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Referee Watch – Colin Webster

Having mentioned in the past few weeks a few gripes with regards to referees, I thought I’d start a new series up where I would take a look at the referee prior to a fixture so we know a little bit more about what we’re getting. The ref named for Doncaster Rovers (barring any late changes) is Colin Webster from Tyne and Wear.

Season’s performance

So far this season, Colin Webster has refereed 33 games, showing seventy-nine yellow cards and seven red cards. Of those thirty-three games, fourteen have been in the Championship where he has shown thirty-five yellow cards and two red cards. The two players he sent off in this division were Richard Chaplow of Southampton (dangerous play) and Ryan McGivern of Bristol City for a professional foul.

Last Blues game refereed

The last Blues game Mr Webster was in charge of was the drab 1-1 draw between Blues and Peterborough at St Andrews. In this game, he showed no yellow cards or red cards and was rated with a 6 by Colin Tattum in his report here. Prior to that the previous match involving Blues he refereed was the 2-0 defeat to Hull City in February 2007, in which he booked one Hull player and sent off Raidi Jaidi for a professional foul.

Last Championship game

Mr Webster’s last Championship game was the 1-1 draw between Middlesbrough and Bristol City. The Northern Echo says that he got the sending off of Ryan McGivern right but might have missed a penalty claim in injury time for the home side – something Tony Mowbray was unhappy about; This is Bristol agree with the sending off but mention nothing of the penalty claim.

From what I can see he seems a competent ref – I never mentioned him in my own match reflections from his last game which is generally a good sign. Whilst both players he sent off this season were for away teams it looked like he got both right with no complaints on either from what I’ve seen.

Stats from Soccerbase

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7 Responses to “Referee Watch – Colin Webster”

  • In my report of the Posh game in November 2011 http://www.joysandsorrows.co.uk/2011/11/view-from-the-south-%e2%80%93-birmingham-city-vs-peterborough-united/ I gave this referee 6 and the following comment:

    Referee: Colin Webster 6: The referee was OK in the main and at least the Assistants kept up with play and called most things right. There was little by way of contention to be honest.

  • bluenose08 says:

    I assume this topic is a result of the portsmouth game !
    If you score 3 goals and dont concede any it doesnt matter who the ref is.
    Ref gave us a penalty last sunday but it didnt make any difference it goals that win games.

  • Julian Glass says:

    Almajir, with respect I think this is one topic that doesn’t really give properly informed insight. Yellows and reds in themselves mean nothing. Look at the brawl game this week. There in the ref’s stats so no doubt distort them. Do more cards mean a less tolerant ref and less cards a softy? You can’t judge a ref’s performance without seeing the game or at least getting the views of supporters from both teams.

    This topic deserves a yellow if repeated but for now a friendly warning :-)

    • Julian Glass says:

      Sorry ‘They’re’ not ‘There’

    • almajir says:

      Hence why I linked two reports to the last game he reffed, one from each side of the fence as it were, so people could make their own judgement on what the ref had done…

      You’re quite right that stats don’t mean anything – which is why I also linked to what mark Tatts gave him in the last Blues game he reffed, and mentioned that I’d not noticed him in the last game (which is a good thing).

  • Tara says:

    Seems it is relevant as the gentleman from Northumberland has dismissed a clear pen and booked King. Astute Almajir.

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