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Return of the Zig? Leeds Preview

Birmingham City face Leeds United tonight in a FA Cup Third Round Replay with the prize being a televised match at home against Tottenham Hotspur in the next round. Can Neil Warnock’s men overcome their hoodoo against the Blues or will Lee Clark’s men be triumphant?

Leeds United

Leeds come into this game having lost to bottom club Barnsley at the weekend at Oakwell and in a run of form that hasn’t seen them win away since they visited Huddersfield at the start of December.

Recent loan signings Michael Tonge and Ross Barkley are ineligible for this game having not been at Leeds for the first game whilst Adam Drury and Danny Pugh are still returning from illness. Jamie Ashdown is likely to replace Paddy Kenny in goal and Aidy White and Paul Green could be recalled to the midfield.


Blues will give a late fitness test to Callum Reilly as the young midfielder had been ill prior to the Huddersfield game and still hasn’t fully recovered. Jonathan Spector may miss the game with a knock and could join Hayden Mullins, Papa Bouba Diop, Darren Ambrose, Keith Fahey, Stephen Carr, David Murphy and Will Packwood on the sidelines.

Blues could give a recall to Nikola Zigic who scored five times against Leeds United last season with strikers Marlon King and Peter Lovenkrands also fit to play. Robert Hall has again been refused permission to play by West Ham which means there may be a spot on the bench for one of the youngsters who have been in and around the squad. Colin Doyle is expected to replace Jack Butland in goal with the England keeper potentially missing the squad altogether.

I know that there are a multitude of people out there who see this fixture as a hindrance to Blues’ league season but I don’t personally. I’ve come to believe that winning is a mentality and a habit – and it’s a habit Blues need to get into. I think this could be a good game to go back to two strikers up front, with potentially Morrison replacing Reilly in the middle and Redmond maybe replacing Burke (who looks to be heading out of the exit door) on the right. The Leeds fans don’t seem too optimistic about this one so it could be a good game to start a winning run from.

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24 Responses to “Return of the Zig? Leeds Preview”

  • Dan Brazier says:

    I agree completely on your thoughts and comments in regards to winning matches, there really is no down side to having won a game no matter what it’s significance, also from a financial point of view this is a big game for Blues, additional money from making the 4th round proper, the television money that would come in from the 4th round tie would all be very welcome to St Andrews this season so like you I’m hoping for a Blues home win.
    As for those fans who see this game as a hinderance or to those who have said they won’t attend as it’s only the FA cup please bare in mind all those occasions this season where you’ve questioned whose who and whose got what cablilities when the Blues matchday squad is announced that these are the types of games to see whose who and if there are any up and coming potentials on the bench who get game time, granted we can’t all get to training sessions and development squad matches so let’s use one of our few occasions to analyze our squad and see exactly what LC has to work with.
    Finally got to say I like how there’s a link to thoughts from a Leeds fan, it’s good to see some of us still remember the general idea behind football and that being social interaction with fans of other teams, teaming up or communicating on your respective clubs and your upcoming fixtures so thanks for adding that in to tonight’s preview (Y)

  • Ted says:

    Hindrance??? This is the FA Cup for heaven’s sake! It’s the world’s oldest competition and we’ve never won it. Personally, I’d happily take winning the FA Cup ahead of promotion. I’d even be tempted by another Cup and relegation double!

    Let’s go for it – and enjoy it. You never know. KRO

  • StevieW says:

    There is nothing about a hindrance when you have a chance of playing footy and winning let alone playing in the FA cup. Also additional revenue assuming gate receipts out weigh the cost of running the game.

    I was brought up with the belief that from a club point of view the FA Cup is King and in my eyes still is.

  • Masaccio says:

    A game is a game at the moment, win this and get the spuds game. Cash in the bank (of Hong Kong and Peter Pannu of course).

  • James says:

    Fully agree with all of the above

    My office is full of Leeds fans, so a win tonight would make for a pleasent working environment tomorrow!

    League Cup/FA Cup/ Championship – our mindset has to be on winning. I to would take another Wembley day out over anything else

    Come on you Blues


  • Ryan says:

    I don’t see this as a hindrance. With a healthy amount of time till sat it gives LC another game to make more progress with his mis match team. Which could be priceless in terms of confidence. Im sure Ziggy got four up at Leeds?

    • Rusty B says:

      I am a Leeds fan (in peace contrary to most beliefs as I like football in all of its forms). Yes he did, I expect at least that tonight too. He is so tall and thin that clearly our defenders can’t see him. Wouldn’t loan him to us for a bit would you? Poor old Becchio is doing it all himself recently. Have a good one.

      • Ryan says:

        I think we would settle for loaning him to anyone. Loaning him for a bit, (of money that is), is the reason why we cant offload. Because its not just a “bit” of money.

      • Ryan says:

        I think we would settle for loaning him to anyone. Loaning him for a bit, (of money that is), is the reason why we cant offload. Because its not just a “bit” of money. No club in there right mind would pay anywhere near half his wage, let alone 100%, unless there was a large appearance clause.

  • Gary says:

    As much as I like the FA cup, we need to focus on the league. If we get past Leeds, the Spuds will probably give us a hiding, which will not help our cause. Let’s be realistic!

  • Support your club - Don't go down he says:

    Gonna be rocking tonight and I for one love the magic of the FA cup and can’t wait to see Ziggy back.

    Give em hell big man.

    Agree with the post above Dan links to away fans are good, be nice to see more posts off em on OP

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Really looking forward to this one. Always good to get an opportunity to knock out someone like Weeds out of the Cup.

    We should let our young bucks and golden oldies go out and play without any fear of making mistakes – a proper Cup tie where previous form and results do not matter an iota.

    Hope we get a decent crowd to make it a memorable night and then look forward to the tie against Spurs.

    Hope those that acquited themselves so well in the original match get the opportunity to make an impression tonight.

    Welcome relief from the league this one. It will give the team, club and fans something to look forward to if/when we go through.

  • mark says:

    well what a surprise roughly 8 comments talking about football, hopefully they join me and Paul at St.Andrew’s giving our club a big push to get to the fourth round. We should least get 10 PEOPLE down there.
    When blues are in your veins this what you want. Which player up for this…. I would like zigic to tear them apart again another 4 goals please. i will be there…KRO
    Quite agreed with the last comment…

  • prewarblue says:

    I saw in this article you think “Jack Butland” may not even make the bench tonight !,,,,,,could this mean our Youth team keeper “Nick Townsend” is under consideration for the place ?,,,,,he may not have had all the glare of publicity of “Jack”,,,, but is rated as good as by those who have seen him in action.

    As for those who call the “Cup” a hinderance,,,,,,we may never have won it,,,,,we are not likely to win it,,,,,but to end that VILE tauant of having had the “Cup” stolen more times than we have won it is something I for one dream of

  • StevieW says:

    Just spoke to a work mate, his brother in law is one of the owners of Leeds Utd and I told him to relay that he bought the wrong club and we will be showing him that tonite.

  • mark says:

    I hope callum Reilly is fit this evening this boy been with blues since he was seven, redmond and Hancox,Packwood these players have blue blood. Might not have every thing at the moment, but what these young guns have is passion, desire, determination. The true fans can see this hopefully with game time they come good and start winning matches. If these players can do it in this league or cup runs all the better with blues. All those who want out in January let them go. Just question to those fans who chose not to go…. LC will probably ship out players in May so what.. LCWETRUST will get right.. come on you blueboys kro forever blue. (Just remind yourself of the two centrebacks who wanted to play premier football we got one at wolves one at blackburn rest my case you cannot stop greed or if you think can play at the highest level. Just look over the road they are getting creamed. Support your club with all of your heart or not at all..

  • Evesham blue says:

    Too early in the cup to have anything on it. Hope they play well and win for the confidence which hopefully can take into the league

  • Rusty B says:

    Well, I said it last time that we’d lose and you were very kind to us by only making us look like a shambles for just over half of the game. THIS time I am convinced you will thrash us. In light of comments above as we are not likely to win anything ever again in my lifetime, partly thanks to Mr Bates then I too would take a cup victory and relegation.

    Stevie W – he should have bought Birmingham??? really? Well quite frankly on evidence so far, you are more than welcome to GFH they appear to have no strategy at all and by all accounts are a Mickey Mouse outfit. You are better off with some dodgy Thai bloke laundering money quite honestly.

    Who ever wins tonight, I hope they beat Spurs.

    Love Football. :)

    • almajir says:

      After the length of time it took GFH to take over it sounds a bit rough they’re crap.

      should be a good game tonight, can’t see us winning either. Extra time and pens?

      • Rusty B says:

        Well, I don’t know if we can call that a football match can we? I feel bad for us winning. I still think if Big Zig played we’d have lost 10-0.
        Yeah GFH seem a bit crap on the face of it. I suppose its early days.
        In any case I hope someone decent buys your club. Too many dodgy characters owning football clubs. I see the ‘fit and proper person test’ to be a bit of a failure, like a CRB check.
        If you’ve gotten away with it, you won’t get flagged up….

        I hope Brum sort out the coaching issues and ownership issues and you don’t go the same way we have…. its been a horrendous 10 years or so….

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Even though an extra game was unwanted really, It could well end up a great result for us in both Morale and extra finance, [ which is badly needed ] ,!!. I will take a 1 goal win in a drab game, !!.

    Jake Jervis, has signed for the Turkish club, Though the fee is rather small, it is a little bit towards our much needed money-box,!!.

  • Blue Nose Daz says:

    I see from twiiter that Jervis is on his way to Turkey. Fair play to you young man; I think it’s brave move for a young player to try his hand in a foreign country, all the best.


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