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A Positive Performance Against The Posh – Peterborough Match Reflections

Here are my reflections on the match between Peterborough United and Birmingham City at London Road.

A Good Win

Before we get into any kind of criticism, it’s important to start with a positive – this was a much-needed win for Blues – three points, two clear goals and a clean sheet. The table doesn’t record the quality of the opposition or the ineptness of the referee, it records the results and this was a positive result.

In saying that – Blues were more than decent in many departments today. The defence looked solid, the wings threatening and the keeper unflappable. Blues did what they had to do – in parts it was a grind – but a couple of moments of magic ensured that the result would be a good one. Clark deserves credit for remaining positive and sticking with 4-4-2 in an attempt to put pressure on a shaky Peterborough back line and it worked.

A Return to the Burke of Last Year.

I will say now what I said at the game – Chris Burke was outstanding. He had their full backs on toast – he turned them about so many times I wouldn’t be surprised if they came off with motion sickness. Inside, outside – either side, Burke consistently beat his man and opened the defence. The goal had a fortuitous deflection which looped it over the keeper but take nothing away from the Scot – he absolutely, 100 percent deserved it. If Burke can keep up the level of his performance to that of the last three games we have nothing to worry about.

Oooh Nikola Zigic

On Tuesday he had it all bar the goals. Today, Nikola added that side of his game too. He won flick after flick, made great passed and linked up play and bar an offside call that I’m not sure about (although I was behind the goal and thus probably not in the best position to call it) he could have had a brace. I’ve said often he’s our only talismanic player – the only one who can turn a game on his own and again today he showed that with some fantastic touches to start moves and to build attacks.

England’s Number One

The first half double save made by Jack Butland from Tommy Rowe and Lee Tomlin was nothing short of incredible. The first save was good but to get up and tip it over from the second effort showed great reflexes and it was that moment of magic that ensured Blues didn’t fall behind to a sloppy error as they had so many times before. His kicking still isn’t perfect and I’d like him to command the box more but he’s 19 – it will come. Butland is steadily growing as a keeper and it’s a terrible shame we won’t be able to see him come into full bloom in a Blues shirt.

A Rock Solid Defence

I think there must also be a shout out to the defence – both Curtis Davies and Steven Caldwell stood firm, making some great challenges and looking much more like the rocks at the back of last year than the somewhat less impressive performances we’ve seen this season. Caddis on the right was back to his best form and whilst Mitch Hancox got caught once or twice – and possibly might have given away a pen – he is still growing himself as a player and his runs turning defence into attack were invaluable as an outlet of pressure.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day. It’s a bit clichéd and a bit cheesy to talk about it being old school but there is something very enjoyable about being able to stand on the terraces. I travelled up to the game on the Forza bus and credit to Smudge and the lads, they were giving it there all on the bus all the way up, including in a rather posh (not Peterborough United posh but the real toffee-nosed thing) pub in Thrapston en route. I know that they get a lot of stick from some of the more cynical fans but I have to say that they are what the club needs – supportive, good-humoured and boisterous fans who want to back the shirt with passion. I hope that today’s trip is the first of many for them because the more fans we have following the Blues, the better.

I’m still not 100 percent convinced by Clark – Peterborough weren’t great and on another day the ref might have given a pen and sent off one of Blues’ players – but you can only beat what is in front of you. The test of this new improved Blues will be against a top four side in Hull next week who are on the rebound from a heavy defeat – I will say I have more confidence that they will pass it.

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94 Responses to “A Positive Performance Against The Posh – Peterborough Match Reflections”

  • kentucky blue says:

    Just watched highlights and Burkes goal was class. If Roony etc had done that it would be all over the back pages. Well done blue boys kro

  • Ebeneezer says:

    Ziggy was quality, why doesnt Clark see it? Hes hated him since day one, yet hes the man to score the tap ins that everyone needs. A true natural finisher. Is it because hes moronic, or cant see the woods for the trees? Either way, sack him when everythings settled.

    • m says:

      Well said. Managers tend to have agendas having favourite players. The thing is you can do it if you are getting results, climbing the table and pushing for promotion and trophies. Fergie and Mourinho do it all the time though tend to get results. Clark is using Ziggy as a deflecting tactic.

      • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

        Wherever a team is in the league every manager has favourite players.

        Nomal behaviour.


      • Steve Turner says:

        I agree that Clark appears to have a problem with Zigic and if you look at it from a distance you can understand why.If BCFC didn’t have to pay Ziggy’s £55.00k per week they could quite possibly afford to pay the wages of another 4 or 5 decent quality players. It isn’t Zigic’s fault neither is it Clarks – I am just trying to see some reasoning behind it. Having said that, as nothing can be done about it we might just as well play him every week.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      The managers moronic? A new low. Maybe the manager has managed Zigic just right, and Zigic is playing as if he has a point to prove. However some morons can’t see the wood for the trees!

    • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

      ‘Hes hated him since day one’

      You know this do you?

      ‘Is it because hes moronic’

      or are you the moron who after a great win and a loss by the filth can only come on here running the manager down.

      KRO Lee

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    On Tuesday, in Boyd’s last match for Posh, they beat Millwall 1-5 at the New Den.
    4 Days later Millwall beat the Boro 1-2 away.
    4 Days later after Millwall v Posh… we beat the Posh 0-2 away.

    On Friday Lee Clark made a point about the influence of Boyd and how his loan out to Hull, might affect Peterborough. He also mentioned their defence.

    He capitalised and stood by those ideas, through the inclusion of Hancox, Reilly, Spector and Zigic.

    Whilst having Mullins, Ambrose and Robinson available, he chose not to use the “experience”, but went for the hungriest players from training. Including Zigic
    I’ve seen some comments that because Zigic didn’t score midweek,he’d be dropped and we’d have Thomas in a 4-5-1 if King was out….you’ve got to laugh about one particular forum :-)

    To Clark’s detractors, I can only suggest that they look at each match we have played as a chess game from Clark. He’s used experience and it hasn’t always worked. Injuries and suspensions eventually forced his hand, experience gave way to raw youth, but when those absences ended he stayed loyal to his players.Who grabbed their chances.

    What more can you do to gain the respect of your players ?

    And also show no “grudge” against a publicly criticised player.

    Lambert, Gregory at the villa spring to mind, Redknapp, SAF etc, when they’ve had a ‘hairdryer’ in public about a player, the said player took a long, long time to get back in the squad…not all of them did.

    WELL DONE Lee.

    I think my next comment, on your blog- when you give me an opening – might be about why Carson should be President of the IMF….well….. perhaps not… :-)

    • m says:

      Good points. Credit where credit is due. Lee may well come good. I hope so.

    • sutton apex says:

      agree with letsby – against poor opposition (posh will be relegated !! ) play 2 strikers and attack. the kids are a breath of fresh air and allow us to play high energy football. burke is back to his best and big zig will always score vital goals.As the late,great bill shankly said NEVER CHANGE A WINNING FORMULA. we must stick with this starting line up for next match as reward for their hard work. KRO

  • spalding blue says:

    I am not a Lee fan BUT let’s give credit to him when due.

    Well Done Lee

  • Art Watson says:

    Same here.

    A vital 3 points -well done.

  • Blue in Spain says:

    A great 3 points, this league really is one of the closest ever, with anybody beating anybody, so whether a team is bottom or top an away win is a reat achievement.

    • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

      not sure I shold reply to a comment by you spanish but I will, we got lucky yesterday, and before anybody says anything I was at the game but in the posh end (a mate is a double season ticket holder for posh and his mate couldn’t go so he asked me). A blant penatly and Mitch should have been sent off, Callum should have been sent off as well, but maybe LC has just became a lucky manager? hope so because a lucky manager is better than a good manager and LC isn’t a good manager

    • Howard Kendall says:

      Quite right BIS, meant to put that in an earlier post. Someone posted about the amount of games left against the top ten, but like you I don’t think that counts for anything in this league.

  • swissjonny says:

    Im no LC fan either but well done and I hope you go on to prove me and my fellow doubters wrong.It cant be easy working in the current Blues set up.

  • Johnners says:

    Well done LC. I was convinced he would go 4-5-1 but he had picked up on the absence of Boyd and went for the win. That was pretty bold for a man who gets dog’s abuse on this forum every time he loses a game. I will keep saying that if he keeps us up and we end up mid-table that’s a reasonable outcome given the circumstances he is dealing with.

  • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

    Agreed Johnners I wouldn’t have gone 442 and feared for us when we did. Shows Lee is more than aware of his tactics and got em spot on and imagine the furore if we loaned out one of our best players. Lee is now getting the best out of his players. Remember all the idiots who knew ‘for a fact’ don’t you know that the players didn’t wanna play for him? It was ‘obvious’ remember. Oh and he’d personally ‘ruined’ Burke. All those points made by posters some of whom are on this thread. Well let me tell you Burke is playing better than he did last year as is Caldwell at the back. In fact after losing 50% of last seasons defence I’d say ours is now a cracking back 4. Lee handled the Zigic situation spot on for me and yesterday the big Serb was back to his best and his best which I’ve said before makes him one of the top strikers in this league. Lee had him in 4 times, that did’t work but the public bollocking seems to have and i like the way he bought him straight back in with no lingering bad feeling. Great man management.

    The most embarrassing response to a loss I’ve ever read was after the Watford game when we gave em 2 goals but still played well and now after a good win certain posters still wanna come on and have a pop at Lee. What are these people getting out of it. I write em off as filth fans masquerading. So onwards and upwards and pretty much to the position I said we’d be this season just below half way.

    Good write up Dan and I agree Hull will be a good test but like I’m not getting too carried away by yesterdays win if we lose I wont be suicidal either. That’s football and especially Blues win some-lose some.

  • Blueboy88 says:

    A vital relegation 6 pointer.

    Consecutive clean sheets (when was the last time ?) are the most promising sign yet we will be playing Championship football next season .

    Zigic doing what Zigic does before during & after Clark throwing his toys out of the pram.
    Which just under-scores what most thought last weekend..why ?

    Bottom line is we should not be involved in this relegation battle.

    • mark says:

      please get it right mate Zigic threw his toys out his pram not clark…..he not bigger than bcfc.

      • Blueboy88 says:

        No he is not , or is Clark…& we will both be here long after both of them have gone.

        • Blue in Spain says:

          Agreed Mark, but we know this poster has an anti Clark agenda, suprised he commented at all after a victory!

          • Blueboy 88 says:

            BIS , you seem confused…just because I do not rate Clark McDermott & Fazackerley does not equate to me not wanting Birmingham City to do well.

            The two things are completely different .

            I just believe Birmingham City will not be successful with these three , from the date of their appoinments , through to victory yesterday.

            We are in a relegation struggle , Why ?

        • mark says:

          Maybe your right, but to me he has to me demonstrated he has blues best interests at heart. When everyone appears to say this and that about him. of course I not happy about the present situation but are you telling me its all Clark fault. Sorry to say I disgree. It is up to the players to run with the baton as ..well, and some have fail to perform from the off from their own high standards from last season. Kro..

  • Tonytiler says:

    I thought the first 20 minutes we couldn’t put a pass together. Then butland pulled that double save off. And the confidence in the team seemed to come , I thought the 2 lads in the centre of the park bossed the game. , 2nd half we bossed the game. It may have been a different story if the ref had sent young Reilly off for his second bookable offence. But it wasn’t to be and for once we had the rub of the green. And could have come away 5-0 . Positive notes. A clean sheet again , the team looks balanced , and a big well done to the manager for getting his formation and tactics right. As. Pre match the majority on op thought he would have to play. A 4-5-1. To get anything out of this game. Can’t wait for hull next week. Kro

  • mark says:

    good to see some humble pie been eaten by some of our fans inclarkwetrust united we will form oh yeah. Excellent blog mate again. sorry to say it again he had a plan A and plan B tactics bang on, and some lady luck so what, everyone playing for the team and manager and with further players likely to return to the fold things can only get better. Dan kro

  • tamuffblue says:

    Great 3 points – LC doing what any man can do with the tools he has been given !!!!! he makes mistakes ( has does any manager !!! ) but keeps going the tall and short of it is that this season was always gonna be tough but as long as the bed sheet brigade stay down the filth ( love it Paul ) and people can just focus on the near future keep working hard and there will be light at the end of this long dark tunnel KRO 1875 – SOTV

  • carlos says:

    The problem all season has been the midfield. Yesterday he played two strong lads in there, it might not be pretty, but it protects the back four and all of a sudden we get two clean sheets. With the attacking options we have you’ve always got a chance if you are keeping clean sheets. Let’s hope he keeps a settled side now.

    • sutton apex says:

      thats the thing dont mess around with a winning team unless they are injured – must reward hard work and a great performance by sticking by them mr clark. Great 6 pointer win

  • andy says:

    As much as Birmingham needed the money it was criminal to let Butland go for such a fee, a super buy for Stoke. Fantastic 3 points and i think its One defeat in Eight? Decent return and Clark is doing a fine job.

    • DoctorD says:

      Fair point, but on the other hand we could have let him go last summer for £6m and not have had him everplay a senior game for the Blues. What’s happened is that we’ve sold him for £3.5m but got a full season out of him. And given LC’s track record of signings, the money (if it had gone on transfers) might have been wasted.

    • Bluenosesol says:

      If Butland plays a key role inkeping us up, you can add a couple more to the 3.5 mill we got for him!!

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    We are where we are because of the failings of #LC playing Mullins for half a season, Robinson instead of Hancox, not starting with Zigic.

    As for why Burke didn’t perform pre-transfer window why was that?

  • mark says:

    sorry Dan if i stand corrected blues sealed a first ever league double over peterbough……

    • Blueboy88 says:

      They are bottom of the league , & were desperately unlucky to be beaten at St Andrews earlier in the season. Not exactly open top bus time is it ?

      Fact is we are in a relegation battle.
      A battle we shouldn’t be anywhere near with the squad we have in this league
      That’s my problem with Mr Clark.

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    On a different note, has anyone noticed we hardly win any corners. Pity,because Curtis Davies is always a threat there with his accurate heading.

    • Chris Smith says:

      I think that’s down to a lack of second balls for most of the season, iirc Clark had the same complaint. The other thing is that blues don’t offer enough attacking pressure to force defenders to pop the ball out and over the back line, either from attacks or just repeatedly firing the ball into the box.

  • Roy Smith says:

    Two whole days of being able to read the blogs without embarrassment then Mr Carter comes back with his Morons, Idiots and Filth in disguise comments.
    I don’t care what you think about LC, Zigic, CY or Pannu. it’s your right to have an opinion, but it’s also the right of others to have a different one. Either respond with manners or stop commenting because you make all of us appear like ill educated buffoons.

    • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

      Don’t let it get to you Roysie boy.

      It’s only the internet really cmon.

      Morons, Idiots and Filth are really only lickle ickle words that wont hurt you and listen,this blog and it’s content is edited by Dan. If you’re not happy with the way Dan runs his blog then tell him.

      • Art Watson says:

        I doubt very much that Dan would tolerate anyone describing fellow supporters as being Morons–Idiots -Vile or Filth -I’m sure he would see this as being “Rocking Horse “mentality and not appropriate to be being published on a well respected blog famous for its intellectual debate.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      You need glasses mate as it was one of the anti clark brigade that started the moron abuse!

  • Bluehobba says:

    Lots of positives yesterday along with 3 points. A captains performance from Caldwell, A solid looking back four, and Hancox trying to make the left back berth his own for good. Burke was a thorn in Peterborough’s side all afternoon and what a strike from Reilly that clattered the cross bar. Although the pitch looked okay, it obviously wasn’t as at times made it look a scrappy affair as the first touch wasn’t as good as could have been and players were slipping over. As Blues got used to the surface, they grew more confident and did seem to boss the game. 3 points, a clean sheet, strong performances and Blues fans in fine voice, what more could you ask for for an away day.
    One game at a time but we have started another unbeaten run so lets see what we can get from the Hull game, KRO

  • Howard Kendall says:

    Great win, perfect away scoreline. Wasn’t there so can’t comment too much but I have seen Butland’s double save. The second one shows the true class of the young man. Sad he had to leave but I hope he fulfill’s his potential.
    I was concerned about the drop but with probably three wins now needed from our remaining games I cannot see a problem, and who knows a decent run and it could be a top ten finish which be a good end to a difficult season. Looking at the table 50 points should ensure Championship football next season.
    I am not Lee’s biggest fan but a big well done from me. KRO

  • Wingman Blue says:

    That was Posh. Hull will be a different proposition, the real acid test. If we can get a draw I’ll start to breathe a bit easier.


  • Dave says:

    Lots of fans seem to support Zigic FC and not BCFC. Sort your priorities out, it’s getting embarrassing when you can’t cheer the team after and important win. KRO

  • andy says:

    Stability is the key to any success at a football club, look at Wolves chopping and changing the manager, it doesnt work. I think Lee Clark will be all the better as a manager after what he has had to endure so far and i think he is the right man to rebuild Blues. Keeping Birmingham in the Championship is the aim and even though we made the play-offs last season, the aim was the same following relegation. Lets back the manager, back the team and let the Joke at the top sort itself out.

  • Tony says:

    Sorry but I just cant imagine Clark bollocking Big zig, irrespective of physical stature he does not have the personality or the presence.
    Zigic is an international player of repute who has scored goals all over the world, Clark realises he is in the company of a far better player than he ever was.
    This is not unusual many managers get edgy in such circumstances the good ones accept it and move on Clark cant thats why he will never make it with us

    • marky mark says:

      What a load of complete b_ll_x

      LC was a midfielder, only a dumb ass would make a comparison to a forward.

    • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

      ‘Sorry but I just cant imagine Clark bollocking Big zig, irrespective of physical stature he does not have the personality or the presence’. You know Lee personally? Thought not.

      ‘Zigic is an international player of repute who has scored goals all over the world’. 4 European countries counts as all over the world does it?, Thought not.

      ‘Clark realises he is in the company of a far better player than he ever was’. You know Lee personally? Thought not.

      ‘This is not unusual many managers get edgy in such circumstances’ You know lots of managers personally? Thought not.

      Complete and utter ……..

    • Steve-0 says:

      Barry Fry wouldn’t stand for Zigic and he was an even worse player. Not sure your point is accurate

    • James Black says:

      Tony, You mean will never make it with you. But i dunno if ur wife fancies him or something but you definitely have a problem with Clark, but when you say us, please make it you.

  • Crash LA says:

    What is going on with Morrison does anyone know?

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Well written synopsis of the game and performances Dan, thanks.

    I continue to take issue with one thing on this blog which I find immensely frustrating, and that’s the persistence from some posters to say LC should be doing better with the tools he has at his disposal.

    I disagree.

    We are financially hamstrung and have been all season. We don’t have the ability to attract quality players so have brought in out-of-favour (Ambrose, Morrison, Hall, Caddis) and ageing (Robinson) options along with kids (Reilly, Hancox, Packwood) and for my money only 3 of those players have given us any additional dimension….and 2 of them were ours already!!

    Couple this with injuries to (or the unfortunate absence of) players who played consistently and made a difference last season (Spector, Murphy, Fahey, King) and you end up with a team capable of mid-table at best.

    ….and look where we are?

    No need to panic about relegation, because we’re better than those around us (the double over Peterborough and beating Bristol City and Barnsley once this season is enough to comfort me) but when it comes to competing with top 6 teams we need to temper our expectations. Watford were superb the other week at Stans and we weren’t near them for a reason.

    Clark needs to ride out this season, be given the finances to sign 6 players and if he hasn’t made a difference to us by end of September I would happily hold the door for him on his way out.

    Right now it’s neither realistic to call for his head as alternatives aren’t available and he’s been managing with an arm behind his back from Day One.

    Let’s show Brucey how it’s done next weekend and climb further towards safety!! KRO

    • Blueboy88 says:

      Clark is doing a good job in the circumstances….?

      17 homes league home games , 5 wins or 12 when we have failed to win,
      21pts from a possible 51 pts, 20 goals scored, 27 goals against..
      Throw in the embarrassment of 0-5 to Barnsley, 0-4 to Watford , & half hearted FA Cup exit to Leeds..

      Honestly did anybody believe at the beginning of the season it would possibly be as bad as that by the end of Feb ?

      • bluenoseneil says:

        I judge it in May and if we’re 4th from bottom with the inflexible transfer policy, crap signings and injuries we have had then LC will have done a job for us. Nothing more, nothing less.

        Bitching about it achieves nothing and it certainly won’t improve results against better teams in this league, and based on the above factors they number at least 10….

        NOT cynical…just realistic.


  • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

    Great post

  • Mrs Bluenose says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that our performances have been better of late. If you look at the side, it is basically players who were at St Andrews prior to arrival of LC. Let’s face it if Carr & Murphy were fit they would be in the side too. The signings/loans Mullins, Hall, Morrison, Thomas, Robinson etc have gradually lost their places. I think we should be concentrating on getting more corners/set pieces. One corner against Posh no corners against Sheff Wed. Corners a good source of goals.

  • Tony says:

    Comparisons are just the effect each had on a match do not bare comparison Big zIg can win a match Clark beavered away no defence splitting pass from him he was a worker, now Mark thats what workers do work, then give it to the more gifted players. DAAAAAA

  • Tony says:

    Neil you say beating Barnsley gave you comfort? what about that debacle at home I have never seen such a humiliation by a blues side. Every side has injuries I maintain with the squad he had we shoulld be top 8, how can anyone overlook leaving three fit specialist strikers on the bench whilst playing a couple of lightweight wingers come midfielders up front.
    Them there is Mullins (oh my god Mullins)

    • bluenoseneil says:

      Tony, I say beating Barnsley is not beyond our scope and therefore losing to them at Home hurt, but every team has a blip like that or two in a season and I am not an advocate of false dawns or trying to convince myself we can punch above our current weight.

      As per my comment above if we finish out of the relegation zone with the half-baked squad combination of crocked players, disappointing loanees, under experienced kids and the handful of bright sparks we have that are now showing consistency (Burke and Butland being the only TRUE examples of this) then LC has earnt the chance to rebuild under a regime that allows him to sign players and spend money properly.

      Until then he is judged differently and I personally think he won’t be here by end of September due to change of ownership during summer.

      In summary, we stay up, new owners come in and LC leaves anyway along with the crap we have in our squad who don’t perform.

      Then ain’t everyone happy eh?!!


  • Tony says:

    Dan we are indeed priviliged to have Paul among us, hes so smart he can ask a question of other people then answer it for them.
    As for his somewhat loose grasp of geography Zigc has played for 4 european teams but how about the teams he has played against and scored against? all over the world then the world cups

    • marky mark says:

      Tony, we all understand you don’t like LC and no matter what he does you will find fault.

      But your reasons for disliking him are becoming more laughable by the minute. Your now blabbering on about Zigic being a better player ? who cares and what’s the relevance ?

      Rooney is better than Ferguson,

      Didn’t see you moaning about Mullins Ambrose,and Loverman when he buyed them because you like all of us thought they were solid buys, but hindsights a great thing

      Do us all a favour Tony, if your gonna judge LC at least make a valid point

    • Art Watson says:


      Just make the most of his knowledge and feel privileged to be in such company!,

      He’ll be walking on water soon!

      • Blue in Spain says:

        Art, you whinge about attacks on you, but its ok to snipe at the pro Clark lot on here. You’re a real hypocrite, but hey, don’t respond, just throw your toys out of the pram, whinge to Dan, then leave in a hissy fit1

  • ed77 says:

    oh My life,even comparing clark v zigic as players now fact is clark was prob the only manager who,d work for carsen yeung and if zigic was really the star player some think, he wouldnt b playing in the bottom half of the championship would he now,for me i back clark while he is manager of my team and the 11 players that wear the shirt….KRO

  • Tony says:

    Sorry but I will never back him hes managing on a wing and a prayer

  • DoctorD says:

    I wonder if fans would give LC less stick if he’d once played for us. I’m sure Brucie and Sir Trev were given a lot more leeway (no pun intended).

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Guys, LC is pulling us out of the sh*t. If you dont like him, then keep your negative comments to yourselves until the end of the season at least. If you dont then you are committing treason, which is still a hanging offence!

  • BluenoseDownunder says:

    Seems funny reading these comments now. when we go well LC is doing a great job with what he’s got, when we go bad he’s useless. I am not a supporter of LC and have posted before that he should do the right thing & leave but this far into the season now & with safety from the trap door closer, i agree with others that we should reserve judgement until the end of the season & let him finish the job. Whatever our position in the table i don’t think LC will be here next season anyway as we rebuild with hopefully new owners and some cash?. As for Zigic, every time i criticise the man he comes good with a goal so i will stick with my previous comments about him. KRO

  • Steve-0 says:

    Great weekend of football. Blues get a valuable win and both Wolves and Villa affirmed in the bottom 3. Although something tells me Villa will get the points they need, Wolves on the other hand are the only club down there that just can’t win a game. I would chuckle all Summer if they went down and some, not to mention the season ahead.

    Shame about the flat Cup Final, but other than that a very good weekend of results.

    • Bluenosesol says:

      Steve, agree that the Cup Final was not the most glamorous, but great thing is that teams like Swansea and Blues have been able to ensure that the multi million, prawn sandwich and champagne clubs dont always get their own way. Give me a Swansea Bradford final to a Chelsea Man U any day!!!

  • Tony says:

    Actually I think Mcleish was one of the better managers we have had, he won us a cup the only worthwhile thing we have ever won, he also assembled the best squad we have had in god knows how long.

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