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Missed Chances: Blackpool Match Reflections

Here are my reflections on the game between Blues and Blackpool at St Andrews:

Two Points Dropped

Three minutes to go, a sweeping move sees Blues charge forwards and you can feel the momentum building; there is something about this that screams goal. Burke wriggles his way to the byeline, cuts the ball back and there is Wade Elliott, six yards out, all alone and all he has to do is to tuck it into the corner of the net to win the game. Except he doesn’t – the ball bobbles, and he shanks it fifty feet into the air and into the Tilton.

To blame Wade for the points not being won would be harsh; Blues should have had this game put to bed a long time before his moment of infamy. Peter Lovenkrands hit the inside of the post; Nikola Zigic saw one blazed over and a cross inches away from a touch that would have meant a certain goal. For short periods Blues looked good – as good as I’ve seen them for a while but the killer touch wasn’t there and we just can’t keep teams out to grind out games – and that, more than anything is what is keeping us in danger of going down. Blues have won one in eight home league games since the start of December and it’s just not good enough.

All that being said, I think it would be wrong to blame Lee Clark for this result – the team was about as good as it could be with injuries the way that they are and whilst I didn’t agree with bringing on Elliott in front of Ferguson I could see the methodology why – trying to ensure that there was a proper presence in front of an out of position player at full back. Likewise, I’d have taken off Zigic rather than Lovenkrands but again I can see that Clark was trying to maintain an aerial threat.

Mitch Hancox

However, there were bright spots. Young Mitchell Hancox is rising in stature and again today, he was pretty damned good against a player that I personally consider to be one of the better wingers in this division. He started the game off with a tackle to block a one on one breakaway that was inch perfect – had it not have been it would have been almost certainly a red card – and from then on, he was really, really good. It’s a shame he had to come off with a knock because I think he’s progressing to being a proper first team player now and it’s my hope he’s rewarded with a longer contract come the end of the season.

Shane Ferguson

This was my first chance to take a look at our new loanee and I will have to say I was impressed. He might look about twelve years old but he can certainly run, he can cross and he can tackle. He’s not got the absolute zip and spark that Hall had but he’s a more complete wideman in that he can track back and he can win the ball. I thought with an attacking full back behind him in Hancox he gave a bit of balance and cover and allowed Hancox a bit more reign to overlap and get forward as he likes to.

Callum Reilly

I don’t quite know if I agree with him being man of the match but like Hancox, Reilly is growing in stature. Twice I saw him sell Blackpool players complete dummies with a neat body swerve as he pushed forwards; he tried to intercept and win the ball in midfield and offered as much support as he could in attacks. He’s still very much a raw player but like Hancox there is a chance he could build himself a little niche in the team as the energetic terrier beside someone with a bit of nous and skill like Keith Fahey.

Whilst the result wasn’t as pleasing as it could be, I’m not as disheartened as some. I can see in the team some signs of fight and there is a little bit of quality in there; what needs to happen is that Blues need to be a bit more clinical in front of goal and to grind out results to ensure their survival in this division. With ten games left we remain only five points clear (having played one more game) and I think we need to try to get points at the weekend against another midtable side in Derby County. I think they can do it… it’s whether the players have enough belief in themselves that they can.

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100 Responses to “Missed Chances: Blackpool Match Reflections”

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Pleasing we actually created chances. I don’t think Blackppol were anywhere near decent but we managed to open them up and that is something we’ve struggled to do this season.

    The performance was much better and really committed. However the finishing, as you saw, was awful. Ziggy was guilty in both halves (especially the second half effort) and the less said about Wade’s effort the better.

    I agree with LC, Blues definitely deserved the win. Tonight was encouraging and that performance should breed confidence for a game was can and should win on Saturday.

    Agreed on MOM…that surprised me. I would have gone for Burke – another really strong performance ( especially second half – from where I was sitting he tore their full back to shreds to e and time again)

  • RichardM says:

    Agree with these comments, a fair reflection on tonight’s game – I thought Hancox and Reilly were the shining stars and Blues deserved to win this game, with a battlnig tenacious performance. That moment in the first half when Shane Ferguson starting from a yard behind the Blackpool midfielder, managed to track him back into the penalty area and rob him of the ball was sheer class, as was another Butland recovery save to get up off the floor and push a goal bound shot round the post with one hand.

    Apologies to those on here that support Lee Clark, but I thought tonight gave a classic example of why he hasn’t got it as a manager – I’m referring to the substituion on 72 minutes. Game tied at 1-1, I can hear people in the Kop saying “Do something Clark”. So what does he do? Number board goes up for Lovenkrands, everyone expecting him to bring on Redmond (which would have been the right substitution given his pace and ability to run at the Blackpool back four. No, to audible gasps, he brings on Wes Thomas! Frankly, Lovenkrands is three times the striker Thomas is, we gained absolutely nothing apart from Thoams charging round like a headless chicken – POOR.

  • Aussiebrum says:

    Thomas was bought on for his pace and Lovenkrands was definately tiring.

    Blackpool had gained the momentum and Silvester was slaughtering us in the middle, this move really worked well and changed the balance of the game (only we failed to convert some easy chances).

    I suggest that whatever LC does some of you will slaughter him. Tonight LC really got the team selection and the substitutions as right as he could.

    • RichardM says:

      AussieBrum – you weren’t watching the same match as me then if you think Clarke’s substitutions made a difference. How did Thomas negate the effect of Silvestre in the middle? If he was going to try and win the game (which he had to) and needed pace, why replace Lovenkrands with a striker who can’t even make the Bournemouth first 11. He had Redmond sitting on the bench, who could have slotted in behind Zigic.

      I repeat once more – POOR.

  • andy says:

    Blues played well enough but never took the chances and what a head in hands job with Elliott. As close as we are to the relegation trap door, we are only one win away from midtable. Its so tight right now you cant call it.

  • desertbootboy says:

    its starting to look like the last twice we have gone down,games are running out…the point gap is getting smaller,heres to getting that win or two we need.

  • RUPERT says:

    trouble is this reasonable performance will be followed up by a poor one! Watch us lose to Derby and them boro away is a hard fixture. The lack of ability to keep clean sheets is killing us.

  • sutton apex says:

    good performance overall – kids are breath of fresh air and midfield hard working. must take chances we will create against derby and get 3 pts
    bad crowd – we should always get 16000 plus – that might be the downfall of clark

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Three kids from the academy who started and all acquitted themselves well is such a joy to watch. Shame Nathan didn’t come on to make it 4 involved and if Packwood hadn’t broken his leg I’m sure he would have started too. There are at least some positives from this season as all five of thse players mentioned can hold their own in this division.

    • John says:

      Blues are playing poorly and Man Utd. V Real Madrid was on TV, I was suprised there were 13,000 their ! I hope Clark kicked Elliot hard,what a miss,all he had to do was sidefoot it. A sunday morning striker would have been told off (politely) for missing that chance.

  • ed77 says:

    We are are missing king already,the misses in this match and the also glaring misses in the sheff wed game u cud say thats 4 points dropped,i just hope between now and may we not talking ifs and maybes every game just hope lovenkrands starts scoring cuz hes the only natural goalscorer for me we have,zigic does put in a shift and frees up space for others etc but when faced with a chance infront of goal u cant rely on him taking it,derby home then palace n boro away and real chance of no points and bottom 3 b4 wolves,sorry for doom and gloom im usualy positive but hull and the blackpool goal av knocked me bigtime..massive game saturday now with them 2 tough away games after

    • bluenoseneil says:

      I wouldn’t worry excessively about the lack of King. Just look at how many points we have picked up this season in games where he hasn’t featured…and then you’ll relax a little.

      It’s a shame I grant you but not fundamental to our survival.

      Shutting teams out IS.

      Still think we’re not one of the 3 worst teams in this league and that’s why I am fairly relaxed still.


      • ed77 says:

        true bluenoseneil your right ive had time to think about it and with burke davies and others that can score,and reading positive posts bout hancox n reilly its not all bad is it,onwards and upwards and 3points sat….KRO

  • StevieW says:

    The air is now filled with an almost apologetic acceptance that we are what we are. I have not seen one post condemning LC or kicking Ziggy or any other player who has not played to the high expectations we all had.

    A realisation perhaps of what will be, will be.

    A point is a point and it maybe the one that keeps us up.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      A clinical finisher has definnitely been misse in the Sheff Wed & Blackpool games. Other than Wolves and Huddersfield last nights other results weren’t too bad and I suspect if we find our shooting boots and grind out a win against Derby the misses of those two other games will be forgotten.

  • blaneh says:

    Yeah agreed Al, was good too see Hancox and Reilly continue their promising development. Overall satisfied with the point but would of preferred the 3 that we would of deserved.

    I Thought Ferguson and Hancox gelled well down the left, but was quite dissapointed with Burke, thought he was well off the pace last night. Davies for me was MoM, thought he was immense at the back, however sometimes his distribution is nothing short of awful. Robbo did ok, but like Caldwell, anyone with a bit of pace is going to cause massive problems against him. Zig was unlucky tonight, an I think will come good on Saturday against Derby (I fancy him to get a brace). Lovenkrands I’m still not sure on, thought he should of squared it to Zigic when he hit the post (easy to say in hindsight but its what I thought at the time).

    Bit more optimistic than pessimistic now an hopefully we can get a few more down on Saturday and get that much needed win over the rams.

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    A fair match summary , & I also thought Caddis & Burke did well on the right side.

    Again a failure to keep a clean sheet has cost us 2 points , just hope we can despatch Derby , cleanly & efficently on Saturday , as the rest of March looks tough.

    We do not want another squeaky bum run in.

  • mark says:

    unfortunately it is about taking your chances, blues had enough in this game to finish off Blackpool twice over. i suppose it could be put down to bad luck, and a lot of what ifs (if Lovenkrands effort had gone in). Game itself from blues point of view was a step in the right direction, as a team we need to be more clinical. Because at some point in the game any player could have a chance, and they need to hit the net, goals change games. Really please players like Hancox and Reilly are still making progress. Hopefully Shane will be a lovely addition to our squad. Hopefully someone in this league is going to get hammering from us before the season out. kro In this league you need a goal scorer who will give you 25 goals……or whereby everyone in the team chips in.

  • Paul Carter The Voice Of Reason he says:

    Really enjoyed the game especially the second half.

    It once again underlined the fine margins we work to as 5 goals was easily achievable last night but it just didn’t happen and was so frustrating. Just wrong decisions, miscalculations cost us again and with a fair wind this season and a couple of decent refs, as we seem to get a bad one every week at the minute, we could easily be safe right now.

    Elliots miss was one of the worst I’ve seen for a long time, bobble or not he had all the time in the world on the ball and should have netted. Ziggys turn and shot an inch or two lower would have netted as would a simple tap in up the other end which looked right on his boot but am presuming was inches away. Lovenkrands deciding to go it alone and hit the post when he would have been better served puttting it into the box earlier, think Reilly hit the post as well. Couple of penalty shouts, yep we should have won this and Burke in the 2nd half worried the crap out of them.

    Anyone blaming Lee for the result is a moron as he picked the right team and at times we tore Blackpool up. Shame Hancox went off as he was fantastic all night and I think we may have seen Redmond had he stayed on. Agree with you Dan, great new signing by Lee in Ferguson, agree with you again about Reilly, those dummies were sublime completely throwing Blackpool and shows a player full of confidence right now to have an attempt at dummying them cos we all know you look a proper tw*t when they don’t come off.

    As I’ve said all along just below half way is where I think we’ll finish cos sometimes the luck goes our way and the chances go in. Derby got a good result last night so it wont be easy Saturday and I have to mention the crowd. Absolutely pitiful.

    • almajir says:

      The crowd was that low even Scarf Lady stayed at home.

      • Paul Carter The Voice Of Reason he says:

        We were there though Dan eh? Keeping the club going.

        • Ali Duncan says:

          I also think the build up was a lot more patient and considered and we looked more comfortable on the ball than in previous games. Ball retention dramatically improved last night.

          I thought he had a good game at Huddersfield but aside from that Gomis hasn’t played well and although he does the dirty work well I find the link up play too scratchy. Last night we were a lot more fluid and I think a lot of that comes down to Spector in the middle of the park holding the ball up and driving us on. I was very impressed with him and Reilly together.

        • Our support is f***kin sh*t!! says:

          An absolute embarrassment, that attandance last night. Disgraceful! We deserve the all the chants that come our way, the stick we get on numerous forums/wesites. Fickle rubbish support thats the laughing stock of the Midlands.

          Too right we were there, keeping the Club going so the big game, part-time supporters can enjoy the good times if and when they ever return.
          Sir Harry1875

          • Paul Carter The Voice Of Reason he says:

            Couldn’t agree more mate. Man U playing Real Madrid? And? Relevance to a Blues fan is?

            Meanwhile over at filth park, same city, humiliated by a 4th division side and it’s live on TV – 33,217

    • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

      didn’t see your opinion on the Hull result??? Before you start I was there last night and I must admit I agree with RichardM so we are morons!!!! Really do think before you write things. Wes Thomas isn’t as good as Jake Jervis, so we have two fit forwards and a headless chicken.

      Agree with the comments about Mitch, what a player he is going to be and Callum has that something about him.

      Not sure if you bought your ego a ticket last night, if not why not….

      By the way Art, I live in Penkridge.

      • Art Watson says:

        I’m at a complete loss to understand how anyone can call a fellow supporter a moron just because he /she have a different opinion.

        Speaks volumes about the mentality of the poster.

      • Paul Carter The Voice Of Reason he says:

        No way were you there

        Your constant running down of my club make me think you were more likely at a match the night before.

        • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

          If you read previous comments from me about YOUR club is I want LC to be a success because as a settled management stucture should stablise the club, but he shows he can’t manage time and time again. His back room staff and he picked them don’t seem to be helping him, no2’s are his thinking board… You only have to look at what happened with us under Bruce, lost Bowen we went down, Aitken leave’s and we start playing even more rubbish football with Grant as the no2 under Big Eck. Paul you make some really good comments but nobody listen’s to you because if people don’t agree with you you either call them morons or Vile supporters. If you are trying to be like Adrian Durham on talksport your a poor subsitute. I was at the game Tuesday sat on my own almost in the Railway End/Gil Merrick and if you think Thomas was the right substition instead of Redmond then that is yor opinion, mine is different. Won’t be able to comment on the Derby game as I’m working and can’t go so unless you are willing to pay for me to lose a days pay I won’t be going.

  • psmith says:

    the most positive comments for a long time. it is now up to the team to build on this performance

  • tamuffblue says:

    it is all about results from now on irrespective of performance and if you look at the table I reckon one of the 4 teams imediatley above Blues will go down and two below us – so there will be hell of a finish KRO – SOTV

  • James says:

    Good performance but an absolute shocker at the end from Wade!

    We will be ok this season; performances against the teams around us are what counts – the likes of Watford/Hull are miles better than us and we have to accept this.

    3 points against Derby on Saturday and we’ll be ok


  • Glynn says:

    Anybody who thinks Wes “John” Thomas or Dick for short should come on the pitch before Nathan Redmond is deluded. The only contribution he made was to kick a Blackpool player! He is a modern day Dean Peer and as a striker I would prefer Trevor “The Headband” Aylott.

    To say I think the bloke as a PLAYER is a joke, is an understatement.

    Many Thanks

    Mr Angry

  • dave mann says:

    i was there with my wife and son as usual die hard fans ,
    but those who stayed at home to watch man.u. should look at themselves.
    we need all the support we can get. we are in trouble iff we cant
    take our chances like last night. kro.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    To be honest I really felt entertained last night. Some cracking prospects in those kids. No one has mentioned Caddis who I thought had a good game. The kids at times ran Blackpool ragged. A real shame, leading up to the corner that led to their goal, Jack left the ball to run out as he judged that it was a goal kick, he could have stopped it. A bit disappointed that we didnt give the team a rousing send off at the end, some even booed, the mind boggles! Roll On Saturday as we are going to beat Derby and get a draw at struggling Boro! KRO

  • dave mann says:

    those who booed should have stayed at home and watched man. u. DISGRACEFULL.

  • Alex T says:

    Im sorry guys, but I must have been watching a different match to you lot.

    I walked away from that match thinking that was the worst game i have ever seen….. but then I remembered Barnsley!

    The problem for me, was that Blackpool are the worst side I have seen at St. Andrews for a long time and we couldn’t even keep a clean sheet against them – they hadn’t scored in the previous 4 games and you could see why…. but yet they still managed it.

    To me, the players didnt know where to position themselve when we had the ball (thus offering no support and the ball got hoofed up field) and too often, when Blackpool had the ball we just backed off… and if we did put a tackle in, it looked more like someone tentatively sticking a toe in a cold pool to check the temperature!! Get into em FFS!!

    Maybe im being too harsh, but I cant help but think even an average team should be battering teams like Blackpool at home (considering BP’s current form), but we dont…..

    AND ANOTHER THING…. What does Nathan Redmond have to do to get a game under this muppet of a manager?? Every time he has come on in his last few games he has changed the game… Poor lad must be wondering what he has done wrong…

    • Ali Duncan says:

      All about opinions of course but I can’t share yours I’m Alex. I thought that was some of the best link up play on both flanks and in the middle I’ve seen this season. Caddis and Burke were both excellent and the left side actually looked balanced for the first time this season (sorry, I just don’t rate Hall when he has played out wide)

      Agreed about your comments regarding Nathan and about Thomas from others.

      For me Bristol City are the worst team I’ve seen this season closely followed by Peterboro and then Blackpool.

      • RichardM says:

        Funnily enough, I thought Blackpool looked a good team for the first 20 mins or so – they certainly had the better chances, but then they faded out of the game – maybe that was down to Hancox and Ferguson doing a “job” on Ince?

        Crowd was piss poor last night – at least the fela watching the Man Ure game had the decency to show up and pay his money!

        What was nice was to hear some noise from the Blues fans – especially that first 20 mins or so in the second half when we should have got 1 or 2 more goals – I think even with 13K inside the ground, it’s sometimes up to the players to push forward and attack to generate a bit of excitement in the crowd….

    • Glynn says:

      I am with you Alex T.

      I thought it was a shocking game. I was so bored I was counting the Blackpool fans. Yes we attacked for the last few mins of the game and had a few chances inbetween BUT overall it was only end to end because the goalkeepers were playing pass to each other. It was like watching a McLeish game. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Paul Carter The Voice Of Reason he says:

    Football ain’t like that Alex

    Liverpool should have beat Oldham, filth and Arsenal should have beat Bradford


  • Marky mark says:

    Gutted to be honest, the team deserved the three points, im not going as far as to say we battered them but come on the lads deserve some credit, on another night it could have been 3 -0.easily

    Still some people cannot resist finding fault with the Manager and his subs or tactics, dont think he did a lot wrong last night, so many experts after the event got an opinion. Hindsight is great.

    Same again against Derby now and a bit more luck needed or better finishing in front of goal, 3 points would be massive this weekend.

  • dave mann says:

    by our league position and quality of players we have no right to be battering teams
    like blackpool who dont forget knocked out a better positioned blues side in the playoffs!

    • Alex T says:

      A Blackpool team of last year, or even the one at the start of the season, then yes! We would not expect to batter them….

      But the current Blackpool team is, IMO the worst team in the division…. so, (again, IMO) we SHOULD be battering them

      • marky mark says:

        Sorry Alex but you are deluded.

        Your making allowances and excuses for Blackpool not being as good as last season. but not making any for Blues, that’s fair ! Where have you been all season cloud cuckoo land.

        Give me one good reason why we should be any better than them currently

        • Alex T says:

          i’ll give you 3…..

          1.) They have not scored in their 4 last games – but they score against us
          2.) They have the 3rd worst form in the division, slightly better than Wolves and Millwall (where their last 2 wins came from)
          3.) We had home advantage!! It should still stand for something.

          If we have sunk so low that it is acceptable to play like we did against a team that poor, and not have a right complain about it, then lets all just bend over and prepare to get shafted good and hard!

          • marky mark says:

            Stats Stats Stats

            Played 40 games just 6 clean sheets
            1 win in the last 6 games

            I could go on and on.

            Anyone who was at the game (were you?) will agree

            We played well

            We were the better team
            We should have won

            Even there Manager said we should have won !

            You don’t always get what you deserve in football ask the Man U fans

  • dave mann says:

    but IMO this blues team his also not as good as last season, we are only slightly better than them
    but then we are below them in the league arent we?

  • Parchy99 says:


    going off the point slightly (well a lot), is there any news on how Keith Fahey has come through his development game?

    I totally agreed with your point of him offering something a little different in the middle and last night I think someone a little calmer and more experienced would have served us well last night.


  • Chris Smith says:

    Was at college last night, my Dad said they missed a hat full of chances though. He also confirmed a collective cock up for the equaliser, though he said Butland could have done more, which isn’t unusual for him.

    He said they ran rings around Blackpool though which means a lot.

  • Alex T says:

    Marky Mark,

    Well, you asked me for a reason, and I gave 3, but fair enough, you dont like stats… although I think its a bit of an insult to ask if I went to the game….. I think its plain to see that I did!! I did say I must have watched a different game – which shows I know im in the minority, but IT IS my opinion.

    I havent got as problem if you think we played well… my position is that a team with the 3rd worst form in the division may have made us look better than we were.

    I havent seen us play this badly on a consistent basis since the days of John Bond, but this is worse because back then I didnt know any better.

  • mark says:

    Did hull not get hammering……lol

  • Tony says:

    Worrying thing is Im convinced we will lose to Wolves, they are showing signs of picking up form now

  • marky mark says:

    Fair play you were there, your entitled to you opinion.

    Think you’re being harsh on the team after a decent effort that’s all, Blackpool were never gonna lie down and roll over they need the points as much as us, I agree watching blues has been hard work this season, let’s hope for 3 points Saturday and get this season over with.

    As for John Bond, I thought he tried to get us playing football but the players just weren’t good enough.

  • mark says:

    please put things again in to perspective wolves, Blackburn, Bolton not one of these is are either in the playoff’s or looking to go straight up. As Paul (YOR) commented earlier for blues to achieve below mid table would not be a unreasonable return for blues. Taking in to consideration everything that has gone on this season. And before you all start this probably one season we probably all like to see the back off, every thing that can go wrong has gone wrong, but there are green shoots appearing ( young lads doing incredibly well under the circumstances. But we keep our chin up sing our heart out for the lads, Derby will bring a good following probably in excess of 3,000 on Saturday fill the ground hopefully it be great atmosphere. Hopefully the chances what were not taken against Blackpool will be against Derby and bit of lady luck. Must continue to move forward proactively…..as fans, and as a team….

  • The Flying Pig says:

    I’m in partial agreement with Alex T’s view of the game . I thought both sides were abysmal in the first half – it was as poor a game as I’ve seen this season [including Barnsley, because I thought they played some great stuff against us].
    I commented previously that our ball retention is lousy and the first half underlined that point for me. Burke was poor first half but came into it as the game wore on.
    Blackpool, on that showing, are a poor side and we dropped two points last night.
    Positives for me were an excellent performance from Hancox and Caddis and Davies [if only that guy could pass a ball],did well too, but my MOM was Robbo. I accept he will be caught for pace but his positional play was good and i’m sure his nous was a great example to Mitch.

    Redmond surely has to get his chance ahead of Thomas – i’m not sure why LC doesn’t give him another chance playing off the front man [he’s got no chance at LM it seems]

  • dcp says:

    what summed up the feeling amongst 99.9% of the fans was at half time when the guy doing chip and win was asked if he wanted to gamble to win a season ticket for next season and the crowd responded with a resounding “NOOOOOO!” – i know it’s jovial and tongue in cheek but it also sums up where the majority of fans are at, without a new manager next season the crowds will be worse than last night on a regular basis

    • Ali Duncan says:

      I was thinking the same DCP. It was like a ghost stadium walking in at 19.40. I won’t attack people or bang on about Surrey Utd v Real Madrid but it is very clear that we’re a club in decline and I fear that we could become another Coventry playing in a well under half full stadium, broke and with no managerial stability over any sustained period of time. I’ve said it on here before – I believe that whatever happens with this seasons outcome the club must look at a radical ticket pricing solution to bring back the missing thousands. I firmly back the Bradford and or Hartlepool model. It is depressing being in a deserted stadium and high gates clearly mean more revenue in other areas for the club other than ticketing. Much of peoples buy-in will sadly (and arguably rightly) only come when we have new owners and or a new manager at the helm.


    • Blueboy 88 says:

      Thats always been one of the great joys of being a Blue , the Gallows Humour..

      Sadly though you can now smell, touch & taste the decline, decay & rot within the club & stadium.
      If that was the grand plan of Yeung & Pannu , then congratulations you have both been very very very succesful.


      • Paul Carter The Voice Of Reason he says:

        And ably helped along by you and your cronies constant anti Blues internet activity

        • Blueboy88 says:

          Oh the Irony…

          Nobody but nobody has launched more constant & regular attacks on fellow Blues fans than you.
          Good people offering their opinion , & voicing their fears & concerns about the future path our great club is currently embarked on…

          Who’s Anti Blues VOR ?

          • marky mark says:

            Unfair, Paul supports the team,Manager and club through thick and thin, he takes offence at so called fans who don’t go the games but are intent on creating negative vibes and posting utter nonsense based on a hatred of LC, some of which are clearly vilers.

            At least his posts are interesting

          • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

            good point, my opinions don’t count though because I’m a MORON……….

  • Paulo says:

    I wasn’t overly dissapointed last night at the final whistle, and I’m not dissapointed now either. It was a harsh result, but it was a realistic one. I was impressed with the performance of the team, as they played like a team and worked hard. To me, it shows that we could have had the game in the bag early on, but it’s the finishing that let us down ..and that’s no one’s fault, it’s just something that sets many of our players apart from those who have already stamped their mark in the top of the table. Blackpool were by no means poor, and we were lucky (at times) to not concede until they belted in that corner. They also took the momentum off us for a while and that didn’t help, and they looked like a side with potential right now, and Paul Ince definately looked focused enough to show his side can do damage.
    I think on comparison to Hull, it was a relief to see some organisation in our playing yet also not have such high expectations of what we should achieve. If we were meant to win, we would have, so that shows where another area of weakness is. We have been so eratic this season, that to expect to finish within the table is only fair ..how we do it is another matter.
    I never thought I would say this, but it is getting increasingly difficult to have a go at LC lately, when our team is simply on form or just isn’t. I just can’t see how it can be his fault if the guys on the pitch are giving everything but can not find the goal and finish. That is something only the players can do. Of course, he has everything else on his shoulders, and I don’t know how he is coping with it all, but really ..if new owners / new investment backed him, I do think the players would respond. It’s such a vicious circle that its almost too easy to forget that the one’s who caused this mess in the first place, are not here and don’t have to face the fans. Let’s keep positive and keep an open mind (maybe?)

  • andy says:

    I thought we played quite well at times last night and definitely deserved the win on another day those chances go in and its a comfortable 3 points,we just dont seem to be getting that little bit of luck this season although im not saying thats the whole reason for where we are but hopefully things will balance out and we might get the rub of the green to help us get the results we need
    I just want us to reach safety as soon as possible and then enjoy the filth’s unsuccessful relegation battle

  • dave mann says:

    i aree wth paulo saying that you dont no what blues side is going to turn up.
    it cant always be lee clarks fault cause he seems to get well worked up and passionet.

    i went to peterboro and hull and it was 2 totally diffrent performances with very simmilar
    line ups so the players have got to get more concistence though he can only pick whats
    available and our squad is not the strongest to be honest though i did expect us to be
    higher up the league. kro.

  • Dan B says:

    Got to confess that whilst Lee Clark’s really got me ‘off-side’ @ the current time I was surprisingly impressed with his starting XI last night.
    A lot of people have said @ various times during the season that Clarky doesn’t tell the players to make a bad bass or to miss a chance & this was clearly in evidence last night, granted we’ve been nowhere near as fluent or entertaining as we was last season but we created 3 golden goal scoring opportunities last night, the fault for these misses can only sit with Ziggy (twice) & Elliott’s one @ the end of the game, I honestly think these 3chances was our best of the game, the goal was a tougher chance (going through a crowded penalty area is never easy and always risky) and Shabba was particularly unlucky in the 1st half (seeing the ball dribble just wide from the Gil Merrick was tough to take) and then his shot onto the post in the 2nd half.
    Last night’s draw was not all Lee Clark’s fault, granted it would’ve been good to see a Redmond or a Morrison come on but again this wouldn’t have guaranteed any Blues player actually managing to convert a chance.
    Clarky’s biggest test for me now is to find a loan striker to replace the loss of King as if this doesn’t happen I can see the remainder of the season following an annoying pattern of missed opportunities costing us matches and vital points in the end of season run in.

  • Ernie says:

    All these people saying Clark’s subs were wrong and he was outfoxed by Ince – what rubbish.
    We could have been 2 or 3 up before they scored and Elliott missed a sitter.
    Thomas introduction was necessary we needed pace and presence to go in behind as Lovenkrands had gone.
    People seem to want to blame Clark for everything without actually looking at what is going on and how players perform. Caddis and Burke were excellent a real danger and Ferguson looked decent.
    Without King we do not have our best finisher and credit Clark for bringing on our youngsters and putting faith in them.
    Wolves picking up form? the first win in 12 games?! why are people so negative and unable to see the root cause of where we are – our great owners who don’t even come to games

    • marky mark says:

      Well said Ernie

      All experts on here

    • RichardM says:

      The point I’m making Ernie is that at 1-1 the game was there to be won. Of course there are no guarnatees, and you’re right an injection of pace was needed , But who would you have put on – Redmond or Thomas? That’s the point, Thomas clearly hasn’t got it, like I said, there were audible gasps of disbelief when Wes Thomas name was called out – which makes me think I’m not the only one questioning his judgement on that one.

  • sheldonman says:

    LC’s prematch comments about playing with pace and going for the jugular proved to be 45 minutes late. The first 43 minutes were awful with misplaced passes and little excitement. After the goal and after the break, they had a good spell and you just knew that Blackpool would score after we hit the post. As for pace, I don’t think Reilly and Spector are ready to challenge Usain Bolt, although Redmond and Morrison would give someone a run for their money. I have some sympathy with Clark as he has lost 2 good full backs and Caldwell has gone a season too far, but there still does not seem to be any real shape about the team and they are not easy on the eye. As for man of the match I think Davies had a really solid game.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Accuracy. Accurate passing, and accurate shooting. It’s been abysmal this season, and it’s getting worse. Concentrating on basics of ball control and passing could do wonders for us.

  • trueblue says:

    Davies MoM. Should only play one of Reilly and Spector particularly at home. Why not use the flair of Morrison instead of Spector? Redmond should also have come on rather than Thomas.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    The only blame you could really attribute to LC last night was to bring on the awful Wes Thomas

  • Tony says:

    Ayyyyyy we are all Doomed I say Dooooooomed

  • Tonytiler says:

    Wes Thomas. Didn’t know much about him to be fair. And what I have seen of him in my opinion is he puts himself about and as a bit of pace. I saw him turn the Watford defence and put the ball over the bar. I saw him have a 1 on 1 on his debut and blast it over the bar. I also saw his free header against peterboro. On saying this I don’t think I have enough letters on the e- mail on how many chances ziggy as missed in the last half a dozen games. And he isn’t getting half as much stick. Clark swapped striker for striker. In my opinion clarks mistake was to replace hancox with Elliot. This guy brings no attacking threat to the team he just gets the ball and spins round in circles with it. I’m not going to bemoan the sitter he missed as throughout the season there as been more than 1 culprit. But surely at home the Blackpool defence were tiring we should have bought a bit of pace on to grab the pts.

  • mark says:

    sorry that last comment is simply untrue, the best help supporters can give the club is to get behind the team…………kro

  • mark says:

    my last comment was directed at Tony March 6th comments……….

  • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

    Well said, however Marky, bloke from Spain and Paul won’t agree and as its THEIR club our opinions count for nothing………

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