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Gossip Folks – The Transfer Rumour Mill (Summer 2012 Edition) Part III

After a week off I’ve dusted off the spreadsheet, flicked through the transfer news and put together the latest details of who has proclaimed who will be bought and sold by Blues.

The truth is despite it being a fortnight since I last did this, very little has happened transfer-wise and even the rumour mill seems to have dried up somewhat. The link to the latest spreadsheet is here, and as you can see I’ve not added much to it since last time.

Now, whilst it could be that journalists have clued into the fact that Blues give little detail away about their intended moves in the transfer market I’m of the belief it’s more to do with a certain huge event in the east end of London filling reams of column inches – and I’m not referring to Tanya’s long-lost sister. I have to admit I’m surprised in some ways as I thought the presence of some of the more highly rated young players in the world would give more grist to the transfer rumour mill but it does seem that hasn’t happened. Did they all forget to bring their agents?

There have been two stories doing the rounds recently re Blues – ten days ago Sky Sports understood that Ben Gordon had signed on loan for Birmingham City but once again my maxim of not believing it until the player holds a scarf aloft on the Kop rang true; whilst Blues are interested there is no deal done as of yet – and it’s wise not to count your chickens before they are hatched as we all remember Ronnie Ekelund and Hossam Ghaly. Meanwhile the Butland to Spurs non-story seems to rumble on with the latest this epic piece from the Daily Express which must have taken days to compose and write.

If you’ve seen anything juicy that you think I might have missed please feel free to drop me a line and I’ll look into it further. I’m intending to put the next installment of the spreadsheet up on Monday 6 August.

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17 Responses to “Gossip Folks – The Transfer Rumour Mill (Summer 2012 Edition) Part III”

  • Winka says:

    The express story was truely amazing haha ..
    Obviously could not fit a hair loss or teeth brighter advert in there ..
    As you EPIC ..
    I still believe something is brewing up nicely behind the scenes.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Funny ou should say that W…

    Come back and comment end of the week…

  • prewarblue says:

    re. Butland to Spurs,,,,Throwaway comment during the Team GB game,,,mentioned the fact Butland had not played for Blues first team,,,,,,,the comment in reply is my concern,,,,,,”Dont expect him to either, he will be gone before the seasons start”

    • Tom says:

      Its worth noting that the commentator in question was Mark Lawrenson who is a fool

    • jason says:

      He did not say that. what he said when it was stated that butland has not played for blues is ‘he might not play for them’. Which is true he may not but he never said dont expect him to. my opinion is butland will not be sold this season.

      • nick wicky says:

        jason LC has already said that he plans to use butland as his no1. Every player has a value but they have already said that it would take crazy bids for them to even think about selling redmond or butland, that means big money that probably only chelsea or man city could afford.they’ve alraedy got goalies so why would they make a bid?maybe in a few years they might think about selling him, when nick townsend is old enough to take over!

    • nick wicky says:

      Mark Lawrencen doesn’t understand the financial and football situation of blues. He obviously has not heard about PP’s turning down a £7million offer for Butland and saying that only an eye-popping bid, meaning crazy would even get Blues listening. LC has got Butland down as the Blues no 1this season,only if GB get to the final then colin doyle will have to keep goal for the first couple of games cause the olympics carry on to the end of august!

  • dodger says:

    Does anyone have any news on this so called takeover ?

  • Dave Sherlock says:

    The Liam Lawrence thing was whispered last week

  • lukasblue says:

    have been reading often partisan for a good while now and must say im really impressed with the content and digging behind the scenes. ive never commented before but just thought i would let u know there are reports on a few websites stating that liverpool are interested in jack butland as back up for reina, with jonjo shelvey being loaned 2 us to sweeten the deal. anyway keep up the good work, kro!!

    • nick wicky says:

      They might be interested,but butland is not interested in benchwarming. LC intends to make him blues no1 this season,and Butland knows he needs experience. he is very mature and has his head screwed on!

  • Simon Evans says:

    I started reading The Express article but had to break off to do the ironing. Can anyone summarise it for me? It started quite promisingly so I’m keen to see how it finished.

  • alexjhurley says:

    I’m genuinely saddened to see something mark lawrenson said being taken seriously on this site. I think we are better than that gentlemen………

  • Jay Sidney says:

    A good shout from Alex.

    I suppose none of us can know for sure how much Lawrenson may or may not know “from the inside”. He was a good player in his day but as a “pundit” or co-commentator or whatever he is supposed to be these days, he is very irritating (even worse than A Hansen) and has a tendency to be dismissive and patronising towards clubs like Blues.

    Surely somebody like Colin Tattum would have more idea of what may or may not be happening re Blues players and who might be coming to or going from the club – and even he can’t be expected to be 100%.

    Also, more takeover talk? Are there any actual developments?

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