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Referee Watch – Jonathan Moss

Barring any late changes, Jonathan Moss of West Yorkshire will be in the middle for Blues’ game against West Ham at the Boleyn Ground later today. Here is a look at his stats.

Season Performance

Mr Moss has been in charge of twenty-nine games this season, handing out no less than one hundred yellow cards and eleven reds. Of those games, eight have been at the Championship level, with thirty-two yellows and four reds coming in those games. Unlike some of our recent refs, Mr Moss has been officiating mostly at the top end of the football pyramid, having taken charge of nine Premier Leagues this season.

Last Blues game refereed

Mr Moss has taken charge of two Blues games this season already, with his most recent being the six-nil mauling of Millwall at the Den, where he booked five players and sent off two Millwall players – Shane Lowry and Alan Dunne. I don’t think Millwall fans would agree, but Tatts rated him highly in his report for refusing to be intimidated by the home crowd and gave him an 8. The other Blues game Jonathan Moss refereed this season was the 1-1 draw at London Road against Peterborough, two weeks prior to the Millwall game where he handed out two bookings and gave Blues a pen in injury time for handball – which Tatts again said was the right decision. The Peterborough press and manager didn’t see it that way however.

Last Championship game

The last game in the Championship officiated by Jonathan Moss was the 1-1 draw between Forest and Watford in February, where he showed six yellow cards. Whilst it appears Mr Moss was a little card-happy there was no complaints from the press on either side – something that I see as a positive sign.

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3 Responses to “Referee Watch – Jonathan Moss”

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Excellent! A level playing field, so to speak…

  • Grizzly says:

    Great news, hopefully this will prevent West Ham from using the likes of Faye or Diop to bully Zigic which you know will be Fat Sam’s tactics. Millwall tried to bully him in the last game we had Mr Moss and he sent both of their players off for fouls on the big man. Too many times this season the ref has shrugged off a clear foul against Ziggy or worse booked him for diving as they judge him on his size rather than the nature of the foul, which in turn gives the defenders free licence to tug, kick, shove and batter for the rest of the game. It obviously goes without saying that we need to keep our discipline too. Playing West Ham with ten men will not be easy and now is not the time you want to pick up a 3 match ban.

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