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EZE Group Competition Winner

I’m pleased to announced that Mike Tomkinson of Kings Heath is the winner of a VIP day against Huddersfield courtesy of EZE Group and Infiniti.

From over 100 entries, Mike was closest to the Barnsley gate of 13,893 with a guess of 13,800, just 93 away.

Thanks to everyone who entered and to EZE Group and Infiniti for providing the prize.


2 Responses to “EZE Group Competition Winner”

  • Martin says:

    Can I have a go at the next game? 9,500 and then after that 8,000 and so on. By the time it’is below that of Walsall we may get rid of LC and his Dinosaurs who’s Football knowledge fossilised years ago.

  • krotom says:

    If that was the first prize was the second place 2 games and the 3rd place a season ticket!.

    Sorry, still hurting and angry with those on the pitch wearing the shirt on Saturday.

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