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Curbs Not Interested?

Alan Curbishley has told UAE-based website Sport 360 that he has no interest in the Birmingham City job.

Curbishley is quoted as answering “no” when asked if he wanted the St Andrews hotseat and the site goes on to say that Curbs is only interested in a job in the top flight.

The former Blues midfielder’s last management job at West Ham United finished in acrimony as he walked out complaining of transfer interference and he eventually won a case of constructive dismissal in court.

Colin Tattum confirmed yesterday on twitter that Curbishley was on a four-man shortlist for the role but stated at the time that Roy Keane and Lee Clark were the front-runners for the position.

At the time of writing Alan Curbishley is at 5th or 6th favourite to take the job with the bookies, with 12-1 being offered by Stan James and SkyBet against the former Charlton boss coming to Small Heath.


81 Responses to “Curbs Not Interested?”

  • Mickey07 says:

    Shame that,he wAs my choice,plus he has very good experience of how to handle a club in a total mess when at charlton…..

  • nicky wicky says:

    Makes you wonder what to make of this so called shortlist of 4 candidates then doesn’t it? I certainly wouldn’t want Clark or Keane that would be going backwards so maybe there isn’t a shortlist yet, and this is just the journo’s stiring up the fans!

    • Blueboy 88 says:

      So by a process of elimination Nicky then wants Phil Brown to be the next manager of Birmingham City FC.

      Almajir – please can you find a bed in the OP Home for Distressed & Dillusional Birmingham supporter for Nicky , where he can recieve intensive rehabilition therapy , on what makes a good football mamager..

      Nicky we are all pulling for you …trust it will be succesful…

      • nicky wicky says:

        Blueboy i never said that. If you raed my blog properly you will see that i said that the shortlist must be fictitious if Curbs is saying that he is not interested as he is supposed to be one of the names on the shortlist!

        • almajir says:

          Ahem – comment. Only one person actually writes blogs around here Nicky…

          • Blueboy 88 says:

            Theres the answer – Let Nicky publish a guest blog on OP , of the merits of Phil Brown as our next manager …allowing us all the opportunity to comment on such a prospect in detail…

          • almajir says:

            I don’t do guest blogs mate ;)

          • nicky wicky says:

            sorry reply!

          • Jamie says:

            go on mate, let me write an OP blog and I’ll let you record a song for my next album! :) and leave Nicky alone, this ganging up on people is a terrible thing! and to be fair, he only implied he wants Brown! :)

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    I can’t get my head around this R`Keane for the BLUES.

    Keane spent at Sunderland when they went down to the championship & the team p!ssed the league.
    Didn’t start well in the Prem,got the bullet.
    Went to Ipswich spent again,no success,got the bullet.

    Now he’s on “the shortlist” for BLUES. WHY IS HE ??

    Roy,haven’t you heard,we have no money,you can’t buy,we need to sell,oh and remember we as a club,don’t talk to the press or fans.
    Can you really see Keane keeping his mouth shut about what’s going on behind “closed~doors” at BLUES like C`Hughton did ??

    Or is the “new investor” wanting his man to spend his money ??

    Just can’t see Keane wanting the job,let alone volunteering !!!!!

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Colin Tattum & Brian Dick of the Mail need to compare notes…

    Tattum on Twitter intermates Roy Keane has applied for the vacant managers position,
    Dick in the Mail ireports he has not….

    So who is correct ?

  • Shane says:

    Good do we really want him to manage our club? When was the last time he was actually a manager? We need a young exciting coach like Ian Holloway or Paulo Di Canio

  • Mickey07 says:

    I just couldn’t see keane and pannu working together……but do agree,why would keane with all our troubles want to come to blues,it just don’t add up.

    • almajir says:

      People do funny things when you wave money in front of them, particularly if they’ve got a point to prove to an old Italian international manager…

      • Euston 9.18 says:

        “Wave money” ??

        Any new news on that front,”ALMAJIR” ??

      • Mickey07 says:

        Yes mate but even if keane was having the big wad shown to him….it just would not work…..do you really think he is the answer?

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        Never mind proving a point to a certain Italian – he (Keane) might fancy his chances of doing a better job….

        Just hope he doesn’t get any ideas about proving a point in the Championship again – well not with Blues at least..

  • Dave says:

    My mrs is a Huddersfield fan an on occasion I had to sit at the Terriers and watch them under Clark. Clarks a very positive manager and despite what they (hudds fans) say they loved him for 2 years. He uncovered gems like Pilkington, Rhodes, Peltier and brought youngsters through like Smithies. He is a passionate young manager if he ends up at Blues it could be a master stroke. All this talk of Big Eck 2 is a uneducated nonsense.

  • prewarblue says:

    Curbishley was a non runner from the start,,,,made enough money from the constructive dismissal court case he won to let him retire from management and set up as a pundit ,,,unless his tax advisors/ bank manager screw up he wont manage another club,,,,cant hack the pressure now and not having his own way in running a club let alone a team,,,,,sad to say it but “T.F” is the same type,,,,good player but crap manager.
    As for “Keane” def no thanks,,,,,failure at both clubs he has tried to manage,, P.P and him would NOT get on,,,,,,the one wouldnt talk and the other wouldnt keep his mouth shut !

  • Macc lad says:

    I still want Holloway.

  • Daddybluenose says:

    Harry redknapp, new owners, Transfer embargo lifted and £40mil to spend………….ah we can dream can’t we! No! Ok kro I guess.

  • Reeboh says:

    I couldn’t give a banana what he says. The fact he calls us ‘Birminam’ should be enough to show he doesn’t care about the club like he used to perhaps. Clark is my first choice, McCarthy may be a goodun for us however. Keane, not so sure.

  • nicky wicky says:

    We should be trying for Holloway.He’sgot Blackpool playing attacking football with two consequtive promotion campaigns the first one successful ,and he seems to have learned that he needs to be defensively strong as well to be successful!

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Told you all days ago Curbs wouldn’t be interested and he wont be the only one. Hello, have you
    seen the mess we’re in.

    Having made my mind up not to renew the appointmentof useless thug Keane will make my decision lie a little easier on my heart, Wipe this season out if we get Keane.

    • almajir says:

      Quick question for you Paul – how old are you?

      • Blueboy 88 says:

        VOR – We know who you don’t want , but who do you want ?

        Nicky wants Phil Brown

        I want Karl Robinson

        CY want Roy Keane………etc etc

        • nicky wicky says:

          Look Blueboy i never said i wanted Brown. The so called shortlist was published and i rated them 1-4 like millionaire with Curbs at top Brown second. I’d prefer Holloway like most fans to be honest but his name wasn’t mentioned!

          • Blueboy 88 says:

            Exactly Nicky , Curbs is out , so by default your 2nd choice now becomes your 1st…

            & I have detected in your previous “blogs” a little bit of man love for Phil,
            waxing lyrically about what a great job he did at Hull , & how the Preston years were no more than a minor aboration…

            Be very careful…you’ll be down the tanning salon next..

        • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

          Good question, I’d quite like Holloway cos I think he could cope with the external problems we have whereas a less experienced guy would struggle. He’s got a nice comfortable number at Blackpool though.

          More pertiently who would come given the circs? A number still would cos after all a jobs a job and in many ways the expectation wouldn’t be that high. I don’t think any of the more experienced would want it so out of those left I’d go fo Di Canio.

          • nicky wicky says:

            Exactly can’t understand why PP seems to be leaning towards Clark. he spent a lot of money over 3 years at Huddersfield and still couldn’t get promotion. Got a lot of draws,and he wouldn’t have a big budget like he did there!

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Just 50 Al, why?

        • almajir says:


          You talk about how bad things are now – do you remember the late eighties/early nineties? Dwindling crowds, a crumbling stadium and players like Dean Peer etc pushed into the team because we couldn’t afford anyone else?

          It’s my personal opinion things aren’t that bad yet – I think people should relax a little and accept we will get a manager – maybe not the one we ultimately hoped for, but we’ll get someone.

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            Remember it well, I was a season ticket holder throughout and one of a small band who went to every away game too.

            Our fans deserted us during those times, 6000 souls we were.

            Our problems then were nowt compared to now.

          • almajir says:

            I’m a bit young but I remember some of the real apathy and disdain for the club.

            The hope is that even with what has gone on, it’s not that bad.

          • Liam moakes says:

            Almajir, you say this, but Paul is correct. I take your point but everything is relative. It’s not as bad as the late 80s yet, but it’s going that way. Crowds are definitely dwindling, there is no investment in the team, we are being forced to pick certain players as there’s such a small squad and by modern standards blues’ ground is no great shakes.
            IMO the writing is on the wall, albeit in pencil at the moment.
            This is also a problem amongst blues fans, just because we have had years of dire stuff, why should we now settle for saying its always got to be that way?
            The fact is this board have catastrophically messed up a hugely promising position for this club in the space of two years.

          • Blueboy 88 says:

            The Kumar Bros years where grim (Now that would be an interesting blog , where are they now the Kumar Bros ?)

            But in that era we still had one of the great days out – 1991 Leyland Daf final, & witness too two of the best Wembley goal ever scored …by John Gayle ..

            So a lot like last season …good times can still come out & shine , even in the face of adversity…

          • Ted says:

            Quite right!

            The owners obviously gave far too much money to the pearly kings and perhaps the Hong Kong group are a little naive and lacking experience, BUT, they did spend in the EPL.

            What can CY do whilst all his assets are frozen and he is facing a long drawn-out court battle to regain access to these funds. Its all very well saying why doesn’t he just handover the club to someone else? Would you?

            Even in the eye of the storm, they made a great appointment and supported a decent crack at promotion.

            All the insults and vitriol can hardly help.

            Whilst I cannot say that I’m hugely optimistic in the short-term, I am hopeful that, after the money-laundering trial, things will improve dramatically.


          • alexjhurley says:

            Im not happy about you singling out dean peer. there were many far far worse players than him. He was better than Damien johnson ;)

  • Masaccio says:

    Holloway – under contract, hello we have no money to buy players let alone pay compo for a good championship manager.
    Roy Keane – only an idiot would hire this idiot
    Curbishely – out of the game far too long, he said he wants a job in the top flight? Rubbish, no one in the PL will give him a job.

  • tony says:

    Curbishley is deluding himself thinking that a top job is eventually going to fall in his lap.He did wonders for charlton but very little afterwards.Keane had a good season at sunderland but failed after and was awful at ipswich .We aren’t going to attract a successfulmanager so why not go for an up and coming one from the lower leagues.

  • hammy says:

    just sit back and wait a while ladies, as there may be new owners just around the corner….

    and if it does happen, then we may well get us a far more varied choice of manager….

    heres hoping….


  • AR says:

    Curbishley, imo, would not have been a bad choice, but after trousering 2 million plus in compensation from W.Ham, he now appears to have delusions of grandeur. I will be devastated if we appoint Keane or Brown (or is it Orange?), so what are we left with if, as most of us think we are not going to pay compensation? Clark and who else? Certainly not Honest Mick. I wonder if we would pay for Ian Holloway, for he would put bums on seats for sure. But please, please, please Mr.Pannu, NOT ROY KEANE !!!!

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Curbishley spoke to Blues. He obviously did not agree with what was said. Due to this, it is not right to say he was not interested. At this moment in time, he has the luxury of being in the position of picking which role he wants to assume.

    For whatever reason(s) nothing has been agreed with him and therefore we should concentrate on others who are still in contention. Let’s forget about where he will/not end-up.

    As it is not going to be Curbishley, my second choice would be Lee Clark. Why??
    Taking into account his age, experience and skills, he might be able to learn from his first role and implement any changes he wants to make from there – ie tactical awareness and style of play. He is still in the process of learning his trade and I do not believe it is fair to assume we know what he can and cannot do when setting out team ethos. He had a nearly 50% win rate at his previous club as manager, and regardless of why he was sacked, he will have a point to prove – both to them and himself – if he has any professional pride and I guess he has plenty plenty. It is rumoured that he is also willing to work within the constraints that we find ourselves in. Would be a good fit at this stage. He would more than likely receive a one-year rolling contract similar to CH, so we would not be that financially bound if things did not accordingly.

    Here’s hoping things progress rather expediently.

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    I sense a weakening! Al used a smiley !!! Tada 8~)

  • Ali Duncan says:

    I’d like to see us go with a young and hungry manager who has something to prove and knows how to handle a small but tight squad under very difficult financial constraints. We have to have realistic expectation for the coming season and need to build on the excellent foundations put in by CH.

    I would like to see Chris Wilder at Oxford at least considered and interviewed for the job. He did an excellent job turning Oxford around in the conference, got them promoted and only just missed out on the play-offs last term.

    People might argue he isn’t a big enough name but do we really want a big name? As stated previously Keane has done little other than when he had truckloads of cash in this division and his image is not one I want associated with my club. Someone without a hardened ego who is hungry to climb the ladder and stamps a clam influence and authority like CH is the kind of man we need – not some media spotlight hogging joker.

  • mitchell says:

    I’ll take my recent “glass half empty” approach with the names being mentioned;

    Curbs; Couldn’t care less that he’s played for us. Has been out of work for years and I wouldn’t speak to any candidates, in any walk of life, that chooses to stay at home. Add to this that he’s not very good.

    Phil Brown; He has acheived nothing. In 5 years. No thanks.

    Roy Keane; Two schools of thought on Roy, did he do well at Sunderland or not? Either way, he aint good enough. And his attiude stinks.

    Lee Clarke; Could just be the ray of light we need. Young, very unlucky at Huddersfield with the play offs and would cost us zilch.

    There you have it – Lee Clarke to be our next manager. You heard it hear first…….


  • Denis Thwaites says:

    On the basis that the remaining candidates are frankly not up to scratch why are we only looking at managers based in the UK. Swansea and Wolves have gone down that route again because of the dearth of talented managers currently available. We should be spreading the net a lot further except for the far east.

    Clubs like Levante in Spain who work on low budgets and who were expected to get relegated have defied the odds finishing 6th in La Liga qualifying for Europe having taken on a new manager at the start of the season with no pedigree whatsoever. There are also plenty of other leagues in Europe where there must be talented up and coming managers who are just waiting for a chance in English football. I am not normally an advocate for looking abroad for managers but needs must here. The thought of the names mentioned on the so called shortlist spell disaster for me. PP spread your net and advertise this job to the managers associations in the various leagues across Europe for god’s sake

  • crotcher88 says:

    there be sorrows and sorrows to kro its just the blues thats why i love them

  • tgeejay says:

    Hear off a friend of Lee Clark’s agent that he is seeing Pannu today, so looks a good bet.
    Hopefully he’ll be able to take us further than Huddersfield, given the chance. KRO

  • Wingman Blue says:

    What about Cloughie?…Nigel that is, not Brian!

  • Ted says:

    What qualities should we be looking for in our new manager?
    PROMOTION TRACK RECORD: Ian Holloway/Paul Lambert
    COACHING SKILL: Ian Holloway/Chris Hughton
    MAN MANAGEMENT: Ian Holloway/
    ATTACK MENTALITY: Ian Holloway/Pep Guardiola
    MEDIA SKILL: Ian Holloway/José Mourinho
    TALLENT SPOTTER: Ian Holloway/Arsène Wenger
    TACTICIAN: Ian Holloway/Guus Hiddink
    PASSION: Ian Holloway/Paulo Di Canio
    WORK ETHIC: Ian Holloway/David Moyes
    NO SKELETONS: Ian Holloway/Sir Alex Ferguson
    AFFORDABLE: Ian Holloway/Ian Holloway


  • crotcher88 says:

    take you want brown then ted

  • Chris58and still going strong says:

    Gosh what a load of depression on this site. We will get a manager, times are tough but we are BCFC, My season ticket is paid for. Remember the words “Keep right on to the end of the road” the end is not even near. “Though the way be long” never any different for Blues “Let your heart beat strong” be brave we will have good times again. “Though your tired and weary” Blues fans always go through the mill but we always keep going. Get behind the boys come what may otherwise you may have to go shopping with your partner on a Saturday afternoon. I’m all for Paulo , Ian or MM

  • andy says:

    Im hoping Roy Keane gets the job. The guy wont stand any nonsense, and if he is appointed i see it as a good sign. Much rather have him than just a run of the mill manager and a yes man.

  • bluenosesol says:

    Cant believe no one has mentioned Ally McCoist!!

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    “Alan Curbishley has told UAE-based website Sport 360 that he has no interest in the Birmingham City job.

    Curbishley is quoted as answering “no” when asked if he wanted the St Andrews hotseat and the site goes on to say that Curbs is only interested in a job in the top flight.”


    Within 3 minutes of you going online mate, Brian Dick of the Birminam Mail also went online saying that Curbishley HAD been interviewed and that Blues would not be pursuing him.

    Just wondering if these are two views of the same item of news.

    Curbs HAD talks, Blues lose interest so Curbs says he’s not interested.

    You chose to lead with the Curb’s saying “No” angle, and Dicks with Blues losing interest in him?


    Either way, I’d still want Blake/Johnson?

    • almajir says:

      Not quite Letsby.

      I hadn’t seen the mail article when I wrote the one I did; however I saw the sport 360 one was carrying direct quotes ans I thought it was newsworthy.

      Notwithstanding the mail article, I’m happy with my choice

      • Letsby Avenue says:

        Pardon ?


        That was my point Al.

        The ‘Sport 360’ article came first, you used that as your blog….and you were followed minutes later by Brian Dick. Same source, two different angles was my point.
        Although Dick in the BMail did say that Curbs had been interviewed and then Blues lost interest.
        A comment not referenced elsewhere it seems.


  • pierre says:

    heard a very interesting interview on talksport yesterday with the journalist who wrote roy keanes autobiography,you may still be able to listen to it if you visit talksport website,in short zero man-management skills.

  • BobbyBlue says:

    Ian Holloway will NOT come… why are people suggesting him? Yes it would be nice but totally unrealistic. He would costs money we dont have and more importantly, he has a nice little project at Blackpool on the go.

    If not Curbs… then lee clark. I think he would feel excited about managing at a higher level to what he’s used to and would have the energy and hunger to be running uphill for a season!

  • Oby says:

    I’m starting to warm a little towards Lee Clarke, here is a a post from a Terriers fan when asked his opinion from a Blues fan on a forum–

    ‘LC was agood young manager(still is) but lost his way partly down to our chairman allowing him to be like the proverbial kid in a candy store–which DH has admitted he gave him too much room and money, he will come back stronger and ye he’ll do a good job for you esp as your skint i hear so he’ll have to wheel and deal which will further his education in management–good luck and yep happy days in the Champ’s at last:-)

  • andy says:

    Lee Clark has aspirations of managing Newcastle one day so taking the Blues job would be a big stepping stone for him towards that goal. He knows he would have to be a success at Blues and thats why i feel he would be a good appointment. Roy Keane is more high profile and for me his appointment would be an interesting one indeed. If im honest, it would be a surprise if Keane took the job under the circumstances surrounding the club, but im led to believe Keane is the one Carson Yeung wants.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Is it true you want Phil Brown Nicky? Why would anyone want that singing orange clown. Clark is the only choice now Curbs has removed himself from that list of wannabe managers.

  • alexjhurley says:

    Surely anyone is better than mcginger? Oh, except Steve Bruce.

  • chris says:

    don’t rule out davies nor mccarthy who have taken teams out of this division, as i’m sure blues will be speaking to anyone who has applied and putting feelers out to those that haven’t.
    they are taking their time by the look of it and talking to many people not just the press or betting shops favourites.
    it’s about the whole management team and we need a new scout too.

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