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Accounts Filed

In the last few minutes it has been confirmed that accounts have been filed  with Companies House for Birmingham City PLC for the year ending June 2011.

Whilst the accounts are not yet available for public inspection a phone call to Companies House has confirmed that they have been received and that they will be able to be looked at by the public by the end of next week.

It is important to remember that these are the accounts for the club and not for BIHL.

Furthermore, it is germane to recall two paragraphs of the regulations of the Football League.

16.4 If the Club considers it appropriate, or the Executive so requests, the Annual Accounts required to be submitted in accordance with Regulation 16.2 shall relate to the Group of which the Club is a member.

In other words the club may well be asked by the league to provide the accounts for the parent company BIHL as well as the football club.

This is further backed up by:

16.20.2 to require the Championship Club to provide such further information as the Executive shall determine and for such period as it shall determine;

which gives the league the right to ask for further information prior to the lifting of any transfer embargo.

All that being said, it is a step in the right direction.


148 Responses to “Accounts Filed”

  • Gary says:

    so basically the embargo goes on and on and on and on and on????

  • Jmc says:

    According to the companies house website it is the group accounts that have been filed.

    • almajir says:

      No, it’s the BCFC PLC accounts that have been filed.

      The group is BIHL.

      BIHL accounts will not be filed in this country, but in Hong Kong.

  • JakeyBlue says:

    This is great news – I am about to renew my season ticket

  • Evesham Blue says:

    Great news finding out how much money we lost last year? Still I’ll take any good news right now

  • Oldbluenose says:

    I agree with you that there IS a tiny light appearing,?. but a long, long way to go yet,!!.

    Transfer embargo, is still in place and may remain so untill the F,L. are satisfied, — IF they are,?.

  • JakeyBlue says:

    Yeah true Evesham – I was tongue in cheek about renewing the ST. I think everyone is waiting until the last minute before deciding what to do – you just know that creative accounting has manipulated these accounts and they will investigate further KRO

  • Macc lad says:

    Too late now though. Hughton has gone.

    Tatters talking about Tony Hey and Jose Dominguez applying for the job. Papers talking about Lee Clark, Zola and god forbid Billy Davies.

    Still, at least lifting the embargo will allow the new guy to sign players to replace the now annual fire sale of players.

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Colin Tattum has tweeted this afternoon –

    The BIHL accounts – deep breath – are due to be lodged with HKSE at end of week, apparently. if they are not don’t blame me, cheers #blues

    So more good news …?

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    LoL !!

    The accounts appear when C`H becomes norwich manager.

    Is the reason for C`H leaving,because these “so~called” new owners have there own thoughts who they would like to manage BLUES ??

    • James Black says:

      Just being silly now his gone because its premiership. I understand some negative feelings but really of course they didn’t want him out as is what you are implying. What on earth would be the reason for that.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Don’t be silly he left to make a statement to the blues board that he was fed up with their dithering. He wanted to force them into some action. funny how they have suddenly found the accounts,and hopefully they’ll get the club into the best state they can so they get the best price when they sell up? If they rape the club it won’t be worth much will it especially with a transfer embargo in place!

  • Bluepenguin76 says:

    Well, its something eh!.

  • P.J.Nicholls says:

    For the doubters among us please remember they have to be signed off by the auditors.

  • andy says:

    Funny how this happens just after CH departs
    Just to appease ever growing numbers of disgruntled fans and maybe to convince a prospective manager to come aboard HMS well and truly jolly rodgered

  • Evesham Blue says:

    More importantly I guess is that they are in the public domain at last. So there is some info for an investor at least but l guess I shouldnt get carried away! Does anyone know whether CH was quizzed about his reasons for leaving at his press conference? I know that guy will only talk about Norwich but surely the media would try to get something out of him about Birmingham

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Tata CH!

    There’s a clue :)

  • mike says:

    how on earth could the FA say these are fit and proper people to run a football club YEUNG has been under investigation for many years and the FA should have addressed this as these issues were raised at the time of buying the club for a over inflated price , dont the FA have a point to answer , for the good of football and the second city and our beloved club SELL AND GO NOW, you have done enough damage and milked the club long enough

  • David says:

    BCFC accounts MIGHT be enough to lift the embargo. The Football League will IF APPROPRIATE ask for the BIHL accounts.

    But the latest is the BIHL accounts will be released tomrrow in Hong Kong.

    • Peckham_Blue says:

      The FL need to be as thorough as possible – irrespective of the outcome. We’re all moaning about the due diligence issue, now we’re at year zero and I’d rather hear the REAL bad news and deal with the consequences than drag it on for another year and then moan about the FL not doing their job again.

      On a lighter note…can’t we just merge with the Albion? How does “Birmingham and West Bromich Albion FC” sound..? :) Build a 60k capacity stadium in Smethwick…?

      • almajir says:

        Merge? Are you insane?

        • Peckham_Blue says:

          Maybe! It was a semi-joke though :) Like I said, we have our season tickets and we’ll be there every home game and every London game (except for my brother whose making a silent protest about the “ginger” chants and is boycotting all home games – but that’s a different issue altogether). But with the situation as it is I can’t help but consider every possibility!

          Is the club folding completely out of the question..? (I know it’s a pessimistic question but I’m naturally pessimistic).

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Good one

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    1st pisstake was announcing the NEXT set of figures would be late on the same day you have promised to file the late ones, 2nd pisstake is to file the late ones on the day your manager leaves. Who does the effin PR down there, chemical Ali?

    And I neither think it’s funny nor a coincidence

  • DinoTiltoni says:

    I’m hanging on until the last minute before I renew. Who knows what my lie ahead. I’ll watch the games and anyway, season tickets will be available well into the season. We are the club, not the players, the manager or the owners and we should take it forward. KRO

  • vickie pring says:

    Great! On the day we lose the best manager we ever did have… timing and all that!

  • Tom says:

    If we get Steve Bruce with his fat head back at Birmingham I might consider buying a season ticket for the new season.. My friend who works at blues has said he’s seen mike Newell at St Andrews this morning

  • Unused sub says:

    ‘In the last few minutes it has been confirmed that accounts have been filed ‘

    No sh!t sherlock. Shame Tom Ross was on it before you.

  • AL-LAD says:

    It’s all smoke and mirrors, even if the BCFC Plc &/or BIHL figures are released what shape are they in, how much creative accounting has occurred in order to produce these figure at such a late date?

    Good luck CH really enjoyed last season, however the team is now back in another transitional period, i expect further sales of assets, with little value to be added, I’ll try to remain positive, but this is Blues and you just know there’s something else lurking around the corner.

  • Daddybluenose says:

    There’s something fishy going on here we get an announcement moments after CH is announced at Norwich that’s not coincidence that’s planning and that means more hidden agendas that we the fans aren’t aware of. Did that 2mil from Norwich just tip the balance after all they did announce a delay for the further accounts first. What I can see is board members going from BIHL, Yeung needing money, accounts about to be released and a manager gone I’ve got a sneaky suspicion there’s a prospective buyer in the shadows making moves…watch this space….

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Smoke and mirrors has an eerie ring to it. Is this talk of the accounts being filed (if true, a possible beginning to the breaking of the logjam nightmare at Blues) reliable? How much more are Blues fans supposed to put up with? The announcement of the alleged release of these long, long overdue accounts comes (as Vicki said above) at exactly the same time Chris Hughton and his assistants have left the club.

    Mike Newell spotted at St Andrew’s? So what?

    Something stinks here and I applaud Oby (see comments section of almajir’s “What Can We Do?” piece) for submitting the letter he/she has written to the judges handling Carson Yeung’s case in China. Oby’s words capture what thousands upon thousands of Blues fans are surely feeling right now. I would urge fans to read the letter and get busy making your own views known.

  • Wearynose says:

    With respect, Almajir, its germane not urbane. I assume the age of the accounts means the Football League Governance; will last year’s be under Premier League guidance or does control pass to the league in which the club ends up? Do the two leagues have the same or different financial requirements? It would be a pity, at some distant future point, to gain promotion and to be refused because of non-compliance last season.

    • almajir says:

      Covered this one before – the FL and PL regs are pretty much the same, the FL will deal with it and are doing so.

      (thanks re the germane thing – it had popped into my head on the way out of the office but I had to wait to get home to sort it)

  • BlueNose83 says:

    Shame on any of you who are waiting to renew. I think Blues have more tough times ahead but I will be renewing before the cut off to guarantee my seat. I sat through 4 years of McLeish and I am prepared for whatever they throw at us this year. Even Billy Davies or Mick McCarthy. Even if we sell all of our best/promising players. I’ll be there through the joys and more importantly the sorrows.

    Keep Right On!!

    • nicky wicky says:

      bluenose your a mug punter if your going tobuy a ticket for s pig ina poke! We don’t know what the team will look like yet hopefully they won’t sell too many playerss, and sign the right players so the team is strong and competitive enough to make a challenge for promotion next year. we don’t want to keep stagnating in the championship. they only give you parachute payments for 4 years and hopefully they are trying to make the team attractive for a new buyer so they get the best price?

  • janiep says:

    When accounts have been examined will we know how much the club lost, how much the owners paid themselves and what penalty charges were incurred due to ‘late’ filing of accounts. How much was realised from sale of players, parachute payment and proitable trading in 2011/12. When will the holding company accounts be filed in Hong Kong?

  • andy says:

    Daddyblue hope youre right a bout a buyer but just cant understand why they woud not want CH as manager

    PS is there no way of stopping these villa pricks from posting on here,refererring to geof cuntvette

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Paul Ince is in the frame now………….god help us.!!

    Because being a free agent appeals.to Birmingham City..

    but so are Pep guardiola & Barry Fry..

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Good old Geoff corvette. Pathetic and childish remarks from an embarrassing clown from B6. Why do you bother? Almajir, can you filter these vilers out?

  • steve stretton says:

    we have got to get this lot out i now blues fans wont want to do it but no one should buy a season ticket & also boycott games until they are forced to sell or go losing their £81 mill of dirty money.

    • monkiiboi says:

      Not buy a ST steve? That would not affect CY as HSBC have a depature so all money goes to club. Our best way is to support our team manager(who ever it might be) and KRO. CY will be gone I just hope ots sooner than later

  • Only-Me says:

    The news of the accounts being filed, is at least, a glimmer of good news, as it stands, it doesn’t fill me with joy and relief, but merely enables me to lift an eye brow and shudder my shoulders,
    I’m dubious at the timing of our Manager leaving and the accounts being filed, I wont speculate on the motives involved, only as always hope and wish for the best.
    I, as we all do, await for the next step in this crazy story that’s slowly,……. painfully unfolding.
    Forever blue, and ever the optimistic…


  • andy says:

    Nothing wrong with Paul Ince, he is a players man just like Hughton.

  • Duncan says:

    Looks like the board see this as a good time to bury bad news; why else would they release them today? Hope I am wrong KRO

  • Stan Drews says:

    The mystery buyers are Arabs. They put an official bid in the day before we played Reading. This is one of the reasons for the accounts being delayed and then promised and then delayed again as their is something about some debt from bih being put on the Blues accounts. Bih have dithered on the bid since it was put in due to Blues being in the play offs and CY appeal. Now this is just me speculating but with us not going up, CY losing the appeal and CH leaving maybe just maybe they have decided to accept the offer that was put on the table. Pannu would leave with a 2 mil golden handshake.

    • Evesham Blue says:

      How do you know this mate?

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Complete bullsh*t

    • Sirharry1875 says:

      It’s the 3rd son of Emir of Abu Dhabi Zayed II, brother of Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed who currently owns Man City. He has had a wager that he will win the Champions League with Blues before his younger brother and plans to spend whatever it takes to win the bet……..

      a guy who works down the chip shop just told me. He also swears he’s Elvis.

      Pure fantasy Stan.

    • nicky wicky says:

      The mystery buyers are arabs where did you hear that? how do youknow? Maybe it’s that indian steel billionaire mr mittal hes got a few quid tucked away(about 27 £27 billion)) should be enough to rescue the club. maybe he’s heard about the strong asian community in birmingham and asian support for blues and thinks it’s a good investment? :)

  • MarkyB says:

    This is a statement basically saying we could file them when we like. Saying that the non filing of accounts was not an issue with regards to CH leaving, he saw Norwich as a step in the right direction. I remember being there in Cardiff, and outnumbering them 3-1. Bigger club, yea ok.

    He failed in the play offs, getting there did all the hard work, blues should have been 4-0 down at least at blackpool and he failed (or the team did) but no point blaming the team, they were set up to win at ST andrews, and played well in the second half. too little too late. The players are still here, another manager can get similar performances.

    Great season, but end of a short era.

    What is the situation at Blues is, we have little money and will only be able to sign bosmans and loan players. Unless the club is sold to new owners with money to burn. Unlikely too.

    Fingers crossed they get it sorted.

  • john says:

    Ince hopeless, failed everywhere he’s gone even MK which was his best achievement but still failed to get them into championship.
    Would rather have O’Driscoll or Barmby, they have a record in this division on a very limited budget.

    • Evesham Blue says:

      We were once linked with Hughton,Di Mateo and Curbishley last year. All have done the business before and are pretty good. Now we are linked with Ince and lower calibre managers. It’s not good

  • john says:

    from twitter
    Gary J. Richards ‏@TheGJRichards
    @thegoalzone Tom you’re 100% right on BCFC accounts, but everyone thinks the FL will want to see BIHL accounts as well?

    2h Tom Ross Tom Ross ‏@thegoalzone
    I was led to believe they have no affect on Blues or transfer embargo

    • almajir says:

      Tom is wrong. I have checked it out fully and I can now say with 100 per cent certainty that without the BIHL accounts, the embargo will not be lifted.

      There is a rumour that they will be out tomorrow. We shall see if that is the case.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Tom is often wrong and on the odd occasion that he is ‘in the know’ he keeps it all to himself.

        Never put a penny into BCFC and never will

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        Tom is wrong.

        Nice guy that he is – not reliable on the financial aspects. Knew him well from the Wiseman Suite many years ago.

        Anyway, Almajir, going back to what was said earlier regarding making protestations to the five key figures, shall we hold off until we see what the situation is with the accounts and possible new owner(s)/investors??

        I have spoken to many fans who are friends and colleagues, and we all agree that if we did the so-called ‘Week of Action’ we would have a three stage plan. After the action week, we would wait until a symbolic number of days had passed – the waiting period would parallel lucky chinese numbers – then we would attempt to get small adverts out in the media both here and in the Far East.
        We are prepared to pay whatever the costs are involved. The third and final stage would be to lobby politicians who can make waves within China and HK. The local MPs within Brum would be first in line as our club really matters to the city, and if possible identify some over there who might like some publicity in a quid pro quo. Like I said, the gaps in each stage would correspond to a lucky chinese number and would give CY/BIHL the chance to make some sort of statement. The original stage would also include an associate or two of CY’s or BIHL’s who would enquire of them as to why they were receiving correspondence relating to BCFC. Let us try and create a ripple or two beyond the immediate pool. Do they – CY and BIHL really want the hassle of many Brummies trying to contact them?? If they do not, they will have to do something.

        Might not even get us beyond a few minutes here or there, but like you said, better to say that I have given it a right go rather than done nothing and then moaned about what might happen.

        NB. Why do many of us get an inkling that you know something is on the horizon?? Obviously I respect the fact that if you are party to confidential information and/or details, you cannot disclose them. But it is a question of we can think along those lines, but you could possibly not say as someone famous once said?…………..

  • bluenose08 says:

    It doesnt matter who the fans want it will be down to peter pannu so lets hope his judgement is as good as last time !! As far as i can see there are no outstanding candidates for the job.
    I think we can look forward to a few more seasons in the championship until we find a new owner
    but we will bounce back and i am far happier being a bluenose in the championship than being with the other lot in the prem !

  • James Black says:

    Whether Stans story carries any weight i have no idea, but i do suspect something is in the off. The reason for the delays could be due to this and well whether its Arabs as Stan suggests i really don’t know, but i do smell something and that’s why all the silence and delays from the club previously. Mine is pure speculation but the negative comments i understand but i don’t think they are as evil as some are making out. In business you have to stay quiet even when the arrows are being fired. Just wait and see and hope for the best. Seems to me that the present board is slowly breaking itself up and lets hope that means a deal for the good of the club. As much as i wish Carson was not so deeply in the poop, i think he knows full well he cant hang on much longer. But in his situation and with an impending deal hanging of course he is gong to remain silent. Lets hope im right and my speculation is only as nutty as some of the more negative ones.

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Almajir. Thanks for previous info re HK address.

    Also, where has the rumour that BIHL accounts will be out tomorrow spring from and how reliable is it?

    • almajir says:

      Jay, Tatts mentioned it on twitter today and I had heard previously from other sources the same information.

      I will (as Tatts did) profess that I am unsure that it will happen.

  • Paulo says:

    I was firmly on the side of us not getting promoted in order for us to get rid of CY and his BIHL cronies. Now as painful as it is, too much doom and gloom is being spread around ..BCFC will survive! Managers will come and go, and so will players ..fans are the ones who stay through thick and thin.
    Once blue, always blue!

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Correction for last message: For “spring” read “sprung”.

    Also, surely it’s better not to speculate about possible new owners right now. After all, although James Black makes the very good (and important) point that the St Andrew’s board is starting to break up, would any potential “suitor” come forward at this stage?

    And, hey, Stan Drews (great name!), what exactly did you mean when you said “maybe just maybe they (who? JS) have decided to accept the offer that was put on the table”?

    What is this offer?

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Almajir. Is this tweet from Tattum about BIHL accounts likely to be based on reliable inside info?

  • Richard M says:

    I think Lee Clark would be a good choice given his achievements at Huddersfield, but what about Mark Yates at Cheltenham?

  • Jay Sidney says:

    It seems clear Richard Beale should be given every support and good wish as he has just been put in the most uneviable of situations at Blues (caretaker manager with brown stuff flying everywhere).

    Lee Clark and Paul Ince emerging as early bookies’ favourites for new manager position? Best wait and see if anybody actually wants the job. Let’s just hope it ain’t that awful cynic McCarthy.

    • Evesham Blue says:

      What worries me is the pool of managers we are being linked with is not great. Lee Clark would be ok I guess. Zola yes. Ince no. Question is – who can deal with financial constraints like CH did? Maybe should give it to the guy left holding the baby?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Not one of the candidates floats my boat

  • andy says:

    Personally i think Roy Keane should take the job.

    • Sirharry1875 says:

      I’d take Keane but I’m not sure he’d take on the job with so much uncertainty. Mark Yates is a good shout. He’ done well with Cheltenham. Lee Clark also. Those linked won’t float many boats but it’s the level we are at.

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Paul Carter, I wasn’t biting, just trying to draw Stan Drews out re a statement he made (in amongst a bit of speculation) about an offer that he insists WAS put on the table. Maybe the novelty name doesn’t help. I also notice he ain’t replied to the comments James Black and I made about the content of his 6:50 posting.

    • Stan Drews says:

      Jay – the offer was put on the table – fact – I don’t know the details of how much etc but it was regardless of which division we were in for the coming season.

      • Jay Sidney says:

        So where has this ‘fact’ of an offer on the table come from, Stan? Where did you hear this story? What are your sources?

        • Stan Drews says:

          I do business with someone at the Blues who helped me out some years ago when I first had a box and Brady was trying to fleece me. So it’s not a mate of a mate. This isn’t something that has just happened, talks between the two parties have been going on for a few months.

      • Jay Sidney says:

        I don’t always agree with Almajir’s conclusions but I hasten to add the bloke works his guts out on this site trying to research, unearth and report reliable stories concerning Blues so how come he hasn’t reported the offer on the table Stan insists is fact?

  • Woodlands says:

    I think the best and most positive thing that can be done by ‘ordinary’ fans at present is to show their support for the ‘club’ and join the Blues Trust. There is strength in numbers……

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      You must be joking pal, join a group who are not anti this board?

      No chance

      • Dirty Bertie says:

        There you go again, babbling nonsense. I haven’t read all you’ve posted but it seems clear your voice of reason will not go hoarse from over use. Locate your VOR (probably down the back of the sofa with the remote and your cat) and make some constructive suggestions that have a chance of being effective… if you would be so kind.

        • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

          Stating the trusts policy that they are in no way anti board seems to upset you Bertie?

          Stop trying to use Blues tragic situation to get people to join the trust without stating the policies of said body which are as stated on their own site not anti board.

          As I said there is no way I or anyone I know could join an organisation that’s not against these jokers. That’s probably the reason they only have a handful of people lol!

          • James Black says:

            Paul i take your point but i personally don’t have the same anger towards the board and don’t see how fighting with them will help. Its all well and good us saying sell up move on and just leave all the money you spent in the bin. They rightly or wrongly have got themselves in a bad situation for a variety of reasons and well lets not forget that if we was facing jail and losing everything we have then the views of us (fans) would be a consideration sure, but we still would need to come out of it in the best possible way for ourselves also. We are not facing jail and we are not facing losing everything we have so allow them the liberty of trying to pick there way through this situation in a way that they don’t come out dead. They made mistakes i think they know that already.
            Frankly i don’t think all this silence and tactics has been down to them having meetings and saying how can we upset the fans, they are trying to protect themselves and come out in tact as much as possible, they are human and you and anybody else would do the same.
            They are most likely in negotiations with somebody somewhere with a view to selling the club as i don’t see any other way they can possibly go. But of course if that is happening (and i may be wrong maybe nothing happening) but if there are talks going on to sell the club then talking too much at this point could end up killing the deal. I understand the frustration and anger and above all disappointment of many but reality has to be a part of the conclusion too.

          • Dirty Bertie says:

            You anti people that got rid of the East End mob?
            You anti people that won a cup?
            You anti people that brought in CH?
            You anti a man that mortgaged his home for Blues? (and lost it)

            Yo anti a ho bro

            I aint upset, I’m spittin tacks

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Just another sad WUM same as Andy here suggesting Roy Keane

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

      Alan Curbishley.

      As well as him, please do not laugh your testicles off.

      He is a proven, experienced and solid coach. Has been out of the game for 3-4 years but that should be looked upon positively in the sense that he will be aching to get back to work and will have probably used the break to enhance his skills and knowledge. He has a link to our club and has got the balls (sorry to keep mentioning the nether regions) to get into such a situation that we find ourselves in. Would command respect due to his record and would more than likely hit the ground running. Our predicament won’t faze him as much as some – he’s worked in previously restricted capacities before.

      • Evesham Blue says:

        Problem with Curbishley is he has been out of the game too long. Plus he has been waiting for it to be handed to him on a plate to be back in the big time again. Not sure despite his connections he would “lower” his sights for us. Apart from that I wouldnt complain if he got it. Bookies make Lee Clark odds on

        • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

          If he was serious about the Wolves, then surely Blues would come into the reckoning. He would most definitely not be ‘lowering’ his sights for us. After all is said and done, we are a biggish club with solid prospects to grow and progress – provided we get new ownership relatively soon. Like I said before, his sabbatical could prove to be a bonus.

          Lee Clark is odds on, but I would still prefer Curbishley.

          • Evesham Blue says:

            Biggish club but with alot of baggage to be sorted first before we get back to where we once were. CH went to a “smaller” club than us on paper but were solvent and in the premiership currently. Depends where you are shopping. But we are bargain basement now. No CH out there now. That is why I wanted to keep one of the assistants but we flogged the lot

  • aberdeenbluenose says:

    What I will say about CH is that his era may have been short but after ginger judas he has converted the club into a positive we all had a great year with him. Thanks for all you have done for BCFC CH good luck at Norwich

  • andy says:

    Curbs and Blues missed the boat years ago, he aint the answer. We all have our preferences, mine is Keane, i dont care what people think, but at the end of the day it wont be our choice will it?

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

      How do you work that one out then???

      So because it is not your choice – what’s the point in voicing your opinion??

      How on earth did Curbishley and Blues ‘miss the boat years ago’??

      Keane – yes right can really see him working well with PP and CY. Excellent choice – proven record, works well within constrained budgets, good knowledge of lower leagues, diplomatic and willing to give his job up as a commentator for Blues; a club he has always admired.

    • Evesham Blue says:

      Mate. I would love Keane as well. But the guy is too busy doing media analysis now on TV. Besides he would need a transfer kitty which we dont have

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Something to think on if you ain’t sen it yet is a report posted on the on the Small Heath Alliance site at 21:10 saying the “BMail” has done some sort of poll among Blues fans (don’t know which ones) about preferences for next manager. It’s claimed Ian Holloway is the favourite among those who voted…

  • Evesham Blue says:

    PP interview questions

    1) How would you achieve promotion to the premier league with no transfer funds and you are unable to sign anybody?
    2) How would you meet the challenge of dealing with media when I am away frequently on official business in Hong Kong for months on end?
    3) Do you like job security?
    4) Do you mind if your owners dont talk English?


    • DoctorD says:

      Yeah and how about these:

      5) We’ve got no backroom staff — could you let me know who you hope to bring in?
      6) How will you cope with a one-year rolling contract and a cloud of uncertainty hanging over you?
      7) How will you win over mutinous fans?
      8) What will you do to stop the previous manager nicking all our best players?

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    It could be that some would welcome the chance where they get the opportunity to just ‘get on with it’ and no owner or ‘acting’ chairman around to interfere and stick their oar in.

    Simply can’t happen that the squad will not be added to at some stage – even PP and CY must be able to see that.

    Whoever gets the job will need to cram a fair amount in before the new season kicks-off.

  • andy says:

    I love that interview, brilliant.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Remember this season’s Wolves debacle? Prospective candidates lined up to turn the job down as they didnt like what the club had to say. I think we are fooling ourselves if we believe people of the calibre of Curbishley and Keane would be interested as things stand. If the club is sold, then we will find it hard to recruit in the interim, however we need a manager NOW. Wonder how TF is recovering? He would make an ideal stand in on a short term until the dust settles – just to ensure business continuity.!

    • DoctorD says:

      Yeah with a complimentary wheel chair and a standby paramedic crew when he sets eye on our accounts. They’re bound to give anyone a coronary…

    • Evesham Blue says:

      Perhaps we need to poach an assistant coach who wants to step up to number one? Bit like the Baggies. Otherwise we are talking lower leagues and managers out of work

  • Evesham Blue says:

    Does anyone feel a tad disappointed with CH for going after less than a year? Not saying I blame him but we did pick him up after he was in the doldrums himself. Could he have perhaps waited until the new season at least? I know we all think about number one and job security etc but the guy did enjoy near cult status with us and he has made a move on the face of it is better for now. Thoughts?

    • Bluenosesol says:

      He is 53 and played football before the perverse salaries era. Time isnt on his side. As much as he built a great rapport with the supporters, he is not a Birmingham fan and will quickly forget us.
      C’est la Vie. I am older than CH and grateful to my elpoyers who rescued me from the dole, however if someone came in and offered to double my wages, I’d be off like a shot!

      • Evesham Blue says:

        It’s all short term and relative really. He had some job security on his rolling contract and he could be sure of his standing being raised in the game. I know he is not a fan but he left with a lot of people depending on him including a project he started with the players and the relationships he built up. Moving to a club of a similar size is maybe not such a big step forward in a long run. Norwich are not a Newcastle in size and I think they will struggle next year as all one season wonders inevitably do.

        • Evesham Blue says:

          Perhaps his experiences with Newcastle have coloured his thinking? Another question is why did PP let him go as soon as the money was there with no replacement lined up? I think when Baggies came knocking the first time you would get yourself some other options. Also why would Lambert go to Vile? They finished above them in the league. Would that be because you would not be able to achieve the same thing in the second season?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Feck Hughton, Newcastle shit on him so he shits on us

    I don’t wish him well, hope it all goes pear shaped

    • Evesham Blue says:

      You know I am starting to think I agree with you. Although I dont feel the same bile as I did when McCleish left but I do think he has left us in the lurch after what happened to him. Surprised the players have not made noises yet. I am also starting to think the accounts were always ready and the only reason they have released them now is because we need to attract a new manager now

  • andy says:

    Lambert took the Villa job because Norwich pale into insignificance compared to Villa, its a much bigger club. Also Hughton has left for a smaller club than Birmingham by goin to Norwich. Good luck to them both and bring on the next Blues boss.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Eh? Good luck to em both?

    Why are you wishing the filths manager good luck?

    Oh it’s Andy who wants Keane to come to Blues.

    Al can’t we stop these filth lowlife coming on here?

  • Paul says:

    LEE CLARK, as got to be number 1 choice, young, passionate, knowledgeable, unbelievably sacked by Huddersfield after a run of only 3 defeats in 55 games. Failing that my next choice would be Poalo De Canio for passion, and a good name to sing on the terraces!!!

  • Only-Me says:

    I hate, and hope I dont regret saying this, but ive just had an email, from, a friend of a friend, who I consider to be, in the know, and consider a good mate, but a couple of points have been said, now I know not whether these are facts or fiction,, but I am only repeating as maybe someone else, ie Almajir who I consider in the know, may have also heard something.
    Here goes.
    firstly, the name Marcel Desailly has been banded, whether its been put forward or contact has been made, unknown. in what role, ive not a clue, his playing days are well gone.
    Second, there is a real offer on the table, it has been for at-least 2/3 months, but when the offer was made, it was a what can only be called a championship offer, but was pushed to the side in the hope of prem footy, and at a guess Yeung digging his heals in, this offer is now being re-negotiated, no known source of who or where from.
    Sounds plausible with the offer, but where the hell did the name Marcel come from.
    anyone else heard any of this?

  • DoctorD says:

    Hmmm no idea mate. But this is what CH said in the Guardian.

    “As soon as the call came, due to the standing Norwich have, and their Premier League status, it was something that excited me,” said Hughton

    Basically CH bogged off as quick as a flash when someone knocked on his door. This is the problem with the game — the only people who ever stay true are the fans. CH tried to get to the Prem with us, failed and so jumped ship to his destination when someone offered him a lifeline. (Sorry for mixing up all my metaphors.) And then he takes all the backroom staff – yeah thanks a bunch, mate.

    • Only-Me says:

      Hi Doctor,
      But to be fair, is that not what all new managers say when joining a new club, its kind of code for getting your feet under the rug.

  • Oby says:

    Marcel Desailly is being touted as the next Swansea boss

    • Only-Me says:

      I was just googling Marcel, yes, I seen that, I didnt even know he was even out there as a Manager or even got his badges. Very strange….,

  • BcfcMidlandsNo1 says:

    People say ian holloway would never join but if the embargo is lifted and the board eatleast give a hint they might sell I think he would come. He likes the fans of blues which he says all the time , no offence to Blackpool but they have a small fan base that couldn’t even sell out for wembley. Blues have more potential and at Blackpool he got to the play off final with loans like us. Plus he’s the most entertaining manager about he’s perfect for blues

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Can’t understand why somebody wants to come on here and send good wishes to Hughton and Lambert. Poor shout, I reckon.

    Also, this “I’ve heard from “a friend of a friend” of whoever that there has been an offer on the table for 2 months or more” to buy out Blues is invariably followed by an admission that actual sources are not clear. Is this that chip shop meets Elvis Presley ruse again?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Yer learning Jay Boy :)

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Wonder if any of the players,who have performed well for the last 12 month’s,get the same “good~bye” from the fans as C`H got.

    Surely the fans can’t accuse the player or players of jumping ship,I mean when a prem club comes knocking,well you have to leave ……… don’t you ??

  • theurbaneguerilla says:

    In the present circumstances let’s get young, hungry Lee Clark. Got a point to prove and highly rated in the game.
    If we come out of embargo and look to be sold on, Holloway. He virtually applied during play-offs with what he said about Blues and fans. No disrespect to Blackpool, which is a great club, but I reckon he would fancy reawakening a bigger club like Blues.
    I reckon us noses might take to him too.
    Either will do for m
    As an aside, just looked at Sky sports betting and they put Big Feck at 25/1 to come back. Methinks they doth miss a few noughts off that price. lol

  • Jay Sidney says:

    We’re all learning, Paul.

  • Stevie Blue says:

    My top 5 in order of preference. Lee Clark, Nick Barmby, Karl Robinson, Paolo Di Canio and Paul Ince. If behind the scenes the club does get sold on, then Ian Holloway would be a great shout. Worringly though, I’ve just heard that Gary Megson has been installed as one of the favourites…

  • James Black says:

    The weird thing is when i knew CH was off i was struggling to think who was available. Some of t
    he names already mentioned are interesting to say the least and one or two a little scary.
    But im old been here before lived through the Kumars Wheldon and had the embarrassment of watching Barry Fry do his showbiz act when we scored a goal and the club has always survived.
    The board are going as what else can they do and well i don’t see that they had bad intentions and i don’t feel any bile at them. Its gone wrong for all of us i suppose.
    If we go into admin then we shall be taken over by someone and this is just another chapter in the story of the Blues. In fighting hasn’t helped before and it wont help now.
    The natural conclusion is one way or another we will survive and one day re-emerge, what else is there to say what other way is there of looking at it.

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