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Zigic and Penalties

There have been a few times this season that we as Blues fans have complained about the lack of penalties awarded for fouls on Nikola Zigic; it appears that the Serb has been guilty of being too tall in the eyes of some refs and some defenders have been virtually allowed open season on him. I picked up on this article from Spain which proves it’s pretty much always been this way for him.

courtesy elmundo.es

Just over two years ago whilst Zigic was at Valencia, the Spanish side were in a Europa League quarter-final against Atletico Madrid. Having drawn 2-2 at the Mestalla, the Bats needed to score to have any hope of going through. In the eighty-sixth minute, Zigic was hauled down in the area by Juanito to the fury of the Valencian players, management and fans – only to have play waved on.

Despite having his shirt ripped considerably, neither the ref nor the assistant behind the goal line saw a foul against the lanky Serb and Valencia were denied a spot kick that would potentially have seen them into the semi finals.

Unsurprisingly, Ziggy has kept that shirt as a reminder of what might have been had the referees seen what had happened. I have to confess though – if the refs had given the penalty, there is no guarantee it would have been scored. Anyone who saw Nikola’s effort against Braga would probably concur…


8 Responses to “Zigic and Penalties”

  • Ted says:

    Maybe he could frame that shirt and put it up in the refs changing room at Stans!

  • Bluepenguin76 says:

    Thats some serious digging to find that Almajir!!. I fear a player with the stature of Zigic is always going to suffer from poor ref’s.I’m sure this issue tho will be somebody else’s by the summer.

    Terrible news about Caldwell. He’s had an amazing season and will leave a HUGE gap at the back.
    Not looking good with the squad at the moment, we’ve got some injuries right at the heart of the team.

  • Only-Me says:

    For a moment there I thought he was wearing the kit of Sporting Fetish FC..
    Sorry ….Where’s my Coat….

  • Tilton Rifle says:

    Leicester away. But agreed he gets fouled all of the time. I love the big zig. He will win the play off final on his own.

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    Wait until Manchester United sign him; referees will suddenly see things very differently.

  • NooBloo says:

    The problem Zigic has in drawing fouls is two fold

    1. It is really difficult for defenders smaller in stature than he has to reallly look as though they have clattered him

    2. He often rolls all over the floor for no reason that when he is actually fouled the refs do not give the free kick of penalty.

    The answer is just to stay on your feet, win the ball and play well in laying it off to supporting team mates, much in the way marlon king does.

    And please dont think I am anti Zicic with these comment. I am not, he is one of my favorite players but I just find his rolling about the floor very frustrating and a bit of a waste of his talent

  • Paulo says:

    Good article almajir..
    I have lost count of the times Zigic has been fouled and nothing has happened, or even watching ‘him’ get booked. I was right there in full view when David-Luiz kicked him in the face in the Chelsea replay, and it wasn’t fair. Watching him try to fend off those marking him instantly gets him booked, as refs cant see that he’s only doing what others of 5’8″ to 5’11” do!
    However, Zigic does have a tendancy at times to do his bit of panto ..when I think he should carry on and go for the 6 yard box and let the ref decide for him. (much in the way NooBloo has said).

    It’s a shame, but he does have a big fan base and he does have a knack of scoring in important games ..his goal against the vile (to knowck them out) will always be remembered.


  • I think it goes with his height – Peter Crouch gets the same short shrift from refs

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