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N’Daw, Hughton and Obsession: What I’ve Been Reading This Week

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts; the recent run of games and whatnot has kept me busy. However, I’ve been reading some good stuff recently and I want to continue promoting good writing about Birmingham City.

First up is this piece by Birmingham Post blogger Chris Quinn about Guirane N’Daw. Whilst the Senegalese man-mountain has become a bit of a cult hero at times at St Andrews, his recent performances haven’t been as good as they could have been and Chris explores what is lacking in his game. It’s a good analysis and is thought-provoking – definitely worth a read.

I picked up on this piece from the Two Unfortunates from Newsnow. It’s a look at the rivalry between us and our pink and baby blue brethren from across the expressway, and whether it’s counter-productive or not. Whilst I will confess my schadenfreude-like pleasure in their misery, I do wonder sometimes about how obsessed we are with them – and maybe there is a point that we’d do better singing about our own team than about them.

This piece from Football365 about Hughton made for some good reading too; I have to agree with the assertion that he has been one of the managers of the season. To achieve everything that Blues have, despite the distractions off the pitch and with the style, good grace and humility that Hughton exhibits just speaks volumes for the bloke; he’s reaffirmed my faith in the team and I have enjoyed this season so much because of that. Whilst I wouldn’t begrudge Chris the chance to move on to a bigger, better job where he had more money to spend and owners who could back him further, I sincerely wish he will stay with the club for a while.

If you have written or read something that you think I should include in this feature, please let me know.

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17 Responses to “N’Daw, Hughton and Obsession: What I’ve Been Reading This Week”

  • Gareth says:

    Can’t help but feel that if the piece about our “obession” with the vile was based on the Reading game, it was a bit harsh. The “Come on Baggies” and “The shit are going down” chants only really started when it was clear there was only going to be one winner on the day. Before that it was at least 75% blues chants. That being said, there are fans of every club that show more interest in their rivals than their own club, and blues aren’t exempt. I’m not naive enough to think that if blues go up and the vile stay up, there won’t be a fraction of blues fans that aren’t slightly unhappy.

  • Macc lad says:

    Tatts was tweeting last night on the possibility of Hughton going to WBA to replace Hodgson. Surely he’s better than that.

    • onlyme says:

      No disrespect Macc,
      But WBA are a premiership team, and proven that the players they have are capable of holding their own within that league, hence their mid position atm,, if he is too good for them, what category do you put us in? the Managerial ladder has many rungs, you cant get to the top unless you make a few strides along the way,

      I like most would be gutted if he does leave, but we must accept the fact, that unless we go up, it looks pretty grim and a massive risk to stay at BCFC, even though Chris is an honourable man, it would be selfish to expect him to stay. Thats what I think anyway………

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Whatever league Blues are in next season , if we are unable to be active in the transfer market until August, it would take a huge leap of faith from CH to stay.

    By the time the loan signings are stripped out , the out of contract players (Doyle) ,
    & the too expensive (Foster , Zigic) have moved on , it will be very threadbare.

    Which is exactly the sort of tragic outcome that could only happen at St Andrews…

    From the Jaws of Victory , we always seem to snatch…

  • Luke bcfc says:

    I think we must remember that Guirane N’Daw is coming back from injury. He wasn’t at his best on Saturday but with two very important games coming up soon I have no doubt we will see him back at his best.

  • Paulo says:

    Another good observational piece from Chris Quinn, and I do think that N’Daw is a favorite of ours as we know his true potential and it’s a shame he can’t deliver it. We all know he has the grace of a steamroller, yet we have seen him control midfield and enjoy his moments. It was a shame the ANC took him out and then a subsequent injuries, as it all killed off his momentum ..which I might add, is the biggest reason for players to drop in form very quickly (ie, look at what Curtis Davies has achieved this season with his constant first team appearances!).

    As for CH, well ..this is Blues and he wouldnt have achieved what he has if he didnt like it, and basically ..he’s made it his home this season, and I thank him for it.

    the vile can sling their hook and I’m not interested in what they have to say! as the old saying goes ..we’re Birmingham City ..we’ll do what we want!

    ..the ginger is yours!

  • BowThai says:

    Good piece by T2U,thanks for sharing that.The vile thing,well they are vile and as Paulo says above..the ginger is yours…but not too long me thinks..Millions to us to get him and even more millions to get rid of him…best job in the world,unsuccesful Prem manger..the gingers good at that!KRO

  • pierre says:

    very worried about us not getting promoted,as soon as the fa approached roy hodgson,i knew the baggies would come sniffing around. all over the back of the express and star.

    • NooBloo says:

      West Brom had the chance to have CH as their manager but wanted him to appoint Michael Appleton as his assistant manager.

      CH didnt like that idea because when you coach and manage a side you need to be able to bring in people you believe in to support you in your work. West Brom then threw their toys out off the pram and said if you dont give your number 2 job to who we want then we aint gonna give you the job

      Appleton then effed off to Portsmouth anyhow, so I dont think CH would touch West Brom with a barge poll if they came calling for him now.

  • Eric says:

    I have always hated fans singing s–t on the Villa. They sing this when we are not playing them. All it does is profile them and does nothing to cheer on our own team. Please do not do this in the playoffs – focud exclusively on the Blues. KRO

    PS CH please stay with us.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Can OP clarify (forthe benefit of those who don’t know) what the status is with all of our current injured squad members? What injuries do they have? And what timescales are we looking at for their possible returns? Thanks.

    • almajir says:

      I’ll try, but you have to understand I don’t know much more than you guys

      Myhill and Caldwell – OUT until next season.
      Carr – I don’t think he’ll play either
      Spector – saw him running at the TG last week, maybe this week, maybe next?
      Fahey – prob soon, he was supposed to be close

      Mutch – rested on Saturday, I assume it was just a knock and he’ll be back on Friday as I’ve nothing else but I’m unsure
      Ziggy – took a whack to the knee, I guess again, it’ll be wait and see

      • NooBloo says:

        Spector is fit again but not match fit so touch and go whether we take a chance with him

        Zigic is OK and Fahey touch and go, all the rest you were spot on Almajir

  • Woodster04 says:

    While I agree with some of the posts about singing about the Vile when we’re not playing them is true, come on lets have a bit of fun!!!
    I live in Reading and my son is a bluenose in a Reading school so I was a bit worried about Saturday. How wrong I was, we drank with the Reading in the Cricketers Arms, clapped when they came out and again at the end of the game. Full credit to our fans, and as my mate the Spurs fan said ‘ You wouldn’t of got the opposition fans drinking in your pub 20 years ago’ and this is true, so it’s good for the game.
    I personally thought it was good fun singing about the Ginger and congrates to the fan in the orange wig for standing up.
    Lets hope CH stays, best thing that’s happened to the Blues in a long time, and I hope he signs Chris Burkes son, looked better than Jerome last season ;-)

    p.s. Almajir, you missed a laugh before and after the game so the offer of a drink stands KRO!!

  • Denis Thwaites says:

    I disagree with the blog in reference to N’Daw’s passing. It is as good as Fahey and Gomis anyday of the week. He is a bit of a bull in a china shop with his tackling but in amongst some of his mistimed efforts he has made superb tackles. He is a guy who it is clear is difficult to get fit and then stay fit but he has been a breathe of fresh air along with so many other players this year. Does the transfer embargo extend to not being able to renew contracts for players who have a contract that is expiring such as Doyle.

    Finally I can’t work out what is happening on the on-line ticket system for the home leg against Blackpool. This morning there were hardly any tickets left and everything shaded red and now its orange with tickets everywhere. What is going on?

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