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Dants, One Leg and the Kids – What I’ve Been Reading This Week

As you may know, I regularly read other Birmingham City related stuff online, and in this regular feature I’ve been featuring the best of what I’ve seen. Here’s what I’ve found this week.

Many of you will know that Talksport presenter Ian Danter is a bluenose, and whilst this piece isn’t strictly about Blues it is a good look at the life of a broadcast journalist. In the piece Dants talks about the work he has to do around presenting his show, the work around the Chelsea v Blues replay and some stuff about his voiceover and musician work. I’ve been following this series of pieces on this site for a while, and it’s good to see what it’s like from the other side of the curtain as it were.

Similarly, the next piece I’m going to talk about is also with reference to the Chelsea v Blues replay – but this time from the view of a neutral. “1-leg on the Cup” is a blog by two guys (who support Droylsden FC) following the FA Cup from the extra preliminary round all the way to the final. The piece in question follows their exploits on their visit to St Andrews (good to see the club helping out with some tickets) and whilst I’m disappointed that they didn’t enjoy the game (or the pubs in town too much), it’s worth reading.

I’ve spoken about Charlee Adams’ blog before, and the academy scholar has written a new update here talking about a visit from the Sporting Chance clinic as well as a bit about how the academy are playing. As someone who is interested in how the young un’s are getting on it’s a good insight into their world and I hope Charlee is encouraged to keep writing past the end of the season.

If you have written or read something that you think I should include in this feature, please let me know.

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One Response to “Dants, One Leg and the Kids – What I’ve Been Reading This Week”

  • Paulo says:

    I read the ‘1 leg on the cup’ blog, and I just found the bit about ‘the row’ over whether a sheperds pie is actually a pie (because it has no pastry!) was a blinder!
    Shame they didnt enjoy the match or the atmosphere, but fair play to them for following the FA cup like that and good on the Blues for sorting them out some tickets.
    ..maybe they both didnt know any recent history about Blues and didnt get chatting to any fans really, to get their viewpoint!
    Good reading i thought.

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