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Any Old Iron? West Ham Preview

Having won three consecutive games 3-1, the Blues promotion bandwagon rolls on to East London and third placed West Ham United. Can the Blues make it four in a row against their promotion rivals or will Sam Allardyce’s men hammer Blues hopes?

West Ham United

West Ham lie one place and six points clear of Blues and have been having some funny old form of late. Despite only losing one game in their last thirteen against Reading, their promotion charge has faltered somewhat and the Hammers haven’t won at home in their last six league games.

Papa Bouba Diop may be returned to the starting line up after coming on as a sub against Barnsley – I would be quite interested to see him up against our very own Senegalese man-mountain Guirane N’Daw. Joey O’Brien remains a doubt and Guy Demel looks likely to retain his slot at right-back.


It’s as you were for Blues; Spector is out against his former club along with Carr and Ibanez; I’m hoping Ziggy shrugs off the minor knock he took against Palace to play against his favourite team and as far as I know, there are no other injury concerns.

Form wise Blues are now second best over the last six games having won four of them and of course the last three on the spin. Morale seems high, Blues are scoring for fun and seem to be hitting form at the right time. This could be a big win for Blues; particularly bearing in mind the ref is the one from the Millwall 6-0 game and knowing how much Ziggy likes playing West Ham. That being said, I’m expecting nothing at all; if we can get a draw I’ll take it.

The match is live on Sky Sports 1, kicking off at 17:20pm.

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11 Responses to “Any Old Iron? West Ham Preview”

  • bluesbot says:

    if we can start off positive it wont be long before the spammers fans start getting at the team – all good for us, can see the pressure getting to them and us coming away with at least a draw.

    Hope Nolan gets sent off like he should have done at St Andrews

  • John says:

    I as a Hammer supporter we will be too good for your Blue heaven we will send you all there for good Cause we belong in the Premier league not that anyone does but we have a better squad and mentally ready to go up again COME ON YOU IRONS

    • viperblue says:

      good for you supporting your team to the end
      Good luck in your efforts for promotion
      With Big Sam you can play the West ham way
      or as you will soon be call the west ham dons

  • zoot the sax says:

    Be great for the lads to put one over the Iron hoofs.
    Sullivan, Gold and Brady lapping it up in Landon (they’re boyhood team an all that apple cart bunny).

    Yeah they saved us from the brink but they made a huge tidy sum out of us in the end. All they care about is owning some fancy dan Olympic stadium and the revenue it will bring in.

    Metal shin pads for Ziggy. Get into em.

  • Mark Peacock says:

    I agree, If we can keep them quiet for the first 20 minutes then the fans start to get on their back. However it’s always a tough game against West Ham and as you said if we get a draw it will be a good result!

    I think we will make the playoffs now, the teams chasing us have to play each other I think and we will win at least two ore games this year which gives us 75 points which is plenty to make the playoffs. Will it be West Ham in the final? Maybe so, things like thise seem to be written in the stars!

  • I’d take 0-0 or 1-1 right now. If we were to face them in the play offs, assuming we make it, a mate of mine made the point it may not pay to beat them since it tends to be unusual to beat teams in the league and then again in a knockout situation such as the Cup or play offs so on that basis a draw is fine. Even a narrow defeat wouldn’t be the end of the world. We are fourth currently which for me is the ideal position; third placed teams don’t often claim the top prize and fifth and sixth have to be away in the second leg of the semi-final. KRO

  • stu says:

    ha all you brummies,a team is due a hammering at upton park ,if we take our chances then sorry the brumsters will be flapping facttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

      You’re right a team will get a caning, that team will be the ‘mighty’ eyeons.

      If we taken even a 1/3 of our chances in the wonder that is the East London area that you fellas hail from, we’ll do to you what we’ve been doing on many occasions this season – brushing the opposition aside with proper football that’s not invented by ‘Big’ Sam.

      The Blues to hit 3 past you sorry arses again.

  • NooBloo says:

    This is the one Id really love to win. West Ham fans screaming for attractive footbal and who do they give the job to. Sam (punt the ball in the air and chase it) Allardyce. They had the opportunity of offering the job to Chris Hughton who was out of work at the time, who ends up playing open attacking football at Birmingham.Big Faux pas by Sullivan and Gold

  • viperblue says:

    tough old game at upton pk,they don’t win often but they don’t lose ether
    a drwa will suit both parties

  • BCFC FAN says:

    why does ziggy like playing west am?

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