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Wounded Rams in for the Slaughter? Derby Preview

Blues play their second home match in five days with Nigel Clough’s injury hit Derby County side visiting St Andrews today. Blues will be looking for revenge for the 3-2 defeat earlier this season at Pride Park whilst Clough will be looking for points to keep Derby out of the relegation scrap that is slowly forming.

Derby County

Derby lie in 12th place in the Championship, yet only two points separate them from Blues who lie six places lower. The Rams come into the game in a wretched run of form having not won in seven games and only taken three points from their last eighteen possible. Only Middlesbrough (11) and Bristol City (12) have lost more away games than Derby this season in the league.

Nigel Clough has some major injury issues, with eight players having missed the trip to Cardiff City in the week. Jamie Ward is closer to regaining his place but is expected to be out, along with Will Hughes, James O’Connor, Kieron Freeman and Mark O’Brien. John Brayford could be out for a while with a hamstring injury and Derby are hoping that Craig Bryson will be able to return for this game.


After a frustrating draw against Blackpool Blues will be looking to get points against Derby County to try to haul themselves from the relegation mixer. Blues will however be without Mitch Hancox as the young left back has tweaked his hamstring and will miss the remainder of March whilst Steven Caldwell will hopefully return from illness. With injuries still pervasive in defence Clark has the choice of not putting any cover on the bench at all for defensive positions or handing a first team call up to Jack Deaman, Emmitt Delfouneso, James Fry or even rookie full back Amari’i Bell.

Keith Fahey rejoins the squad after injury and I suspect will be on the bench as Callum Reilly and Jonathan Spector will continue in the middle. Should Caldwell be fit I think Shane Ferguson will continue wide left meaning Nathan Redmond will continue to sit on the bench.

This is an important game for Blues and one I honestly think that they can win. There were promising signs on Tuesday night and with a bit more clinical instinct in the box we will get goals – however it’s all down to how the defence lines up with Blues having possibly just three fit out-and-out senior defenders. Interestingly, despite their injuries this Derby blog thinks they will win the game – let’s hope he’s wrong.

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43 Responses to “Wounded Rams in for the Slaughter? Derby Preview”

  • Billy Stone says:

    Better brace yourseves for another ‘frustrating draw’ or an even more frustrating defeat, I’m afraid. Even with 8 men injured we’ll be too good for you………….

  • RUPERT says:

    You havent been “too good” for many with your long ball game this season have you?

  • DesertRam says:

    We dont use a long ball game, and you may be in for a shock!! 4 – 0 Rams

  • sutton apex says:

    must win game – when you play 2 teams in the bottom half of the table you must take 4 points at this stage of the season. However the full back injury jinx has hit again – must admit clark has had appalling luck this season. Play 4 4 2 at home and attack – redmond must start today !!

  • tony says:

    Without King only Burke looks like he can score goals.Whenever zigzag or lovencrap has the ball you expect them to miss the target let alone make the keeper work.I’m hoping for 3 points but after the toothless display on tuesday and a leaky defence a draw sounds more realistic.

  • Art Watson says:

    I’ve got a good feeling about this game.

    Don’t ask me why because I’m not a Clark fan.

    2-1 to the Blues.

    Fingers crossed.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    ….”whilst Steven Caldwell will hopefully return from illness”

    Sorry but I don’t share your enthusiasm for seeing him back in the squad for the remainder of this season, Dan.

    I know we are injury riddled but we’d be better off blooding Deaman or going out for a loanee than letting HMS Caldwell near our back line again this season.

    Overall he’s not good enough any more and Davies is noticeably carrying him. He’s League 1 standard at best now and that’s where we are headed if Clark persists with picking him, even IF other options are thin on the ground.

    2-0 if Caldwell doesn’t play.

    1-3 if he does.

    Let us hope he doesn’t or I am wrong! KRO

  • Tom says:

    What’s happened to Redmond this season is Shane Ferguson better than him?

  • Evesham blue says:

    I have a feeling it will be another frustrating day. However, On paper we should be dispatching teams like Derby( with their away form and injury problems) at home.

    The full back jinx could unhinge us again. As long as we stay solid and stay patient we should be able to scrape a win. A day when it is imperative that we don’t concede early on

  • chudlt says:

    Another 6 pointer. We had better get used to them.

  • Poppa999 says:

    Easy win. If we had taken all our chances the other night we could have had 4-5 goals.
    C’mon Blues!

  • chris says:

    £30 for the Tilton vs another average team, Pannu’s having laugh.
    Pricing fans out of the 5 home cup finals to come isn’t going to help us stay up.
    I don’t want £15 tickets and the club sell itself short, but at the same time £30 is way too much to watch bottom half teams.

  • Martin says:

    Hard one to call today, big Zig always works hard but needs to keep his head up if he makes a mistake and Lovenkrands needs to work harder for me, if these two play well I think we could out score Derby therefor my prediction is 7-6 blues.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Made a prediction last time against Hull and got it ever so wrong.

    But we should not and cannot be losing to the likes of Derby at home.

    Aiming for a clean sheet from the defenders – regardless of injuries, clinical finishing from strikers and creativity from across the midfield.

    Got to play with confidence and as a cohesive unit.

    Am glad that LC appears to be planning ahead with signing Shinnie. Might not be the “big” name type of player to excite, but being young, hungry, British with a desire to develop and succeed, is a solid combination. Question is, who’s days are numbered up-front?? Might be that Rooney ain’t gonna be returning regardless of whether we sign Caddis – which I hope we do.

    Will take a punt again and say 2-0 to the mighty Blues.

  • Blue in Spain says:

    It’s a good job Clark has a bit more faith in Thomas than some of the people on here. I am disgusted by our so called fans that no longer give anyone time to settle in! Well done Wes Thomas!!

    • marky mark says:

      Yeah, like the blog owner !

      Well done Wes just what we needed to the pub we go

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        To be honest almajir was simply giving air to his thoughts and cannot be held responsible for players having good/bad games. He has stuck-up for some of our players this season when their form has been patchy, only for them to go and carry on playing unconvincingly. He has about as much influence and bearing on the result as any one of us do.

        I am sure he is chuffed as much if not more, than the rest of us about the result.

        It is not about any individual – only BCFC.

  • mark says:

    hopefully more humble pie to eat chaps lol. WES the donkey yeah right 2 goals today he only now 4 behind Zigic now… worst player seen at st Andrew’s…….. Clark got no tactics,does not know what he doing, everyone still expert sitting petty at number 14th singing the blues….. oh happy days……..Inclarkwetrust……… kro get in there 3-1 more

  • mark says:

    sorry could not contain myself must have lost my voice could n’t AGREE more BIS with your comments. Some people like to kick people down makes them feel good………..

  • Evesham blue says:

    The blog guy slagged Thomas and he has played how many games? Massive result which should surely help us relax now. Shame bout the vile tho

  • Tony says:

    Hold on, Hold on ,Almajir gave his opinion on Thomas, as I did I thought he was a donkey, ok so he scored two today, lets see how many he scores the rest of season. First half we were rubbish as we were first 15 mins second half.
    One swallow does not make a summer, Clark is throwing the kitchen sink at it now trying everything obviously, stands to reason one of his desperation tactics will come off, does not make him a good manager, or even a half decent one.
    Still want him on his Bike in summer peddling north east.

  • Tony says:

    Marky Mark if you dont like what the blog owner writes then dont read it. Tell me another site that covers blues news as well as this one does, we would never know anything about whats happening in Hong Kong if not for this site and the dilligence shown by Almajir.

    • marky mark says:


      1) I need to read it to decide if I like it or not ??

      2) I never said I didn’t like what he said, I was pointing out that one of the fans that had criticized and all but written Thomas off was the man who writes the blog

      3). I couldn’t agree more, I doubt there is a better blog for any club, and appreciate every effort Almajir makes as much as anyone else

      4) If Almajir has a issue with me he would say so, I’m sure he doesn’t need you to protect him

      5) Why don’t you stick to what you do best Tony, knocking the blues at every chance you get

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Would love to hear comments from those who booed the team off at half time and then booed when Thomas was announced as coming on. To be honest I was not dleighted when I heard his name, just shows you! By the way what a fantastic run by Shane Ferguson!! I was peeved at the final whistle because having hit the bar, I backed us to win 4-1 at 50 to 1……KRO

  • skareggae72 says:

    Did seem a bit harsh the singling out/criticism of Wes,give him a bit of time & he may become the next Thierry Henry.

    • mark says:

      now,now, just well done would be nice I am sure he very modest person lol. people always look silly if they don’t get their facts right. Like all blue fans we hope he goes on to score more goals, maybe a sniff of the playoff you never know. I am really cuffed for him like Clark he has taken abuse from certain section of fans and rammed down their throats. keep going mate genuine supporters support you, always support blues shirt.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Wes Thomas did exactly what was expected of him today and for that he deserves full credit, and so does Nathan Redmond.

    Those goals could keep us up and that’s what they’re there for


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