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The Zigic Saga Goes On

As we enter the last day of the Summer 2012 transfer window the never-ending saga of Nikola Zigic leaving for pastures new is still going. For the last three transfer windows there have been rumours and whispers that Nikola was moving on, with nothing coming to fruition. Will today be any different?

I picked up this story from James Nursey of the Mirror on Thursday night which intimates that Blues are ready to let Zigic go for nothing to get his wages off the books. As stories go it’s the same on that has done the rounds and nothing in it is new – it’s well established Zigic is picking up a hefty wedge and yes, it would be nice if Blues could relieve themselves of that burden. To suggest that they’re going to just pack him off though I believe is wide of the mark.

The story has been doing the rounds in Spain for the last few weeks. The latest I have was published at midnight Friday, on the Terra sport website – an entity similar to Yahoo or suchlike. It confirms what we all knew – that Zigic isn’t in any rush to go anywhere and despite the exhortings of the Mallorca Director of Football Lorenzo Serra Ferrer Los Bermellones are no closer to signing the Serb striker. Mallorca cannot afford the wages Zigic is on currently; Ziggy isn’t going to take a pay-cut because he is happy and settled in Birmingham and Blues aren’t going to pay him off to play for someone else – all as I have detailed before.

One thing that I have noticed is that Milan Calasan, who is Zigic’s agent has intimated that there may be other deals on the table. It has emerged that Racing Santander (who are of course one of Ziggy’s previous clubs) are interested in taking him back but they are even more skint than Mallorca are. They are also allegedly interested in Pablo Ibañez and their chairman Angel Lavin has told the Spanish press that they have a preliminary agreement with the centre-back – again, a move I just can’t see happening especially bearing in mind how light Blues are at the back.

I will be very surprised if Zigic isn’t a Birmingham City player come Saturday. In fact, I’ll stick my neck out and I will say that barring anything extraordinary I believe Zigic will serve out his contract with Blues until 2014 – no one else will pay him those wages ever again and as previously stated, he actually likes it in Birmingham. Needless to say, like many people in the country I’ll be keeping an eye on the internet and Sky Sports News to see if there are any further twists in the tale.

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106 Responses to “The Zigic Saga Goes On”

  • Mac says:

    Do you know anything about Roony going Swindon

  • ChrisG says:

    I saw on the “vital football Swindon” site that we’re swapping Rooney for Paul Caddis who is a 2 footed right back who can basically play anywhere in defence or midfield. We really need to bring in a left winger/midfielder, I don’t think it works playing Redmond there as he’s predominatly right footed. We also need better cover for Murphy as Gordon looks well out of his depth, or maybe i’m being mean & he just needs time to settle.

  • nicky wicky says:

    seen a story about celta viga being interested!

  • Thongs says:

    If Lee Clark is the man that sells Zigic it will be similar to when Smith sold Francis. I will hound that man out of St Andrews. Zigic is a cult hero, a statue should have been built by now. I wonder if its cash or Clark’s little man syndrome thats behind these details.
    Clark out.

    • nicky wicky says:

      your right thongsif zigic goes then whos gonna score the goals hes about the only one putting the ball in the net rrright now,and even when he’s not scoring he brings others into play!

    • Grim says:

      I doubt this is the sort of decision managers make. Think you’ve been playing too much football manager. What coach would get rid of a player, knowing that we can’t get one in?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    I agree with your blog Al

    Ziggy will see his lucrative contract out with us with his lopsided grin and his clapping of the fans.

    Our fault in the first place for giving him the contract so that’s that.

    Can’t and don’t blame him.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Ziggy’s wages are not large by premier league standards,but we should have insted on a relegation clause even offered him more to sign one cause it was just so short sighted! You can’t blame the guy for taking the money when hehasn’t done anything wwrong. I mean if the club were in real trouble like portsmouth and he wouldn’t take a cut that would be different,but blues are supposed to be making a profit,and operaating as a going concern!

  • Euston 9.18 says:


    Is it true that BLUES have to pay west spam a cash penalty every time Morrison is fit to play but is not picked in the first eleven ??

    • Blueboy 88 says:

      I do hope this is true , because the whole point of sending young players out on loan is to get match experience , & not bench warming practice.

      As for Zigic if it is financail , why not put him out on loan , might even get a loan fee…to assist in bringing in another striker..

  • bluesfreak says:

    Morning all!!
    Looking forward to what I believe is the most exciting day in the football calender…even though I don’t expect any significant comings in and maybe a few shocks going out
    On the Zigic subject…in all honesty I’m not fussed, if he goes he goes , if he stays he stays I wouldnt be surprised at either…one things for sure…never a dull moment being a Bluenose!!

  • Bluebird says:

    Thongs –
    They haven’t built a statue of Zigic –
    Because at 6’4″ or whatever he is, they couldn’t afford the cost of the cement 8)

  • andy says:

    Im sure Lee Clark would like to keep Zigic, and for god sake, play him!! Its the board that want to shift him on. Also i cannot see both Ziggy and Rooney leaving unless there is a striker lined up to bring in. I would like to see Zigic start games and the crowd get behind him like we used to with super Kev Francis and big John Gayle.

  • chris says:

    Zigic should still take a pay deferral at least he ani’t thick, he knows the club needs to save on his wages, either just to save on outgoings or to enable them to use the savings to bring in some loan players or a bit of both.
    says he wants to stay badly yet does nothing to enable the club to keep him.
    selling him has nothing to do with LC, it’s common sense, we cannot afford him on 18,000 gates.
    as others have said we need left sided players left back and especially a winger, why not get townsend back on loan?

    • nicky wicky says:

      Look chris we don’t know the actual in’s and out’s of zigic’s contract and wages.we are just going on second hand information and rumour. he may have taken a deferall for all we know? Theres always lots of diffent stories about zigic and blues in the press giving different financial angles so unlesshe or someone at the club comes out and says defintitively i would take it with a pinch of salt!

    • Denis Thwaites says:

      Townesend was a Hughton man going back to CH’s Tottenham days. he won’t join a club managed by Clark and his fogies!

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Although it said so in the programme notes Ziggy was definitely NOT at Cov on Wednesday night nor Butland.

  • Marty says:

    Skysports are reporting that blues have agreed a fee with Mallorca and that he’s travelled to Spain to undertake a medical. Couple this with the Rooney to swindon rumour and it leaves us with only 2 strikers. Maybe the rumour that’s been circulating all summer about James Vaughan may come true today which may well be the final nail in the coffin for lee Clark.

    • almajir says:


      1) James Vaughan signed for Huddersfield last week

      2) Both are rumours. This doesn’t mean that they are necessarily true, although the Rooney one does seem to have legs. I will confess if we lose Rooney and don’t bring in another striker I will be annoyed

    • markg says:

      tom ross is saying that the deal as fell though and we wanted dj Campbell

  • Tom says:

    What’s that comment mention to mean about programmes?? ^^^^^
    I hope Zigic goes and I’m sure come the end o today he will be on his way and Lee Clark will probes bring Kevin Phillips back to replace him or something else silly like that, where’s Geoff Horsefield.. Seriously thou Kevin Phillips would still score goals in the prem and more goals in this league than Zigic would, sign the man again!!

  • Tom says:

    Sorry about the last comment coming through as Nicky Wicky

  • Tom says:

    Get Kevin Phillips back he would score more goals than Zigic

  • bluesfreak says:

    If both Zigic and Rooney where to go I don’t think either will be replaced as that still leaves us with 3 Strikers..more than likely we will recall Jervis from Carlisle United

  • Tom says:

    Thank you for fixing my comment

  • bluesfreak says:

    Just over 10 hours to go on deadline day….anything on the horizon ???

  • Stephen says:

    If Zig or Rooney do leave then I’m happy to see Jervis and Asanti to be integrated in to the first team on a regular basis, young, quick, powerful and eager to impress. The area I’m concerned with is CM and CB.

    Gomis needs to start in CM for me & we need Fahey back and fit, if Ambrose finds his feet soon then great as he is a good player. I’d like to see us sign Danny Gabbidon for CB (as i understand he is still a free agent )as replacement for Caldwell, we probably can’t afford his wages though.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Neither Jervis or Asante are good enough IMO

      • almajir says:

        I’d agree re Jervis.

        Asante isn’t at the moment … he could become good enough but he’s got a way to go

        • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

          Agreed that they both have potential.

          Could they score regularly at this level at the minute?


          • almajir says:

            As a fourth choice striker, would they be required to?

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            I was responding to Stephens comment that ‘I’m happy to see Jervis and Asanti to be integrated in to the first team on a regular basis’

            OK for 4th strikers but not regular first teamers at the minute for me.

      • Stephen says:

        I wouldnt throw them in perminently as i don’t think they would be prolific either but they would learn a lot from the senior players. I just like to see the youngsters come through and I think they would show far more passion than the first testers have so far this season.

        Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be a turning point with Murph & Carr back.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Rooney gone to Swindon, their defender Paul Caddis comes to us

  • Matt says:

    Don’t know how reliable this site is..have you heard anything through the grapevine Almajir on any other transfers?

  • bluesfreak says:

    I wouldnt mind a punt on a prolific lower league ST, ones just gone to the Vile from Chesterfield surely if theres players down there interesting Prem league clubs gotta be worth a punt to snap an up and comer….Farid El Alagui comes to mind always been prolific where ever he’s played..thoughts???

  • Tamuffblue says:

    I see thongs the VILER got back from his paper round to put more shite on here !!!!!!!! As for Ziggy I firmly believe we never played him right and was often stranded up front on his own – but his departure will be financially good for BCFC – KRO SOTV

  • bluesfreak says:

    Adebayo Akinfenwa looked pretty decent against the Yams yesterday..pacey..strong..experienced..decent goal scoring record

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Ignore the spoilers mate, they’re all waiting for Posh to score first so they can boo.

  • Tom says:

    Lol I live near Northampton I have seen akinfenwa plays lots of times he’s also old, fat with abit of muscle and he can’t header to save his life, next season he will be a conference player soo NO

  • Tom says:

    If he hasn’t gone by 4 then I take it he’s going to be a drain on our wage bill not the one

  • Tom says:

    Also Lee Clark claims he isn’t going anywhere soooo boooo boooo booooo

  • Tom says:

    Birmingham mail

  • AuldBertie says:

    Could be Heskey, amongst others, according to Tom Ross:

    “Zigic is on way to Mallorca I understand that Blues could bring in. Heskey Wickham or Campbell”

  • Tom says:

    DJ Campbell, Heskey was to un fit and fat when we had him, Nicky Butt comin out of retirement aswell

  • skareggae72 says:

    Heskey is only any good when he has a pacy striker alongside him,eg Owen about 10 years ago.i dont see any pace up front for Blues,in fact,he had pacy strikers alongside him at villa,and he was still useless.
    If Clark brings this guy in he really has lost the plot.
    Lets get John Gayle back in as well?.

  • nicky wicky says:

    dj campbell can really score at this level!

  • AuldBertie says:

    All off again now according to TR and apparently DJ was favourite to replace Ziggy:

    “As we understand, talks between Zigic’s agent and Mallorca have broken down and he’s set to stay at Blues. Zigic said he always wanted to stay and help blues win promotion”

    “DJ Campbell was favourite to replace him & would have been a good addition-Zigic has a part to play for Blues this season if he stays”

  • utbb says:

    caddis/rooney swap deal done – confirmed on bcfc

  • nicky wicky says:

    Where is caddis going to play? i hear he is two footed, and can also play in midfield. They need somoeone on the left wing!

  • Matthew says:

    Surely we’re going to sign another striker tonight considering rooney’s been moved out? Would love to see Campbell back down stans.

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Its days like this when all we have to look forward to on the transfer front is a Rooney / Caddis season long loan swap exclusive..!!

    That I miss Sullivan & Gold , never was this boring when they were around on deadline day..

  • Tom says:

    We where lucky to get 3million out of Sullivan and gold stop with ya crying, can’t wait for FIFA 13 now

  • skareggae72 says:

    Is that the same David Gold that announced the signing of Craig Bellamy before the deal was actually done.
    The deal fell through.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Thats cause it was total bull! Like the time they said they were gonna sign Maradonaaa and pay him a £1million for a season when that was 3 times the normal wage!

    • Blueboy88 says:

      Oh how I wish for PP to announce Craig Bellamy is coming to the Blues , before the deal collapses..

      Be still my beating heart..

  • Tom says:

    Why has the Caddis deal not been confided on sky sports news

  • bluesfreak says:

    Could there be a surprise late move for Jack Butland? Sky Sports understands that Everton are in talks with Birmingham over a last-ditch deal to sign the goalkeeper…….here we gooo

    • almajir says:

      … which has been shot down as complete and utter bollocks by the head of football admin at Blues, Julia Shelton.

      Kids, don’t believe the hype.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Ziggy going nowhere I reckon….Mallorca are cash strapped to even part pay wages.

    Caddis will be good I think…I live near Swindon and have a few mates who are Town fans and they rate him, saying he’s more than capable of higher level football. It’s hopefully done us a favour that he fell out with Paolo Di Canio.

    Almajir do you think we will try and loan in another striker perhaps?

  • Tom says:

    I think many will be surprised come tomorrow I can see a deal happening bit like the Ibanez and Elliot one,

  • bluesfreak says:

    Still talk flying around Butland to Everton for £6.25 mill…dunno what to think of that could do with the cash in all honesty

    • almajir says:

      It’s still bovine excrement…

      • bluesfreak says:

        Might be but I have a sneaky suspicion they might bend @ £6.25..I personally would except that fee strenghten other parts than need be..saying that the clocks ticking so it may be too late

        • almajir says:

          Let me break this down for you.

          There has been no bid.

          Everton have not bid for Butland, be it £6mil, £6.25mil or a packet of half eaten chips. They have not made a bid.

          There is nothing for the club to accept or reject, because there is no bid.

          Sky Sports have completely made it up.

          • bluesfreak says:

            Hence why I said “talk” “speculation” get into the deadline spirit …jesus lol

          • almajir says:

            In case you haven’t realised, I hate deadline day

          • Blueboy88 says:

            Oh come on Almajir keep up with the programme….this transfer deadline has been an absolute roller-coaster ..

            The on off drama of the Rooney / Caddis season long loan swap exclusive..!!

            What’s not to like….?

  • bluesfreak says:

    I know yeah!!! massive coup..Am overwhelmed with excitement!! lol

    I don’t get why its the one in- one out rule when you exclude the loanees, youths, that leaves us with 19 professionals..not exactely an over sized squad even with Zigs wages

  • Simon 1967 says:

    I have to say, if this story about Butland is correct and we off load him for £6-£7m – then there needs to be a massive protest tomorrow before the game and at half time and at the final whistle! It would be the final straw for me and I think it would finally and once and for all show up these jokers for what they really are!!

  • bluesfreak says:

    Is there anything going on or has LC gone to bed?
    should be busting a gut to fill the remainder loan spot up…Kenwyne Jones???? Billy Sharp?? both available,surely we should be doing something! even when the loan market re-opens..all the decent players will be gone

  • bluesfreak says:

    Scratch that about Billy Sharp…Forest have just snapped him up on loan grrrr

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