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Happy Birthday Peter Pannu

Despite all the negative crapola that seems to continue to emanate from the Far East, the Blue machine steamrollers on – this time burying Bury 5-1 in a pre-season that sounded from the radio at least to be embarrassingly one-sided – and I think it’s partly down to the efforts of the subject of today’s article – birthday boy Peter Pannu, who is 49 today.

I’m not going to write an embarrassingly obsequious paean to Pannu for his part in keeping Blues on the straight and narrow; the man isn’t without criticism and I think it’s germane to note that Mr Pannu is spending his birthday where he has spent the majority of his time in the last year – in Hong Kong. However, I can’t help but notice that the circus that seems to surround BIH and Carson in the fragrant harbours of Wan Chai and Kowloon seems to be more and more distant from Birmingham City as time passes and I think that is in part down to Peter.

For example, it was thought that the continual delay in the production of the BIH accounts would continue to act to the detriment of the football club – I will admit to my scepticism that the Football League would lift the transfer embargo without their release. However, as time has shown us the embargo has indeed been lifted and even though the release of the accounts has once again been postponed no action has been taken. This can only be down to two things – that the FL is happy that the BCFC accounts are in order and that they’re satisfied whatever problems BIH are going through, it isn’t going to affect Blues. To convince the FL of that is going to require representation at the highest levels – from Roger Lloyd (Finance Director), Julia Shelton (Head of Football Administration) and Pannu. Clearly some kudos is due.

Furthermore, I have to admit my admiration for Pannu’s recent statements to the fans via the website. Whilst I will confess to a natural scepticism that comes about from being involved in the media and journalism I also have to admit a lot of what Mr Pannu has said so far has come to pass. It was a bullish move to name Vico Hui in relation to the Xtep fiasco but I do think that helped remove that millstone from around our neck; I also think it’s empowered Mr Pannu further in Hong Kong which hopefully will help move things on in that regard.

As a friend of mine told Peter Pannu out in Munich, Blues fans admire that sort of bulldog attitude. If he’s straight with us, tells us what is happening and uses that belligerent attitude to defend Blues – well, he’s only going to win friends amongst the fanbase. From reading the comments here and elsewhere one of the biggest bugbears amongst Blues fans is the lack of communication from the far east and I think Mr Pannu probably represents our best chance of getting something out of BIH and/or Carson. I hope that Mr Pannu spends his visits to the former colony trying to persuade them to pull their collective fingers out and do something to remove themselves from the impasse that they find themselves in.

So, once again I’d like to wish Mr Pannu a happy 49th birthday – and hope that the next year for him is less turbulent for him and for Blues.

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40 Responses to “Happy Birthday Peter Pannu”

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    Totally agree- we only to have to see what is going on with the parent company to realise that for some reason we are better off here than the situation in Hong Kong with BIH gives us any right to expect. Peter Pannu to this outsider seems to be the difference and if it was announced tomorrow that he was being removed/moved on I would expect the worse.

  • daddyblue says:

    I totally agree Almajir, another cracking post, your best work always comes in the early hours and long may it continue. We sounded on fire in that first half and the stand out players were Loverkrands & Packwood. Lover can’t be match fit yet and Packwood is just a kid. Kro4ever

  • Carson Yeung says:

    Happy Birthday Peter

  • James Black says:

    It is gratifying how things are turning around and of course Mr Pannu’s part in our progress is at last being recognized by the majority. Also sticking my neck out a little here but i do believe that some of the silence surrounding BIH is largely because of Mr Yeung”s upcoming court case and it is not all that surprising with legal issues hanging and other matters that sometimes silence is the best policy. All this was being leveled at Mr Pannu not so long ago and he was being accused of all sorts of nonsense. Lets give Carson some benefit of doubt and simply wait as unlike many i believe he had good intentions but things have turned on him and lets just wait and see what the future holds. Speculation has been rife in the past and silly rumours by the day all of which proved to be mostly nonsense. Lets see if after the court case then things will change and i for one am praying that Carson will be found not guilty and he can pick up the pieces and move forward.
    Just dont see the point in kicking anything or anyone when they are down. Lets just see.

  • maurice walters says:

    good post again Almajir it is nice to see all the happy and sensable comments not the rubbish you get on some sites yes a very happy birthday Mr Pannu keep up the good work and thank you.

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    Happy Birthday Peter…………………….

    ……….. and also Happy Birthday Karen Carney.

    x x x

  • Benno says:


    the man, I am convinced, has the best interests of the Blues at heart, and is committed to the cause. Realistic, and now understand what the Blues fans are all about. He cannot say what he wants too “on the record”, but knows the score.

    he is positive that whether Carsen gets banged up or not, 2013 will be a much better year for the Blues, watch this space.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    As with most ” foriegn owners “, Cultre difference causes most problems, !!. Peter Pannu, was no exception, but the events that took place forced him to the front, and he gradually absorbed The Fans need for honesty and openess, — Time will tell us more about what is hidden,!!.

    So for his steadfastness on our behalf, We should all wish Peter Pannu, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY,!!.

  • DoctorD says:

    Without wanting to sound too grovelling either, happy birthday PP. I presume there will also be a delay to the accounts for 2011-12 too.

    PS Pedants’ corner Almajir — third para, it’s “affect” not “effect”. When used as a verb, the former means “to influence or to have a bearing on”, the latter means “to put into practice”. Confusingly, “the effect” as a noun means “the influence on or the bearing on”.

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      I’m a stickler for good grammar too but as its obvious if was an oversight and just needed pointing out without the English lesson

      • Mike says:

        I’m a stickler for good grammar too but as its obvious if was an oversight and just needed pointing out without the English lesson

        Pedants’ corner BhamCityJulian — it’s “it” not “if”. The former is used to represent something, the latter (when used as a conjunction) means ‘in the event that’. I should also like to point out that you wrote “its” when you really ought to have included an apostrophe to form the contraction “it’s” (meaning “it is”), used the word “and” where you should have written “it”, and neglected to conclude your sentence with a full stop, but not being entirely unsympathetic to the nature of your post I am willing to overlook these trivial errors, because I’m not a complete tool.

  • Bluebird says:

    You are correct of course DoctorD – but it was the early hours when the original was written and most readers will be focusing on the content rather than the spelling or the grammar.
    Whatever you choose to do in future, may I respectfully suggest that you do not adopt the same approach with the contributors!

  • crother88 says:

    having been one of mr pannu criticts as time as gone by ive reliased they are not taking everything from us hence jack butland and they do care they just have to do things differently from the uk so happy birthday mr pannu

  • PAUL says:

    Great win last night , Packwood looked good at right back and loverkrands finished well but Burke runs the show and with out him we look average

  • bluenose08 says:

    yes happy birthday pp and keep the lines of communication open so we know whats going on !
    well done Karen carney set up houghtons goal beautifully k.r.o. gb ladies.

  • dodger says:

    Yet another Pannu love-in the man you are in love with is the same man who’s HK mafia have got this club in this mess in the first place .
    Please remember why we where in administration ?
    And as for bulldog attitude weve sold and sold and sold or didnt you notice our cup winning teams gone missing?
    I rate this site becauce you give as good as you get and more! But surely you must see we need Pannu out ASAP i for one dont wish him a happy birthday i wish he would ride off in to the sunset for good.

  • Rich says:

    “Please remember why we where in administration ?”

    1. Were*
    2. That’s not a question
    3. We weren’t in administration

    Needless to say I stopped reading there…

    PP does seem to genuinely have blues’ best interest at heart. This is clearly not a love-in. Still, it must be fun living life so positively ;)

  • Paulo says:

    Like Pannu or not, well ..everyone has an opinion! But he has done more for our club than people give him credit for, and as his job is to keep BCFC from going down the proverbial ..he makes ‘unpopular’ decisions.

    I’ve always said he is good at being unpopular and his communication to the fans needs a little bit more attention (!!!!!), but I wouldn’t want his job in a million years.

    ‘administration’?????? I doubt thats a word in he uses often. Many of us dont like him I guess, but who the hell would anyone want in his place???

  • Tamuffblue says:

    Must say any man that can get money out of the cockney mafia on the steps of the high court – then get a couple of mill off the Vile for a second rate manager MUST have something going for him !!!!!!!!

  • steve says:

    Short memorys indeed did he not wave a wad of cash at loyal fans in europe !!!

    • almajir says:

      You know, I’ve always thought it incredible how some people can bear a grudge for so long over something so utterly trivial. It was a joke that backfired in the face of what I hear was some fairly strong banter. It was over 12 months ago, it doesn’t matter.

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        What always amazes me, is that these so-called loyal fans gave give banter which sometimes crosses over into abuse, and then show their very shallow sides when the other party responds in a silly but simple gesture which gets to them in an instance.

        I can and will always clearly remember, the many, many times fellow Blues ‘fans’ would turn when their viciousness on groups I was in/with, simply because they had members from an ethnic minority. This of course if going back some years, but some of the vitriolic bullshit that was given was truly terrible and made you wonder whether it was worth all the hassle of supporting your club. Some two-bit arseholes thought that it was open season and thinking they could say and do what they pleased. Most of the time they would be in for a nasty shock.

        Things have changed for the better and we should all move on.

    • James Black says:

      Steve what time is your appointment with your Psychiatrist

  • James Black says:

    All mankind stems from Africa. Each and every race is a mix of invasion, migration and even enforced slavery and rape and god knows what. Over the years the white folks colonized the world and forced its genes in places it wasn’t invited. This country has been invaded by Romans, French, Danes, Vikings, , Saxons, Normans ( french) and ive missed a few. We live in a world where we all can move freely (for the most part) and can settle where we like and us as whities have never asked anyone’s permission before we moved in and took over. We colonized the Caribbean as a slave post and Europeans invaded America and slayed many natives to begin a new land. In the midst of of this some Chinese guys own Birmingham City. So what are we, Nazis as i believe this is at the back of some of the idiots posts from time to time. Its a wonderful world we can go anywhere. And some Chinese guys own Birmingham City. Grow up and get used to it as frankly they are not hurting me or you. Get Fascists out of our club.we don’t need your little England mentality.

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

      Do you know how bad it was James in the mid-eighties??

      Even the friggin old miserable twat on the turnstiles and self-important program seller would talk and act in such a belligerent, rude and sarcastic manner. My older brothers who had been going since the 1970s had got used to it and simply brushed it off as part and parcel of going to Blues. But to an 11 year-old as I was, it was simply confusing, disappointing and frightening in equal measure. Even upto about 2002 when we had an executive box in the Kop, we still used to get snide remarks and funny looks. That is until a couple of people got ‘spoken’ to in public and players who were/are friends of ours, used to frequent our box and then they started to act a little more civil.

      But nowadays, society as a whole looks down on such idiots and behaviour that is deemed offensive is not tolerated. Most folks under the age of about 50 (not scientifically speaking of course), have friends and colleagues from different backgrounds and do not view it as threatening and indeed look forward to experiences that are new and interesting.

      • James Black says:

        Ata i completely understand and as im a little over 50 (shhhh i pretend to be younger) I witnessed one of the strangest thinks i think i can ever recall. Was at an away game Cyril Regis times a great player of the Albion who i grew to admire so much as he has such wide shoulders and a ducks back and was man enuf to not react but just hammered us.
        There was some black guys in the blues mob. I have never forgotten it and it is something i can never give any kind of reasoning too. They was so keen to do the Lenny Hendrie (not sure i spelt it right) that they was at the forefront of the tossers that was throwing bananas and shouting n*gger n*gger lick my boots. And many white tossers was patting them on the back and saying good one (Whatever there f’ing name was) I was a mere youth but i remember thinking my god this day i am ashamed to be a bluenose. Now for me and ok some will attack me but i believe that the constant hate and chipping of the present board are the sons of the same scum. But on a positive note for the most part those w’kers are gone. So it dismays me when the same BS is simply turned around onto Chinese. I live in Asia and i do not share the Chinese laundry joke mentality of the some here and im glad AL and some others addressed it a few weeks ago and they seem silent now. I don’t care who owns us its not abt race and i even have sympathy with Carson Yeung and hope to god that the court case finally silences some of the cretins here as for me he had good intentions but has simply come unstuck. For me he bought us for too much money more than we was worth and he has not done us no wrong. So i don’t give a duck what race owns us and i will never kick a man when he is down. Dont give a shit what others think of me as i remember the pigs in the 80s too and for me this is just the same. I will not knock a man that has lost millions on us just because he is Chinese. Deny it if you want some of you but tell me honestly outside of the misfortune that happened to him, where did he wrong us.

        comment edited – had to add a couple of asterisks

        • James Black says:

          Haha Al asterisks totally accepted in these Rio and Anton Ferdinand times.

        • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

          Totally agree James.

          CY did what he thought would be the best for Blues, and by extension, himself in the long-run.

          Whatever his misfortunes, there is no excuse for some of the personal nonsense that has been thrown his way.

          Unfortunately some people can only make their point by getting personal and showing themselves up.

          To tell another little story, a supposed lifelong ‘fan’ of Blues who is now in his mid-forties and was a regular at St Andrews for over two decades and fancied himself as a bit of a tasty ‘boy’, recently (well a few years back) switched allegiances to Rangers because he could not stand the fact that Blues meant as much to minority fans as himself. Pathetic but true.

    • Paulo says:

      It is a strange world in football, and I have had to grow up with Irish and Scottish (and basically anything celtic (not the team ..the race) banter thrown at me and trying to get to footy match when I was a kid was nothing short of suicide. Well, what was funny was that it was all from white guys (erm, like me??) so I stood up and realised I had friends who were mixed race, black, Italian, greek etc. I was too young to realise what colour was, and what made idiots hate anything different.
      Well, nowadays, my mrs is black, my daughter is mixed race ..and I get an insightful look into racism from ALL sides. Believe me, you dont have to be white to be racist!!!!
      What annoys me is when people hide behind a large group and use race as a weapon, it puts them in a neanderthalic and purile perspective, and it ruins any chance of going forward.
      I dont think CY deserves any such trash thrown at him, and I hope (one day) the majority of us will remember him as a man who took a chance on Birmingham City and was sold something he didn’t know 100% about.
      Pannu is the guy who will hopefully make sure we never get relegated as a result of what CY got into trouble for.
      If any bluenose knows something about rising above racism, I hope it’s me, and those who’ve got something in common with me, and it would be nice to show those with the intellect of a daddy long legs ..you achieved nothing.


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