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He Scores Goals: Middlesbrough Reflections

Here are my reflections on the game between Birmingham City and Middlesbrough at St Andrews.

A Win!

I will freely admit I didn’t think that we would win that game. I went fully expecting the worst and when Grant Ledbitter scored early on I thought “here we go”. However, credit to the team they came back and whilst it was by no means fantastic they got three points. Right now, it’s all about results – it doesn’t matter how we get them, wins will push us up the table.

He Scores Goals

With another two tonight to take his total this season to thirteen in twenty-one appearances this season, Marlon King showed why he is absolutely vital to this team right now. Some people complain about his level of offsides and the way he whinges at refs but you cannot argue with his current rate of scoring. Yes, his first might have been a pen but it was a pen he won by pushing hard for the ball in the box. His second was a peach of a counterpunch goal and for me it showed how much difference having a little bit of pace and nous can have from the team in the way Lovenkrands played him in.

Goal of the Season?

Sandwiched in the middle of those two goals was an absolute peach from Wade Elliott. Yes, the keeper maybe should have done a little better but you cannot fault the technique whatsoever. I owe Wade an apology – I thought he might have been the wrong person to bring on at half time after Ravel suffered a dead leg but his industry and his willingness to get forwards did him proud and helped Blues win more chances in the final third.


Announced as MOTM by the sponsors – maybe to the consternation of others – Spector had a quite dazzling second half. He’s no wide right player but in the middle he did what he could to push forwards – particularly with the knowledge that Mullins was going to sit deep. Whilst he didn’t retain the ball with finesse or technique when he pushed forwards he kept it with sheer determination and heart – and I think some of those runs at the heart of the Boro defence really pushed them onto the back foot and gave us the impetus to win the game. He’s never going to be a show-stopping player but he always tries to do what he can, wherever he’s put.


I honestly thought that Blues fans were better than hanging up bedsheets calling for the heads of management etc. What made it worse is the sheet was hung up when we went 0-1 down and was then unceremoniously yanked back down when we went 3-2 up. There is a word for people like that, six letters, starts with a f and rhymes with “tickle”. I have no issue with people making their feelings heard post-game, or even demonstrating post game but to hold up a banner only when we’re losing is just wrong. I only speak for myself here, but I would like to say to those people that if you can’t support the team during the game, don’t bother coming to St Andrews.

All in all, a scrappy win but a win all the same. I’m not going to talk about corners being turned or a charge up the table – but let’s enjoy it for what it is – a good start to the weekend.

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70 Responses to “He Scores Goals: Middlesbrough Reflections”

  • Aussiebrum says:

    Great performance to win that and agree fully with your comments on Spector. He was awesome tonight.

    And lets credit Clark for the substitutions – he got all three absolutely right.

    Hall was MIA and Morrison too quiet, and both Boro goals resulted from handballs.

    But a vital win, lets hope we can now go on and belt Wolves next week.

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    I have always enjoyed poking Vile fans about how fickle a big section of their support is but have found that this is not option any longer due to some of the attitudes some of our fans have shown. Although I have not been over impressed by the start of our new manager the bottom line he needs to be given time and the criticisms of him are even more illogical because he is here until at least new owners come in ( about 2021 the way things are going). Keep the faith and Keep Right On..

    • jeff says:

      i agree..that banner was a disgrace. i don,t know if lee clark is the man for the job(i want him to succeed)but displaying that banner and the all round negativity aired at times will not help the team.as the auther says if people want air their displeasure do it after the game has finished.i know a few lads who were boiling about it tonight .i was one of them.is this what we have become.a club that has a section of fans who are premiership at all cost?don,t forget the last 14 years have had us either play offs or prem league..have we or should i say some of our fans become spoiled?

      • chris says:

        I think we have become spoiled and slightly arrogant, but some fans are deluded if they think we could so easily be in the play-offs again. Off the pitch problems was and is bound to affect the club, team and fans.
        Frustration is getting to most of us at times because we all know we should be good enough for half way at least with the players we have and we just want to see consistent performances not necessarily results which will come if the performances were consistent.
        It’s really hard but we need to be patient, myself included and Clark deserves credit for his 2nd half tactics last night to get something out of the game considering the defence was awful.

    • John says:

      Quite right, who do they think, would replace Clark. The club is in the process of being sold,as we are being led to believe, so there is absolutely NO chance of another manager being appointed. Until and if,that happens. It may well be,that if the club is, sold,the new owners will want a new manager,but until that day arrives,all proper bluenoses should help the team and the manager by SUPPORTING them.

  • Barry says:

    Ok, three points, well done. I didn’t think we’d win either. Not a convincing display if you were looking at us as possible promotion contenders. An on-form team could have done real damage to us in the first half and if we had not got the penalty it could have been a different story. What is it with us that stops us playing at a higher tempo from the start of a game and why are we making so many defensive errors? Maybe I should be more positive after all we fought back and got three valuable points but this was a game at Fortress St Andrews – the place we hardly ever lost at last season, remember??!

  • KiwiJohn says:

    The Championship is proving to be quite unpredictable this season. Many of our results and others have shown just how any team can win or lose no matter where in the table they are sitting. Tonights result underlines that point. With a bit of consitancey, stability and luck we could end up having a half descent season. Lee clark is no mug and the players CAN all play. Pretty sure we’ll be in the Championship next season ready for an assault on the Prem with new owners…. or am dreaming?
    KRO and get behind the team!

    • chris says:

      That’s why it is so frustrating because this league is for the taking, but no one team has gone on a great run like Southampton, QPR, or Newcastle / WBA had in recent seasons.

  • Gord says:

    The team dug deep tonight like they did against Bolton & Leicester, weren’t magnificent but a result is a result. I was massively pleased to see the almost siege mentally of the team on the pitch demonstrating support for each even when we ( including me) gave them dogs abuse for screwing up on several occasions. However, to the point; my question to this normally, learn-ed attendee of this OP discussion is….what does Hayden Mullins offer to our team? I have had my doubts for a while now but thought perhaps it was my predujice, but I mentioned tonight to a few of the fellas in the tilt “watch him for a few minutes & actually see what he does” the result …disappointing. We nearly tried to Optimax him to see what his stats were, alas, we couldn’t confirm.
    Basically, I’m dumbfounded on what he offers whilst taking a key position in the team and what does he do between games to guarantee an almost permanent starting berth?….please, please help me out bluenoses, ‘cuz it totally bemuses me.

    • John says:

      I too kept a check on the performance of Mullins and managed to stick it out to half time,at which point,i’d had enough. He made one successful tackle and 2 or 3 passes that went sideward or backward,non that created any thing. He never stopped a ball being passed forward by a ‘Boro player and generally did not get close enough to ant ‘Boro player. In short, we virtually played with 10 men in the first half. I can’t remember his contribution in the 2nd half, which probably says it all !

      • Chris Smith says:

        He wasn’t as anonymous in the first half as I was expecting, better in the second I will add. He made more than one tackle, aided with distribution in terms of keeping the ball. Second half he had that sudden run, pannicked and lost the ball which turned into a counter attack. He got it forward in a few pother places, namely one or two to spector which we sold on into attacks.

        I get the impression he panics, usually if he has the ball and other players are around him. This came to the front of my mind when he was going forward with the ball and If he stops that and has more consistency then we could have a decent holding midfielder in there.

  • tamuffblue says:

    Results are what matter !!!! Boro could av gone top if won – on the back of a 3-0 win on Sat so a good evening – Bedsheets belong in the bedroom or in front of Vilers !!!!!

  • Blue in Spain says:

    Unlike the win against Bristol City, some of our so called supporters can’t come out and say it was against a very poor team…. I suppose they’ll just say we were lucky! We really do have a section of followers that you really can’t call supporters. Well done Blues, well done Clark!

  • Dave Sherlock says:

    I saw that sign & I was embarrassed …. When the teams on the pitch we support them end of !

  • Art Watson says:

    How bout the first half performance -it was awful and we should have been dead and buried at half time.

    A much improved second half but let’s not get carried away-our defence at times was shocking and the midfield players looked lost.

  • DudeAbides says:

    Apart from the bed sheet, I thought the backing was pretty good from the Tilton.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Would love to talk about the game which was fantastic in the second half. Would love to talk about Lee Clarks managerial decisions having a direct effect on the win last night but I can’t cos I’m still fuming about the vermin we have in our ground. There were 2 flags. One large and one handheld. The handheld one was waved every 5 minutes including after each goal we scored and the big one was taken down at half time, transported down the front to get it on telly then back up. It only went down at 3-2. It belonged to some young kids and an elderly woman who revelled in the attention it was getting. I tell you now, had me and my lot been anywhere next to it it would not have gone up and the filth who made it would not have had such an easy night. These people wanted Boro to score, wanted em to win and had sat at home making banners all week, planning, scheming and plotting. This is what I expect from the filth. The moron with the handheld immediately put it up and started shaking it after each of our goals. Apply for the X factor if you wanna get on telly so much. You aint Blues, you’re filth. Also the crowd in general, well more the mouthy types are on the team backs from kick off. I went to my first game in the late 60s and I have never seen shite like this. It’s not even if it’s that bad. We’re winning some, losing some, we’re broke and performing on the level I expected. Every mistimed tackle, bad pass, poor shot was met with loud shouts about Clark, the player in question and people are trying to outdo each other with their verbal. Do what I do everybody and face these wan***rs down. When we started having a go back at these morons they almost immediately bottled it. From the off they were on the teams backs, they had only come down with that purpose in mind and it was that bad I almost left the ground during the first half. Then when we score you can see that they’re almost miserable about it. It’s really getting to me to the point that I’m losing my rag almost from the off. To think our legendary fans have come to this and we let them.

    Anyway from a proper fan well done Lee and the team. Your team selection was spot on as were your substitutions. In glimpses this season we are showing we can easily compete and at times we can take teams apart.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Great Shout Paul! You really are the Voice of Reason! I can’t understand fans that spend money in the hope the team will fail, it really used to do my head in when I went to games, and it seems to be a lot worse than ever this season!

    • Mark shand says:

      Spot on Paul.. My feelings exactly!! If you aren’t supporting the team.. Get out.. You may as well go to vile park and join them over there!!

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Paul;, I do not often agree with all your views, — BUT — You are spot on with your observations on some people at St An’s, [ I will NOT call them fans ],!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • Paulo says:

      I have to say I agree. It is far too easy to be negative and jump on a passing bandwagon. It takes a lot more character to stand up and support our team in hard times.

    • Agent McLeish says:

      At last, you live up to your name! Great post Paul TVOR. Putting the bedsheets up would be something that a bunch of Aston Vile fans would do if they infiltrated into the ground. Therefore those so called fans responsible may as well sod off, they are not supporters, just a bunch of muppets and should have been booed out of the ground by the Blue faithful, boo and protest after the game but not when it’s just started!

    • James Black says:

      Bang on the button Paul. Im so tired of these people i mean really tired. Your statement speaks for many of us Paul and wish these people would simply stay away. Nothing else to say really other than what ive always said, in that fickle fans are far more destructive than anything and me too support Clarke and back him even when he makes mistakes, after all i don’t think God was available for the job.

  • Mark shand says:

    It really disturbs me the attitude of some of our fans.. And it isn’t just BCFC fans either.. Some people thinks getting rid of the manager is the answer to all ills.. Let’s look at the options.. A). We COULDN’T afford to get rid of Lee Clarke at the moment B) who is there out there who jumps out at you to replace him C) which manager in his right mind would walk into the BCFC hotseat… And as so many people have said previously… What good is castigating the team on the pitch going to do.. Supporting BCFC has never been about the glory days, it has been hard work and willalways remain so… BCFC are generally at their best with their backs against the wall.. That sudden moment when St Andrews rings out with a roar of KRO.. If fans are going to turn up SUPPORT THE BLOODY TEAM!! and keep your bedsheets to yourself, or go join your brethren accross the expressway. Now is the time that blues need the real fans.. Congrats to the boys last night.. A had shift and 3 valuable points!! Let’s keep it going!!

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    I was going to have a moan about the people with the banner last night but what is the point. They will only just be able to read and write let alone switch a computer on. Ignorance in some cases is bliss – on the terraces at your own ground – unforgivable. I am not Clarks biggest fan but I am with Ed. Have a moan before or after the game but if you are at the ground then support the team.

  • Tonytiler says:

    On relfextion from the prem. I’m sure most of us were expecting relegation or mid table at least with the uncertainty surrounding the club. Ch arrived and done his best with what he had. Looking back to last season it was great being a bluenose a good fa cup run and. Taking 10pts in Europe. However during the season I can remember coming out of games. E.g. Blackpool both legs of playoff , derby home , forest home , west ham away , Barnsley home , southampton away. The list goes on. Where we threw games away either in winning situations or starting slow . Loan signings were on longer contracts . He left in the summer lc. Took the impossible job on of trying to go one better than ch. he had a regular central midfielder sold and as had to wheel and deal in the transfer market. I can only submise that we can only afford loanees on a month to month contract. The players are another year older. ( and slower ). We’ve used half a dozen players at left and right back positions. Not down to choice. . In a nutshell whoever pulls the shirt on and crosses that line as to give 110%. The manager can’t do the job if he hasn’t got the tools. Well done last night mr Clarke kro.

    • NooBloo says:

      You are 100% correct i sort of feel that LC may just be finding his feet. The only thing i disagree with is that last year, if we went a goal down i was almost always confident if getting at least an equaliser or even turning it round and winning. I dont have that confidence this year but hopefully that will change in the coming weeks, after all, we did turn it round at the weekend

  • Blues girl says:

    Great win, come on now let’s put together a run!

  • Matt Barnes says:

    Great result. But nothing to do with Clark. We’ve been begging for a left foot winger all season, so I don’t get why you would play him right wing. If you play ziggy upfront you don’t cut in you just keep putting the ball in the box. Also muggins must be the worst Centre-mid since Duggie Bell, awful player. Been a season ticket holder since 1989 so I’ve seen my fair share of crap but Clark is our worst manager since pendry. If and when we get new owners he must go, as honestly he hasn’t got a clue.

  • truebluenose says:

    The banners were justified, One win and everyone gets excited. 24 points from 20 games, knocked out the cup by Coventry is pathetic. Clark is useless and he should go but somehow people want to give him a chance. GET RID NOW. He is ruining the club……Fact

  • Gwynfor says:

    I thought Wade and Spector played brillent last night, burke was a waste of time did nothing when he came on dosn’t tackle and forgot how to take players on, as for Zigic he is a waste of space never jumps for a ball ambles round like a headless chicken and always moaning if the ball is not directly at his feet or head, please blues fans give clarke your support till the end of the season no good calling for him to be sacked now KRO

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      I thought Burke did well when he came on and asked lots of questions of the Boro defence. i thought he streched them and got good crosses in.

  • ChrisG says:

    I think that was a proper team performance last nite, if I had to be critical, once again Butland let in 2 soft goals again ( I said last week he should be dropped for a while & my feelings on that haven’t changed) & it made a change seeing Elliot do something other than give the ball away. Spector running at their defence gave them something to think about & brought others into play, Mullins performances seem to be getting stronger with each game. The difference in this game for me was the fact that Boro came to win which gave a more open game, What LC needs to figure out is how to win games against those teams that come & park the bus. 4 points from 2 games against 2 of the better teams in the division is a pretty good haul & hopefully we can take our form on to next week against a struggling team.
    Just wondering as well whether it would be better in the long run to use Hall as an impact player in the last 20 mins or so, although I didn’t think he had that bad a game considering he wasn’t 100% fit & it was his first full game for us

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Dont understand some of the criticism of individual players on here. Butland had little chance wiith the first goal. A header from point blank which he thrust a hand at. If he had tipped it around the post we would have been in awe at a sensational save. Apart from that he got down time and again and had a good game. Burke did fade towards the end but only because he was coming very deep to help out his team mates. When he fist came on he was ripping them up down the right. Zigic “waste of space”???? He won every long forward ball, held the ball up and laid it off time and again and left the pitch to noisy applause. Caddis had a great game and helped to move our play forward so we played more in ther half than ours. Spector’s runs were brilliant, King scored twice etc etc etc and all against probably the strongest footballing team in the division.
    As for the supporters, they were brilliant! Loved the chants og KRO and the singing in unison between Tilton and Kop. So we have a few idiots in the ground, who I agree are nothing more than attention seeking saddo’s. Suggest that if anyone is in the vacinity of bedsheet bearers, check them out as earlly as possible, gather a few mates and deal with the bedsheet. If the match wasnt on sky, they probably wouldnt even have been there. So if your going to Wolves, deal with the bedsheets at the earliest opportunity!
    No one in this league is ripping up trees, we have as much quality in our squad as anyone and I see no reason why we can not go on and pull sufficiently clear of the relegation places to cement our place in the Championship should Admin come calling! Anything more would be a bonus. KRO.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      I’ll be amazed if they try it on at Wolves.

      They got very lucky last night as a lot of lads were fuming over it.

      Let’s see if they’ve got the balls to do it at Molinuex.

      It’s a different set of fans that go away.

    • chris says:

      that’s all i want from this year now, to stay ten points ahead of relegation zone, anything else will be a massive bonus.
      the club can’t move forward till the board find some other mug in China to subsidise them.

  • andy says:

    Pathetic is the only word to describe those banner wielding people. No other, what you might call, “proven” manager wanted the Blues job, Curbs and Keane ran a mile, as did Hughton when the opportunity arose. At the end of the day Lee Clark took on a mess and to be fair to the bloke, he has handled himself and the players pretty well under the circumstances. As much as Clark and the players distance themselves from the turmoil surrounding the club, as they are getting paid, it must have an affect, it does so on the supporters because we are watching the club crumble and we are down to the bare bones, playerwise, and the January transfer window is ever nearer but the sale of the club isnt. We are not going to get any answers from Pannu, im not quite sure what his agenda is other than having no interest in selling to the Paladini consortium. Holding out for more money? Carson was a mug paying what he did in the first place and they wont succeed in finding another, thats for sure!

  • motozulu says:

    I suggest the same as others on here. If you are nearby to a banner and it’s owners – rip the thing down and let the Feckers know it aint wanted at Blues.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Spot On!

      • chris says:

        first off fans should ask the stewards to do their job before there is a public order offence, the last thing we need is fans fighting between themselves, that would bring the club to a new low, but i totally understand your sentiments.

        • bluenosesol says:

          Hi Chris, agree, but if the stewards are anythng like those around us in the kop, chocolate teapots comes to mind. I never condone Bluenoses fighting Bluenoses or any other violence at football matches, my tack would be that if half a dozen decent sized blokes insist on removing the offending bedsheet, then the wimps who put up the creations they made in Kindergarden would readily hand them over.

  • Blueboy88 says:

    This squad is good enough to make a play off place challenge in this poor league,
    Marlon King is on target for 20+ goals this season , & we haven’t had many of those over the years.

    Just need to tighten up defensively , although thought Caddis made a big difference to the right side balance of the team.

    Would be tempted to give Hancox a run at left back against a very poor Wolves team.

    • chris says:

      Caldwell and Ibanez just aren’t good enough at the moment, always making mistakes or caught out by pace, so would Robinson, Diop or Packwood be better there then Robinson or Hancox at left back?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Morning Blueboy

    As a Clark critic what did you think of the banner and constant anti-support at times last night?

    Is it a step too far for you or OK?

    • Blueboy88 says:

      Morning VOR , I am a Clark critic because i believe this squad has under hugely performed in a very poor championship year.

      On the banners – quite simply appalling , & I am in total agreement with you…
      With the caveat that maybe by offering them publicity within forums like OP it is giving them what they really want , which is attention……& they really really do not not deserve that.

  • pipsy says:

    Paul Carter reading your comment at 7.50am I am totally behind you with these so called supporters, Also the booing of Mullins as his name was read out before the game had even started and further comments during the match when Robert Hall tried on two occasions to go past their full back and failed (get him off he shouted) he tried and failed, we want players to have a go and what was all the chanting after their 2nd goal (what the f…… hell was that). Lets get behind the team and no more negatives from our supporters. Well done to the lads and Clark.

  • Gord says:

    Let me be clear here; very early this morning, I added a comment questioning Mullins’ constant inclusion in the centre of midfield & what he is doing that I simply cannot see, (with the exception of a couple of cutting passes last night; however, one swallow don’t make a summer so to speak). Firstly, I would not boo a player, it’s counter productive. I did sound my annoyance after that second goal because I thought it was poor defending, but it wasn’t for that alone, it was a culmination of frustration and that was the pressure valve that worked for me at that time. I’m not going to give the banner wavers anymore writing-time, end-of. Suffice to say, I defend my right to question the performance of some players, especially if in my opinion they are not improving. And, I do not believe he is, Clark obviously does and so do some others commenting herein; fine, that’s everyone’s prerogative. However, my building frustration is that players such Gomis & Diop don’t appear to be given a chance. I am the first to acknowledge that I only see the players at games infrequently & the management see them daily, but is my radar that off when I watch him & form the opinion that we’re potentially carrying a player in a massively important position OR is this all part of Clark’s master plan?

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    You penultimate paragraph is spot on. I really don’t understand why people want to waste decent sheets in a manner that is not going to help the team. While they have a right to be unhappy with the general situation there are better ways and more appropriate times to protest.

  • AR says:

    Truebluenose imo no banners are justified against Blues and this banner was against Blues, because at the moment CY is the owner & LC is the manager. Such banners only have a detrimental effect on the club as a whole. Say what you like outside the ground but inside it, just get behind the team instead of wasting so much time trying to ape the vilers.

  • Paulo says:

    All in all, It was nice to have a good evening of football, and in amidst all this mess, I really appreciated it. It was hard work and it showed, and yes it was scappy and the lads fought for those 3 points. But so what, it was good to see a comeback from a 1st half that was almost entirely ‘Boro possesion, and they looked so strong and in charge in that 1st half, and like most, I couldn’t believe how the 2nd half went.
    To be honest, I felt really sorry for Clarky having to deal with that sheet up in the Tilton, (and yes I have my few opinions about his tactics, but dont we all). I doubt any stewards targeted it as they dont want the hassle. Also, things like that will have an effect on the team as well, as it is so negative, that it spreads and finds all the idiots in its path.
    Support the team please, thats all, in your own way ..but the team really need to go on a run of wins right now, and it’s so important that we work with what we have.

  • jim says:

    Clarke for me really doesn’t know his best side. We played like the away side first half. For me the defense looks a soft and i think Curtis Davis needs a decent partner in central defense. Play Diop, Fahey or Spector instead of Mullins with Morrison as well. Burke is a better player than Hall who looks a good young player in the making. But blues need to be a lot more positive at home and attack teams and stop playing long straight balls to Zigic!

  • Matt Barnes says:

    I think in one way Clark is lucky that our ownership is up in the air (to say the least) as most of the frustration within the crowd goes to Carson. I just don’t think he has a clue. What summed it up for me was the Hull game and how high our line was. To get caught once is questionable, but 3/4 times is shocking and very Sundays league. Listen, I’m blues through and through and get that you can’t build a team on youngsters and has-beens so id be more than happy for consolidation this year as I was last. But if you think changing the owners will make this guy into fergie it won’t. So as I said in my first post the first decision any new owner needs to make is to get a new manager. I sit a block away from the banner and I don’t agree with it but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d agreed with the sentiment.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    I saw this on sky and didn’t see the banner but great result against a good side. Our ball possession was shocking especially first half where at one point it was 66% to Boro. Our defending was abysmal for their goals so how anyone can blame butland for either goal is beyond me. Thank God for King, he has been fantastic this season. I was screaming at telly when he took off Morrison for Elliot and Burke for hall when I thought Redmond/burke for Zigic would’ve been my move.

    Overall great result but unconvinced. I’m not sure what they do in training but we need to work on our ball retention and passing and our defending. Would also like to see Hancox at LB and Packwood at DMC. We are losing the battle in midfield that’s why we struggle.

  • Art Watson says:

    I do not condone the behaviour of those who were responsibe for the banner protest but in view if what’s going on at the moment I can understand their frustration and anger.The silent treatment being dished out by PP to the supporters who make a contribution to his salary in my view is the prime cause of the fans reaction.

    Suggestions that fellow supporters should remove the banners with force is unacceptable.

    Hopefully the club will be sold before the next home game.

  • swissjonny says:

    Sat here in the Snow I was proud of our boys on Friday night.Forget the Carsen saga,forget the non communicative Pannu we showed people what BCFC are all about .We are grafters.We are a real Football club not some Russians Christmas decoration or Arab Sheikhs latest plaything.You think we have problems-imagine what would become of Chelsea if Abramovich fell under a Lada or Man Citys Sheikh got fatally kicked by a passing camel….All that glitters is not golden.KRO .

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Here’s a positive for you…. slate me forever if I am wrong, but I think if we can beat Leeds in the cup, we can go all the way to Wembley….! KRO

  • Ben Freeman says:

    The team that clark puts out each week is pathetic if Callum Reilly had played it would have probbally been about 14 – 2. We love you Reilly we do, We love you Reilly we do, We love you Reilly we do oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh Reilly we love you! (and your girlfriend is a salty potato)

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