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Mohsni Next?

Southend centre back Bilel Mohsni is hopeful that he will be picked up by Blues on loan from the Shrimpers at the conclusion of his trial.

The French-Tunisian, 25, has been at Blues for just over a week and played in the development squad’s win over Nottingham Forest in midweek, scoring a goal and conceding a penalty. He can play at centre-half, right-wing or up front and was used initially in the DS game as a central midfielder.

Mohsni told the Echo “It’s going well for me at Birmingham but I’m unsure what will happen at this stage.”

The Frenchman has not featured for the Essex side this season and it is understood he will not play for them again having failed to report for training at the start of the season.

Mohsni is a bit of a cult figure at Roots Hall but also has picked up a bad-boy reputation having been shown 19 yellow cards and 3 reds in 71 appearances for the Shrimpers. His attitude has been called into question after he refused to attend pre-season training claiming he could play at a higher level than League Two, and he has been on trial at West Ham, Celtic and Ipswich with the Hammers having an offer of £150,000 rejected for the player.

However, with the Shrimpers under a transfer embargo due to unpaid debts and with a squad full of injuries they will undoubtedly be looking to offload Mohsni as soon as possible now.

Mohsni played 42 times last season for Southend United, scoring thirteen goals, picking up 10 cautions and was sent off twice.


37 Responses to “Mohsni Next?”

  • Bobby says:

    Hmm Clark doesn’t seem to be put of by reputations does he. First Morrison then Caddis and now Mohsni. Don’t really know why we need to sign him to be honest, we’ve got 3 game until the international break when Murph and Pablo should be fit to come back in the side and with Deaman, Packwood,Hancox and Gordon as back up it’s not as bad as some people make out. Also does Clark not realise we haven’t a natural left winger at the club?

  • DinoTiltoni says:

    With Mohsni and Robinson in the side we could be down to 9 by half time.

  • Ebeneezer says:

    Whats a DS?

  • Kaje says:

    Development Squad.

    I like the idea of signing him to be honest. He may have an attitude problem but he also has ability, scoring 13 goals whilst being shoved between centre half, winger and striker is impressive in any league.

    And it’s no secret that our strikers (the ones Clark is picking anyway) are failing to find the net, we don’t have a left winger and we’re down to our last two centre halves.

    Get him in.

  • bluenosed says:

    We really have become bottom feeders. This is tragic.

  • Masaccio says:

    Lots of clubs have become bottom feeders, Barnsley? Look what they can do, maybe even look at clubs like Charlton and Huddersfield.

  • daddyblue says:

    Can’t believe some of the post, WE ARE IN A DESPERATE STATE. We need players with fight and gritt, wether these 2 are good enough ? maybe not but the are needed and they don’t get sent off every game. Kro4ever

  • Birdy says:

    I watched Southend’s Play-Off Semi-Final 2nd Leg last season, and Mohnsi was put up front towards the end and was an absolute beast. Won everything, he was like a lower league Fellaini. His versatility could prove very useful over the course of a season. The disciplinary record is a worry, but shows he is up for the fight, which we didn’t really see from anyone in a blue shirt on Saturday evening.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    I recall reading a Huddersfield supporters contribution when we took on LC. He said that his philosophy is to sign a dozen new player in the hope that 1 or 2 make the grade. Seems that chap knew what he was talking about!

  • Oldbluenose says:

    At this point of time, We are in desperate state, !!. Losing decent players through injuries, Fearing playing some yougsters, [ because of last Saturday, ] it may not be the best of times to put them in immediately, !!.

    With Robinson, on a 1, month contract, perhaps Mosni, on loan until January,?. It will give us a chance to see how they shape-up, without commiting to longer term deals at the moment, ??.

  • block23 says:

    al – a mate of mine is convinced blues are signing papa bouba diop and another african chap tomorrow, spotted at the training ground yesterday and today, the other chap is apparently coming in on loan from psg as he’s surplus to requirements? not sure how much truth there is in this, if it doesn’t happen i’ll attribute it to the rumour mill but if it does i’m claiming it!

  • skareggae72 says:

    Siaka Tiene (LB,holding mid,left mid),PSG usually loan him out,although i would prefer Ibrahimovic myself :)

  • Marc says:

    I’ve seen him a few times and the bloke is a ‘beast’ as said above, he cannot be any worse than the shambles that was Saturday evening!

  • andy says:

    Surely everybody that posts on here realises the mess the club is in? From top to bottom, its a mess and i think this is affecting whats happening out on the pitch and Chris Hughton obviously knew and jumped ship when the opportunity arose. Lee Clark is not the problem, its the mess that has been created by the chinese and in fact, Clark should be applauded for taking the job on in the first place because remember, the likes of Curbishley and Keane ran a mile.

  • andy says:

    Well yeh,certain chinese people!

  • James Black says:

    I’ve been wanting to say this since the weekend but reckon everyone would jump on my back, but as some others have pointed out its a disgrace to boo the team and join in the bring us down further fest that’s been going on.
    OK the team and the tactics deserve some stick of course they do but is any of the hysteria going to help, not one bit.
    I’m not going to jump on Lee Clarke’s back just yet as im sure he knows where his gone wrong by now and i believe he will put it right in time, but if the boo’s continue and the abuse carry on then it is going to severely delay It. All that does is create a situation where every player with the ball at his feet are more concerned about whether the crowd are going to boo for a wrong move or a misplaced pass, result, more wrong moves more misplaced passes. Just hold back with the booing and if its still not working by Christmas then maybe its another matter but this is not the time to drag us down deeper.
    Next for those that claim they can read everything from body language and complain that LC is showing he cares, then what would you have to say if he was sat on his bum and wasn’t pacing about and getting agitated, seems he cant win on that front.
    Also i keep hearing crap about his lost the dressing room. Maybe he has maybe he hasn’t but for me that is not something i am holding against Clarke anyway. So they don’t like the way he makes the coffee, maybe they don’t like his voice or they don’t like his manner. Well my answer to that is tough your professionals his the manager and they are overpaid footballers and if they are letting girly personality issues let them not play properly then they are not professionals worth worrying about. Instead of saying or concerning yourselves with whether they like Clarke or not, worry why they are letting petty girly personality issues ruin our club. They are overpaid and all they have to do for the money is train a few hours and perform on Saturdays. I don’t care if its Genghis Khan or Danny Le Rue in charge get over it and be footballers and stop whinging about whether they like the man or not. they are not paid to like the man they are paid to perform on a Saturday. By all accounts i hold the blame almost entirely at the feet of these spoil’t over paid brats that wont perform because they don’t get on with a manager. I say this only to quieten the critics as i have no idea whether he has lost the dressing room or not but if it is the case then i don’t blame Clarke for that. On them wages i would play for Adolf Hitler, Gary Glitter or even Donald Duck, its not your job to sulk cuz you don’t like the manager its your job to play, Its Clarke’s job to manage and if they are going to be girls and let personalities get in the way of that then move them on and get players in that don’t need to be mommy cuddled.
    Wait till Christmas and if i was Lee Clarke i would simply move out any whinger, trouble maker and MANAGE.
    Yes the tactics and selections haven’t been great but that’s ongoing and im sure it will come together the moment the players stop whinging and be footballers. Clarke has made mistakes, he knows it, but not performing cuz of any reason is not forgivable. Let LC do his job and get any whingers out the club. There is no other way as he is the manager, he is not Houghton, get over it.

  • andy says:

    I never once mentioned Peter Pannu and in fact he is left high and dry by the chinese , yes u read it right, the chinese!

    • Blue in Spain says:

      No need for a repeat, we know you’re racist.

    • James Black says:

      Andy you mean the guys that have spent 80 million and stand to lose most of it. You mean them guys that have ruined the club. The guys that during there tenure won the only major trophy in my lifetime, you mean them Chinese as you put it that you claim don’t care. So you wouldn’t care about losing your money on an investment and should just walk away with nothing after spending 80 million. So easy when you don’t stand to lose anything other than the price of a ticket watching a bad game. I think they are fully entitled to try and come out of this with as much as they can and relegation and a charge of money laundering are the problem, nothing to do with not caring.
      Is not a half empty stadium when 9th in the premiership a little to do with it. Makes me laugh the way some go on as if the stadium was ever full. Under Bruce 9th half empty still moaning. Under mcliesh half empty again at one time 9th half empty. There is plenty of blame to be handed out don’t rest it all on the shoulders of those that have spent 80 million. Im not saying they are saints either but not all the blame rests with them.
      Oh and by the way were not dead yet even if your trying to make us commit suicide.

  • pepole slaging robinson rember what happllend with horsefield and michal johnson and he did all right for blues

  • Bluenosesol says:

    The club are suffering a severe malaise on the pitch. No leaders, no one to kick ass like Archie Gemmil and Kenny Burns used to. We could do with a couple of really aggressive characters to grab the shirkers by the nuts and recover the grit and motivation we have lost since last season. I’m warming to Robinson and Mohsni already!!

  • stuart dale says:

    i ve been wanting to post this for quite a while now.Probably wont be popular but Peter Pannu in my opinion is a miracle worker i only wish he had the funds to own the club himself .Look at the facts this guy has kept us in business with no funds available from yeung ,yes he had parachute payments but also a massive wage bill when we were relegated and the manager walked away.He brought in Hughton and backed him 100 percent as hes done for Clark too and he and only he was responsible for getting the transfer embargo lifted by his sound management of the clubs finances.We could easily have been another Portsmouth and i hope for better owners but i have nothing but admiration for Peter Pannu.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    I like the look of Mohsni. sign him and put Mullins into the reserves.

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