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Player of the Season nominations – Keith Fahey

Few players have divided Blues fans as much as Keith Fahey in recent times. The Irishman, who has the most appearances in a Blues shirt amongst the current team has often been scapegoated for perceived failings within the team. However, since being settled in his favoured central midfield position he’s blossomed into a very useful player for the club.

Playing wide never suited Fahey; he’s not got the pace to be a winger and being stuck out by the touchline served to nullify some of the better aspects of his play. He’s not a destroyer like N’Daw, or maybe got the box-to-box energy of a Gardner, but what he does have is a cultured range of passing which when he gets going really can open up teams. I think one of the main reasons people have a go at Keith is because not all of his passes come off. The thing is, they never are all going to come off – but if you keep playing the right balls into the right areas sooner or later they will be picked up by a Blues shirt and Blues will benefit from an attacking sense.

A few months back, there was some booing of Fahey when coming on as a sub; unfortunately there is always going to be one player who some fans are just going to give stick to for whatever reason. However, like Damien Johnson before him, Fahey has remained in or about the team consistently so you can only assume that the manager is appreciative of his efforts – which is all that really counts. I will admit that sometimes I get frustrated with Fahey too; but I think it’s because I know he is capable of being a good player in this division – I think sometimes his confidence lets him down a little and for example rather than take a shot he’ll pass it again to someone else.

Fahey’s form has been consistently decent this year; I discussed him with Colin Tattum when I was originally coming up with these nominations and Tatts confirmed that Fahey is in the top few Blues players on the average marks list. Whilst Fahey isn’t a 9 out of 10 player very often in the times I’ve seen him, this year at least he’s continually been a 7 out of 10 player (6 being an “average” or “ordinary” performance in my book) more often than not. He’s a grafter, a player who will keep going and keep pushing to win the ball, to get it to a team-mate and help the team attack. It’s not a glory position being an “engine room” player but I’m sure his team-mates appreicate it.

I’m pleased his form has been noted by the Irish national set-up; I think Keith deserves a trip to the European Championship finals later this summer as a reward for the good service he’s put in for Blues. For a player who cost us less than half a million, he’s done well.

Voting begins on Sunday

Keith Fahey stats: 36(3) appearances, 2 goals


4 Responses to “Player of the Season nominations – Keith Fahey”

  • Daniel says:

    Could not agree more. The guy has a lot of talent and has the potential to be a very decent player. If he really got going and believed in himself, I think he could more than hold his own in the Prem in central midfield. He has more natural ability in my view than, for example, Barry Ferguson of last years team. His major stumbling block has been his lack of confidence in himself. That has grown a bit this year under Hughton, who obviously rates him, and hopefully it will continue to grow!

  • RichardW says:

    He’s cerainly a better player in the middle but he’s too fond of the first time pass, often curled forward into no man’s land and does not have much of a physical presence.

  • Stokie Blue says:

    I am not a fan of Fahey for all of his time at blues, I think at the start of this season he was awful and just as his reputation was at an all time low at the club, he finally started playing football! I like to think I am quite an optimistic football fan but I have to admit Fahey got a lot of the blame from me for poor team performances in the past and rightly so he was so average and offered nothing. I don’t think it’s a question of playing him in a central role, he has had his chances over the years all across midfield, something has clicked into place for him. The only thing it can be is the change in style Chris Hughton has instilled, WE NOW PLAY FOOTBALL! Fahey of late has been a consistent performer for us and I’m so pleased for him and the club so overall there’s no reason why he shouldn’t get recognition for his unbelieveable improvement this season.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Fahey is a steady player but very frustrating to watch because he can do better with a lot he does. We occasionally catch glimpses of what he should be more often. Unfortunately he fails to deliver more times than he does. Lately he has been very good but he needs to improve his shooting and set piece delivery. I agree with the comment he is a bit lightweight. I’ve vented my anger on him a few times where he has bottled tackles. He has definitely been better under Chris hughton’s guidance than under Mcleish.

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