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Managers and Takeovers

I’ve spent some time today thinking about the situation at Blues – owners, new manager and all that jazz and the more I think about it, the more it intrigues me. With that in mind, I thought I’d set out some of my thoughts here. I will warn you I’ll be talking hypothetically, speculating and what not so if that offends you – look away now.

What started it off was thinking about how long it will take Blues to appoint a new boss. I’m guessing that whilst the feelers will probably have already been put out and agents may have been making tentative applications for their clients it won’t hot up until Peter Pannu returns to the country, which is apparently going to be next week.

Coupled with this new boss search are all these rumours flying around about new owners. I will readily confess whilst I’ve heard all sorts of stuff out there I’ve not heard or seen anything I’d feel confident in publishing. That being said, I’m going to be thinking about the hypothetical situation that there is something brewing on that front.

If that is the case, will Blues be in a rush to appoint a new gaffer? I mean, would someone readily take a job knowing that in a very short space of time they could be working for someone else in very different circumstances with very different ideas? Equally, would you be happy sticking with a manager newly appointed by someone else when it could be the metaphorical equivalent of them hiding a kipper behind the radiators or smashing the computers up before leaving? I don’t think either situation appeals and it would leave one of two scenarios.

The first would be that Blues would have to delay appointing anyone if negotiations on a takeover were advanced far enough to allow the prospective buyers to bring in their own man. The alternative scenario would be for Blues to include a third party into the search for a new boss, so that if the sale went through the new boss would be acceptable to the new owners and the new boss would know what he was getting himself into – which would probably mean an extended search and negotiation period.

Thus the implication to me is clear – the more rapid Blues seem to be in approaching and appointing a new boss, the less chance I think there will be that an impending takeover is actually happening. Of course, this isn’t gospel – I have been extraordinarily wrong in the past so this wouldn’t be any exception but I think my logic is sound.

One other thing that strikes me as maybe indicating a takeover is coming is the production of the club accounts. Again, talking hypothetically I would assume any third party looking to take over would buy the club only, for sound reasons. A takeover of BIHL would require regulatory approval (because the shares are suspended, amongst other things) as well as a shareholder vote. It would have to be done in public – a public offer, which would then have a deadline for people to accept before a meeting and a shareholder vote. It wouldn’t be like the previous takeover because unlike Sullivan and Gold, CY and the BIH board don’t have enough shares under their control to force it through.

However, a takeover of BCFC would be different. Negotiations could be done much more secretly as the company has been delisted; there would be no BCFC shareholder approval required because BIH owns 96% of the club and at BIHL level it would probably only require shareholder approval – not the approval of the HKSE as well. With the accounts filed there would be now nothing to sort out on that front to get the club moving and BIHL might even be able to get away with winding itself up without ever producing the accounts that are overdue.

So, what are my conclusions? Basically, we’ll have to wait and see a bit longer but maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. If Blues don’t appoint anyone immediately it’s not a problem and it might just be that the overdue BIHL accounts will cease being a problem too. Whilst I’d be reticent to believe some of the more outlandish rumours out there, I live in hope.

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118 Responses to “Managers and Takeovers”

  • Macc lad says:

    All this takes time though, and will there be a team left for any prospective manager to use next season. The longer it takes for a new manager to be appointed, the more likely it will be for players to leave as there will be no dissenting voices against taking any money offered.
    I fear for us this summer. It’ll be another rebuilding process, and no guarantee the next guy will be as capable as Chris Hughton was.

  • BCFC83 says:

    On the manager front MON was appointed by Deadly Doug before he sold to Randy and he was the best manager they have had over the last few years. As long as the new manager is a good manager I don’t think it matters who appoints them.

    In terms of a take over I would agree with you. If someone was ready to take over they ony need to see the accounts of BCFC and not BHIL. Effectively BIHL could continue to operate for a couple of months after blues was no longer part of their ‘portfolio’ and then wind the compay up with mega losses!

  • BCFC83 says:

    Pannu picked CH who most believe did a great job at blues?

  • Richard M says:

    Could be true – maybe Peter Pannu is not in a panic to appoint for this reason and is quite happy to have Richard Beale in situ to deal with first team affairs until the takeover talks are completed – knowing that it will be very difficult to get anyone in place under the current circumstances. Downside would be Beale would be severely limited in what he could do in the transfer market this summer – and I would expect we would also lose the saleable assets – Butland, Redmond, Mutch, Davies, Foster.

    • nicky wicky says:

      look they are not going to sell off too many of the best players if theres a takeover planned you numpty. if they do that it will devalue the shares in the club. if theres a takeover planned they want to get the best price they can so they will want to improve the squad. They will want to have the right manager and a squad that is competitive. They could say sell foster and have doyle and butland still there to compete for the no 1 jersey and say sell zigic and bring in say kevin philips iwith the money as a short term replacement to so the team still had enough goals. Selling foster and zigic would zigic would bring in some sales and would free up some money from the wage bill without harming the team too much and if we had the right manager like say mark yates or ian holloway then they could get a better quality of frees and loans in, and maybe there would be some money left to sign someone for a fee. this would stimulate season ticket sales and maybe things would start to look more rosy. Now the embargo is going to be lifted I don”t think things are going to be as gloomy as some people think.last year some peole were talking about relegation and getting no points in europe,but we finished 4th and got 10pts in group h of the europa league!

      • Richard M says:

        Numpty – you forget that many of these players might not actaully want to stay given the current predicament, and given Chris Hughtin’s relationship with some of the players Norwich might be a tempting prospect……..

        • nicky wicky says:

          These players you talk about are committed to blues and are not going to just walk out just cause chris hughton has gone and they’re contracted to blues. The blues situation is not as bad as you seem to think we are not in a portsmouth state. If we get the right manager in then they will want to stay and build on last season. why is it doom and gloom mercheants like you come out of the woodwork saying were heading for relegation ,administartion,allthebest players are going to be sold and all that crap. Why would they want to gonorwich they are still developing and they have a better chance of getting first team football at blues!

  • skareggae72 says:

    Cant see anyone even half decent being interested while the trasfer embargo continues,although im sure that will be lifted in the next few weeks,and i like to think people are working to get that removed 24/7.
    It all seems a long time ago when Mr Yeung was sat at a table pledging £40m(which later seemed to become 80m)to the current manager at that time.

  • Thomas Hallberg says:

    Living in hope… seems like that’s all we can do.
    ….But it’s better than Living in despair.

  • ForevertheOptimist says:

    Following the dross served up by SB and McNobsac we had the luxury of watching passing and attacking football under Houghton.
    We need a manager who knows the league,talks straight and equally will not succumb easily to whoever will be playing the tune in the future.
    Mick Mcarthy has his detractors for sure but I would optimistically support him over the Inces and the like.I dont want an up and coming manager using our BCFC as a window of opportunity to progress to A.N.Other club after a decent season.
    Mcarthy probably has a point to prove and for me knows what it takes to get promoted…….although staying there is another matter…..Lol!
    Will be an interesting summer but at least we havent got to keep reading the sports news about who wants our manager next.
    Lets be optimistic,potential new owners,a bit of money,new manager and some stability…..bring it on!

    • chris says:

      i agree, for the same reason as McCarthy i would also entertain Curbs, who built a team and club from scratch got them promoted relegated the next year them promoted the season after that and stayed in the prem for his ten year tenure.
      Though if they would spend some of the compensation on a current manager (which Peter Pannu indicates they may on the Blues Trust site) i wouldn’t mind Holloway, not so much for promotion, but the fact it would be attacking, entertaining football.

      • nicky wicky says:

        Holloway could probably get blues promoted. The players he has at blackpool are mostly not of the calibre of the players at blues,but he has still got them playing good football winning matches,and into the play-off final. The team he got into the premiership had much better players, although the defence wasn’t so good. The blues team has a good defence,and he could probably get blues playing good football without too much outlay. i reckon Mutch could play the charlie Adam role?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    All good filler but nothing to get excited out cos there is no-one out there wanting to buy us and as far as we are aware Yeung aint selling.

    There seems to be a feeling that Yeung doesn’t mind losing the majority of the £100+ million which he has put into the club and will let it go for a song.

    Whoever thinks that is dreaming.

    comment edited

    • almajir says:


      I hate to puncture your bubble but there is a possibility that you are wrong.

      • Blueboy88 says:

        The elephant in the room with this scenario is –
        If there is a buyer close to sealing a deal , wouldn’t he have wanted to keep CH ?

        If yes , then I am sure CH would still be at St Andrews awaiting better days ahead…

        • nicky wicky says:

          They may well have wanted CH to stay but i get the feeling that chris was fedup of waiting for the board to produce the accounts so that he could get on withplanning for next season, and just got tired of being messed around,and when norwich came calling he decided that he’d had enough!

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Al, you may be right I may be wrong

        In the absence of a single shred of proof though I’m happy with my position.

      • Carl says:

        almajir, I agree, Paul could possibly be wrong because he assumes CY is in a strong position to sell any assets at what cost he chooses. And we can only presume he’s not.

        Of course, presumptuous comments is the most of what is written on here!

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

      Maybe CY’s ability to choose what return he gets from his original investment, is diminished to such a degree, that he really cannot be that selective.

      • nicky wicky says:

        I think it has probably got to the point now that carson yeung must sell up now for the best price he can get so that he can get his home back and save his dignity. To do that he needs to get blues into a new manager and get a competitive squad together. A couple of the high earners may have to go like say foster and Zigic to free up funds for the new manager without damaging the squad too much and providing funds to bring players in. If they sell too many of the good players then the club will become less attractive to a new buyer and the price will drop. I don’t really want to see zigic go as he is one of our better players,but he is supposed to be on good money, an if we could get holloway in then if he wasn’t on the wage bill there would be more room for manouvere in the trasfer market. Kevin phillips scored 17 goals for blackpool just coming as a sub. he says he wants another season. if zigic wasn’t there we could bring him back and maybe get promoted automatically?

    • chris says:

      comment edited


  • Smokin says:

    Totally agree re the timing. If a takeover is close, then surely the new prospective owners would have a say in who is coming in? Remember Steve Bruce and the contract he did not get when CY brought his first 29%? However, would we necessarily know if someone else was involved in pcking the manager?

    As for how the club is sold, I would politely suggest it has to be done either publically or at least made public soon after. The last thing I want is new owners hampered in running the club by the Chines Authorities investigating the sale for potential money related crimes.


  • almajir says:

    Once again Jay, it’s not for discussion here.

    • Jay Sidney says:


      Okay, but the sooner the most important question currently facing BCFC can be discussed, the better.

        • Jay Sidney says:


          I do look on SMA forum sometimes and, indeed, I looked a few minutes ago. The comments that are there are hardly based on an in-depth analysis. The site is okay and I’m sure those who put it together work hard. This said, it’s a bit limited.

          • almajir says:

            That’s fine. Chief thing to remember is it’s okay to discuss it there, not here. I will continue to delete/edit comments as i see fit.

          • chris says:

            Almajir, don’t get ratty!!, but can’t you give us more of an idea why they can’t be discussed here but can elsewhere as the accounts are now in the public domain.
            pressure from bcfc? libel?
            will appreciate though, if you really can’t comment on my question.

          • almajir says:


            This week there has been around 1000 comments on OP. I would expect that article to have generated maybe 100-150 comments easily today, maybe 200. I have neither the time nor the inclination to go through each and every comment to check for libel etc – and I thought that article was very likely to generate comments that were over the line.

            I write this site alone, I publish it alone and I moderate the comments alone. That means sometimes I have to do things that protect myself, and that was one of them. Other websites have a multitude of people moderating them, this one doesn’t.

          • Blueboy88 says:

            Now you have explained fully , a very understandable & respectable position to have taken Almjair …

            But to be fair 900 of the 1000 comments made on OP this week have been by Nicky Wicky……

          • nicky wicky says:

            I haven’t made that many blueboy,but i thought there was a lot of exageration of the situation, talking about the club going into admin,selling off all the best players. People seem to be commenting without thinking about the situation logically. Mr Yeung has just been kicked out of his house,and been told to leave within 56 days. his assets are frozen. The only saleable asset he has got is blues.other people have been monitoring the situation so he’s not going to get much if he sells off the players except for maybe one or two, and some of the proceeds will have to be given to the new manager to rebuild the team. If the team isn’t competitive then the value of the shares will go down and he won’t get much when he sells it, so it stands to reason that he’s trying to get it into a good enough shape so as when he sells it onwhich is the only realistic option left to him he gets a decent price. Thats why i am going to wait to see who the next manager is and what the team looks like before i renew. if they sell off the players then we know they are just trying to cling on in the hope of recouping their money.

          • evesham blue says:

            I really dont know why people have to be like a dog with a bone. Just leave it alone. All will be revealed in due course. We have the whole close season to go yet. I’m sure when the season comes around again we will have hope again. I’m inclined to think there are no investors waiting in the wings. Judging by Portsmouth’s recent history beware promises. I cant see how a new investor would remain so anonymous if they were there. We will survive as was proved last year pretty much on our own resources. The thing that depresses me in all this is CY has gone and the candidates out there are scaping the barrell

          • nicky wicky says:

            evesham why do you keep going on about portsmouth. blues are not in the state that portsmouth were in in fact blues are in a more healthy state than villa,but villa have the premier league money to prop them up.theres still parachute payments for another 3 years. there’s always investors out there,and PP said they probably need some convincing to sell. That’s why i’m waiting to see who the manager is and what the team looks like before i renew? If carson sells off all the best players then the club becomes worthless. he might get just enough to buy his house back,but he’s not going to recover what he paid so he needs to cut his losses and go in the 56 days. that takes us to the end of july. It is getting to a point now where he has to get out while the stock in the club is still good. It is a buyers market.no-one is going to offer the money he needs from player sales alone quickly so if he doesn’t sell the club he may well end up on the street. he needs to keep the club as a going concern!

          • Evesham Blue says:

            Not as bad as Portsmouth yet. I was referring to how many changes of ownership they have had. i.e. the point I was making is we may not be better off with a new investor (I know that is hard to believe).

            Hughton leaving means one of a couple of things

            1) he saw the accounts and decided it was time to jump ship
            2) CH leaving was to give PP his golden handshake before new owners come in
            3) We sold CH to keep the ship going financially with no new owners waiting in the wings

            I think it is 1) and 3)

  • Bluehobba says:

    One thing about Peter Pannu is he does like to conclude his business quickly. As you say he is back next week and I expect a manager 2 be in place before the players return from holidays.As for a take over it’s a possibility but the pressure is now on the owner. I never won the lottery last night so it ain’t me buying.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      ‘likes to conclude his business quickly’ When’s that then?

      What business has he done?

      • Bluehobba says:

        Chris Hughton in last season….Chris Hughton out this week…

      • nicky wicky says:

        Paul your not thinking logically. The courts kick Carson out of his home. Chris Hughton resigns from blues cause he’s fedup waiting for the club to publish the accounts or being messed about, and suddenly the accounts are published. remember they said initially that they wouldn’t be ready till the end of aug-sept. then hey presto they suddenly appear. They have mentioned before play-off semi final about possible investor. so it stands to reason now they are trying to get the club into the best shape they can, so they can get a good price when they sell. If they sell too many key players the club will be devalued and the price will go down, but carson needs to get enought o get his house back, and save some of his dignity! So it stands to reason there will be a new manager in a soon as possible, and they willsign some players on bosman and loan, maybe some for small fee’sof they can move one or two on so the team is competitive for next season and season ticket sales pick up again!

  • silver1875 says:

    Do you think all this business of waiting to see if a take over is going to happen and
    Who our next manager will be is affecting season ticket sales? And I’m wondering
    Is it a coincident that we have not seen any sign of a new kit yet?
    Sorry about my grammar.

    • Bluehobba says:

      I contacted the club recently as the kit was late 2 years on the trot due to flooding in China and another delay last year not to mention the no sponsor at the beginning. I asked if they had taken in to account the shipping time and they told me that another deal had been done with xtep and kit was being ordered. My concern was that by now I have normally pre ordered it but am not convinced it will be here in time for August kick off.

  • Roy Smith says:

    At the risk of depressing everyone, why should anyone want to buy us at the moment?
    Can’t see it happening I’m afraid.

  • silver1875 says:

    Thanks Bluehobba.

  • James Freeman says:

    There must be a rich person out there that supports the almighty BCFC. For example if i won the euro millions lottery (lets say £100 million) i would buy blues in a heartbeat. Buy them for £40m (including getting rid of debts and buying that prat CY out. Then i would bring in a new manger, give him 20m and bobs your uncle, fannys your auntie we are in business for promotion. I still got £40m for myself to enjoy aswel. Problem is everybody is too greedy these days to do this

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:


    As I am not a qualified accountant I’m not going to discuss the accounts any further without some expert assistance, and due to the nature of this blog I am going to turn off comments on this article. I will post an update once I have further information to do so.

    Keep up the good work Al

  • Paulo says:

    If we go into the season without a manager, then I too dont think it would be the end of the world, but it’s what it looks like to everyone else ..it’s football politics! so because ‘someone’ has to be accountable for the team, we will have a manager soon. I reckon it’s just the way it is.
    As for the owners, well, now it’s all starting to get out in public, there is more than likely someone (or a group) that will be ready to start talking. But I too would be worried about the unsettling times of a changeover of owners, and how it would affect everyone at the club.
    Many managers have faced the oncoming trouble this causes, but some have faced it and succeeded. I do believe PP will want to keep his name on the BCFC board (amongst others), so my guess is he will be the intermediatary between the pitch and the owners ..however, any new owners may decide to sit closer and want more involvement.

    Either way, what this season will bring is ‘interesting times’.

    • nicky wicky says:

      evesham blues are not in the same position as portsmouth so stop bringing up doom and gloom scenario’. blues are in a better financial state than the villa by the looks of the accounts the only difference is theyhave thepreierleague money to prop them up. we still get some parachute payments. Theres plenty of time to find a new manager it’s only the beginning of june. the players dont come back from holiday till july. can’t see why they would want to devalue the club as it is the only salable asset they have? I would go for Holloway, Matteo, or Yates. Holloway and Matteo both know the championship and how to get out. they play the right football. Yates has done well at cheltenham on a small budget playing good football!

  • DoctorD says:

    Good work on the accounts Almajir — why is no-one else doing similar spadework? The main thing to me is that the logjam is starting to break up. Two directors gone. Court case going (albeit slowly). Accounts filed. New manager coming.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Like your drift, Al…new manager, signings, releases…all are subordinate to new ownership… maybe it’s all about nasty surprises, or avoiding the possibility… before we slate PP let’s give him the chance to sell us on. KRO

  • David says:

    I think PP is involved in finding new buyers. Therefore I don’t think there is a problem with appointing a new manager – PP will do and I trust him to pick someone good.
    ALso, PP would then stay on in his role under a new owner?????

  • AL- LAD says:

    All this is pure speculation, there is no White Knight, I can understand people’s emotions running high after CH has departed, but talk of investors & take overs are pointless. A new boss will be appointed within the coming weeks, it’s likely to be a Zola, Clarke, Barmby. There’ll be some sales of players, a few loan additions, may a bosman here or there. Please people stop looking to the sky & face the facts of our situation.

    • nicky wicky says:

      al-lad I expect they will probably sellone or two players,but i don’t expect they will need to sellloads like they did last year because the finances are stabilised. blues are not in a portsmouth situation. stop reading the sun, and mirror. villa are in a worse financial state. if they sold foster it wouldn’t be the end of the world because they’d still have doyle and butland to play in goal. If they sold Zigic to release funds then they’d need to bring someone else in to score the goals that he would have scored? They have no need to go selling of the clubs young talent yet asthey have other players they can sell beforehand!the club is not headingfor admin.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Just drop it Jay, Chrissakes.

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Your remarks don’t impress me, Paul. Have the last word if it means so much to you.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:


      Just can’t understand why you keep trying to bring up the accounts when you’ve been told not to.

      Don’t take it personally brother


  • Quokkasskip says:

    Cannot see a takeover happening quickly. With the BIHL structure any decent businessman will want to extensive due diligence.
    Therefore I think we will appoint a manager asap. There are lots of managers out there and remember only 92 league clubs. Even if we are in a poor financial position we are still surely offer one of the top 40 manager job in the country so people will be v interested.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Whilst there is a lot of speculation being aired on here as well as elswhere concerning possible ” new owners “, Most are looking for ” white knights ” with bucket loads of money,!!.

    I would prefer another Sullivan/Gold, type of owners, who would clear any outstanding debts, Re-build our infra structure, Get us another CH, type of manager, Then start taking us forwaed on a SOLID BASE, — Even if it takes another couple of seasons,!!!.

    • nicky wicky says:

      sulliivsan/gold didn’t do us any favours. they just kept the club ticking over staying in profit and in the preiership creaming off the profits and paying themselves a regular salary even though they are both multi-millionaires. they used to have the scouts diggin uptalent on the cheap and they would then sell them on later at a huge profit. Maenwhile before each season they used to promise the earth to the blues fans saying they’d do this and that to keep mug punters like you going down and buying your season ticket. I got fed up of their lies. They had no feeling for blues like they do for west ham who they have given a huge tansfer kitty to because they want them to be successful, they wree happy for blues to finish 17th. they had to buy an fa cup,because blues just stagnated under gold/sullivan. remember when they said they were going to offer maradon £1million to come and play for blues?bullshit!

      • Oldbluenose says:

        Methinks, you miss the point, nicky, Because they were business men, and paid themselves a wage for their efforts, [ If that is true,?.]. The point was that they kept the club solvent,!!. Re-built Stands,!!.
        Wast Hills, training ground,!!. And helped build the ” backroom staff ” as Brucie, then Mc Leish, wished for,!!!!!!!!!!.

        THAT IS the kind of owners I want,!!!. — Having a few quid as well, would be helpfull, kro.

        • nicky wicky says:

          they did pay themselves salaries ,and maybe they did keep the club solvent ,butthat was only so they could cream off the profits any decent player we had was sold on and they pocketed the proceeds. they only partialy did the training ground it was carson who fiished it. we don’t need people like that they are just leaches. fleas on a dogs back that keep sucking on its bloodstream just taking enough blood to keep it alive! They just agve us fans a load of bull,and your a mug if you want them back! If you’ve watched how they’ve been at west ham they’ve invested in properly because they have feelings for that area and they’ve given them a lot more money than they ever gave usthey haven’t ripped off the club like thy did at blues!

          • Oldbluenose says:

            Steady nicky,!!. No need to call me a mug, mate,!!. We have different viewpoints, but that does not make either of us MUGS,!!.

            Incidently,!!. NO, I would not want them back,!!. I was pointing out that they kept this club stable,!!, So if a NEW owner brought stability back, — I WOULD welcome that,!!!. kro.

          • nicky wicky says:

            soz oldblue i thought you were one of thesefans who saw them through rose tinted glasses and forgot all the bull and how they ripped off the club. I have followed those scottish bastards since they joined west ham and watched how they pumped their money in to the club. things they wouldn’t do while they were at blues. They have been the complete opposite and have given sam alladyce a war chest so he can get players in so they can be successful. they wouldn’t do that at blues.
            Whoever comes to blues has certainly got to stabilise the club, but surely the next person is not going to be as frivolous as mr yeung? I have regular chats with the owner of my local chinese take away, and he tells me that mr yeung is not very well known in hog kong ,and that he doesn’t have much money he is all talk. he told me when he bought the club that he would be gone within a year or so! seems to be coming true doesn’t it?

          • nicky wicky says:

            soz oldblue i thought you were one of these fans who saw them through rose tinted glasses and forgot all the bull and how they ripped off the club. I have followed those scottish bastards since they joined west ham and watched how they pumped their money in to the club. things they wouldn’t do while they were at blues. They have been the complete opposite and have given sam alladyce a war chest so he can get players in so they can be successful. they wouldn’t do that at blues.
            Whoever comes to blues has certainly got to stabilise the club, but surely the next person is not going to be as frivolous as mr yeung? I have regular chats with the owner of my local chinese take away, and he tells me that mr yeung is not very well known in hog kong ,and that he doesn’t have much money he is all talk. he told me when he bought the club that he would be gone within a year or so! seems to be coming true doesn’t it?

  • Trish looking blue says:

    Not sure whether to buy my season ticket as worried about losing money if we go into administration
    do you know if many season tickets have been sold. Thanks for everything you let us know, keep the info coming and keep right on

    • almajir says:


      If you buy it on a credit card you’re covered by legislation that means you won’t lose your money (even if you pay the balance of the card off in full). I’m trying to find out if the 0% finance deal also works in this way. Debit cards, cash and cheque definitely aren’t protected.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      I have been told they are ptiful at the minute, hardly surprising Trish.

  • oldburyblue says:

    Almajir….your site, therefore your rules, fair enough. I am confident that there are very good reasons for your stance on this subject, however am I allowed to ask the following question? It seems that we know how much CY invested in the Club, but do we know how much he and his friends took out in the form of salaries, commission and interest for loans etc?

  • tony says:

    To many people on here live in cloud cuckoo land.There’s not one hard fact about new owners,investment or anything else regarding a new manager.Whilst looking at this with rose tinted glasses is one thing i think people need a huge dose of realism.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Hear hear Tone

    • nicky wicky says:

      tony itstands to reason they are looking for a new manager and the right one to take the club forward from last year. they need a new maaager in before they sell as they need to get the team together. they want to make the team competitive.I doubt there are any white knight’s,but they will still want to get the best price they can, so selling off all the players and having no manager will make the club worthless, so carson won’t get his house back!

  • jazzzy786 says:

    I’ve read about Tata Motors being interested somewhere else. Have you heard anything on this Almajir?

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Have you heard anything on Tata motors almajir?

  • james says:

    There will be no takeover. I will give £100 to a charity of your choice if these new investors turn up with a wad of cash.

    We have been lied to 5 times in the last 6 months, plus the absolute joke of a story today.

    Singapore Airlines, Tata, Bill Gates – it’s all BS to get fans to by season tickets.


    At first I was hopeful with regards to Carson, then really started to believe after the League Cup. But I have had enough of the statements from Pannu with no real meaning ( he’d make a great politician), the silence from Carson ( has he had his tongue removed?) and the absolute tosh served up from our local newspaper. I like Colin Tattum and the OP but can someone just come out and get all “paxman” on Pannu, just to see him squirm would be some light relief for the suffering fans.

    Enough is enough – sell up, clear off, never darken our door again, do one, get lost, stop lying. They have no respect for the fans and any penny we make will be straight off to some overseas bank account.


    • Blueboy88 says:

      Spot on if there were any Investor waiting in the wings Chris Hughton would still be the manager.
      He would not have walked if there was a hint of a top owner waiting in the wings to jump aboard.

      So lets all get realistic…& start a more sensible conversation around the facts of the matter.

  • Ingerlund says:

    No point mentioning the accounts really because the important information would be in the balance sheet rather than the trading p&l. This is what investors would be interested in as this defines the value of a business. A business can lose billions in its trading figures but still change hands for billions based on its assets and future growth potential and reasonong behind a trading loss.
    Why the change of heart on standing firm and rejecting any aproaches for CH? No mention of him deserving the chance to move on a few weeks ago.
    I dont think BCFC is a bad investment and the only money owed is to shareholders who are going to take a hit. The job is almost done and we will have new owners and a new manager with money to spend within two weeks is my prediction.
    Just hope they dont hit the same problems as CY and a lot of other club owners. The Vile are just about balancing the books along with probably 75% of all clubs and dirs as it may have been I think PP did a fantastic job last season in running BCFC on income rather than borrowing, so regardless of any outcome we should be gratefull to him if nobody else that we still have a football club..

    • nicky wicky says:

      from the look of the accounts blues are in a better shape than villa. The only difference is were now in a lower division,but we have the basis of a good team that could get promotion so things aren’t as bad as people keepsaying were not heading for admin!

  • David says:

    The likes of Nottingham Forest find buyers. We are no bigger or smaller than them.

    • tismyk says:

      First division champions, 2 European cups,,,,,,

    • chris says:

      because the family who own forest want rid of it for a fairly small figure, whereas our lot will want to recoup as much as they can of the 35 million they overpaid for the club (80 million total).
      no-one in their right mind will pay more than 20 million as there are debts to add to that, so the gulf between the two are massive.

    • nicky wicky says:

      forest have about 18 european trophies including 2 european cups and several eufa cups,etc plus aload of domestic trophies,and they’ve also been league champions several times. They’ve been more successful than villa and up until recently we’re more successful than man utd! They also hold the record for the most consequtive wins in all competitions of 42 games. Arsenal only did it in the league!

  • KipperBlue says:

    The accounts can be obtained for £1 now on companies house website. Download it and have a look and then comment on whatever forum you wish.

    Please respect Almajir’s stance not to discuss them on this thread.

  • Texas Pete says:

    So, right now looks like a critical time to sell. The cup win, europe appearance, highest position w/out promotion and quality players are good bones. Leave it another season and this will be gone. The barriers to this are CY et al egos, the unbalanced accounts, the mother company and debt.
    My problem is that I want it all done right now, but I must be patient. The BCFC accounts are a good first step and perhaps CH going has moved us closer to the necessary shake up. He was something we couldn’t realistically hold on to. The players are more an asset for a new manager appointed by new owners.
    Ideally, we need a lot of buzz going about the takeover and it being concluded in good time for the new season.

  • Ingerlund says:

    The TATA rumour sounds plausible but unlikely because they are a investing heavily in new products and manufacturing in our region which in itself is brilliant, but I doubt owning a football club would apeal to the shareholders. Now sponsorship could be a decent avenue. We would get one over the Vile if this happened. They only got MG Rover so getting JLR with the Solihull and Castle Brom connection would be the perfect fit. Have a word with PP Almajir. Season ticket hoders get half price Jag’s

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Is it true that BCFC asked Norwich for up front compo to pay the players wages in close season? This is a rumour doing the phone text rounds.

  • crotcher88 says:

    that nickywicky got a lot to say for himself is he on the board the numpty

  • Poppa999 says:

    Did Carson Yeung ever see a Chris Hughton team play? He was arrested the week after CH was appointed. What a shame!

  • andy says:

    Im of the belief Hughton left because he knew he had to sell players again, thats why the next manager will be low profile and will have to start off the way Hughton did last year and sell off our better players to the vultures.

    • nicky wicky says:

      andy it’s a way of life in the championship that you have to sell a player or two to survive. doesn’t mean were heading for admin, or all the young stars are going to be sold off. stop reading the sun and mirror they’re both toilet roll! every club in the lower leagues has a good scouting network where they go digging up talent which they develop and sell on and thats how they survive and if they get promoted the less players or different players they have to sell. Before they start selling the likes of butland,redmond and mutch they have Foster,and Zigic they can sell. I don’t want the club to sell anyone,but i’m sure if we got a manager like Holloway or Matteo or Yates even they could bring somone in to replace them who could score the goals and we’d still have two decent goalies!

  • nicky wicky says:

    The only problem i see with the accounts is that they say that they can keep the club as a going concern by player transfers. The only hope is they are not going to try and cling on to power by flogging the players off like they did last year else the new manager will have a real problem improving on last years 4th place finish. Lets hope they are just going to sell one or two players and are planning to get in a new manager soon so that they can get the team competitive for next season. I’m not renewing my season ticket till i’ve seen who the manager is and what the team looks like? Hopefully they’re going to sell up to the highest bidder while the clubs still worth something cause i don’t think i could stand another season with these clowns in charge ripping the team apart and lying and hope they realise that now is the best time to sell up,and if they sell off the players they will just alienate the fans,and make the shares worthless!

  • crotcher88 says:

    fair play to nickywicky only joking myself m8

    • nicky wicky says:

      crotcher you were probably one of the ones who thought we were going to get relegated, and were going on abbout struggling to finish midtable last season,and also thought we’d get null pionts in europe but we did quite well didn’t we so if we could get somone like Holloway then maybe we could get automatic promotion this year? it aint all doom and gloom. rty to think positive. They surely must realise that they have to sell up now while the clubs in a good shape and on the back of a successful season so stocks high!

  • SotonBlue says:

    I have seen several comments questioning why Tata would want to own afootball club, but they do run a football academy:


    That said, nothing I have read about the Tata takeover story has any substance

  • BluenoseSean says:

    Lets hope if someone takes us over there like the man city owners

  • Smokin says:

    Firstly Paul, calling yourself the voice of reason is being slightly undone by your comments on this article.

    Secondly, read my comment again. I am not saying anything about a takeover being near or far, probable or unlikely. Just making a comment about how the timing of a potential takeover has effects on managers. I am not bothered about rumours.

    So calm down and stop stressing. Let people believe what they want to believe, it worked for your “Jaysus” . Its called having faith. It makes them happy.

    May I suggest that you take a holiday? From reading the comments I think you need one.


  • alexjhurley says:

    Alternatively, back in the real world, a prem club came in with enough cash and wages to make it a no brainer for all concerned. Honestly, some people come out with such drivel at times, eh evesham blue ?

  • Gary says:

    Evesham – sorry, but that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve read for a long time: They “sold” the manager for 2 million. Come on, give me a break!

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almijir,!!. Can Carson Yueng, actually SELL the club at this moment in time, as his Shares etc;, are frozen by Hong Kong Courts,?.

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Mark Robins ??

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