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Arsenal in for Blues Teenager?

Whilst I expected there to be news of potential outgoing transfers from Blues the first rumour of an impending departure is a name that many fans won’t have heard of – Foday Nabay.

Nabay, who isn’t 14 until August, is a central midfielder who can also play on the left, right or behind the striker and has been touted in some circles as the next Yaya Toure. Despite his tender years, the Sierre-Leone born thirteen-year-old has already made six appearances for the under-18s Academy team with four of them being starts. He also went to Dubai as part of the Blues u19 side for the Sheik Hamdan Tournament.

Nabay, who has confirmed on Twitter that he is a huge Arsenal fan, has been the focus of an Arsenal bid which has allegedly been turned down. There has been talk of him being signed for the Gunners with Blues receiving minimal compensation – however, when contacted the club have refused to comment on the situation.

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13 Responses to “Arsenal in for Blues Teenager?”

  • Macc lad says:

    Selling a child for money? I wonder what Dickens would make of that!

  • Reeboh says:

    He’s said nothing of it on twitter.

  • John says:

    Who cares?, kids move about all the time between clubs. He’s 14, the big thing, blah, blah, blah. How many times have we heard that before?

  • motozulu says:

    The next Tresor Luntala.

  • Arthur says:

    I completely agree with John – this is no big deal. Chances are he won’t make the big time anyway

  • Macc lad says:

    What I was trying to get across is the immorality involved in paying for children. I understand that this practice is banned in Europe, but apparently not here.

  • chris says:

    Under new rules enforced on league clubs by alleged bribery and coercion to receive a pathetic handout from the greedy and selfish Premiersham, they can steal any youngster from any league club and only pay a fixed sum under EPPP (Elite Player Performance Plan), which will start for the 2012-13 season, this they retort will ensure the best players are developed by the best coaches at clubs using state-of-the-art facilities. The idea is that it will help the most-talented players realise their potential. “This is a bigger step change than Howard Wilkinson’s Charter for Quality,” said a Premier League spokesman. The new plan is a great example of English football working together to raise standards across the board.”
    How is it raising standards when most kids will end up sitting in the reserves and not playing first team football, this is why we have such a poor selection for the England team as talent is stifled by Prem reserve football instead of learning in real games at league level. When does a teen at most Prem clubs (excluding the top six) get the experience like 17/18 year old Redmond has received this year in the Europa Cup and Play-Off games and the pressures that go with those games.
    Well we know this is codswallop as who developed Joe Hart into an England goalie and Jack Butland into probably the next England Goalie? It wasn’t the Prem but a Yo Yo club who plays in both leagues and proves it is about your own set up and coaches, not what league you’re in.
    This encourages clubs like Blues, Fulham, Bolton, WBA, West Ham etc who seldom bring through their own players when they are in the Premiersham, to just poach players rather than have a school age academy. You may as well wait till they are around 15 / 16 and poach them from league clubs.
    The fee is fixed at £3,000-per-year for a player’s development from nine to 11-years-old. The fee from 12 to 16 will depend on a club’s academy status but will range from £12,500 to £40,000.
    This will bring to an end Premier League clubs paying large fees for the best young talent in the Football League. Chelsea reportedly shelled out an initial £1.5m to MK Dons for 14-year-old Oluwaseyi Ojo last year. Under the new system they would be able to buy him for less than £150,000.

  • chris says:

    BBC to continue with coverage of Football League highlights.

  • only-me says:

    The Kid as some say has been part of blues youth system since 8 years old I think, we saw potential in him then, he has been groomed and now showing real potential, he plays footy with 18yr olds and has moved upwards at an alarming rate, why should we just let him go for a small fee, we have invested over six years in the lad. look at Redmond, he’s not much older, and would some like to have seen him go for peanuts a year or two ago? Foday Nabay is already quite a big lad at 14, we must try to keep hold of our younger starlets, they are after all our future…


  • Paulo says:

    We need to bring the young kids through to create chances for our clubs, and also to show that local kids can connect with players ..so it shows a reason to better themselves and focus on sport!
    I say this with all clubs in mind, no matter what league.

    I just wish the premiership was a bit more controlled and limited, as to the money that seems to rule it. Such a shame, but a fact of life.

  • John says:

    Until the pre-season friendlies start in July, the media will have nothing to report (apart from the Euro,s ) so,to keep their jobs,and the editor of their respective newspapers happy, they will be writing anything that will cause controversy. So expect to read, see and hear on TV and radio,all kinds of made up stories. Managers and players will be (shock,horror ) leaving one club and joining another,the fans will be worrying,Sky Sports will be adding their bits and pieces, but none of it means nothing, until “it” actually happens. Like someone once said, “take most of the stories with a pinch of salt and disbelieve the rest” At the end of April,we were told the drought would last “till Christmas, it hasn’t stopped raining all May,the sun is shinning again now,this could mean the end of the world. Keep smiling, most importantly KRO !

  • Paul Carter says:

    This boy is the new Trevor Francis.


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