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One of the first people to throw their hat into the ring for the Blues job is former Birmingham City winger Jose Dominguez. The diminuitive wide man played for Blues for a year in the mid nineties and as I remember was a bit of a cult hero. Could he do the job?

Dominguez has been head coach of Uniao Leiria in the Portuguese top flight since 14 March 2012, becoming their fourth boss in a season of financial troubles and woes. Despite leading Leiria to only their fifth league win of the season in his first game, the former youth team coach was powerless to stop them being relegated as Leiria lost six of their last eight games.

However, that’s not the whole picture.

Leiria have had trouble all season. Players not being paid for months on end points to a club in a similar position to the one Portsmouth have been in at times; for their last game against Feirense (which Leiria needed to win to stay up), only eight players agreed to play in the game – and four of them were on loan. Imagine turning up to St Andrews seeing your team line up in a 4-3-0 formation. They battled hard, held out for 45 minutes but the extra men told and they fell 4-0.

Clearly Jose is a guy who knows what it’s like to deal with behind-the-scenes problems.

Whether he’s the right choice for Blues remains to be seen but it’s good to see that despite our issues there are people who are interested and want the job.  It’s going to be intriguing to see who else publicly makes their interest known.


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62 Responses to “Jose”

  • Graham Woodward says:

    No no and no. Not enough experience for me, we need someone with decent contacts in the game who can wheel and deal and get people on loan etc because we’re not going to have any cash for players.

  • I think someone like Paolo DiCanio would be great for blues. For a start he’s very well known and could potentially get blues more ‘on the map’ whereas CH didn’t have that fiery reputation that attracted players or the media. Whoever we get I think we’re in for another gripping summer…

  • Naja12880 says:

    just as an alterantive thought process do we not need somene or people with passion for the survival of the club rather than journeymen mercenaries that just want a route back into football management?

    not saying its the case but just another way of looking at it.

    you cant be involved in football as long as he has been and not have some useful contacts. seen on another report he would look lto bring King Kenny…………….Cunningham not Dalglish back to the club in his coaching team.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    No real experience, assume limited UK contacts and not sure of his English fluency, there must be better options available to us? If news improves over the next few days, eg BIHL accounts published, embargo lifted, club annunce funds available, this will lead to improving ST sales and then we will be in a position to raise the bar on the standard of manager we are able to interest.

    • nicky wicky says:

      it is true that jose does not have much experience,but it is obvious that he can get a team to perform invery difficult circumstances indeed.far worse than those at blues. he speaks english fluently so he wouldn’t have that problem and has always kept atrack of blues results. tom ross interviewed him during blues europa league run when they went to play braga. He was a very skillful playerand from what he said knows the differences between coaching in portugal and in england. However that said it is probably too soon for him right now. blues need someone who can hit the road running and that is why Ian Holloway would not be a bad choice as he knows the club division and has recently had experience in the preier league. Jose would probably be a good contender in the future. Mark Yates has done a good job at cheltenhamplaying attacking footballwith limited funds and average players mostly. I watched the league 2 play-offs and cheltenham just missed out on penalties!

  • KRO21 says:

    It’s nice to know he still holds the club closely – however now is the time to bring in a manager with more experience.

    It’s frustrating to think that even if the board pull out another gem like Hughton, the vultures will come circling again at the next manager merry-go-round. Personally i’d like to see Steve Coppell, although i dont know if there would be fee’s attached to him walking away from his directorship at Crawley.

  • AR says:

    Ian Holloway would give me a lift, but he’s in a better job at the moment at Blackpool. The only thing we can beat them on is the amount of fans. We can only hope our embargo will be lifted.

  • Graham Woodward says:

    One thing is for sure and that’s we need to get someone ASAP. CH will already be tapping up our better players about going to Norwich. We need someone in to steady the ship and convince the players to stop, otherwise they’ll just think the same as CH and put in transfer requests.

  • darren says:

    in a time where we are not an attractive prospect it’s really nice that jose has thrown his hat in the ring, i know blues have a big place in his heart but i just think it would represent far too much of a gamble.

  • Mickey07 says:

    Perhaps a little too early but you have got to start somewhere I guess…..anyway loved little Jose he lite up the place…….and played the game as it should be played…..

  • pierre says:

    is freddie goodwin still about,with roger hynd as defensive coach.

  • Alex T says:

    Jose is not putting his hat in for the Managers job, he would be looking at the coaches role, which I think would be great for the Blues.
    He may be short on experience, but has all the qualifications and is a person that will instil a desire to play for the Blues with his own enthusiasm (taking his feelings for the club into account).
    I hope he gets the coaches job, but that would be dependant on who we install as the managers first.

    • Kaje says:

      No, he’s putting his hat in for the management role. Read the article above and Tattum’s piece in the Mail.

      • Alex T says:

        Oh yes, I misunderstood when I saw that he would approach Kenny Cunningham for a coaching role (ie. I thought it would be KC as manager and Jose as coach – Duh!)

  • Pete says:

    I’d love it if he got the job! There’s all this talk of experience being key but in reality, an experienced manager with a good reputation wouldn’t want to risk a club that might not be able to sign anyone.

    We can go go for experience and sign Gary Megson, Paul Ince or Mick McCarthy or we can take a gamble and go for someone like Jose or Di Canio who have very little experience but will guarantee excitement.

    I love the concept that Jose is a massive gamble but Di Canio, with one season at Swindon, is a good call….

  • skareggae72 says:

    Jose,great exciting player,but to appoint him now would be a disaster.
    With all the players on hols,we have plenty of time to choose,and time must be taken to get the right man for the job.
    I dont expect anybody to agree,but i would go for Billy Davies.
    Definately NOT Ince,Mccarthy,Mcleish,Pesch,Jose,Blake or Megson.

  • Daddybluenose says:

    Still say Graham smith has dealt with constraints before and look at how Stevenage played against tottenham in the cup a bright young manager

  • JakeyBlue says:

    Mourinho??? Oh ….. sh1t….. damn!

    Never mind

  • chris says:

    loved the little man he was a genius,it is a shame he not experienced enough.
    some great shouts for the managers post but i must agree with skareggae Billy the Jock Davies would be the ideal manager he is a tough no nonsense man who has a great reputation and of course he knows this division well. KRO.

    • nicky wicky says:

      billy davies has had several jobs in the championship,but no real success apart from one season he got derby into the premiership but they came straight back down cause they weren’t good enough and didn’t even excite like blackpool did! since then he’s done nothing.

  • andy says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion and who they would like to see as manager, no need for some people to put down anothers opinion, i mean, who do they think they are??

  • Lee says:

    I know after what he achieved at Chelsea he may now feel he is above a club like Birmingham but would it be worth sounding out Roberto Di Matteo if Chelsea choose to appoint a new manager, which I feel they will.

    • nicky wicky says:

      roberto di matteo is a good shout if chelsea don’t wan’t him. he would get the team playing attacking fottball and winning matches. he did well at albion,and has turned chelsea around and won them 2 cups including the european cup!

  • andy says:

    Di Matteo was interviewed along with Zola and Hughton for the Blues job last year. Carson was all for appointing Zola, which does make me wonder whether they are thinking of going down that same route.

  • Lee says:

    The fact that he was interviewed and supposedly interested in the position last year makes me think we should try and speak to him again. If he was effectively unattached, then it would tick more boxes for the board aswell.

  • Dave says:

    I think we should bring in Mick Harford as manager!!

  • Masaccio says:

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no and for the thirteenth time no.

  • Masaccio says:

    Zola, rubbish. Ince a failure. Roy Keane is a car crash of a person, might as well put Joey Barton in charge of the local primary school outings). Gary Megson is an idiot.

  • Lee says:

    Well I think John Frain should put his name forward, a Blues legend, local lad, knows and loves the club, and has help with Solihull Moors,

  • Ted Kelly says:

    Please, please stop scaring me by mentioning names like Domingez, Johnson, Frain, Blake, McCarthy, Ince, McLeish, Megson or Bruce Forsyth.

    Did you see Ian Holloway’s face, when he talked about the Blues fans after the 2-2 draw at Stans? I thought then, “he wants the job”!

    He’s just as loveable as CH, but he’ll bring a lot more fireworks. Whatever it takes, he’s ‘the man’.

    By all means tout Di Canio, Poyet or even Curbishley (just in case ‘the man’ says no), but please stop the joke names, I can’t sleep!

    • Sirharry1875 says:

      And in it’s present state what can BCFC offer Holloway that Blackpool can’t? Absolutely nothing. So any name mentioned as a joke is more credible than Holloway. We have nothing nothing to offer any manager in current employment above league 1.

      • Ted Kelly says:

        1. A team that normally ends the season higher than Blackpool
        2. A team that has recently won more silverware
        3. A much bigger and better fan base
        4. Fantastic young players (NONE of whom have been sold yet, despite our predicament)
        5. A higher salary
        6. An even bigger win bonus
        7. A higher profile
        8. A better location
        9. A fantastic challenge, without the weight of expectation
        10. Love

    • chris says:

      Neil Lloyd Neil Lloyd ‏@lloydy1974
      @colintattum Holloway is on a rolling 12-mth contract any compensation figure would be @ £500k, got be be worth it if he was interested

      5:55 PM – 8 Jun 12 via web · Details
      1h Colin Tattum Colin Tattum ‏@colintattum
      @lloydy1974 heard today from people who know him that he would be interested, if an approach was made. shall see

  • DoctorD says:

    McCarthy — grumpy. Megson — dull. Jose — who?. Davies — mad. Curbs — old. Connor – failed PP will pick someone out of work who’s cheap and sees us as a step up.

    • chris says:

      curbs is two years older than hughton!!
      knows how to get out of this division, built a team from nothing to get promoted.
      dealt with and bought top names and unknown’s, played decent football.
      was loyal and stayed ten years

  • Sirharry1875 says:

    Mick Harford assisted by Noel Blake and Robert Hopkins with Tony Coton as goalkeeper coach! Then fly them to China, to make the Chinese an offer they couldn’t refuse!

    • Con bcfc says:

      Coton as goal keeping coach? Don’t know if your aware, but until he leaves we have the best goalkeeping coach in the country, who England have recently started to use. Robert Hopkins as a coach as well.? Think your being a bit nostalgic. Do like the idea of Blake though. I’d imagine he’d be more comfortable using the youth

  • Macc lad says:

    Interesting about Holloway. Absolute legend of a manager. Also, he’d keep us up and that’s where once again we should start the season by looking.

    • nicky wicky says:

      you doom and gloom merchants are making me feel sick every season you just talk about survival. it is obvioous the chinese are now trying to get the club into the best shape they can so they get the best price when then sell. If they sell off all the best players it won’t be worth much. hopefully the club will be sold soon and we should be looking to improve on last season and try and get into the automatic spots! To do that we need the right kind of manager matteo.holloway,or mark yates maybe?McCarthy could get the club out of the championship,but we would have to change the manager again afterwards to stay up.coppell?curbishly?

  • Martin says:

    Lee Clark is the man for me, young and hungry. We still have a good squad that CH built and as great as that european campaign was i believe without the pressure of playing so many games next season we can go up, KRO

  • Ingerlund says:

    Interesting thoughts on Holloway but I think he is a very loyal manager and has got a good working relationship with the chairman. I guess Zola will be in the frame but he isnt graet on the man management side of things, more of a coach, and Di Matteo could be out of our reach after his spell in charge of Chelsea, although he was first choice for me last season along with Houghton.
    My shout is for Di Cannio or Robinson. MK played some brilliant stufff last season and he is full of passsion, and as for the achievements of Swindon under the Hollowayesque Di Cannio I think it would be great fun, and just maybe light a spark for us. In honesty Houghton was pretty dull and I do feel he could have got more from our players plus he did struggle to get players wanting to come to us. Even Woods went to Bristol where he thought he would get more games but averaged less time on the pitch than he did with us.
    As for the old school Curb’s, Megson, Coppel etc I wouldnt think we could afford them or the transfer kitty they would want to protect their reputation and lets face it none of them coach exiting football.

    • nicky wicky says:

      ingurlund have you not read the press reports? the blackpool board have already stated they would not stand in his way if ian holloway was offered a job at a bigger club. they praised him but said he deserved to manage at a higher level than they could offer.They also stated that they had been surprised no-one had made any enquiries about him after his recent success at blackpool over the past 4 or 5 years wherehe took them through the divisions to the premier league, and even after relegation got them into the play-off final. The players he has at blackpool are not of the same standard as the ones at blues but he still managed to get them playing good football and knows how to get good players on loan and free and for little outlay. The compo would be 500k apparently?

  • andy says:

    Apart from Holloway, which i cant see happening, Di Canio seems a popular choice. Lee Clark has made it clear he wants to manage Newcastle one day and no doubt he would see the challenge at Birmingham as a stepping stone towards that ambition.

  • RichardM says:

    Sorry to keep banging on about this, but Mark Yates ticks all the boxes. young, hungry, performed similar miracles at Cheltenham last year with no money, and unlike Hughton, being a brummie and having played for the club has the emnotional ties that CH never had (which is why ultimately he had no qualms about going to Norwich). Knows Butland as well having had him on loan, so might be able to persuade him to stay. People are not being realistic talking about Di Canio, Holloway, Curbishley, they wouldn’t,t come (and we couldn’t afford them anyway). Realistically it’s McCarthy, Clarke, Ince, Yates or a longshot like Dominguez, I’d go for Yates. And for whoever said “who” – can only suppose you’re 18 and don’t remember the real dark days…….

  • andy says:

    I wouldnt worry about the person that asked “who” its your opinion mate and thats fine, everyone is entitled to have a say on who they would like as manager without being put down for it.

  • bluenose08 says:

    Well it seems holloway is the popular choice and i would go along with that but as richard says mark yates has done a good job at cheltenham !! Karl robinson is another who has done well. I feel the likes of mcarthy,megson and davies dont offer us anything exciting on the pitch.
    Like the idea of noel blake, hoppy and the legend tony coton why not add pat van den hawe !!

  • Daddybluenose says:

    Gary smith if hollaway can’t be persuaded. We need exciting promising motivated manager. No more talk of the same old regurgitated crap managers megson, McCarthy, ince, Zola and keane. Exciting is what we need with good man management hughton was good cus he got the best out of the lads and played exciting football he’ll we could have stumped outside the playoffs and blues fans would still have said the football we played made up for the background scenes and kept right on!!!

  • Ingerlund says:

    i dont think we are that far down in the gutter just yet, and even in the dark days we were ablle to attract decent managers barring Pendrey. We are still a big club and a big attraction willing to continue paying Houghton and his staff, so why now should we be looking at unproven rookie managers. I think there are some nice surprises on the horizon and the money side of things will be sorted out. If Swindon and MK can afford them I’m sure we can, and take a look at how many games they played last season plus the transfers in and out. Even Bazza didnt sign and sell that many in a season.

  • Jay Sidney says:


    I’ve posted this in the “Jose box” as you turned off comments for “BCFC Suffer £10m loss” whilst seeking what you termed expert advice.

    However, have the following been sent copies of accounts? BCFC Supporters’ Trust, Colin Tattum or his chief sports editor at the “Birmingham Mail”, local radio stations, other Blues chat sites?


  • Jay Sidney says:

    Thanks for replying.

    How is it possible for Colin Tattum or the chief sports editor of the “BMail” not to have a copy?

    Also, you have spoken highly of the BCFC Supporters’ Trust so how come they are being kept in the dark?

    Last point is that in your piece, you stated that Peter Pannu WAS/IS a director of the club. If true, he must surely be rather more than some sort of innocent go-between here.


    • almajir says:


      They may have a copy – but it hasn’t come from me. I have a duty to protect my journalistic sources and as such I’m being careful. Equally, whilst I am supportive of the Supporters Trust I need to check things before handing anything to them.

      Pannu IS a director of the club – it’s right here on bcfc.com

  • Jay Sidney says:


    I understand the legal need you have to protect yourself and exercise caution. However, the sooner it is safe or opportune for this financial report to be put into the public domain, the better.

    Also, if I missed something about Pannu’s precise position, then that is obviously my fault. However, the more this thing unravels, the more it surely has to be concluded that, as a director, he is rather more than some hapless piggy-in-the-middle.

    • almajir says:

      It’ll be on the companies house website next week (as previously stated)

      • Jay Sidney says:

        Okay. The more Blues fans who see it, the better, although the fact BCFC Supporters’ Trust may have to have to go to Companies House to see a much-delayed financial report about their own club tends to underline this board’s real feeling towards the club’s lifeblood.

        Also, when will you be able to say what you really think Pannu’s role has been in all of this?

  • Ingerlund says:

    Nicky Wicky!
    In my opinion you are way off the mark stating Blackpools players are not as good as the Blues players. At least half of the team playing in the final would walk into the bues team. I am sure the quote relating to not holding him back from joining a bigger club was not refering to BCFC.Yes we may be a better proposition than Blackpool but more of a sideways and slightly upward move for Holloway. I woud love to think we had a chance for the short term just to brighten the place up, but would he take us any further than he has alreday taken Blackpool and Plymouth before then.I think Blackpool have got more money and stability than Blues at the moment so cant see it happeneing.

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