point and 3 points in those games could yet prove invaluable; however, there is a lot of football to be played between now and the end of the season still so I think it is too early to settle on a final decision on such a matter

    • Nick says:

      hes also lost us a few points, e.g derby etc

    • roskoe says:

      Myhill isnt as bad as i thought he would be but isnt P.O.T.S.
      Almajir, all the talk about Jack Butland being a great talent and prospect, do you think he could have done a job for us this season, and if not, then when do you believe he will be given a proper chance with the first team. I ask as i havent seen enough of him, but hear only good things about him.


  • AR says:

    Everything you have written almajir about Marlon King I agree with. I also agree with kingy that if we had had him last season , we probably would still be in the Premiership ( with AM!)!

  • Julian Glass says:

    When G-d when dishing out ‘ball-control’ Marlon joined the queue and got Jerome’s share.

  • Kiwipete says:

    I was one of the big doubters of Marlon King when he was signed, but i will retract my stance and as you say Almajir, he has done his talking on the field.
    As for Player of the Season, I still think there are far better contenders than Marlon. i.e. Curtis Davis who has been a rock in the defensive line up this year and Chris Burke who’s nomination from the Championship Managers to be in the top ten of Championship players speaks volumes of his worth to the team.

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