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Gossip Folks – The Transfer Rumour Mill (Summer 2012 Edition) Part VI

Whilst there have been no actual transfers into or out of St Andrews, there has been quite a bit of speculation over the last week concerning Blues players. The English transfer window closes at 11pm on Friday, as does the transfer window in Spain – which is important to bear in mind with all the stuff about Zigic over the last few days.

My updated spreadsheet is here and as you can see, it’s dominated with stories of two players leaving – Nikola Zigic and Jack Butland whilst there was a brief flurry of stories which originated from a rumour Swindon Town rightback Paul Caddis was to join Blues.

I covered the Zigic story on Friday and I’ve continued to follow various Spanish websites to keep an idea on what they’re saying. The latest I have is that there are three clubs interested – Mallorca, Malaga and Deportivo La Coruña but it must be noted that the article states that it’s come from Ziggy’s agent – which means that whilst the agent might be punting his client around Blues’ stance on the player must be taken into account – and that remains as it always has been, ie they’re not going to pay him off to release him.

The Butland to Spurs story looked like a rehash of previous stories and it does seem that one has cooled somewhat. Despite some shaky performances the only way Butland is going to improve is game time and the lad knows this – going to White Hart Lane to be second or third choice surely doesn’t appeal. A couple of weeks ago I said that I didn’t see any moves in or out of Blues and barring some youth loans for some of the kids I believe that will remain the case unless someone truly does come in with an “eye-popping” offer.

Lee Clark rubbished the move for Paul Caddis on Friday, affirming that the current transfer policy was that one would have to leave for one to come in. He also said that he didn’t know anything about the rumour of Gomis to Rangers but didn’t completely rule that out.

Once the transfer window closes there is a short period before the loan window opens for the Championship. This window is open from Friday 7 September until 5pm on Thursday 22 November and allows clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two to loan players on “emergency” and “youth” loans. “Emergency” loans are for players over the age of 21, and are for a maximum of 93 days whilst youth loans can be for any length up to the player’s 21st birthday.

I hope to round up any news on the weekend after the transfer window closes.

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19 Responses to “Gossip Folks – The Transfer Rumour Mill (Summer 2012 Edition) Part VI”

  • bluesfreak says:

    IMHO both Jack Butland, Nikola Zigic or either can doo one, to say Im not impressed is an understatement

    • m says:

      c’mon, Butland the only Blues player garnering national headlines along with Nathan Redmond. Zigic, scores in the Carling Cup Final and scores the goal to beat the Villa on the way to Cup glory. Both will be written in the history of the club forever:-)….hopefully

  • nicky wicky says:

    Don’t listen to speculation bluesfreak. zigic is about the only blues player scoring goals at the moment,and butland will get better. I’ve seen the watford match and he’s improving,but he might need to be rested so that blues can get some points on the board. Blues right now need a left winger cause the balance is wrong,unless they play hancox or lovenkrands there blues are going to continue to get walloped cause the balance isn’t right.also the defence needs working on!

  • nicky wicky says:

    The season isn’t decided in august. reading lost their first 6 matches last year and ended up as champions so you can’t say yet where blues will finish? what youo can say is that the manager must stop tinkering with formations play with two wingers cause otherwise the opposition can just double up on burke,.Redmond is not a left winger,and he would probably be better played off the front man. The defence needs tightening and maybe butland needs to be rested so that blues can get some points on the board!

    • I think the concern isn’t that we’ve lost as such, but the manner of the defeats. I and many others are starting to wonder if Clark is out of his depth. I’m hoping to be proved wrong, but an exciting, if slightly unpredictable Blues team from last year has been quickly replaced by insipid rubbish. We can’t continue playing like this for much longer.

      • nicky wicky says:

        I agree some of our play has been comical,and would be bad at non league level. the management know that and they are trying to do something about that. I’m sure if it carries on for toomuch longer then we will see some changes!

  • woody says:

    It’s the middle 2 places in midfield we need 2 sort out Mullins and Ambrose are not the answer no tracking back commitment or bottle compared to say n’daw and even Mutch last year and ok we looked better when gomis came on but if he’s the best we got the we are gonna struggle and as for all the people saying look at our 1st 6 games last season and look at readings 6 games well that was then every game so far we have been on here and said how bad we are did there that last season no we all need 2 get real finishing half way will be a bonus

    • nicky wicky says:

      woody when Ndaw first came he was awful he used to hit the ball everywhereuntil he found his match fitness. It seems obvious to me that some of the players aren’t fit enough. If you can’t see that there is something wrong with the defence and that the goalkeeper keeps making mistakes then you don’t know much about football. Butland needs a serious workout with the goalie coach to iron out the kinks and if he doesn’t improve after a few more games he should be rested so that blues can get some points on the board! Butland has obvious talent ,but he is very naive at this level,and blues can’t afford to wait for him to find his feet. Doyle is proven at champioonship level and has played a few games in the prem. he can also save penalties which blues keep conceding.lately.

  • Doug says:

    I haven’t been to the away games but on the opening day it was obviously not right. I don’t think JB is ready and would prefer Doyle at the moment. The back four don’t look as organised or as committed as last season and as somebody else mentions the midfield is not balanced. Personally I’m not a fan of King as his workrate isn’t great so I’d prefer the big man with Lovenkrands , Redmond or maybe Ambrose playing off him.
    We are missing Carr and Fahey, they will both improve the side no end and will be the two signings we need to kick start things. Carr organises the team and is inspirational whilst Fahey is by far the best all round midfielder on our books, he passes, tackles and tracks back better than nobody else.

    • nicky wicky says:

      doug i would certainly agree that blues are missibg fahey in midfield. since he got injured our results have gone backwards and he is definitely alot better than mullins! ambrose needs a free role. we need a left winger or at least someone naturaly left footed who can play out there like Lovenkrands or Hancox!

  • Tom says:

    Bet Doyle wishes he left now he didn’t look happy against Watford, feel sorry for him

    • nicky wicky says:

      Tom the way things are going Doyle will be in goal soon. If butland keeps making errors and the team keeps giving pens away then they’re gonna need a goalie who can stop em!, and is more competent at this level. blues will have to start getting points on the board soon!

  • woody says:

    Nicky wicky match fitness these r professional footballers m8 and being in the centre of mid u should b fit as a butcher’s dog and yes n’daw was crap 1st couple games didn’t no teammates language etc but after that he wor bad we need fahey back Carr and Murphy and butland 2 settle down and defence to play as last year then if that fails u have to question the management

    • nicky wicky says:

      They might be professional footballers but they still don’t look fit. having job keeping up with play for 90 minutes,and missplaced passes is often a sign of fitness!

  • Murph says:

    I think gomis has been unfairly dropped for big time Charlie’s am rose and Mullins , he holds on to the ball doesn’t give it away cheaply etc ! And agree need a left sided player , they looked like they’d give up after 1st goal sat !!!

  • nicky wicky says:

    What do you think to the latest speculation linking Davies to Southampton Al? In the Mirror today!

  • tgeejay says:

    Surely it’s not quite time yet for quite so much depression. We’ve only played 3 matches so far with 2 of them away to teams who look like they’re going to be in with a shout for much of the season, for God’s sake let’s give the management team some backing for the time being and give the new boy’s a chance to gel, hopefully some of the detractors will have egg on their faces by the end of the season.KRO

  • nicky wicky says:

    What do you think to the latest on Ziggy? Is it more hybri?

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