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Carson Loses Battle to Keep House

Early reports from Hong Kong state that Carson’s wife and mother have been unsuccessful in their bid to prevent the repossession of Yeung’s multi-million pound Barker Road house.

courtesy Oriental Daily

Oriental Daily is reporting that their application to join the suit has been rejected and that they have been landed with a bill for HK$200,000 in costs (approx £16,000)

As more information becomes available I will update this story.


106 Responses to “Carson Loses Battle to Keep House”

  • Mickey07 says:

    Feckin good,the net is closing thank god,can’t wait to see the back of this tosser.

  • Masaccio says:

    I’ve got a big amazon box left over from Christmas he can have, it’ll cost him £30m though.

  • Thongs says:

    His wife can come and stay with me ;)

  • Grumpy Old Git says:

    I suggest that he goes and lives on a Chinese junk-it’ll reflect his value. To earn a living he should open a Chinese takeaway and call it ‘Jailhouse Wok’. I’ve said that before but I don’t mind repeating it. Perhaps one day he will listen to us and go away.

  • utbb says:

    Next possible stop for him is prison, that’ll may be his new home and he’ll be cell mate and wife to Bolo from Enter the dragon, only it’ll be him that’ll be Entered – and with every painful thrust bolo will make him scream a blues player name – butland!, redmond!, King!, Carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

  • daddybluenose79 says:

    she’ll be ok thats covered by pannu’s overseas expenses no biggie…muppets the lot of them

  • TILTONTANK says:

    Unfair yes, I agree, but the wounded dogs are naturally biting back. This vociferous nature needs to be reflected inside stAns , starting saturday.

  • Roger Jones says:

    I agree. What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? As much as I am totally fed up with the regime, and with foreign owners in general, CY may be a victim rater than a criminal. It’s just that his appalling business skill has led us to this crisis.

    If he is acquitted, will he have funds to support BCFC? (ie. if there is a BCFC by then).

    • Gary R says:

      I agree that someone is ‘innocent until proven guilty’, but at the same time when was the last time you, I or anyone, was put under house arrest and had their assets frozen? Well, I haven’t. Not saying he’s guilty, but there must be sufficient evidence to bring about all these court hearings/rulings etc etc. They have to have enough evidence of wrong-doing to implement it.

      • almajir says:

        He’s not under “house arrest”, he’s on bail.

        • Barmy B says:

          wheres the FA in all of this did thay fail with their fit and proper system

          • almajir says:

            Well, firstly the FA only apply the owner and directors test to League 1, League 2 and conference.

            Secondly, the owners and directors test applied by the PL and the FL just looks for past convictions and past liquidations of clubs. Nothing else.

            The O&D test isn’t that good at catching people who shouldn’t be buying clubs – only two directors have ever failed it.

          • Barmy B says:

            GREAT so now were left with the mess
            and whats happend to Pollyanna Chow she put her money is she still waiting for CY to fall flate on his face

          • almajir says:

            Pollyana Chu has never been anything to do with any more than providing finance for a couple of loans which made her money.

  • Blue in Spain says:

    Those of you that are gloating over the fact that he may lose his house should be ashamed of yourselves… Disgusting!

    • Masaccio says:

      It’s called democracy Blue, what our grand parents fought for and all that, if I see a comment I don’t like I ignore it. But like not reading the Daily Mail over someone’s shoulder – don’t do it!!

      • Blue in Spain says:

        You’re absolutley right, and it’s my democratic right to say I’m disgusted, so don’t preach to me about fighting for freedom, I am ex forces, and actually done it!

        • Masaccio says:

          And my dads bigger than you….like i said you obviously don;t understand if you don’t like a comment don’t post or read it, I can draw you a picture if there is a place to upload one?

      • chas says:

        It isnt called democracy at all, Mas..It is called idiotic , immature childish name calling..Some on here are showing why BCFC do not deserve decent owners.

        • Masaccio says:

          If people need to vent spleen and free themselves of negative energy whats wrong with that, most people know when they visit a message board 50% of the posts are going to be against their views, I’d thank cy for giving us the europe and wembley trips whilst telling him that he shouldn’t have purchased the club in the first place. He overpaid and didn’t have aclue how to run a club or what it meant for the locals (fans).

    • Garyblues says:

      Sorry mate i fail to see why, he untimatly carries the can for the state the club is in, no one made him buy the club and no one made morgage the house, due to CY we may lose the club as a viable entity, perhaps he should have thought of the finacial consequences BEFORE he bought blues. He derserves every scrap of vitroil chucked his way as does Pannu, they have proved in the last few weeks they don’t give a monkeys about the fans so let rip i say,

    • SirHarry1875 says:

      He is’nt sleeping rough now he’s lost his house you know. And he still has a house in this country worth a few mill. So dont feel to sorry for him eh Blue!

  • TILTONTANK says:

    PROB wrong thread but Fulham in 4 Butland now 4mill.. Its gonna be a sorry bull market today.

  • BlueB says:

    Am I right in saying he still has a house in the UK though?

  • clubclassblue says:

    Pretty sure CY didnt set out to throw away best part of 80mil along with his house. A tiny part of me actually feels sorry for him.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    What a tragic figure old CY must cut now in the HK hotspots.

    Losing your home (not merely a house) and seeing your ’empire’ start to crumble in front of you, must mean a fair amount of anguish. This is before even mentioning what is happening at our club and his forthcoming criminal trial.

    Even though he bought the property for about £12m, I believe some said it was now worth in the region of about £30m. The fella is losing money hand over fist. The hit he will have to take from our club – partly due the regrettable business choices and decisions he has made – will mean that it will be very hard for him to make any sort of business ‘comeback’ credibly.

    Only hope that he keeps it real and rational when it comes to judgement time about selling our club.

    No point in trying to recoup what you simply aint gonna get.

  • henry says:

    where he’s going he won’t be needing a house – he’ll be getting full board and lodging for the rest of his life. My only advice to him is to try to get the top bunk..

    Blue in Spain – what planet are you on? Do you realise what charges he is facing, and therefore what he has been accused of doing? Money laundering is usually associated with drugs and prostitution – hence why the money needs to be laundered. If you’ve forgotten that, can you see that he has brought our club to the point of administration?

    • almajir says:

      Be very careful what you insinuate. Carson has not been found guilty in a court of law (yet) and thus must be presumed innocent.

      • Blueboy88 says:

        Agreed, but why did the HK authorities not allow a presumed innoncent man to attend his Fathers Funeral ? That is a mighty big call to make.

        Even the convicted Kray Brothers were allowed that basic right, to attend their Mothers Funeral

        • almajir says:

          That didn’t involve crossing what is for all intents and purposes an international border. Carson’s dad did.

          • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:


            Do you feel or think that CY will stage a ‘comeback’ at Blues if he is found ‘not guilty’ and no buyer has been found??

          • almajir says:

            No, I think that boat has sailed to be honest. Bearing in mind the grief he’s had from fans, why should he?

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

      If there had been even an iota of evidence of either prostitution or drugs, he would have had alot more charges levelled at him. The fact of the matter is he had lots and lots of cash transactions passing through various accounts which were not in sync with his tax returns and the money was moved around alot.

      Very difficult to ‘prove’ money laundering if there is no illegal source to show where it came from and the suspect has/had various business interests which generated and dealt with large amounts of hard currency – casinos, hotels etc…

      • Terryblue says:

        As with most money laundering cases in HK he will have a long drawn out legal battle then his team will strike a deal for a few million for unpaid revenue, someone else will put this up and he will serve a reduced sentance. In HK where money is king and as long as you have enough money to pay the fine you will serve a small sentance. All depends how many friends he still left to put up the fine.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Innocent until proven guilty an expression you’ve ever heard of…. but hey, no one ever gets wrongfully arrested and charged do they. So the planet I live on is the one that doesn’t gloat over someone losing their house.

  • carlos says:

    What kind of businessman puts his home up as surety against a business loan? What kind of businessman becomes a multi millionaire from owning a couple of barbers shops within a few years? What sort of businessman turns a middling Premier League team with millions of £s thrown at it every year into a basket case of a business that cannot even secure overdraft facilities and cannot manage cashflow without selling more assets? What kind of a businessman cannot produce accounts for the companies he is involved in? What kind of businessman gets accused of money laundering to the tune of £58m, has his assets frozen and isn’t allowed to leave the country? What kind of businessman hides behind his mother and wife in court? Time to wake up and smell the coffee everyone, CY is no kind of businessman at all.

    • almajir says:

      to be fair… it wasn’t a couple of years from being a hairdresser to being a multimillionaire, it was ten or so. How he did it… that is a mystery.

      • carlos says:

        The point I am making Almajir is that CY has not shown one iota of good business sense or practice since he has been at Blues. How does a man like that acquire the fortunes he seems to have done. Is it any wonder the authorities are looking into him, is he a soft target whilst others are left alone?

        • almajir says:

          I think he is a soft, high profile easy target.

          Imagine a blues fan won Euro millions and bought BCFC. imagine how they’d run the club – they’d put their money into it, invest in good players and do everything they could to make it better – but winning the Euromillions doesn’t make you a top businessman. From everything I’ve seen and I’ve read and I’ve observed about Carson, that’s what he strikes me as.

          • carlos says:

            Exactly mate, you cannot fault his enthusiasm for Blues, but it hasn’t helped us at all and in fact has put us in the doodoo. Your other point is also relevant as I don’t believe Carson has won the Euro lottery, so where did this easy money come from?

          • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

            Good analogy to use.

            For a period, he was a big a fan as the rest of us and did what most of us would more than likely never do; gamble everything he had on BCFC. Sure he wanted to use it as a vehicle for further business ventures but he got caught up in the whole bubble and sanctioned deals and pay packets that strictly speaking, a club of our means and size should have had no right to be anywhere near.

            He tried to network, make contacts, raise revenues and loans, all in the hope of expanding and making further acquisitions which didn’t quite come off. Naivety and gullibility played its part and maybe CY placed trust and responsibility in some very dubious characters who jumped onto the gravy train looking for a quick fast buck.

            Also, the cultural and business variations played their part and soured relations between Brum and HK in my opinion. There was no bridging the divide and no proper crossover. Remember Sammy Yu and the ex-player (can’t recall his name from the top of my head) who worked in our finance dept??

            Expunging Hui and the like has probably been a directive of CY’s more so than PP’s I would think. He has now realised who his actual ‘buddies’ are when he is deep in the mire and is in desperate need of friends.

            What should have seen us crack-on to the next stage after the exit of the triumvirate of Gold and co, has seen a quick amazing success of winning the cup and europe, but sadly downhill from relegation onwards.

            Pure and utter shame.

    • clubclassblue says:

      Yeah, but apart from that…………………

      • SirHarry1875 says:

        “For a period, he was a big a fan as the rest of us…” Born and bred Brummie from a family of Brummies all Blues was he? I dont think so. He was never a Jack Walker.
        He had a vision to make us big in China and then profit from that. He is hairdresser who wanted the limelight that comes with owning a English Premier League football club which then alerted the authorities to his mysterious wealth.

        • almajir says:

          Sorry SirHarry, but there is nothing saying you have to be a born and bred brummie to be a proper fan. That’s not true.

          I will tell you this – I’ve watched docus on Carson from Chinese TV, and he’s obviously a football nut. There was one scene I remember with him in his palatial home, his maid making him a sandwich and he’s watching Blues on tv and he’s transfixed on it. He looked like a bloke watching the football in the pub, oblivious to the world around him.

          You might not think he’s ever been a proper fan but I disagree – I think for example winning the Carling Cup meant as much to him as it did to us in some ways – you can’t fake that kind of happiness.

          • Sirharry1875 says:

            Ok Al point taken. If that is the case then i cant help thinking that CY/PP are limiting the damage in readiness for his return if he gets acquitted. If his passion is as great as you say then could he just be hanging in there?

            As it stands at this point in time the mass exodus I and many others predicted has not materialised. Blues, Pannu appear to be playing hardball on all deals so full credit to him as I have been dreading today. If the damage is just Butland going then we have done very well. Still a couple of hours to go but I’m starting to get that feeling when you dread something on the horizon but when you get there its never as bad as first feared.

        • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

          I hate this continous reference to CY being a hairdresser.

          How is that relevant anymore?

          Yes, I would still say he was a fan as much as anyone when he was here. I can clearly remember him starting to wave and taunt the Villa fans after we done them in the Carling Cup!

          I also remember him acting crazily when we won the Cup and doing a little mad jig. He showed the same enthusiasm, happiness, joy and relief and I would say that qualified him as a fan. I met him briefly with his son during the Blackburn game two years ago and so many of our fans came to shake his hand and pat him on the back for the amount of money he was spending on the club and authorising. I really don’t think anyone gave a hoot whether he was “born and bred a Brummie” or claimed to be another “Jack Walker” – which he never did.

          If he wanted the limelight he could have got it a million other ways and now that he is under the radar, he gets slaughtered for not saying anything. He was never gonna win with some.

          By the way, he never came to the attention of the authorities in HK because of Blues, it was because of the banking and financial transactions that had taken place within some of his accounts.

        • Paulo says:

          ‘Born and Bred Brummie’?? So that is the criteria for a blues fan is it? What about the many who have come from Ireland? (North as well as The Republic) ..or even Scotland? What about those who actually live in Small Heath and are Asian?

          • James Black says:

            Exactly Paulo. So putting in half his life wasn’t enough cuz he wasn’t born in Birmingham. Strange thinking some have really. I feel really sorry for the guy and the backstabbers really leave a bad taste. OK his not perfect, but he ain’t anything like what the Chinese haters seem to believe. But then i recall even in better times, people were still referring to them as gangsters and it was based purely on the fact that they was from Hong Kong and nothing else. I’m grateful that he tried and sad it back fired on him so badly. People here some of them really have had too much to say without any idea of what they are actually saying.

  • DoctorD says:

    Actually to the person on here who a few days ago suggested we get in Robbie Fowler — can’t remember who it was but Al poo-poohed the idea big style — turns out Blackpool have also been in for his services, offering him ninety quid a week in wages.


  • Carson Yeung says:

    You bastards!

  • blue4eva says:

    The vultures are circling!!!

    Sky Sports sources are hearing that there could be significant movement at Birmingham today as Stoke have tabled a £4million bid for goalkeeper keeper Jack Butland, Norwich are close to a deal for defender Curtis Davies and Leeds are in talks over a swoop for Chris Burke.

  • Art Watson says:

    Yep…..that would amount to around £5m which I think is PPs target.

    Words absolutely fail me if all comes off!

  • blue4eva says:

    Agree!! sad times ahead if the deals all go through but hey ho! never a dull moment being a nose!

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Would I swap the crap we’re in now at the expense of Wembley and Europe?

    Never in a million years.

    Whatever his failings he gave us that much and I will always love him for it.

  • Aussieblue says:

    Look I’m another one who feels kicking a man when he’s down is poor form. Remember the old song ‘There but for fortune go you or I?’ And as the Good Book says, Judge not others that ye yourself may nor also be judged. Leave it to the courts in HK. Trials have a life of their own and Carson may come through the other side poorer but wiser. What concerns us is our club and how we can at least stay in the Championship, probably see a change in ownership and then strive for promotion next season.
    That’s the Birmingham spirit, not slagging off a guy going through life’s horrors, even if they are partially self-induced.

  • stu11 says:

    I would sacrifice a few players for literally the future of my club!! If it means well see the back of these idiots that that are wrecking our club then do it,get new owners in and rebuild. Even if it its league 1 next season.Onwards and upwards…..k r o…

  • clubclassblue says:

    Anyone got a spare pair of size 9 boots and some shin pads??

  • blue4eva says:

    Just updated on that Butland deal apparently 4 mill up front to be re-loaned back to Blues along with another 2 Stoke players one to be believed to be Ryan Shotton , in all fairness dosen’t seen to bad a deal thoughts??????

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    It hasn’t happened

  • Paulo says:

    Anyway, he’s lost the battle for his mega expensive digs, because a regular house just wouldn’t do. So I’m guessing that this repossession will have consequences all round? If only his naivety hadn’t have got the better of him in the first place. Can’t say I want him to suffer, but I hope it is a wake up call to those powers that be, that more scrutiny is needed in potential owners of clubs. Next problem is the wage bill from now until the end of the season. Never mind transfer deadline day, it’s nothing but speculation until the final whistle anyway. God almighty I hate it.

  • DoctorD says:

    Nice little job as Media Manager at the Club. I wonder who’s left because no way can this be a new job:


    The role requires somebody with a broad understanding of football, strong journalistic skills and an excellent knowledge of the web and social media. As camera work forms a large part of this role the successful candidate will feel comfortable being filmed and will be well presented showing a professional image for the club.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Well,!!. it is official now, !!. Hong Kong court has found for the bank, and granted an eviction order against all of them, !!.

    Taking note of an earlier blog, !!. — Yes C,Y. has other homes, but I still feel sympathy for his Niaevity.

  • blue4eva says:

    Jack Butland completes a move to Stoke City but will be loaned back to Blues until the end of the season…he’s gone then!

  • blue4eva says:

    “Striker Wes Thomas has joined Blues on loan until the end of the season from Bournemouth” looks a decent player!!

  • Sirharry1875 says:

    Never believe the national press, don’t fall for their bullsh*t. It’s taken me a few years but I got their in the end. I eat humble pie. But it tastes good.

    No more negativity now. Lets get behind these boys for the run in. Get down there and get behind them.

  • tamuffblue says:

    So all in all not too bad for Blues – one player gone who would have gone in the summer – loaned back and a fee which will keep us afloat for rhe foreseeable !!!!!! couple of odd things – no sale of Burke when he can go in the summer for nowt – no sale of Davies who attracted several offers does this mean that things a rumbling in Hong Kong ????????? towards a satisfactory conclusion for BCFC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sirharry1875 says:

      Something on the horizon mate only this time I think it’s something positive! Good business in all, we didn’t get plundered.

      Normal service resumes Saturday. Enough of the doom and gloom, lets just do what we’re supposed to do, support the Boys!

  • RichardM says:

    Amazed – feels like we got away with it – sold Butlnad (but got him back on loan for rest of season )and even bought one player in – I was fearing dire straits come Friday morning!!

  • James Black says:

    I started reading the first few comments and stopped as i felt sick at knowing i follow a team that has so many ill minded sad people following them too. All i can say is the firesale you spoke of didn’t happen as most of the theories banded around here don’t happen. Worse of all racism is alive and well and not edited off. All the pointlessness and bad minded sickos are simply having too much say and their worthless theories given too much oxygen and even encouraged without any real reason to say them or speculate them. Im disappointed with the lack of rational thought and always blaming and then shifting blame and frankly your all well off the mark.. Each and every time they are proven wrong, do they ever concede the error, nope they just get more vicious. Al this is way out of hand now and i see no point in reading anymore. Isn’t it about time someone started standing up for reason and put an end to these people, especially the racist unfunny little jokes that say everything about where the stupid speculations are born from. Enough is enough. Im outta here.

  • Julian Glass says:

    CY has acted IMO dishonourabely. Once his assets were it would have been obvious to him he could fund BCFC anymore. At that point he should have put the club up for sale rather than selfishly hang on.

    • James Black says:

      Im sure he wish he had Julian as he is the biggest loser for not doing so. After that we got relegated which was not his fault and perhaps he actually feels he is innocent, ever considered that. Let the trial decide and not a bunch of fans that don’t even know what his charged with. Was he dishonourable when we was 9th in the league, was he dishonourable when we won league cup. But when we got relegated and he cannot do anything due to an asset freeze then you all pull out your hatchets and knife him to death for reasons i dont even think many understand. He is fully entitled to try and get the best deal he can for himself. All of you judges and juries have not lost 80 million have you. So easy for you to say when some of you would kill over losing a tenner.

      • Blue in Spain says:

        James, The Voice of Reason!

      • carlos says:

        CY hasn’t lost £80m though has he. He has so far lost his house which he borrowed money against to support a failing business, which suggests he has no money of his own to dip into. He initially paid £15m for 29% of Blues, the other £57m to buy the rest was from other investors. His assets being frozen is a red herring as he never had the money to buy and support Blues anyway. He is at best a dreamer who somehow got lucky and made a few quid, at worst we may find out after the trial.

        • Blue in Spain says:

          How are his assets being frozen a red herring? His assets being frozen meant Blues had to be self sufficient with no additional loans from CY, so hardly a red herring!

  • swissjonny says:

    Ive never met CY but I think he is probably a nice bloke who is and was really behind the Blues.Had he appointed a serious number 2 who understood Football,communication,contracts and how not to alienate a traditionaly very loyal fan base he, and we ,would be in a very different place.I think we should give CY a break and lets see what happens with his trial- because if he doesnt get found guilty I would imagine that some enormous out of court settlements may be coming his way….

    • carlos says:

      They appointed an experienced CEO in Michael Dunford who said all the right things at the time and appeared to be making progress. Then all of a sudden they sacked him with no explanation apart from he was doing nothing that Pannu couldn’t do. This was a couple of months after the X-tep deal was announced by Pannu, although this was just coincidence I presume.

  • roskoe says:

    People please! I have no love for CY or PP but please, please, please lay off with the racist schtick, it makes you look ignorant and a fool. Keep your criticism/comments to football/business and don’t make it personal and offensive. Do you post those kind of views on national forums, I hope not.


  • James Black says:

    These people will shame us and embarrass us with their stupid stupid stupid actions. What a great way to pull us down again after a great transfer window result and moving forward, then this. My god what the hell are these people doing.


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