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Gossip Folks – The Transfer Rumour Mill Experiment (Winter 2013 edition) Round up

It’s the morning after all the excitement and despite rumours of a massive firesale, Blues come out of deadline day with one more player than they went into it with.

I’ve updated the spreadsheet here with the remainder of rumours from the printed press. i must confess my own surprise at the lack of business done by Blues outwards on deadline day; I thought that there would be more departures than there were – to get to a point whereby only Butland has been sold and that we have retained his services until the end of the season isn’t too bad.

There were certainly enquiries made about a few Blues players – for example Stoke, Norwich and Blackburn all came in for Curtis Davies but clearly Peter Pannu (who was operating out of Hong Kong and 8 hours in front of us) had switched his red wine with his dinner for red bull as he made it clear that he wasn’t going to accept a penny less than what he wanted. It was a remarkable display of “hardball” and one can only take from it that Mr Pannu feels the finances are now sorted purely with the sale of Butland. There have been rumours on some of the forums of a sale being sorted but I have to admit I have seen absolutely nothing to back that up.

Blues strengthened their squad with the loan capture of Wes Thomas from Bournemouth taking the total of loan players up to five, which is the maximum permitted in a matchday squad (Butland being number four). I will confess to not knowing much about Thomas but apparently he’s got some pace and he scored three in nine for Blackpool in the Championship this season which isn’t a bad return all things being said. Blues were short a fourth choice striker with Akwasi Asante still struggling with a hamstring injury and thus it means there is a bit more cover in case of injury before Blues have to dip down to using midfielders or 17-year-old rookie Reece Hales.

The loan window opens in seven days and it’s possible Blues might see some action in that – players coming in – as the word seems to be that there may be finance available to bring in another player. However, we will have to wait and see. All in all, not the worst transfer window in the world though and maybe Blues will have a bit more about them to ensure that they push back into mid-table.

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117 Responses to “Gossip Folks – The Transfer Rumour Mill Experiment (Winter 2013 edition) Round up”

  • Graham Woodward says:

    Not a bad result all in all. End of the day Butland would have been off at the end of the season anyway (unless we get promoted but that’s obviously not happening). £5 mil must be enough to keep the administrators at bay and we end up with an extra player, although not convinced we need another striker.

  • Blue Steve says:

    It seems that the finances are not in such a bad state as everyone thought. I fully expected to lose Curtis and Marlon as well. I feel faintly optimistic this morning for the first time in a while. Who are we rumoured to be selling to Almajir?

  • Jaffa says:

    Not a bad day after all.I feared the worst yesterday.glad to see King is still with us.

  • Murph says:

    Morning bud , yes I too was very Suprised , happy , thought Davies would have gone but fair play to Carson and pp , it has given me hope that we may be able to pick up the pieces of the season and kick on , really looking forward to tommorow now so let’s all please put our differences aside and give our club the backing it deserves , lets get behind the team st Andrews style big time !!!!!!! Kro

  • Evesham blue says:

    I can’t but help feel that PP would have been better advised not saying those comments about having to sell butland amongst others to survive. All it did was increase media speculation, worry the fans and attract derisory bids for our players from dodgy clubs looking for a bargain.

    Credit where credit is due tho – we could of cashed in on Burke for instance now rather than lose him in the summer.

    Perhaps the Gloom is lifting now and the club is in a better shape with its player assets intact in the main to facilitate a sale of the club in the summer?

  • Johnners says:

    Hilarious! We’ve all been taken for right mugs. A brilliant piece of expectation management by Peter Pan. Come on let’s admit it, this was not a bad window for us it was bloomin brilliant. I don’t think the squad has ever been bigger. Let’s face it none of knows the true state of the finances and all this talk about administration could be well wide of the mark whipped up by a media that needs a new story every day. I hope that followers of this blog can now lift their heads up, stop taking every result and rumour so damn serious and get behind this team. I’m down there tomorrow and I’m going to have a big grin on my fat face as I give McGinger dogs abuse. I hope you all will too.

    • Dazzy Nicks says:

      You don’t think the squad’s been bigger?? You can’t have been around when Barry Fry was in charge!

    • Bromsgrove Blue says:

      Spot on Johnners. PP just let everyone go nuts and steered a steady course. His lack of communication worked in favour of the club this time. The majority of the so called media are just parasites. Lets hope the players pull together and the senior players get behind LC. LC has been trying to keep the team afloat whilst the club seemed to be sinking. Let’s get behind LC for the rest of the season – cut him a bit of slack for a change. Let’s show Ginger what he’s missing. KRO

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Pannu top businessman – Rejected 6m for Butland who at the time had not played a game for Birmingham 5 months ago , now after half a season building his reputation in the Championship he has sold him for “up tp” 3.5 million ..

    Richard Branson he is not…!!

    • bkkblue says:

      3.5 million. That’s Zigic and Ambrose’s annual salary covered then.

    • James Black says:

      The main problem is fan hysteria and people getting paranoid. Sometimes fueled by wannabe journos as well as real journos. I rarely read anything that is based on reality, just hysterical old ladies playing blame games and calling people crooks. I think its time for many to hush now and admit you have no idea what your talking about, and if your going to whip up hysteria, then consider the negative consequences. Just because they don’t trust people to not misuse information doesn’t mean they are crapping on us. I sometimes think that a little too much self importance is going around and because they not allowed on the inside, they get bitter. in business it doesn’t pay to announce every time somebody farts. I think before long their will be even more egg on more faces. Still, in other places, they talking about a protest encouraged by wannabe journos. Protest against what for gods sake. So we have had so far we are going down, we are going into admin, we are going to sell all the assets, Clarke is in rehab, Germany is going to invade Czechoslovakia and the Beatles are reforming. Isn’t it time to simply get down there and support us to see us through to the next phase which was never going to be admin, firesales nor relegation and cut out the hysteria. Also stop blame gaming. We are victims of circumstance and still not any worse off than many clubs that don’t have an asset freeze on the owner. All in all things ain’t too bad. We are a well managed business and our mess will be solved in due course where as other clubs have it to come. Things was never that bad, only hysteria.

    • James Black says:

      You just find wrong in everything Blueboy. If he sold him for 6 million in summer you would be saying they selling off our assets. This was to make sure we keep afloat so a deal was done for Butland. So if we didn’t sell him then you be complaining they took us into admin by not selling him. Cant win really can they.

      • Blueboy88 says:

        No James I am saying he knew the state of our finances in the summer , so as a business decision selling a player who had never even played for the club at 6 million would have been very sensible.

        He prevaricated , because he was confident of selling the club at that stage back to HK…when that prospect melted away like the snow , his hand was forced in the Jan window to the detriment of the club.

        Poor business…

        • James Black says:

          So with the benefit of hindsight you can now say that yes. But as i said if he did what would you have thrown at him. Its easy to make judgments after the event. He had a call to make at that time and everyone was glad he never sold him and as he was in talks with other groups at the time he decided it wasn’t right at that time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. All i know is we are in business we have Butland till the end of the season, we haven’t sold off our assets and as in everything in life, we have to make assessments without hindsight, Nobody complained when he never sold him and if he did you would be making some kind of claim that it was for the BIH Christmas party or something. Cant their just be credit for doing this deal, keeping us afloat and not selling off other assets. What has to be done to please you.

        • Bromsgrove Blue says:

          or … they waited to see how the business was doing. Had we been in a playoff place (CY is an optimist – that’s why we won the cup) by now and pushing on … we would have hung onto Butland and perhaps invested a loan defender and a striker (see Wembley line up) But the best we could do is balance the books and keep Butland for the rest of the season. Come on Blueboy88 remember Tranmere and Barry Fry’s Blue and White Army – mid table could be fun. KRO blue brother.

  • SteveC1956 says:

    What a huge relief that the transfer deadline passed with only one outgoing. Strange (delighted though) that the club did not accept the £500,000 offered by Forest for Chris Burke? Can only imagine that there may be some truth in the club being sold soon????????????? KRO

  • Asif ashiq says:

    Although happy with butland going to a premier league club can help but say i cant beleive stoke city have become a bigger club than blues. Wish we had owner like peter coates. Hope they put in a sell on clause in deal as i can see butland going on to bigger club. Would have liked to see a defender come in. But happy burke king davies etc wernt sold

    • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

      Bigger crowds more loyal fans, far and away bigger than us

      • Evesham blue says:

        So by inference you say Stoke fans are more loyal as they have bigger crowds when they are watching prem league footy? Lol Call yourself loyal do you when you are saying Stoke fans are more loyal than Blues fans?

        • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

          People like you who never go down keep us a small club.

          Don’t tell me working tomorrow?

          • Evesham blue says:

            I have already told you I was a season ticket holder for 15 years previously but still you bang on about it. I have put my fair share of money into the club over the years. I am not a fan who turns up for a semi final of a cup only to get a ticket to wembley. You do show your ignorance Paul when you bang on about going to see Blues all the time

          • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

            Paul there almost a million reason why people can’t go to all the games, I think its called un-empoyment, no money, a club that’s fleeced its fans for years…. Shall I go on. Its great you can afford to go every week, well done go to the top of the class, I can’t stop given it the big I am please because it aint big and it aint clever. I chucked my season ticket back after 30 years the year before McGinger took us down. Two reason at the time, one was moaning fans thinking we should beat the top 4 every week and secondly it was getting to expensive. And now your telling me/us that can’t get to every game that were not proper fans, sorry that’s it just plain arrogant.

        • James Black says:

          Yes Evesham, Stoke fans are more loyal and give better support in a small city that has 2 clubs also.

          • Bromsgrove Blue says:

            anyone remember Lou Macari ? His successes in management came with two promotions at Swindon Town (Fourth Division champions in 1986 and Third Division playoff winners in 1987), a Football League Trophy with Birmingham City in 1991, the same trophy in 1992 along with a promotion for Stoke City (Division Two champions in 1993). After a brief and unsuccessful spell at Celtic he returned to Stoke City and took them to the Division One end of season playoffs in 1996 for a place in the Premier League, however they lost to Leicester City in the semi-finals 1–0 on aggregate. He left Stoke after the following season which was less successful with them finishing in mid-table, however a period of decline soon followed for the Potters. As I remember – it all started kicking off at St Andrews. Another Scot who did the dirty. KRO

  • LJ18 says:

    To come out of the transfer window with 1 player extra & having kept butland, king & davies is nothing short of a miracle!!! Hopefully this will galvanise the fans and players and we can start our season again.

    The only thing i don’t get is why PP changed his tune regarding the state of the finances? if things were in such a bad state that we needed to sell players to survive then what’s happened now to alleviate those fears? could there be light at the end of the tunnel with regards to a takeover in the summer?………………

  • Mark Y says:

    On a day when Carson was told that his house was repossessed you have to give him credit for not having a fire sale in order to finance the repayment of some of the loan owed to him from BCFC. Yes his personal situation has undermined Blues financial position and the has been many corporate governance cock ups that have caused the clubs position to become perilous, however, this situation as never been due to deliberate actions of his own. We all must remember that he increased the mortgage on his property to put money into Blues in the first place and how many people under similar circumstances to yesterday would not not have tried to improve their own personal finances. The press speculation in recent weeks has depressed all Blues fans and led to the launch of tomorrow’s protest but now i feel serves no purpose. Much of this speculation has now been proven to be untrue and i feel that the protest is now unwarranted. I dont see what it can acheive. Yes ideally we need new owners, but, only if they have a genuine desire to improve the club in the long term. The day that CY’s personal assets were frozen undermined both his and Blues fortunes simultaneously. Administration has been avoided until at least the court case is resolved and the accounts are finalised allowing the potential for a sale. We have a squad very capable of retaining Championship status. We mustn’t forget CY took us to Cup glory and the highest finish for years.

    • chas says:

      Well said, Mark..

    • Brumboi says:

      I applaud you Mark for seeing things as it is, and not jumping on the band wagon to slate CY and PP at every possible moment.

      Yes, they’ve screwed up, but, as I see it, most was down to the arrest and all that followed. What could have been if CY wasn’t arrested?

      Prior to the unfortunate circumstances, Bluenoses were in dreamland, finishing mid-table in the prem, and that remarkable cup win. All achieved under the current ownership!

      With a balanced view, if CY is guilty of laundering dirty money, then he deserves all he gets.

      • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

        top comment Mark, suspect Paul wouldn’t agree so you must be wrong……..

        • James Black says:

          Mark, your added to the voice of reason list. Well said. Cant understand half of what some say on here at all, just insane, bitter and inaccurate nonsense. I bet they not much fun in the pub either. Probably go on that the pub owner drinks the profits and is knobbing the barmaid. Old ladies had too much to say for too long and the only good thing about any of it is that it at least gets then temporarily off Clarkes back. But a draw on Saturday and that one will be rolling again. Sigh.

  • ashw says:

    If the finances were not as bad as we all feared and pannu was not in a position where selling a number of players was a requirement why did he let these rumours circulate? Surely if he had came out and said this clubs wouldn’t have came in with low offers for butland and other players. Just seems to have made no business sence at all. Not complaining about the end result just feel if he had played it better we could have got closer to the 6 million offered by Southampton in the summer and it would have been a less unsettling time for both the players and the fans.

  • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

    Still alive and kicking and ticking over ok on the points front.

    Let’s see a lockout down there tomorrow, all you internet boys get on google maps, put yer hands in yer pockets and contribute to the club.

    Nothing short of a full house tomorrow boys. No excuses now.

    • Evesham blue says:

      You’re an “Internet boy” mate the amount of time you spend on this site. :) sell out tomorrow? Lol. You are having a Giraffe. We were only getting 24k in the prem. We will be lucky to get 17-18k tomorrow.The judas effect will add on a couple k. Still £30 a ticket. How much for a family?

      • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

        Here we go again

        Do they have recessions in Aston cos the filth pulled 30K the other night despite being in the bottom 3, being dumped out of the semi by a 4th division club on live TV, then dumped out again by a lower league club on the Friday. Still 30K turned up.

        Sick to the back teeth of constant excuses from our fans who all made Wembley and Europe.

        • Oby says:

          Nearly 4,000 of them were Toon fans mate,…just saying

        • Mjt says:

          Just let it go Paul, your pointless insults have become boring. This is all you ever go on about on here and you come across as one dimensional and narrow minded. For the majority of people there is more to their lives than watching average football at a club that is run the way ours is. Yes you go every week and that is your choice but stop criticising those who are different to you. Some people like to only go every now and then, some people like to only go to Wembley and Europe, most people want to be entertained for their money, some stay away in protest, some have to work and many cannot afford to go. Whatever the reason just because you would go whatever, doesn’t give the right to criticise those who don’t go. If think it does then you are sadly mistaken.

          With regards Villa, they are a bigger and more successful club than us and always have been so get over it. They play premiership opposition and as a result they get bigger crowds. Simple economics, better product = more demand.

    • Art Watson says:

      Yes that’s right -give your hard earned cash to Mr P the man you can trust.

      You know it makes sense!

      No more money from me I’m afraid until he and his cronies disappear.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Alternatively lets all stop going and watch the club fold.

        Great fans we have.

        • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

          Paul, why don’t you buy two tickets for youself instead of the one, surely your ego shouldn’t get in for free???

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            Explain the filths attendances Einstein?

          • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

            Paul, sorry I don’t understand the question are you saying that because we are in the same city we should get the same attendances? Firstly, I don’t give two hoots about them, dont care if they win draw or lose, secondly there fan base is out into the shires whereas ours goes as far as Solihull. In the shires they have a bit more cash than in the inner cities…… a final point, there attendances have improved this year because they sacked McGinger…. Last year percentage wise they were down on what we had been getting even though we had been relegated…. Fickle fans them from across the road wont go because they don’t like the manager……… I can’t (shall I spell it) little c….. like many others, afford to go every week and some who can have (really want to under line have but can’t) to work on Saturdays.

    • SirHarry1875 says:

      Behind you on this one as always PC.

      I cant wait to get down there tomorrow. We still have a decent team and i reckon without all the window rumours hanging over us we can all breath easy and enjoy the ride that is Birmingham City.

      Lets start again tomorrow, get down there, get behind the Boys!

      No excuses.

  • Masaccio says:

    We have to ask how many of the bids that came in were cash offers? The current board aren;t interested in offloading a lod of players with deals that see payments stretch into the future, I’d hazard a guess many of the offers yesterday were based on payment plans.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Or maybe after getting enough money in from Butland to allow us to keep trading for the season, they didn’t need to sell anyone else below the value they put on them?

  • les says:

    im delighted and i reckon we will go on a run and make playoffs.
    no i aint been drinking or taking drugs .
    cant wait for tomorrow and the return of mac
    hes gonna get it the horrible sh***e
    come on bluenoses get behind the lads and roar us on.

  • Mick H says:

    Does anyone think that this was a ploy by PP, worry the fans that we have to sell anything that moves, but then turning down bids to make the fans think “oh well done PP and CY for not cashing in and having the firesale we all feared” or has something happened behind the scenes with the new accountants that have been looking through the books and they have said “do you know what things aren’t as bad as we thought” or something has happened with the purchase of the club and that’s why as PP and CY only have to manage till march/April and then its someone else’s problem !!
    I for one am happy that we have kept all the squad together and we the fans and the manager and team can concentrate on keeping us in this division but in also upset that we have lost one if the best prospects about at the moment for a paltry sum.
    Keep up the good work almajir and lads be strong and back the shirt

    • Chris Smith says:

      I’d say that the Butland sale has covered money going out till the end of the season. The 4m covers Ziggy’s wages for 66 weeks (in theory) if we say he’s on 60k a week. In reality it is 15 weeks till the end of the season so if we say Zig gets sold or the parachute payment comes in then that is 900,000. Money left over is 3.1m not sure how much the others cost per week but Zig is the big hit.

  • swissjonny says:

    A great result.Extremly mixed messages.No one can predict whats going to happen from now so its back to trying to give ourselves wriggle room by winning games and staying in the division by the biggest possible margin-just in case the A word appears again.We must thank Butland for going to Stoke but I feel sure its not his final destination.

  • Paul says:

    Well, that was uneventful. So now me and my other face are going to get ticket for tommorow!!! KRO

  • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

    Wes Thomas has admitted that Lee Clark was a big reason for him opting to make a deadline day move to Blues

    Slowly but surely Lee, slowly but surely

    • Masaccio says:

      I think LC will be the first to admit he’s made mistakes this season, but I’ll give him his due as he has stuck to the task and done his best. Performances are getting better and I think results will improve – we may yet see LC stay around and build a good youthful team that is capable of challenging for a promotion spot.

      • Bromsgrove Blue says:

        Good call. I’d like to know anyone who has never a mistake – only the Queen i think. LC has been trying to keep the team afloat whils the club is sinking (more slowly now). Let’s end the crap and try to back him for the season -what’s the alternative ? KRO blue brother.

    • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

      Crickey the great Wes Thomas, from where? If it were David Beckham then it might have a bit of umphhhh, but Wes Thomas come on???

  • Bluenosesol says:

    What a fantastic turn out of events! Butland was our cash cow and we got the money Pannu said we need too stave off admin, we get a young prospect who scored 10 goals in his first 20 games for Bournemouth, we resist up to 3 million pounds for key players and the opportunity to get Marlon’s wages off our books and no desperation or fire sale!
    I am now convinced that we will not go into admin, Curtis and Burke will feel loved again and know that they are valued by the club and our competitors, which will feed a morale boost and see us climb the table.
    See you all down there tomorrow!

  • Ed says:

    What a strange situation, we have gone from a club supposedly on the brink of administration to one that is financially OK. Or is it that we only need finance for a short period until some other investor with money takes over??

    • Art Watson says:

      Good call and a very rational explanation as why more players didn’t move out.

      Perhaps the potential buyers placed restrictions on who goes and who stays.

      Better times ahead -maybe!

      • James Black says:

        Or maybe Art it just may be down to the present board not wanting to lose too many players and go with just what we need to survive until better times come. But of course you cant consider that may be the case, you have to justify your bad thinking no matter what. I very much doubt that any speculated future buyer put that condition on but OK if you really insist that nothing good can come from this board then keep talking with half baked theories. But they just getting silly now.

  • chris says:

    Doesn’t mean Davies, Burke or King won’t be sent out on loan to another Championship club and replaced with cheaper loanee’s.
    This way Pannu keeps assets so he can still ask a certain price for the team or gives them breathing space till Yeung is back after he is found not guilty.

    • James Black says:

      So Chris if his found not guilty, would it be such a bad thing. The likes of you have been calling people crooks without anything at all to justify the claim as regards the running of the club. A not guilty verdict says he did nothing wrong in the first place so would it be so bad. He certainly invested when he had the means so would it really be such a bad thing, if his found not guilty that is. Another point is would you apologize for calling him a crook after a not guilty verdict as well as Pannu when their is not any reason to say it. Please stop poisoning the well constantly.

  • tamuffblue says:

    although a pleasant surprise yesterdays events but do not be conned !!!!!!!! the scorcerers apprentice is alive and well and will be deliberating his next act which will be detrimental to bcfc and make his king richer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chas says:

      You sound very bitter,,

    • James Black says:

      Tamuffblue, can you expound on your somewhat insane theory, its based on what in actuality???? Your suspicious bad mind is getting boring now. Old ladies do what your doing, people with a brain need to see some point to what your saying or some good reason to say it, or are you just being an old lady yak yakking a bad mind yet again. In what way is Pannu a sorcerer and a crook, please enlighten us all as i dont take old ladies theories as meaning anything. Slander away.

  • Alboy says:

    I think Pannu did well, generated enough cash to keep the the club operating and kept Jack’s services to see us through, Marlon and Curtis, 2 key players, still with us ! love him or hate him Pannu is no knee jerk merchant.

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    I’m confused.

    This “admin” malarkey & fire~sale.

    Are you suppose to gain a player ??

    Plenty of posters gone missing this morning,I would hate to be there cat.

  • AL-LAD says:

    WHAT!!!! how is this a great result for Blues, 3.5 million for a young talented English player that could be sold for much much more in a couple of season?

    I only see this benefitting Stoke FC.

    How much cash did the club need to raise to save us from administration, know body really nows, this all sinks!!!!

    and i’m afraid most of you have fallen for it.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Fallen for what…. the club has to be self financing, and at the moment it isn’t… Why don’t you send a few thousand quid if you think you can do better!

  • Ali Duncan says:

    For me it’s very basic. Blues are in turmoil financially so I’m thinking what is only important is the here and now. I’m not looking beyond this season – staying in the division and not going into administration are the only priorities. We have Jack here until the end of the season, our two key players have remain and from from what we’re made to believe the cash is in the coffers to keep the club ticking over until we have a buyer.

    If we wen’t into admin and got relegated the club will regress just as we did in the 80s and a potential buyer might seem even less likely to appear on the horizon that at the present time.

    I saw lets stay in the division and then go again in the summer (with maybe a new owner in place)

    • DoctorD says:

      Spot on Ali Duncan — couldn’t agree more.

      My only question is: would it have been worth flogging players whose contracts are up at the end of the season? By then we won’t get anything for them at all.

  • KeeprightCroydON says:

    Hopefully this adds stability for the short term (till end of season) and the tension on the terraces and pitch will ease off. A couple of wins would also be a good tonic and help us to kick on for a top half, mid-table finish (that’s the best we can hope for).

    Not sure how e can accommodate more loan signings as we already have five. Maybe he can pick up a free agent or two, if the right type is available.

    I was going to have a b it of a general whinge about other things, but now is not the time and I’ll save that for another day when I get out of the wrong side of bed.

  • Murph says:

    Doctor d il think you will find we have options on the players who’s contracts are up in the summer , I e Burke etc , I don’t think we could of hoped for more yesterday considering what we all thought was going to happen , kro

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Folks, yesterday was not a glass half empty/full scenario it was absolutely a positive outcome. If you do not get on board for a rest of the season push on, then you are not supporting our club, which is what we should all be about. See you all tomorrow

    • Ali Duncan says:

      A very positive outcome indeed. The cash cow was milked and we retained all the players we thought might be sold off for less than their true value.

      I am a very positive person anyway but now feel a sudden surge of hope that we’re finally going to kick on now. The next two games are both winnable and we have a base to build on after a very good win at Burnley.

      Can’t wait for Charlton – always a good little away day. I’ll be in the Rose of Denmark on Woolwich Road from about 12.30 if any other Often Partisaners are looking for a “decent” boozer to have a pre-match drink in.

  • KipperBlue says:

    I think it was a good day for us but playing devils advocate I can’t see the sale of Butland has eased our money worries. how much of the £3.5m is upfront ? £3m max ? do we have to pay increased wages to Butland in line with his Stoke contact plus of course Robinson’s and Thomas ?

    our wage bill has this gone up I think and we’ll have to crawl to the end oud the season on the money from Butland’s sale plus the next instalment of the parachute payment – it’s that only £2m our so ?

    ergo we’re just about keeping the wolves from the door until the end of the season.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Well now, !!. What a relief that we managed to come through, [ what we all thought would be Armagedon, ],

    Almajir;, Do you know just how much we got for butland, ?. and wether there is a ” sell-on ” clause, ?.

  • James says:

    We have kept all of our best players and added one ( not exaclty the Duggary signing of yesteryear but needs must!)

    Butland was nailed on to leave, so I am not too dissapointed to have sold him and get him back on loan.

    Davies, King & Burke were our other major assets, so the fact they are playing in a blue shirt on saturday is a huge bonus.

    Still not and never will be a fan of Pannu, but if we now have the cashflow to stave off admin and obtain a buyer in the Summer, you have to give him some credit.

    Role on Saturday!


    • Ali Duncan says:

      An alleged salary of nearly 700k a year when the club is on its knee is credit enough!

      • James Black says:

        That is not accurate and just because people like Ross and other wannabes jump up and down don’t mean its the full story. Is he supposed to live in a terraced house in Stirchley or Balsal Heath catch the bus to St Andrews and not be in Hong Kong to carry out his usual business. Again another hysterical rabble rousing piece of nonsense and just because he doesn’t come out and explain personally to a bunch of wannabes that wanna make a name for themselves by encouraging protests don’t mean its accurate nor is it unusual for a man in his position to claim a reasonable salary which was NOT 700k.

        • Ali Duncan says:

          Hence the word alleged.

          • Bromsgrove Blue says:

            don’t ‘alleg’e it then ? I could say something about you – and put the word ‘allege’ in front of it and that would be ok ? We’ve got enough problems with the so called ‘media’ – don’t help them. Anyway, I allege you’re a loyal blue nose ! KRO blue brother.

  • StevieW says:

    Today’s question is

    PANNU Hero or Villain ???????

  • blaneh says:

    You don’t get 30-40Million for a club if you sell off all the assets for sod all, the only reason we havent sold players this window is as far as I can see, that Jacks sale has covered us financially until June.

    I wont be praising PP or CY for us not selling all our players.

    I do hope that now this all out the way though, that we the fans and the players can kick on proper, starting tomorrow against Forest.


  • tamuffblue says:

    comment edited

    • James Black says:

      Tamufffclaret, i actually think you are the most miserable and pointless poster on here. Your just not worth listening too, your simply sick-minded. A slander suit would teach people like you a lesson. becuz your bad mind thinks it, doesn’t mean its true in any form whatsoever. I bet your a big party pooper in everything aintcha

  • Murph says:

    Mate they have made mistakes !! Do you think Carson and he’s crew bought the club to lose money ?? They gave am a fortune in players wages etc , we won a cup and as foster said didn’t pick them selves up afterwards and it was championship here we are !! There fosters words !!! I how much do you think in profit Carson and he’s crew are in??? They and am messed up but at least they give it a go and maybe if some of you Wer proper fans and not deserters we may have a bigger better club !!! Loyalty means just that !! You want to stop putting your money in to our club and future , well stop peeing off the true fans who do relies by going can only help the cause !!!!

  • Dave says:

    Sad to lose a keeper rated as becoming one of the best in the game just so that we can keep ticking over for another few months. Nobody should compliment Pannu or Yeung. May they be gone soon so that we can rebuild and become the club we deserve to be. KRO

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Man there are a lot of opinionated and frankly ignorant people out there.

    How about expending some of that energy down at Stans tomorrow? Cos to be honest this glass half empty crap is very VERY boring.

  • Julian Glass says:

    The sale of Butland is shameful. Up there with the worst of our sales: Bob Latchford and David Seaman. We’ll be haunted by this on MoTD for over ten years.

    • bluenoseneil says:

      Utter horse sh*t.

      This clubs bigger than one player and certainly bigger than perpetual whingers.

      Please please stop and obtain a life.

    • James Black says:

      Julian, so the sale of Butland is shameful huh???? But last week it was going to be a fire-sale and Pannu was going to buy a Porsche with the proceeds. Cant you stop making a fool of yourself with your endless mindless speculations. So no good thing that their was no fire-sale and we keep going till the end of the season.???????

  • jazzzy786 says:

    I was shitting myself before this Window thinking firesale and relegation. To actually make it through with none of our team dismantled and an extra player is great news. We had to sell Butland to provide finances till the end of the season or face administration and almost certain relegation. We actually have a fighting chance to stay up and more time to find a buyer. I’d rather we sold butland as goalies are easier to replace than a goalscorer like king or a good defender.

  • Murph says:

    J glass , get a life ! Player or club ? We have another young prospect coming through , I felt the same years ago when mick Hartford and seaman was sold ! But believe me the club and our players are a lot better than then , lets see if we can mount a push n see what the summer brings !? It won’t be chairman weldon ripping out our only phone line ! Trust me they were the bad days , the only way is up as yazz sung ! Kro

  • Murph says:

    Ps lets give but land a standing ovation as deep down he didn’t want to leave yet and could of had a payday at Chelsea !! Proper young man ! Love it

  • Murph says:

    God there’s sanity !!! Lol , it’s not rocket science , paid to much , won a cup , and we are where we are !! Just wish the fans would support more as in attending , our club allways needs us , and we need it , love going to a live game at stans , even as a young lad paid a lad to come in early so I could leave n go n watch us in 80 s n 6 thousand there lol !! We ain’t far from Wer we need to be so get behind the blue boys , heart n soul kro

  • Bromsgrove Blue says:

    Murph – your blood is blue. KRO blue brother. More postings please on OP.

  • Murph says:

    Just how I feel brothers n sisters , we want to be a small club bitching all the time or we gona raise up as big as we can be ? Why be small and bitch about this n that ? Hay this is our club our city lets show the nation were as proud as them ! Love our club if you really do , it’s called life , Bcfc and a brotherhood !! Love it , give Alex a ovation then shit , he’ll understand , kro

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason he says:

    West Midlands Police have cancelled all leave today as they’ve heard a whisper that the die hard uber loyal Blues internet crew are landing at todays game accompanied by the Wembley Season Ticket Holder Firm the Europa boys and The Fair Weather Premier League Days mob. They have taken out bank loans to finance the ticket, cancelled day 6 of their all week job and are on google maps as we speak. Police are expecting mayhem and the doors to be locked at around 1pm

  • kirkus says:

    such untamed wit,its frightning

  • James Black says:

    Just curious why my comments are being moderated and sometimes removed, yet the slander remains. All im trying to achieve is to turn the mood and just as the negos have had a field day on here for months and pulled down anyone that tried to present a reasoned approach then im simply trying to encourage the positive and drown out the negos as they have been drowning the rest of us to the extent that we could hardly comment. Just curious as i haven’t said anything like fighting talk nor have i said anything slanderous nor racist.

  • James Black says:

    Whoops my mistake sorry for my bad mindedness and thinking you had removed a comment. I found it and i was being paranoid and hysterical :) my aploigies Al.

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