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Third in Twenty – Ambrose, Transfer Fees and Why Things Really Aren’t That Bad.

If reports from the South London Today are to be believed, Blues are going to do something this summer that many of us didn’t think they could and potentially pay a transfer fee for a player.

It would be foolish to take it as read from one source that it’s a done deal – it’s worth noting that Birmingham Mail reporter Colin Tattum tweeted last night that the deal was far from being done (and was potentially worth more than £250k). However, it does seem that there is potential for it to happen and that for only the third time in the last 20 transfers into the club, there will be a fee involved.

Whilst I accept that in today’s terms (and especially as Blues have taken in a few million in transfer fees this summer) a quarter of a million isn’t a lot to be spending, I hope that the very fact Blues have made a bid might help to dispel some of the doom and gloom that seems to be circling around the club still. I will admit to being very unhappy last month about the way things were progressing but it does seem that there is light at the end of the tunnel; the embargo has been lifted, players have been signed and there doesn’t appear to be anything like the firesale some were forecasting – and that I might just have been wrong when I opined that Blues wouldn’t pay a transfer fee this summer.

I must admit, it surprises me when I see in the comments on this site how bad some people think the situation is at Blues. Whilst it’s not been a bed of roses, I think some people need a bit of a reality check – Blues haven’t failed to pay taxes, wages or a transfer fee despite the much publicised woes of last season – and believe me, we’d know about it soon enough if they did. We may have had to move on players but the current situation is no more than a blip in what has otherwise been a very successful last ten to fifteen years for the club – you only have to look back to the late 80’s/early 90’s to remember administration, possible liquidation, third tier football in a crumbling stadium with 6000 fans… we’re a long way from that right now.

I spent some of today reading about Hayden Mullins’ former club Portsmouth – and just how important his transfer to us was to them. Portsmouth are in the unenviable situation of currently having eight first team players – and for them to have any chance of starting the season, they need to move them on and bring in some much cheaper ones. They will start the season in League One on minus ten points – if they’re allowed back in. There is a real possibility that they could get liquidated and completely booted out of the league if they cannot service their debts and complete their CVA in the next month. Of course some people will try to draw parallels between the two clubs but that would be a complete fallacy – whilst Pompey’s former owner might be in a similar legal pickle to Carson Yeung they’re in their second administration in four years, have debts up to their eyeballs and are struggling to pay the debts to players that have long left, let alone pay up the contracts of the players that they have.

I can understand that after the glory days of the Premier League, winning the Carling Cup and being able to stick one or two over our brethren from across the expressway our current situation isn’t anywhere near as good. However, as the song goes “there will be joys and sorrows too” – we have to accept that this is the downswing that will make our return to glory all that much brighter and more amazing. In the last two weeks Blues have rebuilt the backroom staff, started bringing in players and have given this fan hope for an excellent season. I’m of the belief that if we can continue to rebuild – and bring in players with the experience and dare I say it quality of Darren Ambrose – then we could be in for some more joys in the next twelve months.

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72 Responses to “Third in Twenty – Ambrose, Transfer Fees and Why Things Really Aren’t That Bad.”

  • Harry says:

    Mullins we paid a fee for two didnt we? and i think this signing would really help us stay up first then push on later on in the season.

    • almajir says:

      Portsmouth confirmed that Mullins was on a free

    • bham terrier says:

      Dont be fooled.LC wil promise a lot,deliver nothing.A self publicist that says all the right things.Passionate,young, desire etc etc.Signed 48 players and spent £5 million but still couldnt get us out of Div 1. Only 3 from 48 were any good.Peltier,rhodes and pilkington. Afobe was OK but not a natural goalscorer.LC was a snake in the grass just like Bruce was. Tried to engineer a move to both Leicester and Leeds.Got busted. But check his CV. Hes done NOWT.FACT. Thinks cos he played for NUFC in the prem hes a legend. Think they were a nearly team also…. Be afraid Blues,.

  • Chris says:

    Almajir….It’s not just on here they’re moaning, you should read some of the comments on the Birmingham mail web site, you’d think the sky was falling in!!!. I think some Blues fans are not happy unless they are whinging &they’re probably hoping we have a bad season so they can get into full moan mode.
    I for one am really looking forward to the season, we have a new manager who really looks like he wants to be here & for all the right reasons, we’re signing a few experienced campainers & it doesn’t look like there will be a firesale, although admittedly we’re not quite into silly season yet.
    Cheer up Bluenoses….as the song says “keep right on til the end of the road”!!
    Can I just say on Pompie’s situation, living in the south as I do & having several pompie mates, we’re a million miles away from where they are, they still owe transfers for players brought in by Harry Redknapp & have long since departed, I believe they still owe Sol Cambell around £6 million in wages amongst many others, so it ain’t that bad!!

  • Jimmy says:

    Guys- I’m surprised there is no comment on how big this ambrose deal is to the club. Yes it signifies the fact we can spend money which is great, but it also shows the quality of manager we have. I’m trying not to get too excited until the deal is done because I am of the opinion that Darren Ambrose is a real quality player and if signed will be our best player next season. He is the type of player we are missing and desperately need in the midfield. Also as much as I rate what Chris hughton did here can we look at who he brought in (nobody special) our best players last season were Davies and Burke (mcliesh signings). I’m not hearing much love for the new gaffa lee Clark., He tells it like it is with the press, he is constantly reassuring us about players (eg butland and Davies) and on top of that Hes bringing in good players very quickly. It remains to be seen if he can do the job CH did on the pitch but he has most certainly been better in the transfer market and if he can bring in darren ambrose I for one will start believing promotion is very much a possibility. So come on blues fans lets get behind the gaffa and the new signings and roar the mighty blue back to where we belong- The premier league!! KRO

    • nicky wicky says:

      well jimmy i for one am certainly warming to the guy. I can see what he is trying to do. Ambrose is obviously the replacement for Mutch. he seems to be carrying on where he left off at Huddersfield and is trying to get blues into the top 3 by bringing in quality,and experience. The academy pros have quality,but you can’t expect them to play the whole season,and even butland might have to be rested during the season because of his age and inexperience!

  • 16yrsWFA says:

    Ambrose would be a quality addition great passer of the ball good vision and can score you a goal from nothing, hopefully no more players to be leaving reports circulating that norwich, wet ham and reading very intersted in Davies lets hope we can keep him and that there is no firesale! If we keep this team together with 3 or 4 more decent additions I think a good season ahead and play offs a realistic aim!

    P.S RIP Eddy Brown my late grandad god bless him always talked about him and the great 50s team alec govan, peter murphy etc and he was there the day he scored the goals against sunderland in the fa cup semi final in 56 were KRO was born that day for Blues as Govan got off the coach singing it! People talk about legends far to easy but 70 plus goals in a 150 games in that great side including our highest ever finish of 6th. God Bless You Eddy.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    I also wish to pay my respects to the memory of Eddy Brown, [ Clown Prince ] So called because of his goal celebrations, where he would ” shake hands ” with the corner flag,!!.

    In that 50’s team, were some excelant players, [ including 2, wingers who both scored double figures,

  • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

    you only have to look back to the late 80′s/early 90′s to remember administration, possible liquidation, third tier football in a crumbling stadium with 6000 fans…

    How I loved those times

    You’re right Dan,

  • 16yrsWFA says:

    thats right KRO started against arsenal at highbury in 1956 semi final neutral venue against sunderland

    • prewarblue says:

      Sorry to correct SOME of you,,,,,K.R.O started at the quarter final in 1956,,,,,but got going properly at the semi final held at Hilsbrough stadium Sheffeild against Sunderland, when the crowd [not segregated in those days ] drowned the Sunderland fans “Blaydon Races” out,,,,,,not just one side of the ground,,,,all FOUR sides,,,,,I know I WAS there,,,,,every game of the run to the semi final,,,couldnt make the final,,,,couldnt get a ticket

  • freddie says:

    I have a few friends who support palace and they are happy for ambrose to leave saying he goes missing in to mant games .He is a talented player but has more bad games than good ones.Lets hope if we sign him he starts off well and gets on the front foot early because he s a confidence player.

    RIP Eddie Brown a legend in the history of BCFC.

    • KeeprightCroydON says:

      I live in Croydon, Palace territory and can say that the reason some of their fans do not like him is because of his Charlton connection. If we buy him, they will really miss him next season. End of…

  • BCFC83 says:

    While I am happy with the signing of Ambrose and think he is a good player and I am looking forward to the season as I always do, I still think we have to have an air of caution.

    We are not out of the woods yet, I still think one and possibility two players will leave that will change the dynamic of the squad, i.e. Davies and maybe Burke.

    I always look forward to a season though, I don’t care what division we are in. We could play in a park and I would still be there. I started going the Blues in 87/88 season and haven’t stopped since. I still have belief that we could go up this season but as with last season I will be happy with top 10.

    Ambrose is a good player but at times last season he struggled to get into the Palace team and only played at Old Trafford and scored that goal as he had not played in the league for a couple of weeks and they wanted to give him a run out.

    • nicky wicky says:

      get a grip mate. you sound so negative. PP and LC want to make a serious push for promotiion this year so why would they get rid of two of their best players? unless someone comes in with a very big cheque it’s not going to happen. They would want money to replace them and some before they even got interested! relax and stop reading the tabloids.

    • KeeprightCroydON says:

      Why is the ambition of some fans a top 10 finish as best? We had a poor start last season because the team was still bedding down and we still finished 4th. We now have a settled side, so surely we should be expecting the team to push for promotion from the off. We should aspire to automatic promotion, play-offs at the very least. Let’s be positive. Certainly think that the team would prefer positive vibes from the stands.

  • nicky wicky says:

    I too have been very surprised at the negative comments by blues fans drinking in evry rubbish story that is written in the national media. I imagine PP was very dissapoited when blues just missed out on promotion last year. PP doesn’t always tell the whole truth but he always has struck me as being pretty frank and to the point. With blues being in europe last year and having a good cup run i imagine it brought in a lot of extra unexpexted income. PP has always tried to help his managers if he can and i imagine he wants to go one better than last year and finish in the top 3 places, so i wouldn’t be surprised if we signed Ambrose. Also when PP said eye-popping bids i think he seemed very serious and davies was included in that so unless someone is going to come in with a very large cheque these stories are just speculation. I magine blues would want enough to buy a replacement and some to be interested. I don’t think PP and LC would want to jepardise their plans for this season!

  • Gwynfor says:

    The Sunderland semi final was at Hillsborough, i was there age 10, i remember it well, Eddy was my idol.

  • Mickey07 says:

    Let’s wait and see mayor until the end of the window on the 1st of sept….as it’s my belief that Curtis Davies will not be here,plus there will be a surprise along the way as someone will come in for a cheeky bid with burkey….after all no one seen the mutch bid coming did they??like I said yesterday somewhere along the line Carson has got to claw some money back on what he payed for blues and he ain’t going to get much back on his deal stuck down the the championship…..doom and gloom I maybe but also I ain’t got my head buried in the sand…..like tatts said on twitter last week we still got to sell to tread water every window…..

    • nicky wicky says:

      you sound so negative mickey can’t you see they’re trying to build a team to challenge not break one up. PP has already said that CY’s loans have been deferred to a later date. there is no rush to pay them off!

      • Blue in Spain says:

        A cheeky bid for Burke?? I don’t think we need to entertain cheeky bids for any of our players, Eye popping bids may be… Always the negative spin with some posters!

    • TonyB says:

      Thing is that every player breathing has a price. ManU sold Ronaldo; Spurs about to sell Modric. If a big enough bid is made for any player, at any club a deal will be done. That applies to any of our players just the same and is perfectly normal.

      In some cases, Pompey for example, players are sold at below market rate, on lousy payment terms, out of sheer desperation. I truly believe that will not happen at Blues. It just doesn’t need to happen.

      But if someone offered, say, £10m for Davies we’d be daft not to consider it seriously, just as ManU couldn’t resist £80m for Ronaldo. But if it happened (and I hope it doesn’t) let’s not start the wailing and self harm again whilst shouting “Firesale”! It’s a normal business process to sell an asset if you are offered more than its value.

  • nicky wicky says:

    never mind what tatts said mickey look at the facts.blues made a substantial profit last year because of europe and cup runs. you’ll probably find that they’ve paid off most of their debts. They are going to make a serious challenge for promotion this year so if they sell burke or davies who are key players then it’s because someone has come in with a very big cheque!

    • Mickey07 says:

      Listen nick,I actually think at this present moment we are a stronger team than what finished last season and I think Clark is doing a good bit of business,but let’s wait and see until the 1st of sept if he gets the rug pulled from underneath him…

      • Blue in Spain says:

        And maybe he won’t have the rug pulled from under him, however, you sound like you’re hoping it is just so you can say I told you so!

        • Mickey07 says:

          Just seen that 3 clubs are after Davies and blues have interest in Paul Scharner…you don’t have to be columbo too work out that one…early days I know but all the signs are pointing in the right direction….

          • nicky wicky says:

            have to take that with a pinch of salt. they are only mentioning sharner because blues made a bid for him some years ago. blues have already said that those two are not for sale unless they get an eye popping bid. most of the national press still think blues are desparatefor cash.

      • nicky wicky says:

        my thinking is that because blues did well in europe and cups last season it brought in a lot of extra income so they have a bit of money to spend in trying to make a decent challenge for automatic or 3rd spot. I think things down blues are a lot better than fans or the press think and they shouldn’t have the need to sell anyone else till next year if they don’t clinch promotion.

  • BCFCjames says:

    An excellent piece on our current plight well done Almajir. I too was feeling very downbeat about the forthcoming season, but event of the last 2 weeks have helped to lift the gloom. Clark appears to be building a side capable of challenging for promotion and the possible capture of Ambrose only strengthens my belief. The expected fire sale of the family silver does not appear to be happening (although that could change) and pressure to sell looks to be reduced from last year. Keep up the good work OP definitely better than the last few blogs on this site

  • John says:

    SOTV? when did that start, I remember singing it at Notts County in 1983.

  • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

    Wire started it in the 80s

    Aided and abetted by various other nutters :)

  • ForevertheOptimist says:

    Slow and steady wins the race.
    You cant knock progress whichever form it chooses to come in.
    We are a lot better off than we were a month ago and players coming in…..sounds like progress to me.
    Really looking fwd to the new season,Good luck LC and KRO.

  • AR says:

    Alex Govan apparently sang KRO on the coach going to the Arsenal game at Highbury. Supporters heard him as the team got off and I believe it started from there. Whether it was sung at Highbury that day I don’t remember and so it might have been sung by supporters for the first time at Hillsborough. What two great games for the Blueboys; we felt they could beat anybody. The Sunderland team was full of star names, including Len Shackleton, but Eddy Brown was on top form that day.

  • PeeJay says:

    1 – Just discovered that Mullins got his first ever first team goal on 16th August 1998 when playing for Crystal Palace in their 3-1 defeat to Blues at St. Andrews.
    2 – Keep Right on was Started in 1956 – Listen to Alex Govern ha has told the story so many times.
    3 – I remember talking to Eddie Brown during a match at St. Andrews when we, kids standing at the front of the kop, had to tell him when Blues were attacking so he could carry on playing. A truly great player.

  • J.jennings says:

    Good noises coming out of the lee Clark revolution, I hoping for a top 3 finish, just not sure enough we will finish above Bolton & Blackburn KRO & SOTV

  • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

    As I said



  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    In times to come, will we view the last 12-14 months since relegation from the EPL, as something which was deeply distressing and frustrating due to various factors, but also as a defining moment in the sense that we quickly realised the seriousness of what might have happened if crucials decisions had not been made??

    I for one am glad that the critical period seems to have passed and that we can resume some sort of resemblance of what it was like before, and get on with trying to create a postitve team, atmosphere and club.

    Whether there is another star player sold or not, I still like what is being done by LC – and by extension PP. Just hope that off-field troubles are not able to manifest themselves on the field, and that the team can do us, and themselves, justice with their ability.

    I believe that the next major move will happen when CY’s trial is starts in November. Either way, that will decide what happens to our club in the near and long-term future.

  • 16yrsWFA says:

    Cheers lads yes must have been quarter final then! My grandad went to every round of the fa cup that season and I believe every round was away from home but yes great times for blues with kro being born and that fantastic side

  • mitchell says:

    I started off the “who” chant. Honest.

    If we sign Ambrose and keep the squad we now have, I think we’ll have a decent chance of going up. We have the best keeper in the division ( not my words, Joe Harts) the best central defender in the league in Curtis and the most exciting young player by a mile in Nathon Redmond.

    Looking forward to the start of the season; it could be the best one yet!


  • mitchell says:

    There was a cracking article on Eddy Brown recently, google it and I think it was in The Mail. A decent bloke, brilliant footballer – you old uns have a lot to be thankful for. My idol was Steve Witton

    LC is starting to make some decent signings. Granted it’s not the dizzy heights of Dugarry, Cunningham & Forsell etc, but we are where we are.

    4 weeks ago I was fearing the worst; fire -sale, admin, transfer embargo not lifted etc – but in the last fortnight we are showing signs of recovery. I still wouldn’t trust Pannu as far as I could throw him, but so long as we don’t seel what’s left I firmly beleive we can compete. And as genuine football fan and everyone else on this board that’s all you can ask for.

    It would also be great to see the missing fans turn up this season. Last year was fantastic away from home, if a little sporadic on numbers – no one makes as much of a racket than us away from home. With more full houses at home, we can make a difference to what’s being done on the pitch; our new signings will know what it means when ex – players describe the club as “getting under your skin”

    Not quite sure where the above rant came from so apologies in advance. Either way I am fookin buzzing for the start of the season.


  • David Jones says:

    Ambrose signed according to BCFC website . Good signing I feel a good season awaits.

  • Sheldon man says:

    I must say that like a lot of other fans, the new season didn’t fill me with optimism and I did hold on till the last minute to renew season tickets. I am now more upbeat since LC arrived. He seems to know what he wants and goes for it. I think the calibre of player he is going for is just right for the Championship, considering lack of funds etc. Not sure if we are good enough to go up, but if we can hold on to some of our better players, I think we will give everyone a good run for their money.

  • TonyB says:

    Very decent signing and he is 28 so in his prime. Some rags saying he is 32 but if you check 28 is correct. I’m getting a bit breathless with all this!

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Looks like LC and PP have worked hard to get all the signings in place before the pre season tour. This bodes well, as the players always benefit from having a full pre season together!

  • nicky wicky says:

    They’ve just said on radio that the deal for Ambrose could be worth £1million!

  • bluenoseneil says:

    So what do we know so far?

    We have replaced:
    N’Daw with Mulllins, and he’s tried and tested.
    Mutch with Ambrose….well I don’t even need to draw comparisons there.
    Lovenkrands is gonna fill the Left Wing spot that never really got adequately filled by Andros Townsend, and when he’s knackered we have Redmond to tear the defences apart
    Afobe comes in as striker cover for Zigic, King and Rooney

    And I don’t even think we’re done yet!!

    Hats off to LC and PP and the rest of the club for all their endeavours so far in making sure we have players coming in who can compete, get us into the top spots this season and potentially (dare I say it?) help provide experienced cover and pull some of the youngsters through too.

    IF Burke and Davies do go…I won’t now be killing myself over it. 2 weeks ago it might have been a different story. However with these signings they now have a MASSIVE incentive to stay put.

    Agreed? :)


  • Pete says:

    Need Peter Ramage in now, and 3 loan signings for central mid, left mid and left back then I thnk we are covered. Althouugh the 16 year old who signed for Crewe on loan would interest me if he were availale on loan and i were manager. He scored well in div 1 and we would make a good sensible loan option for everyone.

  • an oldun says:

    I was at the 6th round semi, and final /As the team pulled up at highbury alex govern was singing “keep right on” I believe the local papers told the story My recollection was that the club had the words printed and were in the programme. The club used to employ the shirley silver band who would march around the pitch playing martial tunes .please remember there was no chanting ,and very little swearing doing so would bring a rebuke and probably an apology. cheering when anything exiciting happened bot there were long periods of comparative silence
    you know , how it is for another team in the city nowadays

  • Jay Sidney says:

    There’s still plenty wrong in the St Andrew’s boardroom but Lee Clark’s hands-on managerial approach and determination to strengthen Blues’ thin playing squad is very, very impressive indeed.

    Also, I wondered if there may be a bit of a glitch in the internet system as the previous postings link on OP is currently unavailable.

  • Jay Sidney says:

    It’s OK. The link is there again for previous postings.

  • Pughy the blue says:

    Almajir who do you think the next signings will be now we’ve got ambrose +great website keep up the good work

  • bluesfreak says:

    With all the doom and gloom with my past posts, the Darren Ambrose signing has absolutely delighted me.
    Every single time Ive seen the geezer play Ive been well impressed, technique and intelligence in abundance, great passer long range and short, can take a sweet free kick, both footed and a box to box midfielder what weve been crying out for, and to boot 28!! lol.

    Any news on some potential loan sigings??

  • bluesfreak says:

    Whats the odds of Ambrose scoring against his former club on the opening day of the season?
    Deffo gonna put a sheeky bet on there haha

  • andy says:

    I think these signings Lee Clark has made are excellant, what a breath of fresh air.

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