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Referee Watch – Jock Waugh

Barring any late changes, Jock Waugh of South Yorkshire will be in the middle for Blues’ game against Burnley at Turfmoor on Tuesday. Here is a look at his stats.

Season performance

Mr Waugh has refereed twenty-eight games this season, handing out seventy-two cautions and four red cards. The game on Tuesday will only be the sixth Championship game he has refereed this season and only the seventh of his career. His current record for Championship games this season is five games, ten yellow cards and one red card – which was shown to Guy Moussi of Nottingham Forest for a second bookable offence.

Disconcertingly, Waugh’s performance for the Blackpool v Forest game was described by This is Nottingham as a “remarkable performance” – apparently he missed a clear foul in the run up to the equalising goal and was seen to be a classic “homer” ref by the away fans. The report goes on to describe various incidents clearly missed by the South Yorks official and complained that the sending off was “soft”. A Blackpool website however describes Jock Waugh as “the best ref we’ve had in ages”.

Last Blues game refereed

Jock Waugh has not refereed a Blues game prior to this one.

Last Championship Game

The last Championship game refereed by Mr Waugh was the 0-0 draw between Hull and Doncaster on 31 January. In that game Mr Waugh showed just one yellow card, to Paul McKenna. In match reports from a Hull website and a Doncaster website I see no reference to the ref – which I take to be a positive thing.

Referee stats taken from Soccerbase

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13 Responses to “Referee Watch – Jock Waugh”

  • MDS says:

    From a Burnley fan website: “A month later Waugh was slated by both managers after an FA Cup game between Darlington and Bristol Rovers. That was at the beginning of November and he didn’t referee again until April.”. Sounds at least as good as Mr Dolan of Salisbury! He’s refereed a Burnley game before, which they lost 2-1 to Peterborough. Another loss for Burnley tomorrow would be just the ticket.

  • JohnR says:

    My concern is his lack of experience of Championship games. How come we are getting refs for these important games who do not have the experience at this level.
    We had a terrible ref for the Pompey match and by reading Tatts tweets the ref on Friday was not much better. Unfit and couldn’t keep up with play. He denied us a stone wall penalty and added insult by booking King for diving. Luckily that decision didn’t affect the result.
    I just hope I’m worrying unnecessarily.

  • MDS says:

    For Dolan read Malone. Oops.

  • AuldBertie says:

    Sounds like a cross between a character from the soap Dallas and an Australian cricketer. Expect more controversial decisions going Burnley’s way :(

  • NooBloo says:

    Talk about ” kangaroo courts” i thought the only people to lynch people without ”just cause” were the Klu Klux Klan and and Cowboys from an old John Wayne movie.

    This referee hasnt blown his whistle to start the match and he has already been hung out to dry. Please give the guy a chance.

    Referees get decisions wrong, we all know that but they do not go out intentionally to make mistakes so I think any comments on referees should be left until after a match……….Don’t you think ?????

  • ziggy says:

    not impressed with the aspect of this otherwise excellent website…

    having to deal – every week with young referees being push around by parents…. referees being hassled on the parks – and now Jock is getting hassle already…

    Supporters moaning about offside – when they are 100 yrds away… of totally the wrong angle to see it is getting a joke… the TV companies slow it down.. and find a angle from 1 – 42…. tell me how many people run 12km – are part of 900 events in 90 mins and get 94% correct – and Asst referees over 99.8%…

    I see there is no mention of accuracy of the referees decision making – all a bit to negative and just think about the 14 year old taking control of u12’s and getting push by a parent…

    not happy about ref bashing – maybe do a section on completed pass… or shots on target…

    end of rant.

    • almajir says:

      I don’t see it as ref-bashing.

      I’ve given his stats. His stats are just that – statistics.

      I linked to the forest report whereby they said he was a joke but however I also linked to the Blackpool report who said that he was their best ever ref – in other words I was balanced and gave both sides of the coin.

      I also noted his last game and mentioned he hadn’t been noticed by either side’s reporter – and confirmed that I saw this as a good thing – or in other words being balanced in picking out his plus points.

      If a referee has had a poor career that’s not my fault for bringing to people’s attention prior to a game. If they’re inexperienced, that’s not my fault either. It’s down to the reader to make the inferrence they wish – I’m not telling people what to think.

      I’ve made no mention of accuracy of ref’s decision making a) because there is no measurable metric out there for it and b) even if there was it would be subjective as the laws are open to interpretation. THAT would potentially be ref-bashing.

      • NooBloo says:

        I agree with you.

        Your blog was balanced in many ways and perhaps only 60/40 against him but thats how Gladatorial Rome was set up and the masses at the Amphetheatre then gathered round waiting to cheer at the first sight of blood being drawn.

        I know it is difficult to find topics to discuss in the lead up to a match so I can understand why the article was written. So i suppose the fact that it has provoked comments from both sides of the fence on it, it has done what any good article on such a website is supposed to do. Provoke debate !

        That said. I stick to my point of view that referees should not be slated before a match. On the flip side, everyone who disagrees should stick to their point of view as well.

  • Polanski says:

    Think this is an innovative addition to the site, and is information not provided by any other outlets. It is also info provided in advance; rather than afterwards in the event of a questionable performance. Keep up the good work.

  • Shardendbluenose says:

    Play to the whistle and if the ref makes a mistake it is because he or she is human , not because they are against your tribe. If there is any systematic bias then that should be referred to the refereeing authorities or if any evidence of wrongdoing can be proven, the police.

    We are obviously worried we might not get promoted, but vision this…beating West Ham at Wembley in the play off final and seeing the look on the faces of Sullivan, Gold and Brady.

    Talking of tribes, as anyone noticed how close the other team from Birmingham are to the relegation zone?

    This season could turn out to be full of fun yet, even if we are facing a financial struggle.


  • Wingman Blue says:

    If referee performance was immaterial to the final result, then why are refs statistics available for gamblers to factor in? Poor decisions, ‘homer’ refs, over-zealous use of the cards are game-changers, as we know only too well. Just because we might draw the conclusion that some refs are either unfit or incompetent doesn’t mean we automatically accuse ALL officials of being unfit to govern. In fact, by treating refereeing decisions as sacrosanct, however bizarre, we surely are perpetuating lower standards by tolerating the incompetent.
    Flag up the plain wrong and praise the spot on – weeding out officials who are not up to the job, for whatever reason, must be seen as necessary to improve the quality of the game and avoid allegations that incompetence, and potentially corruption, can dictate results.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Lets hope we don’t notice the ref at all in tonight’s game. The one in charge versus Pompey was abysmal. It’s almost like bad officials are being picked for our games on purpose. Is it a coincidence or the luck of the draw? Perhaps the founders of our club should’ve been a bit more understanding when they told the gipsies to f-off cos those travellers have long memories.

    Anyways here’s hoping for a win and hoping any bad decisions go our way.

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