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Player of the Season Voting

Voting in the inaugural Often Partisan player of the season poll has now closed.

I will be doing a full round-up of the results soon.


13 Responses to “Player of the Season Voting”

  • poppa999 says:

    Can’t we wait for the season to end?

    • almajir says:

      No, I gave notice that the poll was to close at the end of March. It is now 1 April, hence the poll has closed…

  • onlyme says:

    To be fair, there is only one player who has been consistantly great for us this season, without doubt its Chris Burke, I will save you the hassle of totting up.

  • Carl says:

    “there is only one player who has been consistently great for us this season” Yep, that’s Davies.

    Of interest, anyone know who’s played the most games?

  • onlyme says:

    Davis has been great of late, but his progression has been excellent from mid season only.

  • cheltblue says:

    Chris Burke for me, although Fahey, King, Davies, Murphy and maybe Zigic when fit all deserve a mention. Lets not forget the contribution Chris Wood put in also

  • tony says:

    Chris Burke has been the only player to show any consistancy throughout the season .Davis has played well for alot of the season but his early form was poor and he still has lapses that cost us.As for the other names mentioned on here then all i can say is ‘one swallow doesn’t make a summer’.
    Has to be Burke by a country mile.

  • Poppa999 says:

    Give it a rest Almajir there is still load of games left and it will be you with egg on his face!

    • almajir says:

      Give what a rest? Nearly 800 people voted, the winner has been picked, stuff is in the pipeline…

  • Poppa999 says:

    Just my opinion, but can’t see the point in voting until the end of the season. What’s the rush?

    • almajir says:

      Maybe I want to present something to a player… and by doing before the end of the season I can guarantee he’s still playing for us when I give it him.

      • poppa999 says:

        That’s great. And either way it’s your blog-site and I enjoy it very much. KRO

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