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Do we want Promotion?

Promotion. It’s been talked about enough if Blues can do it or not, but there has been an additional question buzzing around the forums – do we even want/need promotion? I’ve been thinking about this today and I thought I’d jot down some thoughts on it.

It seems almost alien that people are arguing that they don’t want promotion to the top flight. For all the stuff about the Corinthian spirit and “the taking part that counts”, it’s more true in my eyes that people play to win. Thus it should be natural for fans to want their team to win every game that they can and thus do as well as they can in the league and cups. After all, that’s the point, isn’t it?

Furthermore, as much as people moan about the Premier League being “money-orientated” and a fight for survival for every team out of the top six or so, it’s also true that being in the top flight should mean a better standard of player playing for Blues – and thus a better standard of football. Granted, that’s not always the case – I can remember a lot of unhappy people in our last relegation season – but you’d hope that Blues would aspire to play better than they are currently in the top flight. After all, we pay our money to be entertained, don’t we?

Then there is the exposure aspect. It’s a lot easier to catch Premier League games on tv and online, and whilst that means it’s easier for people like me who don’t get to many away games to watch the Blues, it also means that it’s a lot easier to market the club as a saleable proposition – which for those people who are desperately unhappy with the incumbent board (and I’ll admit, even my personal approval rating of them is slowly ebbing) might mean that someone will come in to take Blues off their hands at a price the Chinese might sell for. Win-win as you were.

However, I can see the cons of promotion too. The fact is that even if Blues do go up, money is going to be tight. It won’t be any marquee signings like we had in summer 2010; it’ll be more likely we’ll follow the Blackpool model of the same year – keeping wages, transfer fees and agents fees as low as possible and trying to pick up young raw talent and “experienced” pros for cheaper fees.

The level of ambition also has to be questioned. Should Blues attain promotion, their target for next season is probably going to be no more than 17th place – survival, and another crack at it. If that’s the case, then you can understand why people would be underwhelmed with the idea of being promoted only to grind out results and playing not to lose. Whilst teams like Norwich and Swansea City have proven this season that you can play nice football and get points, pessimistic Blues fans only have to look at their recent history to see the likely way that they think Blues would go.

Whilst not going up would mean more financial upheaval, there is the plus point with that in that it might force change at Blues – instead of clinging on for Premier League money Carson may well have to sell or face losing everything. I’ve spoken before about how Carson has staked everything on promotion and I’m sure of it; if we don’t go up then something will have to give. Whether that be administration or a quick sale – a bit of short-term pain might be a good long-term solution for the club.

I will say here and now I’m ambivalent. I can see advantages in either eventuality; I’ll still buy my season ticket and I’ll still be watching regardless. Like the rest of this season, it’ll be a case of rolling with the punches and seeing where it goes.


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54 Responses to “Do we want Promotion?”

  • JohnR says:

    This for me is a no brainer. With our current financial situation promotion, and with all the monetary rewards this brings, it could be our salvation.
    Why do we have a league structure because the aim is to win matches and finish as high up the league as possible, if this brings promotion then you take it with both hands.
    I’ll worry about what happens in the Premier League if we get there. Why wouldn’t Chris Hughton be able to produce a team that is good enough to stay up. I have a lot more faith in him doing it than Alex McLeish.
    You mention two sides, Swansea and Norwich, who have both done well this season and neither team has spent any real money on players They both have managers who have got their teams playing good football. CH is more than capable of doing the same.
    But we are jumping ahead of ourselves here, there is the little matter of actually achieving promotion.

  • Alan Ainscow fan club says:

    Sad to say but I’d rather we not be promoted for a season of struggle unless we were to play and enjoy the season in the same way as Blackpool did. For the longer term though I do think the owners will be forced to sell at a substantial loss and Id rather we build a proper structure with young players coming through the academy and by scouting for the best players from Div1, Div2 and non league. Cohesive, with a long term aim and vision would be my way to go. Promotion seems to be a bit too short termist.

  • Louise says:

    Unfortunately I feel we need to get promoted for the sake of our club. I dread to think what’s waiting if we don’t!
    I feel Chris Hughton has got the skills to put a team together on minimal funds. Realistic funds that is, if no money is spent we’ll go down.
    I agree that the first season will be to stay up. If we can do that and slightly improve for a few years, we will then be in a better position to push on. Something which we didn’t do after our 9th place finish, despite spending money.
    Something along the lines of what Stoke have done, cemented their place first then looked to push up the table, that’s what we should be aiming for, less the football style though!

    Hopefully promotion will attract a new buyer, as we’d be a much better prospect for someone. I can’t see the future being anything but embarrassing if Yeung continues to hold the majority share.

    All in all I really hope we go up, I don’t even want to think about the consequences if we don’t!


  • Alan Ainscow fan club says:

    As an addition to my comment, I do wonder who has let the club down most. The owners for borrowing far too much money and putting faith in Alex McLeish’s management? Or Alex McLeish for being totally unable to prevent the collapse post Carling Cup with a team capable of mid table?

    • JohnR says:

      When the owners came in they were very enthusiastic but also very naive. What they needed was an experienced football man in charge. We still don’t know what happened to the Chief Executive (I forget his name) they appointed, Why did he leave?
      I think that McLeish has to take a big proportion of the blame, I know we had injuries and the players didn’t perform but we should still have had enough to stay up. When we won the Carling Cup we not anywhere near the relegation places.
      Judging by what he’s doing over at B6 it looks as though he is taking them the same way.

      • almajir says:

        Michael Dunford?

        My understanding is (and I’m sure I’ve said this before) that Pannu et al felt MD was duplicating a role that they could perform themselves, and thus they dispensed with his services.

        • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

          There was also a rumour that MD felt undermined by constant interference by PP and his colleagues and as you say, PP had done his Master’s degree that related to football administration, and CY felt that he – PP – could do they job pretty well all by himself.

          In fairness, it has been said that PP is a ball – buster in negotiations and even though he may have made a mistake or two in his tenure early on, he has been a quick learner and has been very sharp and decisive in recent times when making judgments regarding the club. Having PP at the helm ostensibly, maybe going up would give him / PP / the Board, the chance to rectify their earlier decision making.

      • NooBloo says:

        You are absolutely spot on with McLeish

        His first management job was at Motherwell who had finished 3rd and the next year he finished 2nd with someone else’s team that he inherited. Then he dismantled that team and his own Hibs team were relegated or almost relegated


        He then went to Hibs who had finished 2nd and he finished around 3rd with someone else’s team and the following year after dismantling that team, his own team were relegated or almost relegated.


        He then went to Rangers which was the only place he had any success but then again who wouldnt with a team with only one real rival and as we now know, a large budget to spend. or should I say, OVERSPEND.

        Mr Mc Leish seems to have been rewarded for failure everywhere he has been and I just dont know how he has managed to get away with it because he got Birmingham relegated and was rewarded with the Aston Villa job.

        If they dont sack him in the coming 12 months then they will be in the Championship by 2014.

        He should be renamed Alex Relegation Mc Leish

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    I understand how you are attempting to look at the issue of promotion from differing viewpoints and weighing up the possible pros and cons of what would happen if we did/ did not go up, but I truly believe that staying in the Championship would not mean ‘short – term pain’ but in fact it would mean we would go backwards and create vast amounts of upheaval.

    How and why?

    I do not think CH would entertain the idea of staying in the same league for a season or two longer and again see our best players being sold to the highest bidders (or in some cases to the only bidder’s). Many of our players will not relish being stuck in the same division as well, and their form will no doubt attract teams already in the EPL or that will go up this season. Also, the teams that come down – Wolves, Bolton, QPR or whoever, will make serious attempts to go straight back up and will prove hard to overcome and will go looking for good players – which will again mean some come knocking on our door. CH will not relish being given the brief of dismantling and then rebuilding the team and squad again if more attractive propositions were to become available as surely they will in the summer. His stock has rose immensely at Blues and we should attempt to keep pace.

    Would going up really mean a season of ‘just surviving’ ? Look at the crap gates we are currently ‘attracting’ and what would happen if there was the prospect of more shenanigans in the Championship? Why would we not be able to compete with about 6 – 8 other teams for mid – table ease? I honestly do not believe that it would be beyond us. Forget the marquee signings of yesteryear, some turned out to be turds dressed as chocolate cream logs and even the fans would be slightly wary of such expensive mistakes. CH has not made many mistakes to date, and could well prove his mettle in signing the right sort of player in the EPL. We have got to trust it being so.

    Even if CY and his crew were to sell the Club or we had to go into Admin, is there any way of envisaging a better group or individual coming along?? Me thinks not – chances are it would be a person(s) who saw us as a possible money – making vehicle. This is not to say that CY has not. At least we know what we have as oppose to what me might get.

    Going up is crucial to BCFC’s future development and all thoughts and actions should be focused on such.

    Only my opinion.

    • Julian Glass says:

      On the contrary my doubts about CH are his signings with only Caldwell and Myhill regulars. Elliott and Ibanez average; Rooney and Ramage poor; N’Daw perhaps useful; Huseklepp maybe; Folan if he was good enough he’d to in the squad. Townsend’s a no brainer but acquired with inside knowledge. Remember King and Burke were inherited

      • paul says:

        The deal on Rooney was almost sealed when CH arrived and CH only rubber stamped it because he wasnt going to be on a large contract


        • Julian Glass says:

          I expect a manager that brings a player onto the pitch to be up to the job in that position. If here is a reason that Ramage is playing ahead of Hubbins and Hancox it doesn’t look to me that its because he’s an able full back at the level.

  • quokkasskip says:

    one word – Yes

  • SuperBeau says:

    This is a real conundrum isn’t it? I have supported the Blues for decades and had far more downs than ups – which, in a way, makes this club special. For supporters of Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc. they turn up expecting a victory and feel disappointed if it is only 2-0. For me the highs of winning promotion 1-0 at Leyton Orient or a last minute winner at Wembley will live with me forever.
    I want Blues to win every game, home and away, every competition, so to get promoted and desperately hope we finish 17th feels a bit depressing.
    So my fantasy hope is that we win through the play-offs this season, give Chris and his team a 5 year contract and be the first team in history to decline promotion to the Premiership and win the Championship title next year in style and by a country mile and then go for Champions League finish the following season.
    OK, you can carry me away now lads………..

  • shedrocket says:

    Unlike a few of you I really believe if we don’t go up this year (which will result in no one buying us out) then we will be well and truly f**ked. No big hitting investor buys championship clubs, our better players (davis etc) will be sold, would hughton stay at a declining club? We will be set back 25 yrs and into another ken wheldon era, just look at coventry the blueprint is there. We HAVE to go up

  • skareggae72 says:

    Do we want promotion? YES.
    Like it or not,its a worldwide game now & the money from the premier would keep us afloat,near to nobody (on a worldwide level) is interested in investing/ advertising/watching football in the championship,It is merely a doorway into the premier league,& that door is slightly ajar.

    A look at the table shows `relegation candidates` like Swansea,Norwich,Newcastle all doing well playing positive,attacking football on a limited budget,it can be done.

  • Alex T says:

    I also fear the worst if we dont go up. Here is my predictions of events;

    1.) We give Zigic away
    2.) We sell Ben Foster, Nathan Redmond (this would be a huge mistake, but the board dont care about long term) and Curtis Davies.
    3.) Marlon King Forces a move away due to players leaving and club going nowhere
    4.) Burke follows suit (this guy HAS to play in the Prem at some point in his carrer – he is too good for the Championship)
    5.) Chris Hughton gets poached/throws the towel in… and who would blame him??
    6.) Blues become the next Coventry and struggle in the lower echeleons of the Championship

    Either the majority of the above happens or we go into administration, in which case most of the above would happen post administration anyway.

    Pessimistic? Possibly, but it seems logical enough to me.

    On the flip side, if we get promoted, I have no problem if we go up collect the money, spend nothing and come back down again. At least THEN we will be in a position to rebuild and start again (whilst hopefully keeping our young stars, which for me is the be all and end all)

    • Denis Thwaites says:

      I agree entirely with your comments but would just add that if we do not get promoted it would not surprise me if this Board sacked CH (totally unjustifiably) given that CY is gambling entirely on promotion to obtain funds to carry on!

    • SirHarry1875 says:

      I also agree entirely with your comments. CH wll not be here next year promoted or not. Why would a manager whose worked miracles stay and work at a club that cant match his ambition? Would he stay at a newly promoted club on the basis that he wont get a penny to spend? Mcleish knew what was coming. Had he joined anyone else other that them then the majority of fans would have understood entirely why he left. The same will happen with CH. An offer of a far superior salary and some cash to spend will prove too tempting. I just hope its not the Vile but i would’nt be suprised.

    • viperblue says:

      I can only concur with everything you say,without promotion
      i could see the third tier of football looming.
      Get promoted and even if we didnt win a game ,the funds would put
      us back on an even footing finanically.
      1st year Albion got up ,they bought no-one and went down,now they used the money to build ateam good enough for the prem.
      We can do the same.promtion is amust

    • viperblue says:

      I can only concur with everything you say,without promotion
      i could see the third tier of football looming.

      1st year Albion got up ,they bought no-one and went down,now they used the money to build ateam good enough for the prem.
      We can do the same.promtion is amust

  • Glynn says:

    There is one point that we are all missing…
    The club has not even mentioned season tickets for next year… Worrying as this club has always had tickets for sale by now.

    Is this something to do with the accounts? or is it that they dont want to take money knowing they will have to repay.

    • almajir says:

      I actually don’t know – It’s my assumption that they’re waiting to see what division we’re in…

      • Glynn says:

        That was my initial thought but it’s never happened before & one thing I can say about this board is they have been very good at selling tickets.

        Wait & see I suppose just like everything else. :-)

  • pedantic_pete says:

    I don’t think we’ll know the potential pain ahead if we don’t get promoted until the club finances are revealed. premiership means guaranteed money and that’s got to be better for the club, even for a season.

    Personally I think it’s all a bit academic. Barring a remarkable change in form we ay not even hold on to a play-off place. If we do get into the play-offs, the likelihood is that the team that has come up from lower down in a rich vein of form will be the one that wins it. Currently that would probably be Brighton. Again, unless we have a change in form and become the form team then I don’t fancy our chances.

    Having said all of that, if we are there or thereabouts but fail at the final hurdle, given how last season ended and all the consequences of that, CH will have done a fantastic job just to have got us to there.

  • BlueMichael says:

    I can think of worse things than Chris Hughton being given another season to build this side. He has done well. The Premiership next year would be a brutal struggle for survival, and would the financial benefits of promotion go wholly to the development of the club?

  • mark says:

    what worrie me is what happens if we DONT get promotion..??! Close season, no income, and all those wages to boot..???? That really scares me..

  • Mark Y says:

    I agree with all the pro going up comments as I feel that we could become another Sheff Wednesday if we dont with years in the wilderness. The atmosphere for premiership games compared to chanpionship is different class. even if were not winning so many games I really like seeing a better quality of playing for Blues than when we are in the championship. One important point to bear in mind even if we went up and even if were relegated yet again, we would have some more fantastic memories of another semi final victory and another incredible day at Wembley to behold for the rest of our lives. After behing a long suffering fan of 50 years that day against Arsenal at Wembley was truly magical and I want some more.

  • I cant believe im saying this but i reckon promotion wud do more harm than good. Due to the fact that we are not ready for promotion cause the club is not in a stable position even though the club does get more cash for getting promoted. I also believe that any cash the club gets wouldnt go towards new players and the squad would only be propped up by free transfers and loan signings. We may have got away with it this season but being in the top tier next season and i higher grade of football,i believe it would a long and very hard season of struggle and result in the club being relagated yet again. Surely its better for the club to remain where it is so it can flourish and become stronger then become stronger that way. I can honestly say that for the first timein a few years i have enjoyed the football compared to last season. Ok we won a major trophy but overall the footie was boring and too negative. Whatever happens Chris Hughton and the boys should be applauded because they have worked miracles this season and it has been such a memorable season for so many reasons. KRO

  • Leigh says:

    Here I go again………..I agree with Alex T this time…..but… if we go up, and come straight back down again will we not still lose Zigic, Burke, Redmond, Davies, Foster for less than we could get for them at the end of this season? and probably any other ‘successes’ we buy in the close season for a loss?
    Just as Denis says Hughton would also probably go via the board or dissasisfied so called fans.
    All in all we would be having our masochistic whinges at the back end of two more seasons!.
    What would we have gained an agonising season, …some finance, but where would that go? andthe thing that we always have our dreams.
    I hope CH is dedicated to this club…Bruce was supposed to be, but never stayed anywhere very long , I hope CH is already deciding on the players for next season where ever we are,… as well as sales and salaries, we have incomings under consideration, and most of all some stability in the backroom.
    Now yet again I have set myself up to be shot at. However contrary to what you may think ,yes I would love promotion, but with a team to do us justice .One last comment back in the 1950s my dad, rest his soul always insisted Blues were a First division ( Champioship) club, but I still support them, and long one day to be able to say, albeit not to his face ‘Dad, I told you so’.

  • Shane says:

    Promotion is a must for me to try and secure our finances even if it means a long hard fight,plus it might bring blued fans back to reality and generate an atmosphere like our first season in the premier league when it was full houses and a hostile atmosphere and Alex Furguson describing coming to St Andrews as being more intimidating than going to Galatasary, plus if my dreams come true like they look likely we will be able to say to the scum from across the city we are in a higher league than you thanks to agent Mctwat and his side kick Peter Grant

  • shedrocket says:

    Re anthony hawkins, the problem in your theory mate is summed up by you saying it would bee better to stay in the championship and flourish and get stronger that way. The fact is the exact opposite would happen, our decent players and youngsters would be cherry picked, gates will drop and far from flourishing we would in fact drop into the abyss. I know I sound pessimistic but I’ve seen it happen in the 80’s and it took us 16yrs to get back. There would be no flourishing and as said earlier I think we could go the same way as the sheffield clubs, leaving the vile to have it all their own way again. Those that can’t see it are just deluding themselves I’m afraid.

  • RE shedrocket,you have a very valid point but are the fans really wanting another long season of struggle. i know tere will a better grade of football but it will be tough and are we really going to be any better off. Like i said any money that we get would not go new players. the only positive would be that the club would be a more attractive proposition to any new investors.

  • Ive been a proud bluenose for over thirty yearsand ive only wanted the best for my club. When you compare this campaign to the last two promotion campaigns,the club has had a very traumatic season financially. The club is just about surviving and getting promoted would mean higher wages etc. Im not saying that the club should never again grace the riches of the premier again but only when the club is more stabily secure. Last summer became a nightmare when we got relegated and all the upheavel it caused with the financial side and players leaving. Chris Hughton had to rebuild on a shoestring budget. The team is a work in progress and would benefit more by spending another season in the championship.

  • shedrocket says:

    Anthony fair enough mate we are all bluenoses and want the best for our club. It will all come out in the wash so to speak but I think we’ll agree to disagree on this one. As fans all we can do is get down st ans and do our bit. KRO

  • Shedrocket. Reading everybodies comments,i believe they all have valuablecomments to make. Im just so glad that Old Ginger is no longer in charge cause it makes you wonder where we would be now. As far as agreeing to disagree thats the beauty of supporting our club,we all care and just want the best for it. It makes you realise that despite all the financial troubles there will always be a Birmingham City cause the fans would never let it happen. KRO mate.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    As usual,!!. We all have different perspectives of the future, do we not,?.
    Well let us take a leaf out of C,H’s, book, eh,!!. All through our European campaign, he stressed that we are in that position, of being in the competition, ” and you have be in it to win it “, — and boy,!!, we tried to do just that,!!.
    As regards to C,Y. — We will not know what is going to happen for quite some time, so why worry about what ” may, or may not be ” should we get promoted,!!. I do not think that C,H. will shirk the challengs and just walk-away,!!.
    Any monies that we generate from promotion, T-V, or marketing will go into the Clubs coffers to keep us afloat again next season,!!.
    Can you Almijier, confirm that monies this season have already stayed in the cluba coffers to keep us running,??.

    • almajir says:

      It’s been a constant mantra, but yes, no money has left this country to go HK from Blues; indeed, if anything Blues have had money in from the Far East

  • Oldbluenose i think your comment is great. In C.H i believe we have a good manager who likes football to be played in the right way. I also think he has also had to perform his duties with his hands tied due to all the financial restrictions basically in other words hes worked miracles. After he lost his job at Newcastle i also hope that it was us who gave him a chance to bounce back and for that he will stay loyal. He hasnt been afraid to bring in the youngsters and it has paid off for him cause we have a couple of gems in Redmond and Mutch. He also knows how to get the best out of players and i know by players comments,they enjoy playing for him. If we dont get promoted and we get to hold on to what weve got then with a two or three new additions then we cud up stronger than ever

  • Can i also say almajir what a great job you do. This topic has got us all talkin and its great to see so many valid comments from both sides.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    We need to go up or our better players will be sold and it will be even harder to come up next year. I understand the point of our team not being able to compete and be whipping boys. However, just maybe our motley crew of freebies and loans may prove everybody wrong and hold our own. Promotion is the only way the club is going to get itself out of this financial mess or indeed find itself another owner otherwise I fear we will just sink further into dispair and many many years in the wilderness.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Further to previous comments, do not believe that CH would keep quiet about transfers and budgets if/when Blues go up. CY and PP are not daft and realise that CH is THE main reason fans have not been as vocal to the board as they could have been.

    In any case, the funds generated by promotion will indeed mean we get players in who could help us sustain ourselves. The board are not silly, we simply have to be more realistic in our expectations of them and vice – versa. There is quality in the current team that can be sensibly built upon.

    Many many reasons for us all to keep the faith.

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    Just a little longer kids, we’ll soon be there.

  • andy says:

    Football is about winning things, trophies, promotion, so of course we want to win promotion, you also want to win every game you play. Its about winners otherwise why bother turning up?

  • Paulo says:

    BCFC will always be. We struggle, we fight, we win and we lose ..but we never give up. It’s also a time when I think we need to look at the bigger picture ‘off the pitch’.
    Chris Hughton has given both the team and the fans something Blues haven’t seen in a long time, and it’s a mixture of respect, skill, talent, experience and passion. Other clubs have noticed.
    The team have been created from almost a ‘dirty dozen’ and I would urge caution on rating any of them against each other, and harshly ..although at times we all get frustrated. They are a team. We do not have Ronaldo’s, Messi’s or David Villa’s. What we have is a genuine team, because thats what Blues could put together in the first place.
    What Carson has done is plainly open to interpretation, and he is to face his accusors in a court of law this year. The aftermath of this is still happening, and I dont think the storm has yet to settle.
    What has PP done? well, I dont know. But we are still functioning, and although he does not have the best communication avenues to fans, his job is not one I’d like to do.

    In short, let’s not judge, but let’s agree to dissagree on what the end of season brings. Promotion or not, Blues has had an immense season against all odds. We should all be proud.

    Is promotion to the premier league a good thing right now? My view is no, but that’s my view and I base it on the fact that I cant see any financial security or input into the club in order to survive. Also, I do NOT want to see us struggle again and be relegated because of this lack of foresight.

    We’ve always been a solid 2nd division team and a not so good 1st division team! (nowadays thats championship and premier, respectfully) ..but then we did it, we got into the big time, and we are still paying the price for poor business decisions even now.

    Anyway, prove me wrong and I will be just as happy!


  • Julian Glass says:

    On balance I want us to go up. I’m sure I’ll be gutted otherwise. However it’s like a choice between going to the dentist for an extraction or a filling: both are likely to be unpleasant.

    Promotion and we likely keep CH and all of the permanent squad. A new owner is more likely to be lurking in the wings, powerless to do anything because of the CY situation but until the January transfer window there might be insufficient money to make suitable signings and possible the transfer embargo may still be in place. We’ll see how CH rises to the challenge but I hope he doesn’t compromise too much on his style. I won’t mind too going down if we has played decent football, given it a go and thus earned some respect from the media

    Relegation and we will lose our best mature players and possible our best youngsters either through their wanting self-advancement or the need for their fees. This could also trigger CH’s departure. On the other hand could the situation arise whereby a new owner could strike an ‘understanding’ to buy the club when it becomes available and this gives CH the confidence to stay? Then again BIH could carry on in the hope that whatever manager or players they have can get them up eventually until the point that they cut their losses in which case future of the club thereon depends on the ‘quality’ of our new owners.

  • Julian Glass says:

    On balance I want us to go up. I’m sure I’ll be gutted otherwise. However it’s like a choice between going to the dentist for an extraction or a filling: both are likely to be unpleasant.

    Promotion <and we likely keep CH and all of the permanent squad. A new owner is more likely to be lurking in the wings, powerless to do anything because of the CY situation but until the January transfer window there might be insufficient money to make suitable signings and possibly the transfer embargo may still be in place. We’ll see how CH rises to the challenge but I hope he doesn’t compromise too much on his style. I won’t mind too going down if we has played decent football, given it a go and thus earned some respect from the media. Unless January is our saviour we will surely go down

    Not going up and beyond and we will lose our best mature players and possible our most promising youngsters either through their wanting self-advancement or the club’s need for their fees and saved wages. This could trigger CH’s departure. On the other hand could the situation arise whereby a new owner would strike an ‘understanding’ to buy the club when it becomes available and this gives CH the confidence to stay? Then again BIH could carry on in the hope that whatever manager or players they have can get them up eventually. However there comes a point that they will surely decide to cut their losses in which case the future of the club thereon depends on the ‘quality’ of our new owners.


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