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Photos from Munich

It’s not something that I would normally do, but I thought it would be nice to put together an article with some photos of the pre-season match in Munich. To do this I am absolutely indebted to Tom Kleine, who runs the fantastic Bluenoses in Germany website.

Blues were incredibly well supported out in Bavaria. There were flags like this bedecked behind both goals, interspersed with Gladbach flags brought along by their travelling masses.

These were supposed to be all the seats that were available for fans; in the end fans had to squeeze into the tiny spaces behind the goal and on the far side, backed up against the fence which overlooked the S-Bahn track.

My seat in the press area wasn’t exactly the most glamorous I’ve ever had but I was lucky enough to have access to the monitor to watch replays of the action. Somehow I was squeezed in between Tatts and Andy Walker – illustrious company to keep and I’m thankful to both that they were happy to put up with a novice like myself.

However, I didn’t have the cojones of this guy. German football is very civilised – drinking in sight of the pitch is okay and the bar/food stall did a brisk trade all day.

The match itself was pretty standard fare for a friendly but was played at a decent tempo. I have to say, the new kit looks very impressive (even to someone as colour-blind as me) and the consensus of those I spoke to was that it was a good shade of Blue, a proper looking kit.

Another thing that was good to see was the older pros helping the younger ones; I have no doubt that a trip like this will have done wonders for players like Mitch Hancox, Jack Deaman and Will Packwood who will have all taken away a good experience.

Post game, the players were mobbed as they came off the pitch. It was good-natured though, with people rushing up to shake hands with the boys in Blue and to get their picture taken with them. It didn’t seem to faze them either; Ziggy in particular seemed to enjoy the attention.

Later today sees the Shrewsbury game and I will try to take some more pics up at the Greenhous Meadow.

(photos 1,2,4, 5 and 6 all copyright Tom Kleine and are used with his kind permission, photos 3 and 7 copyright Often Partisan)

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9 Responses to “Photos from Munich”

  • Jamie says:

    nice article and great to see the pics, as for the likes of myself who can never get to any games pre or actual season due to living abroad.
    thanks as always for the always top notch work

  • pierre says:

    did you get any feedback from german media/fans about blues.

  • andy says:

    Thankyou, great stuff.

  • Benno says:

    I will get mine uploaded ASAP Mayor, should be a couple on there which might be interesting.

    good blog, thanks

  • pierre says:

    did you get to talk to mr pannu?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    On a tangent, what is it with this stupid UK rule that you can’t take beer to your seat to watch the game?

    I’d love a civilised pint in each half and it’s sold before, at half time and after so why not during?

  • daddyblue says:

    Great coverage and picks. Now you are great friends with Tatts & Andy did you not get any inside info. If you trawl the German papers that would be great. I watched 30+ mins of the match thanks to bc.com and thought M.G looked a quality team and thought we did very well to almost beat them although I thought a draw was a fair result. Packwood & Hancocks looked very good and Asantie tried very hard , with a good goal. Curtis looked top quility and Doyle was very unlucky with a very nasty kick in the teeth and eye, because the bloke slipped into him and kicked him full in the face, also he looked a yard off side. Kro4ever

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