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Gossip Folks – The Transfer Rumour Mill (Winter 2013 Edition) Week One

It’s been one week since the transfer window has opened and whilst there has been quite a lot of noise from some sources with respect to players leaving the club only David Lucas has done so as of the moment.

As promised, I’ve started my spreadsheet which you can view here – as you can see at the moment there are a lot of rumours of Jack Butland leaving and not a lot else. Whilst there has been a lot of talk of potential clubs interested in the young keeper there doesn’t actually appear to be much of substance yet although I personally expect that Blues will probably have to cash in on the England stopper by January 31.

On the incoming front, it’s interesting that despite Blues’ money woes that they are linked with incoming players and from what I hear there are genuine enquiries being made. Steven Doris of Arbroath is due to come on trial to Blues – I believe starting today although I’ve not had confirmation of that yet – and represents maybe the sort of player Blues will be looking at.

There are a couple of things not on the spreadsheet that are worth mentioning. Sky Sports had a snippet on their rolling news bar that Morgaro Gomis was interesting Antalyaspor of Turkey but there has been no actual news piece on their site or anything anywhere else about that story.

The other thing is two tweets from Mirror Journalist James Nursey’s twitter feed. Firstly, where he told various Blues fans on twitter that Jake Jervis was for sale for £50k – which whilst some fans might think was rock bottom price it probably represents a fair deal for a 21-year-old with six months left on his deal. The second tweet was much more mischievous, whereby Mr Nursey intimated Marlon King wasn’t injured. The sad fact is that not only was it mischievous, but also disingenuous as Marlon King has indeed been injured and has been lucky that he hasn’t required an operation to fix his knee.

As ever, if you see something I might have missed please let me know and I will add it in. I expect to release the next update next Monday all things being equal.

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38 Responses to “Gossip Folks – The Transfer Rumour Mill (Winter 2013 Edition) Week One”

  • RUPERT says:

    Are you sure Marlon isnt injured ?! I have heard another story. I have also heard that Jack Butland will REJECT a move this month in avour of a better deal in the summer. I hope thats true if only to destry panus silly plans!!

  • BluenoseDownunder says:

    Almajir, are you able to give us an update on Will Packwood?

    • almajir says:

      No more than has been on the official site – he’s broken his tibia and fibula in four places, he’s had surgery and they’re supposed to be moving him to a hospital in Sutton tomorrow. He’ll be out for a year I reckon; and if I’m honest, I hope for the best because that kind of injury can be career-ending.

      • BluenoseDownunder says:

        thanks, sorry i should have checked the statement on the bcfc web site first – poor kid sounds like a bad break

        • almajir says:

          Hey, no probs man. Just didn’t want to give the impression I knew anything extra.

          I feel for the kid too, he’s a good bloke and he was just starting to get into the team properly. He’s still young though so hopefully he’ll come out the other end fine.

      • nicky wicky says:

        I did that 20 years ago. I used to be a good footballer but i can only play five a side now. I hope he recovers quickly,and doesn’t suffer like i did!

  • prewarblue says:

    Just goes to show “Journo,s” either dont know diddly squat or they are liars,,,,,,”Favourites” to sign Jack so far are “Liverpool” , “Southampton” ,Man City” , Spurs” and now “Fulham” [ if we drop the price ! ],,,,,,,and the window has been open only 6 days !!!!,,,,,if the “Favourites to sign “Jack” continue to grow at this rate,,,,by the end of the month every club in the world will be at the head of the queue to sign him,,,,,,

    Can you throw any light on the “Caddis” situation please,,,,,seen a bit on the “Swindon” sites that Blues cant raise the cash to complete the deal,,,,I thought it was supposed to be a swop deal with “Rooney” going in the other direction,,,,,no cash involved !

  • Blue in Spain says:

    So Nursey still being a nob then!

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    Don’t know why you need input AJ- for the ‘transfer gossip’ – you cover it all so totally yourself.

    Not meant as flattery, just an observation. I don’t think any of us can read anything first -that you haven’t.
    You are obviously a factory, .:-)

    Of which I am really grateful for….


    Nursey ! !

    Red Rag To A Bull with me!!!!!!!!

    Is a Norwich supporter ( and hence an alliance/allegiance to Lambert). He has the “midlands-beat’ for the Mirror, but what do you get from that?
    Missed McLeish because he tipped O’Driscoll for Foirest.
    Suggested Stale might get a P45 …3 hours after Tom Ross had broken the sacking of Stale. :-)
    Nursey is a blog and forum reader, much like us all…he steals info.

    But Nursey gets paid, and he gets paid for claptrap and gets paid per 500 words..

    Nursey gets paid, like Moxley at NUJ rates, which puts him alongside or ahead of Nikola’s alleged wages.
    We need to think about that when we ever read a Nursey slur about Ziggs bankrupting Blues.

    Last week he was asked to “name the names”–after a slur about Blues.
    He didn’t respond.

    A month ago he was asked to explain how Paladini confronted Pannu—when neither had ever met face-to-face.
    He didn’t respond

    Now he is Tweeting for people to apologise to him, because he got one …ONE…of his numerous opinions correct!…most of the others were wrong but he don’t mention that.

    He has Jack B going to Liverpool – 100% – set in stone.

    Let’s see ?

    I’m trying to find an article that young James did about villa. It was about how welcome the press are made at vile park..
    A 4 course dinner, in posh surroundings, on the house boooze etc.

    And our own Andy Walker is happy if he gets a cold sandwich and coffee at Blues.

    Pamper the Press and you Damp down criticism.

    You get jerks like Nursey tweeting who is out of favour at the baggies, who is going to be the next wolve’s boss, why Clark can’t import anybody and how villa are on the verge of paying £10mill for Lescott.

    Unfortunately, some people, including his (obviously out-of-touch) bosses, take him seriously.

    Probably as seriously as he takes himself.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Letsby, I’m with you on Nursey, can’t stand the talentless, story stealing, lying low life. To use the word jounalist in the same sentence as this man is an affront to real journalism! Shows you how good the Mirror is to actually pay him!

  • Art Watson says:


    Do you think McLeish will chase his favourites-Davies-Burke Redmond and King?

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Art, I really wonder how much Forests new owners want to spend as they gave O’Driscoll didlly squat. I reckon Mr Mcleish will be sacked at the end of the season, and Forest will go through managers like no ones business!

  • truebluenose says:

    King will go to Crystal Palace this month and Butland will go to whoever pays the most (could be 3 million, with a sell on if Southampton proceed).

  • Tom says:

    Just been on the official club site and seen that there is a “Player” Sale for only £19.99 – Is that for Burke or Redmond lol?

    I knew we were in trouble but didnt know it was that bad!


  • Art Watson says:

    Does anyone know how much money we need to generate from “player sales “in order to remain solvent for this season?

    • Tom says:

      I ‘d be suprised if you could find that figure from the dark fog of the Chinese board. – I’d be even more suprised if they could find it!

      Also if another club knew we needed (for example)£4mill to survive they would as good as know that any offer of £4mill for any player would be accepted so its probably best kept under wraps.

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        If we work on what happened this time last year with JB and LR leaving, I believe it brought in a total of about £6m. It kept us going until before the start of the current season when JM was sold to Cardiff for £3m and there was cost-cutting of employees at the club.

        PP has also stated in his legal-speak statements recently, that we were ok to turn down the Butland bid last summer for £6m when the finances were “ok” but if offered a £6m up-front fee now “would find it hard to turn down” which makes one assume that the figure of £6m is needed to get through to the end of the season. He is more than likely working on the premise that in a worst case scenario, him and CY will still have control of the club until then at least.

  • Blue Steve says:

    Be interesting to hear your thoughts on who you’d be happy with realistically to leave during the window given that nobody leaving appears to not be an option. With Doyle performing well Saturday I think Butland is an acceptable casualty. I would not want to lose King or Davies but if a good offer came in for anyone else I could live with that to. KRO.

  • Paulo says:

    If we are going to lose a player or two, so PP can keep us from financial administration, then I only hope that LC can get the lads we have left ..winning games – so we have a safe position in the table come the end of the season. Kind of a double edged sword really, but we need players in key positions, not just any player.

  • lichfieldnose says:

    Slightly off thread topic but but dissapointed to see the club haven’t dropped the ticket prices for the Leeds replay right down to fill the ground – was hoping 10 adult and 5 for kids might have filled the place. Missed opportunity.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Indeed. Closing whole of the GM to Blues fans, the paddock and part of the Kop closet to the GM. Rubbish!

      • almajir says:

        In fairness mate, we’ll be lucky to get 10k that night. I’m not surprised they’ve shut half the ground, cut costs – why have stands open that will be 80% empty

        • Ali Duncan says:

          I agree, we’ll be lucky to get 10k……..because of the pricing. As Lichfield states – if they dropped the prices to a more appealing figure then more will come and balance out the ticket revenue to the same as it would be with 10k in the ground. Also the lads get to play a blood and thunder cup-tie in a fuller stadium with a cracking atmosphere.

          I remember the days of the AWS, £5 for adults and kids for a quid and we’d get around the 20k mark. Add on the addition revenue from catering, merc and programmes etc and as well as being a good PR exercise to potentially get some of the missing thousands back the club also bank a few quid. Basic economics in my book.

          Still, I put up and shut up and look forward to the game.


          • almajir says:

            Two factors you have to take into consideration before slating the club for pricing.

            Firstly, the FA rules state minimum ticket price for a FA Cup ticket (in the Cup proper as opposed to the qualifying rounds) is £10.

            Secondly, ticket prices have to be agreed with the opposition.

  • uttb says:

    Is madeinbrum a third rate op?

    • Ali Duncan says:

      I think slating is a little strong there Guvnor. I was simply stating that I personally believe the club have got the pricing structure wrong (again)

      Fair enough regarding a minimum tenner in – that would have been a more than fair price and if Leeds didn’t want to do that then again, fair enough. The point I was making is that the casual or stay away fan is more likely to go to this game if the price was say ten quid instead of the 17.50 for non ST holders. There isn’t a right or wrong on this but I just felt it would be better business sense (assuming Leeds wanted to play ball) to slash prices.

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