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Only Playing When Behind: Derby Match Reflections

Here are my reflections on the Derby v Blues game. Please note that I watched this one on TV.

Going behind…

Once again, Blues are punished for an indifferent, lifeless and lacklustre start by a team that plays with a bit of pace and a bit of tempo. Yes, the goal was offside – Conor Sammon was about 2 yards off when the shot was struck but them’s the breaks. It was deserved, Blues looked awful and once again they were fighting an uphill battle. They got themselves back into it… and concede again (although again with some controversy as King was clearly fouled as Blues cleared in the build-up). Having struck back again Blues gave away a third with some piss poor defending, and the result was sealed.

And yet, Blues could have won this one. King was slightly unlucky to only hit the bar with the scores at 1-1, and he was definitely a little greedy shooting with Lovenkrands in a better position at 2-2. However, it wouldn’t have been a deserved victory – it would barely have been a deserved point. Blues cannot continue playing well in only 20 minutes of games.

Whose fault?

I think that there are some serious problems within the team; it’s not just Lee Clark although I don’t think the teams he is selecting are helping his cause. Caldwell was godawful; giving the ball away humping it forwards and then caught out defensively. Burke looks worse than a shadow of the player he was last year; Elliott isn’t a left winger no matter how many times Clark plays him there and with Spector and Robinson behind those two there wasn’t enough support for the wide-men.

In saying that you can’t legislate for Burke seemingly bottling going past players, Elliott drifting so far infield the Derby right-back had the run of the pitch and Mullins and Morrison allowing players to get between them to attack Blues. Too many players are having off days and I wonder if they’re not playing for Clark or if they’ve just lost that spark.

Any positives?

Rob Hall looked good when he came on; perky, pacy and wanting to attack. It was his pace that won us the penalty and whilst his attacking threat looked good it also stopped the Derby right-back from coming forwards and forced him to defend, giving us a bit more breathing space on that flank.

Changes needed?

I know the change many want is Clark going but I can’t see that happening any time soon. The team needs to be changed though for the Blackpool game; Caldwell needs to be dropped, as does Elliott, Burke and maybe Mullins. I’d bring in Pablo for Caldwell, Hall for Elliott and Redmond potentially for Burke. I think there is an argument to give Papa Bouba Diop a debut to give us some meat in the middle of the park and I think there is also an argument to give Lovenkrands a run instead of Zigic. Whatever happens Blues need to start games with a bit more zip and a bit more spark – it’s all well and good saying things are improving to the press but it has to be shown on the pitch – if Blues could play well for more than 20 minutes at a time it would be a start. More poor results could have us looking at the relegation trap door and that would be an absolute travesty.

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49 Responses to “Only Playing When Behind: Derby Match Reflections”

  • Gary R says:

    Almajir – Do you think we should play the same way as Baggies – obviously not in terms of quality-wise, but in terms of formation shape. They play with two ‘holding midfield players’ in Yacob and Mulumbu just in front of defence and then play their more attacking players, usually 3 ahead of them – Brunt, Morrison, Odemwingie and then usually Long up front on his lonesome.

    We could play a similar formation, something like this:


    Spector Davies Caldwell Robinson

    Papa Bouba Diop Mullins

    Burke Morrison Redmond


    – obviously when fit I’d play Caddis at right back, and maybe there’s a case for Ibanez at centre-half in for Caldwell. But I think playing two holding mids – Diop Mullins – and then having 3 a little bit more advanced could benefit in either direction. Defensively with two players shielding back four surely that’d be beneficial. Just my thoughts, anyway.

    • almajir says:

      Some merit in that but it would require more from the fullbacks than they can currently give. Maybe with Caddis back on the right.

      • Gary R says:

        Without doubt, but like you say with Caddis back he could offer it. Maybe a case to play Hancox at LB, would give us more energy and overlaps in order to play that system?

    • NooBloo says:

      Thats making an assumption that Lee Clark knows what a holding midfielder is. Olayers seem to wander out of position and there is no real shape to the team. His post match interview he really could not analyse what had just gone on in the 2 previous hours. Is he just nervous or does he really just not have a clue

  • pete says:

    Too narrow
    No full backs over lapping.
    What is the point of playing Zigic if you don’t put crosses in. He won almost everything Butland put on his head, but that is Division 2 football.
    We scored lots of goals last year by getting to the byline time after time.

    Robinson was the only defender I thought came out with any credit and he lacks the energy to support his wide man.

    I also thought Derby were a poor team made to look good
    Wondered why we signed Hall, but he looked good

  • jason says:

    Almost totally agree with this. i dont think elliot should be on the left but at the same point hes played ok for us. i think you can garentee seeing hall start next game. burke was not with it today. im a massive fan of his but i would have took him off at half time. zigic is effective in some games but on a soggy pitch with the ball fizzed in to him, he dont have the control to keep the ball so i would also go for mr lover man! burke needs to get back on track so maybe drop him for redmond next game. although caldwell wernt great today i wouldnt drop him. i wanna see a settled defence, we havent been able to do that all season. i for one cant wait to see caddis back, apart from the goal i think spector was very poor today. Much better second half, morrison came into the game a lot and looked a class act again, hall gave us a real option on the left wing hes a definate start for me. i may think this but i think blues will be ok, i dont blame clark hes had a tough season and although i understand frustration the fans getting on the back of the team all the time is really not helping. if we could just get together and behind the team i think we could sort this out.

  • teerev says:

    Watching the game on tv with my 13 yr old son, he says he can’t understand the difference from last season to now.
    As he is brilliant on the xbox with football manager and fifa,i think he should have a go at replacing lee clark!! (and he would be cheaper!)

  • Blue Steve says:

    A very fair appraisal of the game Almajir. I wish you were picking the team as I agree with all the changes you are proposing; do I think Clark will make those changes maybe one if we are lucky. Its a tough time at the moment. I don’t like to be negative but if we stay up this season that will represent success. This really is a season of transition with a manager that is a little reactive a little naive and still finding his feet at this level. KRO.

  • bluebob09 says:

    Can anyone explain to me why Elliot seems to be the first name in Clark’s team sheet every week,home or away ,he’s not a striker ,or even a forward ,and come to that he’s not a defender either

  • John says:

    The lack of pace in the team is unbelievable. Even Butland takes an age to clear the ball, that is,after he’s put 2 hands up, to tell their no.5,that he’s going to kick it to Zigic ! We were so predictable,lump it up the pitch and HOPE that it drops to a Blues player. We are playing with 10 men,with Mullins in the team and why didn’t Spector move towards the player who crossed the ball,for their 3rd goal. Burke is right out of form,but it could be that Hall,being a natural left footer, will bring balance to the team on the left wing. Although people are shouting Clark out (it aint gonna happen till new owners come in ) it must be frustrating him,how the team plays so poorly one half and then improves the 2nd half. Pannu must realise that the situation,will not improve until,the sale of the club,if that is what he intends),has been completed. Until that happens we must support the team that the manager puts out. KRO

  • chris says:

    Diop can also play centre half, the defending is awful, caldwell has to be replaced with Ibanez, Diop or even Robinson.
    Can Diop be any worse than Mullins in front of defence or play as a pair as Gary mentions, we need to stop the goals against first.
    What is Burke’s problem, looks like something off the field is affecting him, nothing like last year, not even close.

  • given up says:

    As he gone yet? If not why not?

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    The manager has lost the dressing room. It is that simple. We have the players to win games like this.
    Clark continues to play the wrong players. How many times have we seen him playing a high line with one of the slowest back four in the league. Some of his decision making beggars belief; and before you start with your “be positive as true blues are use to this adversity year in year out, KRO”. – I have been supporting this club for close on 50 years and will continue to support them; But please, please wake up and smell the coffee guys. Let’s get a new owner in with the cash to get rid of Clark and get somebody with half a football brain, the tactical nous and man-management skills to make a difference.

    • carlos says:

      Absolutely spot on.They just aren’t playing for the manager,I reckon Hughton got about 20% more out of the same bunch. They also don’t look any where near fit, perhaps that is where the problem lies, on the training pitch. It is absolutely shocking the difference in Burke and Redmond this year, totally devoid of any confidence or belief.

    • Chris Smith says:

      Your an idiot then, if he’d lost the dressing room we wouldn’t have won a point since Barnsley and would be in 24th on -20 goal diff. The problems is the team are too slow out the traps. If that offside hadn’t gone in or if king hadn’t hit the bar it’d have been a fair point. League Campaigns aren’t built on ifs. In fact if blues had sat on the ball instead of trying to win the game they’ed have taken a point. They gambled and lost, though I’d rather see them try to take all three points like they could have done than sit and settle for one, as much as that would claw them up the table.

      LCs tactics have been roughly the same all season long so you can’t blame that, And mullins was actually playing when blues had possession so that was a bonus so I can’t blame him, he had an alright game tbh. The best team were played, more attacking options were stuck out and we now know that a CM doesn’t have to be shoehorned into LW since the new Hall has arrived.

      Team for the next time would be the same starting eleven except my midfield would be

      Hall – Elliot – Morrison – Burke

      With a bench of

      Lovenkrands, Redmond, Hancox, Packwood, Diop, Mullins, Doyle.

  • john51 says:

    I’m amazed at how narrow we tried to play today; on the occassions we tried to play wide, we’d usually give the ball away, as the ‘intended wide players’ Burke and Elliot, were obviously following orders and holding hands with Morrison and Mullins. You’ll never convince me that wasn’t the way Lee the Clown set them up. The King and Zigic pushing the front line; and due to the tram lines the Clown had set them up to play in they had to play backwards; to a squashed and cramped midfield who had two options; play it wide to the invisable man; or play it back to Davies or Caldwell; who had one option -lump it forward.
    And Lee the Clown tells us he’s a better manager now than last year.
    Lucky us.
    I’m really looking forwards to seeing what enlightening new tactics the Clown employs at Blackpool.

    • Manicmac says:


      What are you going on about? You don’t know what LC has told them to do, neither do I. The fact is the team has been thrown togethe, kids and players past their best. Thats why the performances are all over the place. This year the players who did so well last year (Burke for example) have been crap. Lee Clarke would need a magic wand to put this right

  • ForevertheOptimist says:

    Hoof it football is good enough for the lower leagues Mr. Clark, but not in this league.
    Cannot believe this is the same team that played with flair, endeavour,creativity and belief in Europe.
    The players lack confidence,they lack pace and look clumsy on the ball.
    The whole set up from the backroom staff to the Manager are either dated or clueless.
    This season we will be lucky to avoid relegation based on performances against teams like Derby and Barnsley.
    Absolute travesty how fortune has gone against the Blues,but saying that we aint gonna win matches giving teams a headstart every game.
    Lets just hope this sale fiasco gets resolved in the very near future before the pressure of a relegation dogfight saps the players confidence even more.
    Mr.Clark enjoy christmas…..it should be your last in charge of Birmingham City.

  • Blueboy88 says:

    “I am a better manager at Birmingham City than I ever was at Huddersfield” – Lee Clark

    9pts from the last 10 games is undeniably relegation form , with a squad that is also undeniably good enough in this poor quality league , to challenge for a play-off place.

    Utter delusion…

  • Tonytiler says:

    Just got back from derby. I thought we played too deep 1st half inviting derby to attack us. We looked really shaky at the back and there didn’t seem any balance in the team. Every time we got the ball we gave it away. The conditions were not the best and the officials were woeful again. ( even though that was the same for both teams ) we were much improved 2nd half however we seem to not be able to defend once getting back into the game. , I think caldwells been the worst defender all season no pace , heading anywhere and hoofing the ball to nobody. At least he’s been consistent. , Elliot again was disappointing he keeps drifting into the middle of the park and then leaving either left or right back exposed . Now I know Burke wasn’t at the races today , but I hope Clarke didn’t take him off for a tactical reason , and it was a slight injury. Because if this wasnt the case I can’t see what moving Elliot to right wing would achieve. The team look so dishevelled. The only positive out of the game are hall looks a half decent signing But for how long ?

  • andy says:

    We can all become Saturday evening managers and start picking the team in hindsight but im sure this team isnt good enough and the sooner new owners walk in and the manager, whoever it may be, can dismantle and rebuild a new Blues team the better. Nigel Clough said before the game that when he looks at the Birmingham squad, its frightening! Strange statement considering Blues just dont look good enough at the moment.

  • Dan B says:

    I have to say having been to all home games this season and having seen the game on the box tonight that the lack of form from players such as Davies, Caldwell & Burke is absolutly petrifying from a spectators point of view and I’d actually say the only regular 1st teamer whose improved on their performances from last season is Big Zigic.
    Therefore I’m wondering where fans are proportioning the blame too?? The choices of course being: The Owners, The Manager (& his backroom staff) or The players??
    I’ll start off by sadly saying the blame has to lie with Mr Lee Clark and his backroom staff.
    Now Granted the boardroom antics should be made into a soap and put up for the soap of the year award but Chris Hughton managed to still get an awful lot out of the players he had @ his disposal & in my opinion players like Ambrose & Lovenkrands should have only helped the squad.
    However aside from the performances of our players it’s really becoming disturbing how many times I’ve now heard Clark say something along the lines of ‘we started slow’ & ‘if we could start faster or start the way we’ve finished we’d be winning games more’.
    Whilst this is of course completly right of Clark to say I’d have only preferred to have heard it one or two weeks running but to have heard it for nearly 2months straight worries me.
    I have to question what Clark and his backroom staff are doing during training sessions and how they are helping the players overcome their troubles, if they’re working hard with the players during training and they aren’t performing come matchday then the question has to become why is Clark continuely playing them??? As some of you have eluded too Caldwell has lost a yard of pace compared to last season but how he’s still starting when he clearly needs a break to sort things out so if we’re all able to identify this then surely Clarky must’ve realised and should be looking to do something about it.
    Team changes are needed but sadly the biggest changes need to be in the ownership of the club swiftly followed by the removal of Mr Lee Clark as our manager.

  • tony says:

    it was clear to see we set up to play narrow because with mullins sitting in the middle waving at the opposition as they ran passed him we are so lightweight.We continually play a high back line despite the lack of pace and form of the centre backs.No width in midfield and zigic was anonimous most of the game and to have to throw in a 19 year old shows how desperate this season is becoming in what is a pretty poor division.

    • Manicmac says:

      you’re right the team has no structure !

      it’s a total shambles and we are in freefall! It reminds me of the Welldon days. We’ve sold all the crown jewels and the valuable stuff.
      Now we’re looking at selling all our potential. In 3 years the HK group have put us back 25 years

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    I consistently keep reading about us having the most promising bunch of youngsters in years…..ans also reading that some of our older players such as Caldwell and Mullins, and it would also appear Burke being past it. Time to given people like Packwood and Hancock a chance to show what they can do,.Bring back Gomis also. Why is he being shunned when Mullins is consistently letting us down? Couldn’t understand why Redmond did not even make the bench. While I am pleased Hall had a good game, I:m not entirety convinced we needed to sign him. Surely a central defender is more needed. And it must be demoralising foe our promising youngsters to see kids from other clubs brought in instead of them being given a chance to show what they can do.
    I’m afraid I di not see a plan in LC:s player acquisition policy. It appears random with no thought given to resources within the club and how best to use them. He now appears clueless, and the sooner we can afford to sack him the better for all connected with the club….and probably for him, to end his misery and free him up to take up a position in League 1 that matches his capability.

  • Terry says:

    Chris Hughton bolted because he knew you couldn’t get the same out of average players again. Caldwell, Burke have been awful this season, Elliott has always been average. the league two best full backs are out and gone. Gomis is crap, and Fahey has gone AWOL. Thank God for Eck’s signing King and Clark’s signings of Morrison, Hall . For those wondering why Burke came off – he was shocking, terrible. Clark’s substitutions made a difference but he won’t get credit for it from the armchair experts. The bottom line remains that the owners are the root cause of our problems. when will people realise this?

    • KeepRightcroydOn says:

      You’re right that the ownership issue is at the heart of our problems, and in fact this is the reason why CH bolted – not because he had concerns about how much he could get out of the likes of Burke & Elliott. The point is that he actually managed to get them to perform. – FACT. Something CH seems incapable of doing – FACT.
      I really can’t understand why there is a faction who seem to hate CH. Last season was one of the most enjoyable because of what he orchestrated on the pitch. Ok he then left, but really his position was pretty untenable, and I don’t think we should hold this against him.

  • Ainsley says:

    Agree on dropping Caldwell, we also need a strong ball winner in the middle, this seasons N’daw to control the midfield. Would give gomis and diop a go, maybe give asante a chance as we’re desperate for pace. 4231 seems what we need, cover for the defense as they’ve been lacking

  • Art Watson says:

    I watched the game on the TV and thought that Blues were on the backfoot for most of the first half then typically rallied in the second half but again the defence collapsed and we conceeded another 3 goals.Derby we poor but Blues were awful.

    This brings me to my next point-what is Clark and his coaches doing about this on the training field and how long will Butland continue to tolerate this defensive shambles?He’s the number two goalkeeper in England and this must be affecting his confidence.Despite all the press talk Blues continue to repeat their defensive errors,our good players have given up and the team only play for 45 minuites.Mr Clark and co appear to be incapable of putting things right and should immediatley resign before its too late.

    In any other industry Clark would be on his bike by now.

  • Phil Hall says:

    Spot on. Full backs are appalling and lack the energy and purpose to get forward and take the game to the opposition. We have youthful options which are surely worth a go and would play for the shirt rather than topping up their pension like Paul Robinson. As much as I admire Robbo’s commitment in the tackle he offers nothing offensively on a very weak left hand side with Elliott.

    On both flanks we are terrible and as stated by most Burke is no where near producing the form he did last year. The team have no outlets on either flank and hopefully LC will see what young Robbie Hall gave us and pick him from the start against Blackpool on the left and recall Redmond on the right. Hancox surely must be given the nod at left back and why not stick Packwood in at right back. We need energy, hunger, pace and purpose on the wings and unless we have that on Tuesday then Blackpool will tear us apart with the quality of wingers that they have.

    I agree about LC being on his way if he worked in any other industry and maybe the issue he has is his blinded loyalty to his back room team who quite clearly aren’t doing him or the team any favours. Maybe he would earn the respect of the fans if he realised that the people who work for him are letting him down and that he did something about it. Someone has to be held to account and if LC isn’t prepared to challenge the people that are coaching and setting up the team for matchday then unfortunately he is on a hiding to nothing and Blues will be very close to relegation this season.

  • kirkus says:

    the writing is on the wall,if u look u can see it

  • woody says:

    Last season myhill vary rarely kicked the ball forward at all he looked 4 his fullbacks being Carr and Murphy who then bombed forward and then bought out the best in burke redmond or bougie now its route 1 long ball from anyone to ziggy this is not the answer Clarke grow a pair Tuesday night drop Caldwell for pablo robbo for hancox ET (elliot) for hall Mullins for the wardrobe and the humanstickinsect for shabba and bring in caddis if fit keep the ball on the deck and play football…simple

  • Paulo says:

    That was, not to put too finer point on it, a blues team with no comunication and a continuing habit of drifting and leaving open spaces. It is obvious LC is using players out of position and enforcing a formation that only works on a few teams. It can also be said that he should not take all the blame for a piss poor performance, the players should take a long hard look at themselves too ..and be accountable. That isn’t how it works though, as players are the clubs biggest asset and (unfortunately) the biggest drain on finances, so they will always be looked after, and demand motivating. The gaffer is the one who gets it.
    Those who are justifying our sh*te performances on the back of a mix up of players, well, CH gave us one hell of a shock when he managed it last season, and we recognised it. For some reason, the motivation, urgency and respect from the team fluctuates so rapidly, that it seems to echo the feelings of the fans. I for one, am tired of seeing too many injuries and too many loanees. What is worse, is the sense of urgency from the crowd is becoming frighteningly complacent in getting quieter. We seem to be accepting draws and come away thinking we did well to gain one point.
    The only way to get rid of doubt and wipe away the negativity is have a run of wins. That is it. If that means selling the club right now and having someone in charge of BCFC who is more demanding and acutely aware of LC’s role and delivery of results, then so be it. But my money is on LC being left out to dry by PP, and as such, with no disrespect to him, it is too much and the only people he has as advisors are Terry Mac and Fazerkerley.
    The team aint playing cos the manager aint managing them in the way they need.

  • Smokin says:

    There is a simple ingredient missing from the Club this season, and it is CONFIDENCE.

    Last year, we didn’t give a shit, we were in shock, so when players started playing well (Nacional home game in the Euro Cup) we responded. That gave them a lift, a few more little positives during some indifferent play, and that led to Blues a few months later going on a nice run around Xmas (memory suggests we were 13th after losing to Palace) that led to the Play-Offs.

    THis year the fans have been different. The expectation levels are higher, and simple mistakes bring out the negative vibes around St Andrews. That feeds on the Players, some of which have been bloody awful.

    Now that is not to say that all the blames lies there.
    – Lee Clark has made some strange choices to say the least,
    – The financial position of the Club has meant that a good young player Mutch was sold, and the replacements are 30+ things with bags of experience but no legs and fading memories of glory days.

    I believe this malais will continue for a while but with one prediction:



  • Art Watson says:


    You have nicely expressed my views and the many thousands who no longer attend the home games.Problem is I just can’t see it getting any better and to those who still say we can’t afford to sack him start thinking about next season in division 1

  • Sir Harry 1875 says:

    We are missing Carr/Caddis and Murphy. The 2 best attacking fullbacks in the division last year and Caddis looked much the same. You saw last night what can happen when a full back can get forward, Spector put in a great cross for the 2nd but he is not in the same league as a fit Carr/Caddis. Good full backs give wingers confidence, something which Burke has very little of at the moment.

    However Burke’s poor form stems from the Coventry defeat. Player of the season, the most assists from one of the best wingers we’ve seen and there he was playing in the middle with Gomis on the left. That told me all i needed to know about Clark and my opinion about his management abilities was sealed that evening.

  • Nichollspj says:

    Being a season ticket holder I feel I have watched enough games this season to arrive at an opinion.
    I have now found a new name for our management team ” The three Stooges” make your own decision as to who is Shep,Larry or Mo as I have not seen enough of the two alleged advisers to see which ones are which !!!!!
    It has stood out for a long time now that Elliot is not a left sided player-Ask the scout from Derby who had obviously instructed the Right Back to attack at every opportunity,which he duly did.
    Why is Mullins being selected when he usually drifts to the left of the pitch as he did when Derby scored their third goal,leaving Spectre exposed & therefore culpable for that punishing cross.
    The logic of Lee Clark mystifies me.
    He has signed Diop obviously not match fit-why else name him on the bench!!!signs a fullback from Chelsea who is no better to our own Hancox,Ambrose who is becoming an embarrassment & Mullins who probably is only in the team to save the laundry bill on his kit.
    Burke has now caught the same virus and looks a shadow of last year.

  • skareggae72 says:

    Can’t wait till next season,with a new manager,& this bunch of players,with a few fresh legs added, we should be able to win lge 1(old division 3).

  • bluenoseneil says:

    For the first time in 28 years of supporting this club, I have just e-mailed Lee Clark to express my opinions in a fair, balanced way and make a few suggestions.

    I don’t believe for one minute I will get any semblance of a reply but at least I feel better for having aired my views. I have told him I don’t think he needs to leave but I also think he needs to start making the right decisions for the squad and not marginalising or underusing players, rather treating the squad as a meritocracy: we win, you keep your place. We lose and you don’t perform, I look around to see who else can play in your position.

    Right now based on this I would say Tuesday’s line-up needs to NOT include Stephen Caldwell, Jonathan Spector (although I fear Caddis isn’t ready yet), Wade Elliott, Chris Burke and Hayden Mullins all who had average-to-shocking games for us. The rest were OK and I think if you play a 4-5-1 formation vs Blackpool (Butland, Caddis, Davies, Ibanez, Hancox, Redmond, Hall, Diop, Gomis, Morrison, King) you will get the kind of performance, chances, goals and result that we can get.

    It’s not that we don’t have the tools. LC just needs to rummage around in the tool box and remember there may be a better choice available than a bunch of rusty old spanners…sorry Caldwell but that was largely aimed at you!! The guy just looks like he needs a rest, though!!


  • Art Watson says:

    LC is a qualified coach so therefore should not need advice from supporters.

    In five of the 18 games played under Clark we have conceeded 3 or more goals .

    There’s a big clue there Mr Clark!

  • StuBCFC says:

    Completely agree with starting Hall and Redmond and possibly even Hancox and just having a go at Blackpool because if we sit back against them we will be punished. whereas there defence is there weak point so i think we can get a result as long as we have a go.

  • AL_LAD says:

    Completely off topic; but did any one notice that Lita was named on the bench for Swansea against Liverpool, i though we sent him back because he was injured?

    • NooBloo says:

      Loan signings are expensive and lee Clark is so used t bringing people on loan and realing they are not willing to work hard.

      You should only take someone on loan if you know they are going to play. Not as a trialist. The loan club lend them because they want them to get games under their belt and Lee clark doesnt grasp this. he seems to do it to give him more options.

      We cant afford too many loan signings. Clark needs to do his homework a bit more before he brings people in and where he wastes even more money we cant afford

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