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Good Vibrations

I love pre-season games. They tend to be a bit more relaxed, there is an opportunity to see new players for the first time and it’s possible to get a feel for the way things are. I wanted to take some time to reflect on this a little and share my optimism and positivity for the new season.

The big thing that I picked up was that the “band of brothers” mentality that seemed to come about last season is very much still there. The squad is obviously a tight unit; the players are comfortable with each other and it seems morale is high. It had evidently been a good week in Austria because the team were in good spirits, happily having photos taken, signing autographs and chatting with fans. None of it felt forced or simulated – they seemed genuinely pleased to talk to the hardy few who were lucky enough to see them in Germany.

As a case in point, there is young Nathan Redmond. For a young lad, Redmond seems to have quickly understood the privileged position he is in and I’ve often admired how he interacts with fans via social media. On the way into Munich the team had eaten pizza for lunch (good for the carbs pre-game) and I was impressed that Nathan took the time to hand out the leftover bits to the fans who swarmed the coach looking for autographs. It’s just a small gesture but it’s one that shows he cared about the people who were out there, and I thought it was touching.

Nikola Zigic is another one. It makes me smile when people claim he doesn’t care about playing for Blues because he clearly does. Okay, it might be easier to care when you’re on the wedge he is on but you could tell how much he enjoys the adulation.  A cheeky grin, a thumbs up, arms round the fans coming off the pitch – this is a guy who knows he’s onto a good thing. On the pitch he did what he could going forwards, made a few tackles and chased some players down – and you could see from the reactions of the other players that he’s liked.

It’s not just the players either. Mike Wiseman was shaking hands and having photos taken with lots of the fans – something he always does whenever I see him at games like this. Even Peter Pannu was happily chinwagging away with some fans, pausing from his meal to have his photo taken. I think it’s important that the people from the inner circles of the club take the time out to speak to the fans at games like this because it’s good for the club and it proves that they care.

I’ve got this really good feeling about this year. The squad has come together nicely and with a couple more quality additions will really be capable of mounting a challenge on this division. There is positivity throughout the club and it’s leaking out onto the terraces. Bring it on.

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28 Responses to “Good Vibrations”

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Great news!

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Very pleased to hear about it.

  • Great piece! Let’s look forward to the new season

  • jayjay says:

    better than I thought! was worried about dropping down a league, things now looking up

  • Bluesfreak says:

    Hearing things like this really makes me excited and extremely proud to be a nose, wouldnt have it any other way and cannot wait for the new season to start

  • maurice walters says:

    Al why am i tingleing all over good piece as others have said carnt wait till the season kicks-off i for one am not dissapointed at being in the championship better games more entertainment .

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir;, Good post mate, Another good idea of yours to mention Peter Pannu and M,Wiseman, both actually being there and intermingling with the fans,!!.

    Does Julia Shelton, and the other back-room staff, ever travel to these games,??.

    • almajir says:

      Yes, they do. Maybe not at this one – but I’ve seen plenty of the backroom staff in the stands as fans at some games.

      • Oldbluenose says:

        That,!!. Endears them more so, They ARE the unsung hero’s of our club,!!.

        To often there is talk of staging protests within St Andrews, !!. — Fans forget those inside that work their ” sock’s-off ” for our club, and they would be ” inadvertantly ” targeted,!!. by such protests,!!.

  • Terry says:

    This is only a fan blog nothing insider specific how do we know what is happening or players are?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Good news to hear PP was chatting with the fans, learning what we’re all about, how much it all means to us. This is good news and I’ve said before it wouldn’t take much to get us fans onside with him and there is no greater ally to have than us lot. His background probably didn’t involve football and mixing with the loyal souls that follow Blues so maybe he’s learning as he goes along. Am softening to him cos although I’ve slagged him in the past I’ve always balanced the criticism up with acknowledging the bad position he’s in.

    Sounds like a good bonding session and I wish i could have been there but I’ll be at all the rest starting tomorrow. KRO

  • Benno says:

    PP was indeed understanding what things mean, listening, commenting on what it means to him, and how frustrated he gets at times.
    I put him right on a few things ;), but he already knows, and now understands where the fans are, and why we respond and what to.
    he feels frustrated (probably more than the fans), that he cannot do more, but more than anything, is realistic, and was passionate about where we are, and could be.
    Very interesting 10-15 minutes with him, very interesting indeed.
    Totally accessible, open, and honest.
    not what the previous stories about “waving the wad” would have you believe.
    Absolutely straight about the Carsen situation too.

  • mitchell says:

    Very encouraging about Pannu; I’m starting to warm to the guy, just!

    The mood within the squad sounds positive, no ” I want premiership football rants” or transfer requests – we have a very strong starting X1.

    As well as the above Butland looked awesome on Friday night; should be a cracking season.


  • theurbaneguerilla says:

    As I’ve said time and again on here, Pannu has done a good job in very difficult circumstances.
    There’s more joy than sorrow in our club and I’m looking forward to another exciting season.

    • jeff says:

      i like pannu.p.p had to shed players to keep us afloat.i don,t blame him for that.hope we can keep a sensible budget for a club of our size now.we sold a full team of players last time round and still finished fourth.i,m confident for the coming season.

  • Mickey07 says:

    As I keep banging on pannu is the man too take blues forward…..in Peter we trust…..

  • I have never really commented but these blogs are just great, it is always an interesting read and I like how it sounds like there is a real community spirit going on between the players etc and fans!

    Let’s just hope that they can go one step further this season and get promoted!

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Can I take this opportunity to congratulate the young rookie goalie, Nick, on his promotion to the squad for the friendly with Shrewsbury Town, tomorrow night,!!!.

  • Pete says:

    I am happy that we are looking more stable. However, I think people seem to forget the buying of other clubs like Boro, Wolves, etc. I think we need 3 or 4 major additions to be at the top few places- but we never know.

    Good to see optimism, but last season we were superb after playing aginst the odds. I dont think expectation will be a good thing this year, so I prefer to hope.

    • nick wicky says:

      don’t worry about what other teams are doing. leicester and other teams bought players last year,but blues still finished 4rth. The top 3 teams all spent £15million or more to get promoted so i’ve heard!

      • Pete says:

        I am sorry, but if you are trying to say what others spend is not relivant I am not buying it. I know sometimes there are exceptions, but more often than not the team that buys best players will do best. But we will hope!

  • andy says:

    We must look at the Portsmouth situation and possibly applaud Pannu for the way he is conducting his business with Blues. We must not forget Carson in all this either, he owns the club after all and his say is final, so whatever plaudits are handed out to Pannu the same must be said of Carson.

  • Steve-0 says:

    Carson? Don’t make me laugh. Pannu is the one facing the music, holding the fort, holding baby, hiring the Managers, making the decisions. You think Yeung cares 2 hoots about Blues? If so them where is he.

  • blueboy1 says:

    Good reading afta a 12 hour night shift…k.r.o.!

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