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Shares in BCFC Update

A little while ago I wrote a piece about an American firm by the name of Campbell Stewart Advisory contacting Birmingham City fans about shares in the club.

The Financial Services Authority has now issued a warning that they believe that the calls are a scam and that anyone needing help in this matter should contact them for advice.

The FSA website is http://www.fsa.gov.uk/scams


16 Responses to “Shares in BCFC Update”

  • Taz says:

    Soprry about my post under the first article about this matter. I pressed the “post comment” button before I saw this. :-(

  • SW Exile says:

    Just checked domain registration for their website and it is registered in Cebu City, Phillippines – it was only registered in April 2012, which leaves me thinking this must be a scam…….

  • Paul Carter says:

    The power lies in our hands fellow Blues.

    Not a single soul should put a penny in to the club until we get some clarity.

    There is a significant chance you may be throwing money away.

  • Sussexwill says:

    Paul Carter…. Are you joking I am a true Bluenose who would put his last pound into Blues even if I would never see it again because I am a true Blue.

    It is not in our hands neither the power or the club, We have to keep supporting and believing in the club what ever your feelings about the owners w all have to keep going and keep cheering on the team. If it new owners or the current ones we need to show them that we are worth investing in.


  • Sussexwill is right. Paul Carter’s suggestion is futile and a pipe dream. There is no way that every supporter will refuse to purchase season tickets, merchandise, one off match tickets, memorabilia etc on the off chance that the club’s owners will come along and lay everything bare for the scrutiny of the average supporter. There are certain things that cannot be disclosed because they are subject to judicial review, certain facts that will come out when the accounts are finally released and some things which are just plain confidential. Yes we would all like to know a bit more about the financial state of the club and how it affects us all in the short to medium term and beyond but we are not going to get those facts until the accounts are published and the analysis of those accounts known. We as fans can bleat all we like but we’ve come this far not knowing so we will just have to be patient a little longer. As for my take as a supporter, I’m with Sussexwill, I would support the Blues if we were without a bean and we had to start again from the Evostik pub team league and yes I would pay to watch whatever our circumstances. So let’s have less of the withdrawing our patronage nonsense and get on and support the club as we always have done and as Sussexwill rightly suggests. KRO SOTV

  • 1875 says:

    I can understand both points of view but there must be something us fans can do to let Carson know that we want him to sell. Surely nobody would want to continue in a job if it was clear nobody wanted them there. Sure there has to be a reasonable offer but we should make it absolutely clear that we want change, and change as soon as possible.
    I am against demonstrations but can we not start a fans survey? Why not get the Birmingham Mail to run it and all the fans forums to push hard for as many supporters to show that the current owners will not be tolertaed any longer. A petition or damming survey would send an important message to Carson – he no longer has any support.

  • Tom says:

    When the first article came on here about people being contacted about shares I explained if all to my dad and he even said it sounds like a scam, so can you confirm if share holders have sold us off to more fraudstars??

  • Bluebomber says:

    This could be someone checking the water, just to see if BIHL would be willing to listen to offers. Had a look at the site myself and am left wondering where a consultancy firm would raise anywhere near enough capital to be able to purchase a football team? Let’s remember that you need your initial buying fee with a few million throw in on top to clear debts and appease fans. A consultancy firm just wouldn’t be able to raise that type of money, if they weren’t tied in with a financial institution in some way and if that is the case then their website isn’t be completely honest.

    Was also interested to see that only the FSA website and BCFC.com actually posted this story, although the story did break pretty late and it may not be till the morning before the Daily Mail and Birmingham Mail manage to report it.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    There is a ‘real’ company called Campbell Stewart Advisory. The web domain is based in Seattle in the US. Would be interesting to get their comments on this?

    comment edited

    • almajir says:


      I did ask them for a comment, I got no response. I have removed the web address as I am of belief that the company you linked to are the ones that are being warned about.

  • Paul Carter says:

    Can you show me the bit in my post where I said stop supporting the club?

    Oh look it isn’t there so don’t put words in my mouth.

    I wont be buying anything until I see some figures which I have a right to see under UK company law. If you want to just let all this happen around you without a response that’s up to you. A small signal of discontent by temporarily witholding funds will speak far more loudly than a pathetic petition. This is what I was hoping the fans trust would be at the forefront of. If they led some kind of campaign it would certainly make me think about joining them. they are missing a trick IMO.

  • Mr Carter, you don’t have to say it but by stating you aren’t going to purchase anything that would help to keep the club running and in business you are de facto withdrawing your support. Your decision to not engage in this way is your choice but you are naive if you believe that your stance will garner enough support to incite the response you expect. The accounts will appear soon because they can’t be withheld much longer and they won’t make pretty reading I have no doubt but there will be a Birmingham City FC in August and for many years to come I expect. Seen all this before, I’m afraid and lame protests make no difference in my experience.

    • Paul Carter says:

      Are you able to read? I clearly say I wont be buying anything UNTIL I see the figures. I’ve waited long enough. You don’t seem that bothered to me? You sure you’re a Blue?

      Sitting back doing nothing makes no difference in my experience.

      That’s the trouble with todays fan, they’ll settle for any old shit.

  • blaneh says:

    Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy is ruled out of Euro 2012 with an injury, the FA confirm. Ruddy broke his finger in training on Thursday. Birmingham’s Jack Butland will join up with England next week.

  • chris says:

    Also, Good news on sky they reckon WBA are holding more talks with Ranieri,
    Bad news martinez offered scouse job, will wigan be interested in CH?

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