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Watch the Gladbach Friendly Online

with thanks to Doctor D for providing me the link

Birmingham City take on Borussia Mðnchengladbach on Saturday 21 July in Munich in their first pre-season friendly. For those of you who are not able to travel to Germany the match is available online.

Gladbach’s online tv site www.fohlen.tv is carrying the game. There is a link here (translated from German) which gives details; if you click on the www.fohlen.tv links within that page and then click register, you can sign up for one month only at €4.95 to watch the game. It is advisable to cancel the subscription straight after the match if you don’t want to subscribe to their tv station on a month to month basis after the match.

I will be out there covering it for OP and will of course provide a report on the game; hopefully I will be tweeting updates during the game also.

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34 Responses to “Watch the Gladbach Friendly Online”

  • alexjhurley says:

    what time is KO ?

  • cliff morris says:

    thanks,great to have a bit of the best,i watched the first floodlite game played at the blues in the 50s it was against BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH, a wonderful night,the shirts did sparkle.cheers. Cliff.

    • cliff morris says:

      your right oh how the memory fades,but still a great match,i was there,i never missed a game,always on the tilton end behind the goals,cheers cliff

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Borrusias Dortmund

  • Tom says:

    The “other” Borussia – DORTMUND – was the opponent in the first floodlite game at St. Andrew’s in 1956.
    Hope to see you all in Munich on Saturday. I am the lad behind the “BCFC-Germany”-flag…;-)

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Are we going to wear the 1972 German flag kit?

    • almajir says:

      Nope, premiering the new home kit from what I hear.

    • Jay Sidney says:

      I remember that change strip and it was very popular. However, somebody posted a comment on this site a while back pointing out it was the Belgian (vertical) rather than the German (horizontal) flag.

      • almajir says:

        Stripes are in the wrong order to be Belgian.

        I have a TOFFs one around here somewhere

        • Jay Sidney says:

          Well spotted. Blues played in that strip at the first away match I ever went to (a 2-2 draw at the Baggies) and I’ve just spotted an old pic of Bob Latchford playing that night. The black third of the shirt is from his left shoulder with the red in the middle and the yellow on the right (Belgian tri colour flag is horizonal but black, yellow and red).

          It was the German flag turned 90 degrees and it was a cracker of a change strip.

          • almajir says:

            I’d love to see it brought back. My favourite ever shirt tbh

          • The Flying Pig says:

            I was at the same game at the Baggies; I went to school in West Brom so had to endure a fair amount of stick for the shirt we wore that night. It was/is a great shirt; the worst one for me has to be the Kumar inspired shirt with the paint splodges on it. David Rennie worked at our place for a while and he always said it was, by a country mile, the worst shirt he’d ever worn.

          • PCTVOR says:

            Got quite a rare on which Blues wore in the 70s

            All red with two vertical lines from top to botton on right and left with BCFC written in white on the breast

            Never seen anyone else wearing one

  • John says:

    I also went to BAGGIES GAME with that GERMAN strip worn.
    I loved it….so colourful……..what a great game that was.
    BCFC OK.

  • Jay Sidney says:

    I watched Blues play at Leicester in 1975 when they wore the red shirt with the two vertical stripes down the front. It was a variation of the red penguin change strip they sometimes wore earlier that same decade (perhaps most notably against Leeds at Hillsborough in the 1971-72 F A Cup Semi Final).

    Also, Re TOFFs (The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company) mentioned above. Check out their website (the word “TOFFS” typed in the search engine was sufficient) where they are advertising no less than 10 different replica Blues shirts (including at least 3 variations of penguin, the 1913 blue shirt with the “V” and a tie collar and THAT German flag shirt..

    They’ve got some marvellous football clobber.

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Perhaps BCFC and Diadora could be approached with a view to having a variation of the German flag shirt as part of the change strip for 2013-14….

  • BluenoseDownunder says:

    Penguin shirt for me, there is something that is uniquely identifying with Blues about this shirt and i associate it with the great days under Freddie Goodwin, i would love to see it back again some time..

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Downunder, mate;, Every so often, THAT penguin style shirt is brought up in some manner, !!.

      As you said Cobber, it was very distinctive indeed and was a great shirt to see on a good– Goodwin team, Love to see it back again,!!.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Said programme

    (comment edited so image works)

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Cheers Dan

  • Jay Sidney says:

    I see there’s a website called http://www.historicalkits.co.uk advertising the light and dark blue shirt Blues wore as Small heath FC between the early 1890s and 1900.

  • Gaz says:

    Its a 4pm kick off BST UK time, 5pm in Munich… they are +1hr ahead

  • Pete says:

    Superb result. Not getting carried away- but a problem we had pre-season last time was we could not score and this went into the begining of the season. So good to see some goals coming in.

  • Bluesfreak says:

    Yeah agree Pete I watched it online , thought Curtis Davis was outstanding!! MOTM what a CB!!!

    Redmond had a good game, love the way he attacks the FB’s , was disapointed with Ambrose and Zigic the game seem to fly past them…ahh mind you..they are warming up


    PS…Kudo’s to the noses that made it…loved hearing shit on the Vile lol

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