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Gossip Folks – The Transfer Rumour Mill (Summer 2012 Edition)

Back in January I conducted an experiment whereby I kept a log of all the player rumours in the press and matched them up with what happened; not just to look at accuracy but to show how transfer stories evolve and to help people spot the scoop from the hubris. With the transfer window now properly open, I’ve decided to start it again, backdated to July 1.

The rules are simple; I’m only looking at transfer stories from “legitimate sources” – so for example The Mirror and the Daily Mail are in because they’re newspapers whereas Tribalfootball and Clubcall are out because they work on a much more gossipy basis. I will consider news from foreign sources with similar caveats – ie it’s got to be a proper news source and not some work of fantasy. I’m going to put them all together into a spreadsheet which I’ll then link on here and update you all about once a week or so.

One of the big rumours I’ve already seen was the perennial “Zigic to a.n.other Spanish club” which seems to crop up in the Mirror every transfer window. This time it was Espanyol who were mentioned as the interested party. I’ll say right now that I consider this rumour laughable; we all know Zigic is on humongous wages here in Brum – and well, Espanyol were struggling to pay their players back in May (credit to Tarantini from SHA for the Spanish link). I think I can safely say that this one is most likely something put out by Ziggy’s agent trying to start some interest… like he does every window.

I’m not going to add twitter rumours onto the spreadsheet; partly because I haven’t got enough time in the day and partly because very few seem to be based in fact. Last night it was “Chris Burke to Norwich for £5mil” – which seemed to come originally from a post on a Norwich supporter’s forum. I’ve been using this word a lot recently, but it’s hubris on some Canary fan’s part in my opinion. Whilst there has always been the people who claim that they are “In the know” the internet has caused the phenomenon to grow rapidly and has given them a platform to pronounce their latest proclamations. I’ve said this a lot but I’m going to say it again – treat everything you read (including this) with a grain of salt.

If you’ve seen anything juicy that you think I might have missed please feel free to drop me a line and I’ll look into it further. I’m intending to put the first installment of the spreadsheet up on Monday 9 July.

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33 Responses to “Gossip Folks – The Transfer Rumour Mill (Summer 2012 Edition)”

  • Luke says:

    Sean davis on pay by play contract

  • Mike says:

    I heard Messi’s sick and tired of winning everything with Barca and wants a fresh challenge, he’s even willing to buy out his own contract to move for free. I HEARD IT I DON’T KNOW WHERE BUT I HEARD THAT

    • Chris says:

      I have sources close to Lionel, I can confirm this rumour. Messi has Idolised Lee Clark. As well all know Messi is a big Newcastle United fan and he would love to come and work for his idol. I HAVE VERY RELIABLE SAUCES. Mainly Heinz. Other brands are available.

  • Delboy says:

    Knowing our luck our first signing will be Hesky

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Can you post your results from the january experiment Al, It would be interesting to read.

    And drop the ‘hubris’ now, you aint on countdown y’know :)

  • DCP says:

    you can’t really advise someone to drop a word when you’ve given yourself a title!
    the voice of reason? i don’t think OP needs a jeremy kyle like keyboard warrior

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Grow up

    • DCP - The Louder Voice of Reason says:

      point being, what gives you the right to post on these sites with such a name?
      is your post addressed to mr p carter the voice of reason?

  • nicky wicky says:

    surely your contradicting yourself on ziggy. Maybe the stories rubbish but why would he be trying to engineer a leave if he was on so much money?

    • Trevor Honnor says:

      If he could get the same money in a warmer, sunnier less physical league then perhaps this might be a driving force behind his agent ‘engineering a move’ ??

      • Blue in Spain says:

        He could take a lot less in Spain and still have the same take home pay as income tax on higher earnings is a lot less than UK.

      • nicky wicky says:

        but the stories rubbish cause espanyanol’s in the same situation as portsmouth!

  • Ben says:

    Don’t forget that he may get a percentage of the Transfer fee/ or a sign on fee etc – an new longer contract
    There are many reasons why Zigics agen would do this,
    But i think he will stay for at least another 6 months

  • Pughy the blue says:

    Orlando sa is linked with us

  • andy says:

    I was surprised Blues never signed Nile Ranger last season and i would like to see Lee Clark sound him out. He is a bit of a handful but the Newcastle fans rate him highly. Sheffield Wednesday was the last club he was at on loan, a permanent deal was rumoured the last i read. Would like to see him at Blues.

  • Jay Sidney says:

    How about getting this extremely delibitating transfer embargo lifted first?

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Sorry for glaring typo there. For “delibitating” please read DEBILITATING.

  • Pughy the blue says:

    No not really to be fair

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Almajir’s skepticism re transfer embargo is surely well-founded.

    I’d like to see this embargo lifted tomorrow but where is the EVIDENCE to back-up claims that this damned shackle may soon be broken?

  • andy says:

    Well i was under the impression Lee Clark was told the lifting of the embargo was imminent and he has earmarked players already. Surely Peter Pannu aint give Lee false information?

  • Jay Sidney says:

    I understand where you are coming from, Andy. I posted a comment a while ago trying to use the logical argument that Lee Clerk is no fool and would not have taken the Blues job if he really thought his attempts to bring in new players would be continually thwarted by this damned transfer embargo.

    However, like scores of thousands of others who hold BCFC dear to their hearts, it’s PROOF of the lifting of the embargo that I want to hear about.

    • Blueboy 88 says:

      The FL do not even acknowledge the tansfer embargo exists…

      But surely now the window is open some statement needs to be made by BCFC & th FL on how it will be enforced over the next two momths.

      • almajir says:

        Blueboy – the FL won’t say jack.

        I doubt the club will either until it’s lifted.

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Another silly typo! For “Lee Clerk” read, well…you know…

  • J.jennings says:

    I was under the impression that we could still sign players provisionally, then as soon as the embargo is lifted we can process the paperwork

    • almajir says:

      I don’t believe players will sign for a club that cannot hold their playing registration

  • Blue in Spain says:

    Just seen this in the Huddersfield Examiner!

    BENIK AFOBE could be reunited with Lee Clark at Birmingham.


    Looks a reasonable prospect!

  • Stephen says:

    I was looking at the out of contract players list on the PFA website and Some thoughts on players we could bring in on free transfers: (As well as resigning Doyle)

    Sone Aluko (ST/Wing) on a free from Rangers
    Danny Gabbidon (CB)
    Peter Ramage (CB/RB)
    Sean Davies (CM)
    Somen Tchoyi (CM)
    Jamie Ashdown (GK)
    Alex Bruce (CB)
    Justin Hoyte (RB)
    Danny Webber (ST)
    James Beattie (ST)
    Darius Vassell (ST)
    Ricardo Fuller (ST)
    Heskey (ha joke)
    Clinton Morrison (I think not)

    Hopefully our youth scouts are looking at some of the youngsters out of contract from premiership clubs, a few from spurs and Man City worth looking at on the PFA list.


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