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Ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-nineteen: Burnley Match Reflections

(credit for inspiration for the title must go to @richrd31 on twitter)

Here are my reflections on the match between Birmingham City and Burnley at St Andrews.

Not the worst result

I will admit that sometimes I despair of Blues fans. Hearing people in the pub post-match saying “load of rubbish”, people on forums who didn’t go make smug comments about relegation and seeing criticism of Lee Clark for “only getting a point against Burnley” shocks me. Yes, we have played poorly often this season but I don’t think you can criticise Clark today. When you are forced to injuries and whatnot to name a team that has more teenagers than the average One Direction concert you know the team is in trouble. When, due to an injury in the warmup you have to ask one of the Academy lads in the Tilton to come and sit on the bench, you know the squad is extraordinarily thin. Having heard a few days ago that King would be out I worried about the team but they showed heart, they showed fight and they showed tenacity to rescue a point after two minutes of madness. With only Paul Robinson likely to come back for the next game (and maybe Jake Jervis), we’re going to have to get used to this – until there is investment we are in trouble.

The Kids

Having been a semi-regular attender of reserve games for a while, it was nice today to see so many of the kids who I’ve been watching make the first team. I thought all of them did okay; as expected Blues were raw defensively but going forwards there was a zest and a passion that has been missing of late. Rob Hall looked sensational on the right; his cross for the first goal was an absolute peach and he tormented the hell out of the left side of the Burnley defence. Reilly put himself about and tried his best to keep the midfield ticking. Nathan Redmond looked much more like the Redmond of old, pushing forwards, trying to take on the full back and get crosses in. He was unlucky not to score chipping the keeper after the ball broke from an attack only to see a desperate Burnley defender clear it off the line. Mitch Hancox looked a bit raw at the back and he threw himself into the challenge somewhat when he got booked – however going forwards he showed much more promise and it was his crossfield ball that found Zigic and the equaliser. Packwood was much stronger defensively, making some really good challenges and showing that he maybe he might be a better option at right back than Robinson.

Nikola Zigic

He might be costing us the Earth but I love the big Serb. Surrounded by kids, he was in a position where he had to show a bit of leadership and a bit of strength and in my opinion he did both. He did his best to be the targetman and to do what he could to bring in the youth around him; he was always ready to receive the ball and ran like a demon to keep it alive – as was typifed in the first half when he twice chased down a charged down cross and won a corner. His goal was the icing on the cake and you can see how much it means to him when the crowd sing his name. The way things are we need Nikola to keep playing like this and I think he will.

Hayden Mullins

I will admit to being disgusted that when his name was read out there were a fair few boos from the Tilton. Booing a player before we’ve kicked a ball is just out of order in my opinion and I think Mullins gets some unfair stick. He’s never going to be a flashy player but he did what he had to do fairly well – made challenges, passed the ball and tried to keep the midfield going. He might be a limited player – no denials there – but I don’t think he’s as bad as some make out.

I enjoyed that game – it might have been rainy, it might have been cold but there was enough entertainment and chances when we went forwards that it was a good game. There might be dark clouds hovering over Blues financially, we might be in a pickle in the league but at least today we saw that there is hope in the academy.

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85 Responses to “Ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-nineteen: Burnley Match Reflections”

  • Gary R says:

    Almajir – hopefully with the talks between GP/PP happening at the moment it might stave off selling players? To be honest, can we really afford to sell players at the moment with the way things are in terms of the injuries. We can’t afford to lose anymore players, FULL STOP.

  • kentucky blue says:

    Im still at work over here but saw that both King and Diop were missing?????

  • Blue Steve says:

    The kids dug deep for us today. I thought we did okay as well. But we are well and truely in a relegation battle. If you look at the table after todays result it genuinely is worrying. KRO.

  • swissjonny says:

    We could have Fahey back soon and if LC was really desperate Gomis.I think given the circumstances this was a brave result.Well done lads.

  • Walker says:

    I think your talking out your Clark!! The burnley defender had Redmond in his pocket, Mullins was better today but he is crap. Fahey is leaving in January be user of Clark and I am usually impressed with your write ups, Clark out now!!

  • Gary R says:

    I think Pannu needs to sell us quickly and allow someone to take us over who can bring in some loan reinforcements, or Mr Pannu can find some money from somewhere and help Clark out because at the moment with these injuries we need some backup. It’s not acceptable that we should be pulling a young kid out of the Tilton to put on the bench. Completely unacceptable. And, yes, we’ve got injuries and that’s a reason it’s happened. But it’s not the ONLY reason. The main reason is lack of support from our board and the pickle they’ve left us in.

    • bluenoseb says:

      To be fair what decent players are going to want to come and play for a team with a relegation fight of the champ on their hands. Any decent quality loan players will go to teams in top half with a chance of promotion or playing in playoffs, think our loans would maybe slighly better youth players from better clubs than were geting them off now. Hope im wrong but normally the teams up the top strenghen better than the 1s at the bottom, and after barnsley that gap cus be down to 2 points.

  • Terry says:

    Mullins best Blues player today. Zigic excellent too. All those Clark Out numptys look at the players he had out there – teenagers!!!! Direct your bile towards Yeung and Pannu not Clark or Mullins. Fools.

  • skareggae72 says:

    Clark is not going to go until new owners come in,we will just have to mix and match and make do(with youth if necessary).
    It is becoming a season of comebacks,but lose the game at Barnsley on boxing day and we are in big trouble,i am hoping the players find an extra gear to move into after they smacked our backsides earlier this season,we need a win.

  • Art Watson says:


    Putting aside the debate about Clark you must agree the current situation at Blues is dire.

    6 points out of the last 6 games is relegation form.The Titanic is sinking while captain Pannu plays mind games with potential buyers and continues to treat the supporters with contempt.

    I applaud the performance of the kids and for once have a little sympathy with Clark as injuries are obviously affecting the team.

    Sorry to say that youngsters and sympathy will not save us from relegation- its points that matter.

    • almajir says:

      Yes the situation is dire. The thing is Art, and all the other “Clark-outers”, what the hell do you expect to be done about it?

      We’ve got that many injuries we’re forced to pull a kid out of the stands and stick him on the bench. The whole fact we had nine teenagers in a squad of eighteen players should tell you how much money the club has – ie none – and thus even if Clark was to walk tomorrow, compo free – we couldn’t bring in any new players.

      Suffice it to say, this is the situation we’re in until a takeover comes. Until then, we have no choice but to lump it. Wailing and gnashing of teeth is going to do nothing – right now, the club needs out support as do the players and the management.

      I cannot emphasise this enough. Quote statistics, shout we’re going down – it’s not going to change anything. I repeat, I agree, the situation is dire but that’s the way it is.

      • RUPERT says:

        How has it come to this ? What disgraceful things have these disgusting owners been up to ? We had parachute money decent gates, by the way todays gate was 1,000 up on the same fixture last season.

        These people are somehow finding loopholes to draw money back into BIH like x-tep ? We are nearly finished this is just like the Pendry years, we then brought in reserves like Peer, Moran, frain yates and others I cant/ dont want to remember, our youngsters tried hard but for an example I KNOW better teams will target Hancox defensively and rip him apart positionaly and tackling leave a lot to be desired, not the kids fault the boards fault. Youngsters will be adequate for a little while but will relegate us in the end.

        By the way Forget Marlon Kings injury we wont be seeing him again he is on his way, he has the same injury that Scott Dann had last season!

        • carlos says:

          Couldn’t agree more Rupert, we’ve had £32 million more than the rest of the championship (bar Blackpool) over the last two seasons and we cannot seem to compete with the rest squad wise, despite selling all of our PL players on PL wages apart from Ziggy. Anyone who thinks money isn’t being spirited away is seriously deluded. Companies shift money around , often totally legally I might add, to suit owners/ shareholders. We only have to look at Starbucks who have apparently never made a profit in the UK despite billions of £s of sales.

  • Thongs says:

    Was the lad pulled from the Tilton on Blues books or is this just another of Clarks ridiculous team selections?
    Maybe if I wear a shirt to the next game I might finally get my big chance!

  • RichardW says:

    To praphrase Frasier Crane, this is when the supporters of a normal club would pull together. What are we going to do ?

  • andy says:

    Under the circumstances it was a good point. Once the current contract of Zigic runs out im hoping the big man has earned enough to play for peanuts on his next deal!

  • DoctorD says:

    Al – with PP back in the UK, supposedly, was there anything in the programme notes from him? And if not, why not?

  • Wingman Blue says:

    What are we going to do? Boo the team as they emerge from the tunnel, hurl abuse, fight? Probably all of the above. Nobody likes Millwall, but we don’t even like ourselves!
    We can’t affect the takeover saga, at least not diectly, and we can’t magic more players. We can, however, throw our efforts behind the team. We could try encouraging them….

  • Made in Brum says:

    People who boo Mullins, or any Blues player for that matter, are NOT fans. Simple as that.

    • Thongs says:

      Is it ok to boo the manager?

      • mark says:

        In my opinion it no excuse to boo anyone if you are not happy, easy keep your money in your pocket.
        True fans have their opinion but at end of the day if you are not prepared to back your club and manager go fishing. You probably only come out when there a cup is on offer.
        I been a supporter for 36 years and you take the rough with the smooth. kro

  • reggieK says:

    I’m becoming increasingly alarmed that we are now thinking that a home point against Burnley is “not the worst result” . Well I th nk we should be expecting much much more than drawing with the 14th placed team in the 2nd tier – don’t you? Is this what we now need to settle for, or should we be making our displeasure known to Peter Panto?

  • Am says:

    Thought we did ok today. Kids did well. Hall was dangerous Redmond was better than he has been. Thought maybe gomis should have come on for Reilly but the effort was there from everyone didn’t hear any booing from where I sat but heard a lot of encouragement for the kids. All we can do this season is stay up and stay solvent

  • kenny fox says:

    Butland and Redmond will leave in Jan and there will be no reinvestment I’m afraid. It’s imporftant that we keep smiling though and I for one, will remain committed even if we get relegated.


  • Evesham blue says:

    I am starting to feel sorry for Clark. But usually relegation happens with the run of luck he is having.

    What worries me is the teams coming to St. Andrews and taking points away are nothing special which means we must be very poor indeed by default

    Anybody else notice that butland never seems to come off his line and command his area?i don’t think the crop of kids we got have the wow factor.best players today were big zig and hall imo

  • downpour says:

    Did anyone see the invisable man today (Terry Mac)? No nor me, never mind, he will be putting the cones out, making the tea, and cracking a few jokes at training on Monday morning. Arn’t we lucky to have such a great number 2 at Birmingham City?

  • Paul Carter - The Festive Voice Of Reason he says:

    How many of you on here went today?

    But for 10 minutes in the second half we were all over Burnley but in the end gave em 2 goals. After scoring the opener (which as Dan said was a result of a sublime Hall cross) Davies let their player in for the equaliser than gave away the free kick which was slotted away beautifully. In that weather with all the kids and once again a ref who gave us nothing it was a great effort. Lots of great performances out there but I was impressed with Zigic who led from the front and gave the kids someone to look up to.

    Loved it. Cant wait for Barnsley and Bolton away.

    • almajir says:

      In fairness Mr C I’d blame Morrison for playing their striker in from the kick off, causing Davies to have to foul him for their second.

    • Evesham blue says:

      Lol.amusing the bias the fans have.did you go to the same game yourself?burnley deserved to win really if it wasn’t for zig.5 pts off the drop zone now and not winning at home again against another average team

      • Paul Carter - The Festive Voice Of Reason he says:

        Deserved to win my arse.

        You were eithe pissed or absent if you think that.

        No chance.

        • BobbyBlue says:

          If people want to help the club – support the manager and his team. Whether Clark and his players are doing a good/decent/bad job can be debated until the cows come home. What is fact, however, is that they all care. Protests might get 30 secs of (embarrassing) fame on sky sports but will not have any impact on the running/sale of the club. If anything, it will have a negative impact on the team. Booing of Mullins before kick off, what do these fans expect to achieve?! I think some of the worst performances of all this season have been in the stands.

          Let’s not forget to do our job and SUPPORT!

          I really enjoyed watching the youth yesterday. Butland deserves credit for keeping us level for the opening 20mins. Hall was the stand out.

  • AR says:

    i try to be fair when talking about Blues’ players, but what anyone can see in Mullins’ performance is beyond me. He doesn’t tackle, he is nearly always outjumped, his passing leaves a lot to be desired, he shadows his opposite number without putting any pressure on him, he does nothing to make us tick. Today he was no worse than he always is, but to think that he contributed anything to the team is a delusion.

  • fozzylou says:

    Booing of players is distasteful and shouldn’t be done or certainly not before they’ve had the chance of performing.

    However your comments about Mullins are way off the mark and as a guess i’d say you have very little playing knowledge of football.

    Mullins job is to break up play as you suggest but absolving himself from marking anyone at any point of the game is cowardly. I lost count today how many times he let a midfielder run off him in to a space between him and the back four. His job should be protect the back four not give them a problem. As the senior midfielder today he should have led the midfield by example not just drift around being near and tidy. At times he seems scared of the ball and would rather shovel the ball to another player who may be under pressure rather than taking control of the situation himself.

    For me Mullins has the mentality of a relegated footballer which is probably the left over scars of Portsmouth demise.

    • almajir says:

      However your comments about Mullins are way off the mark and as a guess i’d say you have very little playing knowledge of football.

      Oh dear.

      The fact is unlike some, I don’t wear blinkers. I judge people on what I see – if a player plays well, then I say so, no matter who they are. Ditto if they play crap. It’s funny when I talk to people who’ve seen a lot more games than me, who’ve got a lot more tactical insight than I have and they confirm that Mullins was one of the better players on the park.

      I’d say that you’re one of those people who are biased and won’t ever see him have a good game. Mullins is this season’s Damien Johnson – another player unfairly given crap by a section of fans.

      • carlos says:

        Sorry Almajir you’re wrong in this instance.Although I agree with your sentiments, Mullins isn’t fit to lace DJ’s boots. I agree they were both in the team to do the dirty work, the stuff that goes unnoticed by the majority of fans, but I’m afraid Mullins is past his sell by date, he just hasn’t got the energy to do it anymore.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Guys, there is crap going on at the commerical levels, the immediate future is all about staying clear of the relegation zone until someone buys the club or the incumbents future is resolved. To that end, today was an unmitigated success. Packwood was superb, Butland was brilliant, At 1-0 we could have stormed it. 2 minutes of madness cost us. We will go on a run after Christmas and end up mid table to defy the naysayers. Keep the Faith and lets bring some sanity into our expectations. Promotoion is a pipe dream until our future is sorted so stop seeking the magic bullet and get behind the team. KRO.

    • Evesham blue says:

      We are in a relegation battle now.how is that for a reality check?dont kid yourself – we are crap.when was the last time we won?i had hope at 1 nil up but then I realised we are kidding ourselves.

      these come backs are commendable but a draw at home is just about keeping us teetering on the brink that is all.wot the feck is going on with these injuries?no diop,king,loverkrands today and a bunch of kids that try hard but are nothing special.getting injured in a warm up wot says it all

  • TC says:

    Burnley could easily have been 3 up in the first 15 minutes but i thought we improved as the half wore on.Hall,Packwood and Butland played well.Second half i thought we faded after their equaliser and to see clark make 2 subs and Redmond still on the pitch was surprising as he was anonimous for most of the game.After hearing what really happened with Fahey i can’t see him ever playing for us again whilst Clark is in charge and King will be gone in january ..

    • Evesham blue says:

      Have to agree. we were lucky at the start of the game.What happened with fahey?his contract is up anyway in the summer.doubt he will be back tbh

      • toby says:

        fahey has long been noted for liking a pint or 3 and after a confrontation with clark i was told they came to blows and clark bombed him out.Obviously this is only hearsay but the lush part is fact.

  • JayDee says:

    There is far too much negativity, last season everyone was saying Reading were going to be relegated around this time, but they managed to win 17 out of 23 games. Now I’m not saying Blues will be able to accomplish such a feat (unless there is a takeover sorted and LC is given significant investment to play with by mid January.) But it shows that teams can turn a season round (David Moyes has done it year after year at Everton with very little funding) and I don’t see why once Marlon and Keith are back Blues cant make the top half of the table by the end of the season and in my eyes that would be a step in the right direction for now. Fans just need to get behind the players and the manager, no board members are at the games so there isn’t much point in directing negativity at them. LC may not be getting great results at the moment but he has still got a certain spirit distilled in the players for us to comeback in so many games, its just a shame that so often we have had to go behind before we start playing. Can anybody honestly say CH would be doing a better job than LC right now because with the current situation I couldn’t see Sir Alex or old Arsene doing a better job down at St Andrews.

    • Evesham blue says:

      Yes ch would be doing a better job now than LC! he proved that last year as he is doing now with an average Norwich side.the negativity is because we are shipping goals like there is no tomorrow and “fortress” St. Andrews is easy for teams nowadays.lc is crap and can’t be sacked and the board are no hopers. Added to that injury jinxes,takeover farces,financial limbo and one simple fact – we are playing poorly and have very little quality.negative?too right

  • Blue in Spain says:

    I really think we have a disgraceful bunch of fickle fans that are too thick to realise, even with CH, who saw the writing on the wall and did a runner, we would be in this dire situation. If CH was that good, how come we were so piss poor in the play offs against Blackpool? Call yourself supporters, you should be ashamed. As for the idiots that whinge on the Birmingham Mail, wow are they pathetic!

    • Evesham Blue says:

      What difference is your support going to make when you are having a go at your own fans? How do you know they are fickle and thick when you dont know the first thing about them?

      The vast majority of fans are sick to death of this shambles and just want it sorted.

      CH is bye the bye now but he did rather a lot better than the current incumbent with pretty much the same resources

      • Blue in Spain says:

        Yes I remember the game well, when CH had to have 9 teenagers in the matchday squad. If I think the people whinging about Clark, and the team are fickle and thick then that is my opinion, if you don’t like it, tough! As for not knowing you, then I can only see that as being a bonus!

    • toby says:

      there is a difference between a fan and a supporter.A fan sits on his a*se and condemns supporters who actually go to the gamesuI guess you must be a fan ?

      • Blue in Spain says:

        So you can only condemn people that criticise anyone if you go to the matches. Now that is the most ridiculous statement to date… I must have mistakenly come on to the Primary school Blog!

  • Art Watson says:

    Interestingly just over 17000 Blues supporters turned up to watch the game and not one single protest against the board.!!!!

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Whats even more interesting is that the corresponding fixture last season attracted 16200 supporters, another theory of the Clark Out brigade out the window!

  • Art Watson says:

    Was this a quid for a kid match or any other special ticket discount.?

  • taffy says:

    I personally think them lads did fantastic, and think given the current position etc were not gonna get play offs. Them lads, give them more game time don’t think they’ll get us relegated.
    I don’t rate Mullins at all but not gonna let that boil again, I do hate negative fans there is one chap who never says a good word every game it even got to the point he was telling his own fans to shutup. Plank.
    Alajmar keep it up

  • Roger Jones says:

    I managed to get a seat right on the touchline/halfway line, and so could see and hear the interaction of the players. MULLINS was the general who encouraged the youngsters and gave them instructions throughout the game. He’s not a spectacular, clever player, but just gets on with his business quietly. I was impressed!

    I was less impressed with our central defence. We could have been three down within the first 20 mins. No speed or co-ordination is coming from them. Is there a fast youngster who could replace Coldwell, a great player in his time, and working really hard for the Club, but needs replacing.

    My one major concern was Ravel. He got a stupid booking and seems to think he is “God’s gift to football”. I suspect his attitude is not good for the other youngsters. He should go back to WHU.

    Overall a good performance, and realistically, with the resources LC has at his disposal, the best we can hope for this season is survival.

    • Bluehobba says:

      With regard to Ravel, I heard the Lee Clark interview on WM on the way home after the match and Clark said he wasn’t happy with the attitude Ravel showed after being substituted and instead of watching the rest of the game he marched off down the tunnel.

  • Tonytiler says:

    I am not a big Mullins fan however he didn’t do too bad in my opinion. He wasn’t at fault for neither goal. If I remember correctly wasn’t it Morrison who lost the ball on the half way line which resulted in the free kick prior to the 2nd goal. Even though we started slow again. I thought we were well worth the 3pts. Let’s face it we all have our own favourites. And we can all be managers after the outcome. But I believe there isn’t any player who puts on the shirt won’t try there best. Clarke doesn’t make the mistakes on the pitch the players do. If a professional footballer can not be motivated ( whichever club they play for ) then they are in the wrong profession . While the club is in such turmoil the fans should stick together and back the manager and the starting 11 every game.

  • kenny fox says:

    It’s all very well saying that we should keep watching these dire performances and then just nod sweetly. This will send the message to Peter Panto and Gianni Palladium that these supporters are a bunch of muppets – turn up every week, put up with crap, never complain…. This might describe you Almajir but I for one won’t stand for it. We need to force the issue to get an early conclusion – I’m afraid protests to Peter Panto is the only way (and don’t say Oh no it isn’t).

    • Art Watson says:

      At last we have someone with guts and someone who is not prepared to take this shite anymore.

      It’s a great pity that 17000 supporters hadn’t got enough balls yesterday to voice their frustrations and anger yesterday.They are very happy to moan on this blog but for some reason don’t voice their concerns to the man who can change things-Mr Pannu.

      • almajir says:

        Art – did you get a response?

        If not… does that indicate to you what notice Mr Pannu takes of us fans? ie none…

        • Art Watson says:

          No I didn’t but this came as no surprise.

          Just makes me more determined to get some reaction from him.

          Another email tomorrow and one to the local press.

          I will not roll over while we are all being shafted by a smart arse who disregards the history of the club and has no respect for the fans.

    • almajir says:

      Take it you’re flying out to Hong Kong then Kenny, cos that’s where Mr Pannu will be shortly after Christmas. Protesting at the ground will only annoy and sadden the hard working staff behind the scenes who don’t deserve this.

      I can understand why people want to protest… but I fear that it might be as good as urinating in the wind for all the good it can do.

  • Bluehobba says:

    I thought Packwood had a good game at right back. 2 minutes of madness turned the game on its head. We seemed to be cruising and then 2-1 down was very harsh as at that point Burnley hardly deserved to score let alone twice. I am frustrated like everyone else here but was proud to see the performances from the youngsters. We seem to be getting punished from every mistake we make and what a free kick Burnley scored. Big Zig deserved his goal today. Great to hear the 17,000 sing kro. I don’t go down the match to support PP, CY or the board, I go to support my team. I also realise the state we are in and that we might be crap in the next game or we might not, we might win or we might lose but I will be there to watch that game and the next and the next no matter what division we are in. The only difference I can make is by supporting my team. No matter how much moaning is done from the fans it isn’t going to make a jot of difference, we are still in the same position. Get down to Stans be positive and enjoy the game for what it is. Staying away isn’t helping anyone KRO

  • Gord says:

    I for one felt some pride in the performance of the youngsters today; bit raw, few missed passes & challenges but alot more energy than normal. Bit disappointed that Morrison and hall came off, but clark had his reasons I guess. I am not an admirer of Mullins in a Blues shirt BUT I must concede he looked better yesterday than I’ve seen him since joining. Redmond looked dangerous but not back to the top form we’ve seen before. Zigs was solid today, he’s a confidence player and the adoration he gets from the terraces lifts him. This line up is not the answer but Clark had to do what he had to do yesterday, I think luckily for him it somewhat came off. But this is not going to appease the “Clark out” boys I’m sure…

  • Lee H says:

    I don’t think a season of struggle with kids would be a complete disaster if we avoid relegation. When has a team got promoted and stayed in the Premiership buying their way there? The ‘kids’ would benefit immensely from playing together, developing whilst gaining maturity as well. And we may lose one or two on the way, but hopefully you keeping bring more in. I would rather Blues play a Foday Nobay next season, than an overpaid signing who thinks they have already proved themselves

  • Ali Duncan says:

    A lot of negativity on here. Shouldn’t we be celebrating that there were 5 starters on Saturday from the academy?

    I appreciate many were only I because of injuries and the financial situation of the club however Let’s acknowledge and enjoy the fruit of many years of labour that the club have put in to mould these guys into pros who all put a shift in yesterday. When you consider the youth set up was cancelled by Barry Fry only 16 years ago these are impressive stats to see.


  • bluemaximus says:

    We all pay our money to watch the game, and all have different opinions, but some of these opinions baffle me. I dont like booing before the game, I find it is pointless. A player sometimes need a kick up the ass but to do it before a ball is kicked is stupidity at its finest. Mullins is, in my own opinion, a poor player. His energy levels are low, his passing is poor, his tackling is few and far between, and break up of play just doesn’t happen. I might sound strong cause we’ve all seen some shyte in our years at St Andrews, but Mullins is up the with the worst we’ve seen, not the worst, but up there. All year hes been picked, never replaced giving someone else a crack in his position. I’m giving Clarke the benefit of doubt that he had to pick him yesterday because of injuries, I certainly hope this is the case. Regarding yesterday he played like he usually does, a nothing player. I fail to see what he bring to the team.

  • Art Watson says:

    Are you also baffled as to why 17,000 supporters turned up yesterday without anyone protesting against the current malaise of our great club..PP is taking the p..s and our lot our happy to accept a home draw and 19th place in the league.

    I’m also baffled!

    • almajir says:

      Boycotts only harm the club.

      Art, with all due respect it’s easy for you to do so as an ex-pat – you don’t go anyway. I have absolutely no intention of boycotting matches – I will continue to go to all the games I can at all levels to SUPPORT the team. I’m sorry if that offends you, but that’s the way it is.

  • Art Watson says:


    Not suggesting you should boycott any of the games at this stage (thats your choce)but there is nothing stopping you from holding a peaceful protest outside the ground and also get the local media involved.

    I’m not offended just bemused by the lack of action by the supporters and the media..They seem to accept what’s going on.As you know I have written to Pannu about the current situation but I’m one voice.Perhaps he would respond to 17,000 emails from the people that actually matter-the supporters-that’s assuming they really care.

    • almajir says:

      To be honest, apathy rules.

      I don’t believe a protest would do anything more than cause rifts between fans and antagonise the staff who don’t deserve it.

      As for emails… let me tell you something. Whilst your email was nicely written I’m told he does get emails that are essentially “when the f**k are you going to f**k off from our club?”. What’s that going to achieve? What worries me about email protests is that whilst there would be eloquent people like yourself there would also people using it as an excuse to be abusive – and that would achieve nothing either.

  • mark says:

    Sorry needed to reply.. almajir your last few answers are correct, true blues fans home or away will continue to support the blues because it in their blood. Regardless of money, how they are playing, change of manager, change the board, one of your best players leaving.. so what..But to see a player wear a shirt with desire and passion give it me every time. come on you blues. Fickle home supporters, Blues away supporters are the best win or lose we are forever blue…..singing the blues. kro . With some of these fickle home fans they like to blame someone, players not good enough, sandwich too expensive, best if they keep their money in pocket.. don’t renew your season ticket because we don’t want you down the blues…. from true bluenose .kro

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