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Directorial Changes

BIHL have confirmed two directorial resignations today with Steve McManaman and Yang Yuezhou both leaving the board this weekend.

In an announcement to the HKSE today, Birmingham International Holdings have confirmed the two departing directors.

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43 Responses to “Directorial Changes”

  • gibbo says:

    rats and sinking ships maybe

  • Mark says:

    More signs of a takeover maybe?

    • tismyk says:

      No chance of a takeover, what have we got to offer?

      • Kaje says:

        A large club with a recent Premiership history.
        A young and fresh manager who is respected within the football world.
        A good squad with some good youth prospects.
        A reasonable stadium and strong fanbase.
        A price that is likely to be less than the asking price was a year or two ago due to the owner’s current situation.

        That would turn more than a few heads.

        • Daddyblue says:

          Well said Kaje Kro4evere

          • James Black says:

            What strong fan base. When we was 9th in the premiership we still had a half empty stadium as frankly blues fans simply dont live in the reality and they are never happy. To the majority that are real fans and back us by turning up keep it up. Remember we couldnt even fill the stadium against Villa WHAT STRONG FAN BASE.

    • biggun_bcfc says:

      Maybe… but the problem is – we are not a great assett at the moment,

      Therefore, I am not sure the new investors will be in the league we needs to

      a) get us out this league
      b) build and buy for substainablitly in the premiership –

      I feel we are slipping the way of pompy –

      Im sure, gold and suliven promised they would not sell us up the river… losing respect for them now – I have always defended them, ALWAYS even when they sold up

      but now im losing respect

  • Texas Pete says:

    Change at this level is good right now.

  • Ray Power says:

    Both of them made such a major contribution to the club.

  • jassyblue80 says:

    hopefully a good sign? to be fair never understood what mcmanamans role was in all of this??

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Effect on Blues = zero

    We will really be in sh*t street if we sell our better players not being able to buy any replacements

  • sasquatch says:

    There is no bad outcome to this. We’re either about to go into admin, or about to be sold. Both are preferable to being trapped in purgatory indefinitely. Whatever happens these are certainly the end of days for our current owners.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Surely, We can only hope that BIHL, are now doing what they have succesfully done since their existence began,!!. — Nothing for the Blues,!!.

    Good riddence,!!.

  • BcfcMidlandsNo1 says:

    Did anybody watch a programme called “how to buy a football club” about a year ago? If you did then you’ll know whats happened to us

  • andy says:

    Isnt Yuezhou the guy who lent BIH £6 million last year?

  • Barry says:

    I wonder about the timing of this. Are these two gents attempting to distance themselves from pending bad news? Me no like

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    With CY learning today that he is going to have his home repossessed, perhaps he is taking the opportunity to expunge any of those who failed to assist him in his hour of need.

    McManaman was never going to be the business or finance guy for BIH, he was merely there to add a small amount of kudos to the company – much in the way famous politicians are to big businesses. If there was one person who had the clout to dig both Blues and BIH out of the mire, it was YY. He made it plain he was simply in this for a profit – much the same as the rest of them – but with no desire for taking a front seat or personal responsibility.

    Even CY is now more than likely coming to the conclusion that it has not worked out and we must all
    do what we can to move forward positively.

    If there is any serious bidders, sooner or later they will show their hand. They have to.

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    So any thoughts of what BLUES are worth at the mo ??


  • andy says:

    Yuezhou may have felt his opinions were more important as he would be the most financially at risk, therfore disrupting board making decisions. So this begs the question. Could the second most powerful member of BIH, Liu Xingcheng, be looking to overthrow Carson’s grip?

  • Bluenosesol says:

    This anouncement has been followed by SKY news announcing that a load of money has been placed on CH who as a result is now the 1/2 on favourite for the Norwich job. The second favourite is 12 to 1 !!

    • Euston 9.18 says:

      1/6 with laddies.

      But C`H was that price for the albion.

      Reports from norwich today, “looking abroad for a manager”

      Would C`H,really go to norwich ??


  • bluenose08 says:

    Well after months of nothing happening things are starting to move and if there are any serious buyers out there they will know that they have to move fast to prepare for next season.Keeping ch and getting the transfer embargo lifted for a start.

  • Scottyhaha says:

    Love it !!! Would C H really go to Norwich ?? Ermmmmm YEAH !! Prem club for a club that’s in the crap !! A club that gets more fans through the gate !! It’s a food chain and it started when lambert left for Villa !! Unlucky !!

    • SirHarry1875 says:

      A club who got bigger gates than us when we were in the Prem and they were in league 1. A club that took 2-3000 fans to away games in league 1. A club thats fit for purpose and run properly. Like it or not, Norwich are everything that we are’nt at the moment. So yes its a no brainer.

  • DoctorD says:

    If I’m being optimistic, I’d say the board have a couple of replacement directors with cash and clout already lined up and it’ll all be hunky dory.

    Or it could just be that we’re going to have a fire sale of players and the manager will be let go.

    By the way if CH goes, wouldn’t it be obvious that Colin Calderwood would just take over?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Everythings alright though aint it?

    Who appointed a director who then charges the club 14% on a loan FFS?

    Wasn’t St Carson was it?

    • almajir says:

      I don’t think it quite worked like that Mr C.

      I think Mr Y probably insisted on a directorship cos he’d lent BIH a shedload of money, unsecured.

      The loan came first.

      PS – it was 12 per cent

  • Hate to say this boys and girls but aren’t you all just speculating? Every time Aljamir writes an article about CY, BIHL, YY etc I read it and well researched and written though they be there are at least 25+ comments following each one but what do we really know? The square root of diddly squat that’s what! We don’t know anything and we aren’t likely to until something factual actually happens. The world will keep turning and there will be a BCFC whatever happens so let’s just be patient and wait and see eh? I won’t pretend I’m not concerned but there is nothing any of us can do about it so we should stop winding ourselves up and await developments. In the meantime we have to keep supporting our club and our team; there is always hope otherwise what is the point of anything? Cheer up everyone there are far worse things going on in the world today than the travails of our club (important though we all believe that is :-( )

  • Strettonbluenose says:

    Bazzathebluenose is absolutely spot on, we just don’t know but I’m going to have a “wild guess” anyway.

    Football fans generally and not just Bluenoses have a funny outlook on finances. It is possible for BCFC and BIHL to survive without subsidy from a mega rich sugar daddy. You won’t compete with a team backed by Mansoor or Abramovich and you won’t compete with a team with the support of Man Utd but you can survive.

    There were very strong rumours this time last year that administration was imminent and it never happenned. Since then weve sold Johnson , Gardner, Jerome, Dann etc. for decent money and dropped their premiership wages. We also released or sent back Martins, Hleb, Ferguson, Bowyer etc. and their premiership wages. We replaced them with a load of Bosmans on Championship wages. We also got compo for the ginger judas rat. However income drops drastically in the Championship but even so I still think that there was a postitive cash flow in the last 12 months and the club is in a better financial position than it was.

    That means two things:
    1) I’ll be another year of Bosmans and championship wages but don’t forget that not all championsip clubs get the parachute payment and our championship wages can be higher than most of the competition
    2) Administration is nowhere near and there is no urgent need for BIHL to find a buyer.

  • Liam moakes says:

    I largely agree stretton. However, pragmatic and sensible as your post is, along those lines I’d like to add that we won’t be dealing in Bosmans. We won’t be dealing in anything as we speak! The financial state of the holding company is such that we have accounts a year late. That suggests to me things have got worse.

  • Strettonbluenose says:

    Liam. Most players contracts are based on years ending 30 June so there’s no advantage to the buying club in doing any business before then. I know I’m being optomistic but I expect the accounts to be posted by then. After that, not doing transfer business would seriously damage the owners investment and surely they will pull out all the stops to get it done?

    The official line is that tha accounts are not posted because BIHL and the auditors disagree over a minor matter. I’m not so optomistic as to belive it and it looks to me as if they’re trying to hide something. What that is I don’t know as everyone assumes the worst anyway. It could be that they’re being cunning and hididng something positive to lower expectations but I’m not that optomistic either!

    Anyway, as you say the accounts are a year late, so the ones they won’t publish are for the end of premiership period, when we know things were bad and not the current championship season.

    Unfortunately the owners of BIHL have too much at stake to walk away and take a big hit financially. So they’re unlikely to sell for much less than what they paid Gold and Sullivan. Administration would also mean them taking a big hit so they’ll be desperate to keep the club going and doing as well as possible, without putting any more money in. I think they will get the accounts published and they’ll be around for a while and we’ll have to survive on income and no subsidy from the owners.

  • Liam moakes says:

    You may very well be right. It would be very interesting to know how much money is left in the cash flow pot so to speak. I am certain there will be no new owners until yeungs court case is over too. You have touched on it, the lifting of the embargo is critical as not only will this improve our chances of promotion, but will bring revenue in by way of increased season ticket sales. I know 8 people who are refusing to renew season tickets until bihl do one of release accounts or make a proper statement as to why they are not out. I don’t think they realise how many people are going to desert the club this summer if the silence is not broken.

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