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Accounts Analysis

Birmingham International Holdings have released three of their overdue sets of accounts to the Stock Exchange after a series of delays since October 2011.

Before I go any further, I must issue my normal disclaimer – I’m not trained in any way, shape or form in accountancy and thus when reading this one should take that into consideration. Furthermore, this article represents my opinion only; I am in no way a “spokesperson for the fans” nor would I want to be.

Prior to the accounts coming out, I thought that their release would be anti-climactic. It was my opinion that due to the nature of the delays, the changing of the auditors and the fact we’ve already seen the club accounts meant that the majority of the group accounts would already be known. This is Blues though, and Blues don’t do anticlimaxes.

Both sets of year end accounts have an auditor’s disclaimer of opinion on them. Whilst it doesn’t overly surprise me for the 2011 ones as the BCFC accounts also had a disclaimer of opinion it worries me that the auditors felt that they had to qualify the 2012 accounts in the same manner. Disclaimer of opinion means that the auditors don’t feel that they can properly say that the figures are right, that all information required may not have been received – essentially, warning people reading the accounts that the figures may not be accurate. The fact that the 2012 accounts have this disclaimer leads me to wonder if they were pushed out for the sake of it rather than to inform; as the club cannot be sold without the accounts being released the parent company had to release something.

One paragraph which is included in both the 2011 and 2012 accounts is the “events after the reporting period section”. This section records details that happen after the accounts end date which are important to the accounts, and are for the period of up to 12 months after the date of publication of accounts – hence the paragraph appears in the 2011 accounts as well as the 2012 ones.

Subsequent to the end of the reporting period, the football registrations of two players were contracted for sale during the winter transfer window in January 2013 and the said transfers are expected to completed in August 2013. The terms of the agreement are confidential between the two parties and are therefore not disclosed.

If you compare this statement from the BIHL board to the one put out by the club on February 2 then you can see that there is a conflict. Colin Tattum goes further on twitter to say that the club’s officials and players are unaware of any sales as disclosed by BIH happening either – something I can corroborate from my own contacts.

This leads us to one of two scenarios – either a) the club are wrong and Pannu is right, in that two players are going to go which means a secret deal has been done and everyone here in the UK has been kept out of the loop or b) the club are right and Pannu’s statement isn’t entirely if at all accurate. Neither outcome pleases. I’m of the belief that Mr Pannu will have to issue a formal statement to clarify this if the situation is to be rectified.

Another concern is that there is no mention within the accounts of how much BIH is paying it’s directors. Mr Pannu’s wages were a bone of contention with fans when the BCFC accounts were released and I was personally intrigued to see how much the accounts said the directors of the holding company were paid. Mr Pannu only became an executive director of BIHL in September 2012, which is after the reporting period yet the announcement confirming his appointment spoke of a consultancy agreement and I thought these accounts might have given us some idea as to what that was.

However, in the liabilities section it does detail that there are current liabilities of HKD5.198mil (approx £444,000) owing to Directors  – this pertains to money owed to Vico Hui prior to his departure as CEO and executive director. There are also non-current liabilities of HKD179.819mil (approx £15.36mil) owing which says to me that the company has been dependent on loans to help keep it going – whether this is money owed to Carson or to former director Yang Yuezhou (who made two large loans to the company in August 2011) isn’t made clear.

The auditors have also disclaimed their opinion as they cannot say for sure if BIHL is a going concern. The statement reading

The consolidated financial statements do not include any adjustments that would result from the unavailability of future funding. We consider that appropriate disclosures have been made. However, the uncertainty surrounding the outcome of future funding available raises significant doubt about the Group’s ability to continue as a going concern.

says to me that the auditors are concerned that there is no plan B available if the company cannot raise finances as intended – ie via selling players in the transfer window. Essentially, it’s saying if Blues cannot raise the required money in the transfer market in the near future then they are heading off a financial cliff. It also raises the possibility that the paragraph discussed earlier with relation to the sales of players in August could have been put there merely to try to give shareholders a reason that the company isn’t insolvent – a very risk tactic indeed.

It seems plainer than ever that the club has to be sold in order for it to remain in business; a lack of investment in the summer could have some very bad consequences and I think that both Carson and Pannu need to realise that the end of the road is here – it’s time to take what can be got for the club before they are left with nothing.

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74 Responses to “Accounts Analysis”

  • John Schmitz says:

    Any idea who the players are

  • subrex says:

    maybe one of the players that could of been Zigic, would explain a lot if his training levels dropped and Clarke needing a scapegoat, or it could be me just being silly, I do however reckon that this summer will either be the making or breaking of us and the end of the season will be a breath of fresh air to fans alike, with one less thing to worry about.

  • Kaje says:

    Do you think they’ll have the business sense to see that, Almajir?

    I highly doubt they have any at all.

  • starwars says:

    How does anybody know who the players are when nobody has been told or knows anything about it at the club.As usual these accounts throw up more questions then answers.But the only thing we are certain is that we are deep in crap!

    • subrex says:

      I’m not being funny, but unless we all come up with enough money the only thing we can do is protest to people that will actually listen or keep supporting blues through a tough time. Things will get worse before they get better so we have to hope that we sell the club in time to actually field a championship sustaining side next season, I’m quite glad we are putting faith in talented youth because if we do unearth some decent gems from the side and manage to keep hold of them we can showcase them for a profit or at least build them into a squad which will get better over time, I think the problem with most of the fans now is that because all this media speculation has made a theoretical light at the end of the tunnel fans think it’s in touching distance and each time the light gets closer another story pushes it further away….it’s out of our hands all we can do is comment, protest, hope and wish

  • Dan B says:

    Whilst I think all Blues fans will agree with your closing sentiments that Mr Yeung & Mr Pannu need to cut their losses sooner rather than later I just wonder if it’s a case of their pride which is in part causing this delay??
    Before I go any further I will say that the press releases and general shambles that have been allowed to proceed over the past 2season @ BCFC have left a severely sour taste in my mouth and I pray for the day it is over and our club is in the hands of new owners. However, that being said I thought I’d try and look @ a different angle on why the club hasn’t been sold yet. Of course things like there are no buyers / the potential buyers aren’t matching the price requested by Mr Yeung & Mr Pannu are the most obvious ones but as mentioned in my opening statement I wonder if this lack of a sale is in part down to the Far East’s culture, mainly their apparant desire to be well respected and to not be seen to fail in any venture they undertake.
    The reason I say this is that the one thing I took from the Paladini versus Mr Pannu shambles was that Mr Pannu was clearly looking for respect and for any potential business to be conducted in a well being manor. For me Paladini broke this when we saw the back and forth announcements in the press, I do wonder if Mr Pannu really wanted to enter any comments on the Paladini deal and in fact his hand was forced when Paladini kept offering out articles for the media.
    Furthermore I mentioned the word pride and again mentioned Mr Pannu’s apparant willingness to be respected and pride could the same be said for Mr Yeung. Now whilst I’m not thrilled by the whole deal surrounding Mr Yeung and the negative impacts it’s had on the Blues one can only imagin how tough it must be for his name to be so badly dragged through the mud both in the Far East and here in the UK (remember that old school phrase of: ‘innocent until proven guilty’) and so it’s really no surprise that he has continually tried to delay the court case, tried to hold on to his rather swanky property and of course tried to hold onto BCFC, I’m sure if Mr Yeung was ever looking to sell BCFC it would never have been in this fashion and so I’m left wondering just what the final tipping point will be in this saga and at what stage even pride and honour will not be enough for Mr Yeung & Mr Pannu and I believe it’s not until this happens that they will look to sell the club.

  • bluenosed says:

    Chinese mentality is quite different from the western world. These guys are going nowhere fast.

  • Art Watson says:

    Interesting assessment but I’m sorry I have to disagree.

    I don’t believe for one moment that pride and honour are important to these two cowboys.We are where we are because of their business incompetence

    The only thing on their mind is to claw back some of their personal losses -at any expense.

    They are not to be trusted.

  • andy says:

    When u go back to the original takeover of the club aren’t these the facts? £80 million paid for the club, Carson stating live on sky sports that Alex McLeish had £40 million to spend in that particular January transfer window and a further £40 million the following summer? It makes u wonder where this money was going to come from considering everything hinged on borrowing.

  • AF says:

    My thoughts are that they would rather bring the club to its feet and sell all the assets, ground etc than lose more than half the purchase price. A reasonable price is that of the debt and they aint going to accept so we stumble on and in effect are totally in it. Hence more player sales, reducoing crowds and atmosphere and lower expectations. A bit like Cov??

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Almajir, Does the club have any outstanding UK corporation tax or VAT liabilities ?
    As failure to pay these in a timely fashion would expediate this financial decline.

    As for a Plan B – they do have one , sell St Andrews , it still remains their largest asset..

  • AF says:

    Let’s face the facts that around £20 million is the going price for the club which is also the debt owed to !BIHL and CY. As long as the club can keep selling young players it can reduce the debt over a 5 year period and the owners could then attempt to sell? So I think that unless an offer of around £40 million arrives unexpectedly we are in it for the next 5 years or so? .

  • Blackie says:

    Tattum seems to think something isn’t quite right that players have actually been sold. Either Pannu is not being truthful or there has been some cock up

    • Blueb says:

      I would also imagine that with 2 players already contracted for sale in August would cause any prospective buyers to have concerns. I wonder how this can have been done without player and agent involvemt if as major says neither the club or employes are aware!

      Major, any thoughts on this?

      • almajir says:

        What if there wasn’t two players already sold?

        What if that statement wasn’t true in that sense?

        • Blueb says:

          I would like to think that there might be a modicum of truth in the accounts. Maybe I am just naive!

          If we assume that this is not at all truthful then we also need to assume the same for all the other content.

          • almajir says:

            Blueb – the accounts have a disclaimer of opinion on them. That’s the auditors effectively saying trust these at your peril.

        • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

          I believe you are right almajir in the sense that PP has been attempting to push the can down the road and say that funds will be coming into the club via the two mysterious transfers in August of this year. That is when the poo should hit the fan in the sense that loans etc. are due to mature against the club, and money the club has is due to start drying up.

          But how can transfers be set-up and registrations sold without players agreeing??
          Is there the possibility that they have been “negotiated” and are due to take place in August – giving the opportunity to all involved to dis/agree if they wish to before then??

          Surely even PP cannot be naive enough to assume something as serious as the above would not be picked-up and brought into the open??

          There is a thread somewhere in this web of bullshit which brings CY attempting to delay his criminal case, trying to get some of his associates to buy Blues, the accounts finally coming out – albeit with high levels of concern – and attempting to get BIHL relisted. What it all points to is not very appealing and has a smell of desperation and failure to acknowledge the reality of the situation.

          • BlueB says:

            Atahulpa, you have put in words the point i was trying to express.

            I understand the numbers and accounts are open to uncertainty but the statement regarding 2 players was explicit and should be verifiable. The accounts are legally required and i would imagine their is a legal responsibility to ensure they are accurate. Knowingly making a false statement would surely put Mr Pannu in a spot of bother would it not?

          • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:


            That is perhaps why PP has tried to be ambiguous with this fact regarding these so-called two transfers.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Its hard to decipher fact from BS. The long awaited accounts come out as a pre-cursor to a Club sale, yet the accountants admit, they are not worth the paper they are written on! Blues appear to have attracted a promising young Scot from under the noses of Aberdeen, so surely the club must have had a positve story to tell his agent. We now learn that there is interest in Calum Reilly, who could provide another Jordan Mutch style cash injection to kick next season off. So maybe we do have a plan and are not bumbling along in hopeful or hopeless expectation. My biggest concern is that given fear of the unknown, then if we continue the information blackout, then our season ticket sales are going to be further impacted.Its time for Pannu to start talking!!!

  • Mickey07 says:

    You know when pannu is lying,he opens his mouth…..if that bloke told me today was Monday then I would take a look at the calendar…..such a shifty bastard….

  • DoctorD says:

    Surely one of the two players is Butland given that full details of his sale were not released?

    • Mortonsblue says:

      One of the players cannot be Butland as his registration is now held by Stoke and we have loaned him back. The two players referred to still have their registrations with BCFC, it would appear that their registrations have been sold, so nothing will come out until their registrations are transferred to their new club in August. As their are confidentiality agreements in place for all parties then no player can reveal he has been sold and no one at the club will know either, until August that is.

      • DoctorD says:

        Thanks Mortonsblue.

        So do the two players in question know they are being sold? Presumably they do or that would be even dodgier. Can only be Zigic (explains his huff in training and King (out “injured”)). Just speculation…

      • bluenose 11 says:

        according to blues it is butland and also jarvis that this is referring to


  • Graham Woodward says:

    Butland and Jervis are the two players

  • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

    No chance of any sale Dan, who would buy with this ‘disclaimer of opinion’ on 2 sets of accounts.

    Screams DODGY to a prospective buyer and is a disgrace seeing as we keep replacing auditors with so called better ones

    • almajir says:

      There will be a sale, Paul – eventually, there will have to be because it will be that or administration/liquidation.

    • MattOz says:

      Disclaimer of opinion by the auditors suggests that they haven’t been able to obtain sufficient evidence from the directors that the accounts are accurate. Just because the previous auditors have been replaced with ‘better ones’ doesn’t mean that they will sign off the accounts as being accurate if they haven’t been given the information they need from the directors. It’s the fault of the board, nothing to do with who the auditors are. I’m sure a sale will happen eventually regardless of the audit opinion as a buyer will do their own due diligence to value the club, and it then comes down to when/if the board accept.

  • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:


    Further investment from CYs contacts would mean no sale surely?

  • Alex T says:

    I think the reason for the accountants disclaimer is that statement;

    ‘football registrations of two players were contracted for sale during the winter transfer window in January 2013 and the said transfers are expected to completed in August 2013. The terms of the agreement are confidential between the two parties and are therefore not disclosed’

    Because its complete bull, in my eyes……

    For one, something would have been leaked somewhere… player, agent, player family
    Two, agreement would have had to have been made between player and both clubs…. its all very well 2 clubs agreeing on a fee on a players registration, but the player does not have to accept
    Three, when has this EVER happened? I’ve never heard of an arrangement like this before…. and surely it would make more sense to do what we did with Butland??

    So, if like me the accountants think this statement is bullshine, just to give the impression we are a going concern, then no wonder they have put a dis-claimer on these hammed ujp accounts.

    They way BIHL run their business is nothing short of a disgrace and they shouldnt worry about being respected, that ship has surely sailed months ago (in the world of business and football!)

  • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

    When you’re negotiating deals worth multi million pounds the merest hint of a disclaimer of opinion by an auditing company would make potential buyers run a mile.

    The fact that it has happened twice now makes us virtually un-saleable at the current time.

  • RichardM says:

    The fact that there has been so much activity recently and the fact that these accounts are even published (even with the health warning) after months of inactivity and silence – is evidence to me that Pannu and Yeung are actively trying to sell the club. Logically what else can Yeung do? I think they’ve already passed the point of “saving face” – it’s about getting hard cash now – I can’t believe Yeung facing a potentially lengthy court case would gain anything by trying to hold onto the Blues.

    Thinking about it – the auditors health warning is more of a problem for Yeung and Pannu than it is for BCFC – it weakens their negotiating position with potential sutiors, and will result in a discounted sale price – almost a “sold as seen” to use a real estate analogy.

    This of course rests on the huge assumptin that there are in fact, any suitors out there.

    I am sure that the end is in sight – but very concerned about what standard of team we will be able to put out next season. Is it 19 players out of contract in the summer? How many of these can Blues afford to re-sign???

  • James says:

    So after 2 years of these cowboys destroying our club, we now have a set of accounts that basically state we’re screwed, pending future investment.

    I’ve heard so many stories about interested parties, potential takeovers, up-coming bids – and you know what, I don’t believe a word of it.

    Delaying tactics, excuses have served Pannu & Carson well. Pannu has been milking the club dry with his absurd expenses, whilst “innocent until proven guilty” (yawn) Carson has his assets frozen and no intention of having his day in court.

    My biggest worry is that when the players are sold, the boo boys have their way and hang LC from the nearest lam post, what are we left with?

    When the club was on it’s knees with those wonderful business men the Kumars, we had one bidder in Gold & Sullivan. Who’s to say there are people out there that will want to buy us?

    I hope Carson rots in jail, whilst Pannu should never be allowed to step foot inside St Andrews again – these accounts are shocking and prove how inept they really are.

    ” We dont care about Carson”
    “He don’t care about us”
    “All we care about is BCFC”


    • RichardM says:

      James, come on, whatever your views on Clark, no-one to my knowledge has blamed him for the financial mess of the Blues, and I would be mightily surprised if anyone was stupid enough to carry on if he loses the majority of his first team squad this summer.

      Keep faith – if Swindon Town can find a buyer I’m sure Blues can. I think there may be plenty of interested parties out there – but if you were them would you put in a bid now? I’d play the waiting game, and these accounts would only strengthen their negotiating position.

  • Hardip says:

    Does this mean that the club is on the verge of being sold

  • subrex says:

    The 2 players I can now confirm are Jack Butland and Jake Jervis as confirmed from a club statement


  • Parchy99 says:

    Concise report once more. Thanks from all of us.

    As mentioned, the report is total nonsense and Pannu will know this.

    Clarification from Pannu is the only is the only way of getting any such answers and the reliability of those answers will immediately be brought into question.

    Almajir, what powers do the supporters trust hold in the sense of requesting a sit-down with PP? I understand it may be an exercise in futility but if ;

    1) He refuses. He is doing it on a public scale, thus putting more pressure on himself and the club for answers.


    2) He agrees and gives answers. As mentioned before I would expect them to be devoid of actual content but as a supporter I don’t want us to end up in protests and a general feeling of hatred and misery surrounding the club. There has been too much of this for large parts of the season already. I think pressure, pressure and more pressure is the way forward.

    However, I do feel its imminent. This could well be the final nail in the “civilities” coffin. IMO Peter Pannu has a matter of days to put this to bed or a new state of distrust and protest will be launched (the startings of a serious large scale protest have been rumbling this morning) and fingers crossed it doesnt come to that.

    • almajir says:

      I think that’s a question you’d have to ask them.

      However, I suspect it’s gone past time to sit down with Pannu. He’s had a lot of time to talk to the fans, a lot of time to open and transparent. For my money, it’s time for him just to go.

  • Marky mark says:

    I may be in the minority but I’m quite positive, the accounts are out at last (however bad) which means nothing standing in the way of potential new buyers.

    Whatever we may think of CY and Pannu let me tell you they are not as stupid as they would have us think. At some point they will sell out, this is the second city someone will want or great football club fact, we need to keep the faith, support the team and stop arguing with each other.


  • dave mann says:

    no dought someone will buy us marky as you quite rightly said and carson and pannu
    are not as stupid as we think, but they both need to do the honourable thing(if theyve got any)
    and do one asap and exept any reasonable bid from any buyer, because they aint going
    to get nowhere nere the money there asking. PERIOD.KRO.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    The reason that CY appears to be desperate to get £40m for Blues is, because that is the amount he has personally invested in the club me thinks. He has a near enough quarter stake of that farce aka BIHL which bought Blues for over £80m – £20m there, BIHL has lent BCFC about £21m – most of this will be from CY. This equates to the £40m odd he has given out from himself and thus where that absurd figure comes from.

    Do not think he truly gives a flying funk for the other shareholders and that is why he is getting his “own guys” to control BIHL. But there will definitely be fallout from that as Yeuzhou and Xingcheng might have something to say on all of this.

    CY is alleged to have passed close to £60m through some of his accounts over a period some years back, ostensibly he should still have many millions whether tied up in assets or as liquid cash. Of course that is working on the premise that the finances were his to start with.

  • GoôdyBlueShoes says:

    Stop worrying Blues will be sold in the Summer but not for the crazy money Pinky and Perky are looking for. BCFC is a good Brand. Used properly and with sound financial backing it is a good investment. Come May- June you will see a couple of interested parties appear from out of the woodwork.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir;, — Would I be correct in assuming that B,I,H. were brought into existance, soley for the purpose of ” Fronting “, the buying of Blues,?. Therefor, — have NO OTHER PURPOSE, — other than being a channel for C,Y. to run the club,?.

    If that is the case,?. What happens if they get ” wound-up “, [ Insolvent, ],— Is that possible, ?. — or is it the case they can only ” dissapear “, at C,Y’s, behest, — or worse, — Blues demise, ???.

  • Deano says:

    Question- any summary on the compensation payment for Big Ek along with the player sales? If not why not?

  • Woodlands says:

    I am still of the opinion that Carson Yeung wants to hang on to the Club, until someone buys him out for what he values the Club at. Failing that he will try to get new investors. Neither scenario will not be resolved until his Court case is over.

    As a Club the risk is that it drags on too long and we run out of money – administration and a points deduction OR we run out of players (out of contract etc). Either way we drop out of the Championship.

  • Pughy the blue says:

    Does this mean we are closer to the sale

  • bluenoseneil says:

    I feel like I am the only person on here that read the accounts and -whilst fully admitting to not getting all of the financial mumbo-jumbo – knew IMMEDIATELY that the 2 players they were referring to were Butland and Jervis.

    I don’t see why it’s beyond the wit of anyone to understand that Pannu only says things when his hand is forced by HK and the regulatory authorities and that’s why he has stuck two proverbial fingers up at the Blues fans in the past. He’s just being an MD…he doesn’t need to know when the staff toilets run out of loo roll or when the photocopier needs more ink, cos frankly he doesn’t have the time to give a shit and micro-manage the expectations of a fickle fan base.

    He is here to keep the ship afloat until CY is (as I believe he and Carson think) is proven innocent and can start re-investing in the club and bringing it back up to the surface and kick on again.

    Plan B is he is guilty and they sell up quick and get outta Dodge.

    Either way I don’t care until it happens and neither should the rest of us as its saps energy and effort away from BEING A BLUES FAN.

    None of us are financially well-endowed or brave enough to run a club so have to remain the penniless, gutless, passionate gobshites we all know we are and keep the blood of the club pumping around its veins with support, positivity and a bloody good dose of togetherness.

    If you want to see what that looks like then have a look at the half-empty stadium these days or the 500-1000 fans who make it to the away games and feel a little shame (as I do) that I can’t live and breathe Blues more than I do.

    ….but do your bit, whatever it is, in positive spirit!


    • chas says:

      Absolutely brilliant Bluesnose Neil..That is everything in a Nutshell..

    • Marky mark says:

      Yippee do for you !

      Perhaps you should start your own blog for Blues.

      Quite an attack on your fellow fans, I’m sure plenty read the accounts and understood them, discussing the plight of your club is part of the support progress.

      I’m sure plenty of fans on here would be brave enough to run the club given the opportunity, and for Pannu, I don’t think he even understands himself so what chance the rest if us.

      If we need a self appointed spokesman we will let you know, but for now we will support in our own way thanks

      • bluenoseneil says:

        Sorry Mark but based on that response you’re a prat and you clearly didn’t read what I had written properly or thoroughly before you made a misdirected ill-calculated attempt at rubbishing what I said and somehow upgrading MY opinion to represent that of an entire fan base.

        If I were you I would keep those sort of toxic replies for elsewhere cos they have absolutely no place on Dans blog which I fully respect and represent myself on regularly.

        Just be a bit more careful before you wheel out cheap sarcasm and the rest of the low-brow wit as ur clearly not a Villa fan so don’t stoop to that level please.

        Be a supporter, be united and don’t judge our board, Manager or club as a whole until the shackles are truly off because even you’d have trouble doing front crawl with one arm, Mark…see how it feels after doing it for 2 years with everyone at the side of the pool you shouting for you to drown…then you’ll be close to feeling how it is to run Blues right now. I for one wouldn’t want to experience that first hand and in fact I wish it upon nobody.

        …or if you’ve got a Business Degree, a dead millionaire granny or a winning lottery ticket then go for it as well yourself.

        Otherwise I think shush is the order of the day..and I won’t be the only one to say it.

        Nevertheless I end on a positive note….KRO!!!

        • almajir says:


          I hate to say this, but IMO Pannu and Carson HAVE TO GO.

        • Marky mark says:


          It’s you who is the Pratt, your post was full of self importance and self gratification.

          Tarnishing all the readers with the same brush accusing everyone of being gutless, penniless and gobshites your words.

          Insulting everyones intelligence with regards to the accounts, can I suggest you chose your words wisely young man and have a little respect for your fellow fans.

          And my response was not full of sarcasm and poor wit, it was one of annoyance at your ill mannerd post

  • bluenoseneil says:

    ….and let’s have it right here Mark just to clarify a fact: ALL football fans are penniless, gutless, passionate gobshites and I will quantify that fully:

    1. None of us have enough money to buy a football club, let alone run it
    2. None of us have the commitment, drive, skill, ability, nous, fitness, talent, agility, or dedication to become a player, trainer, coach or manager

    But we DO have enough passion in us to live our footballing lives vicariously through those who DO possess some/all of those qualities and because of that we get angry and upset when those people working on our behalf to achieve success don’t put in 100% for the cause.

    We therefore all have a right to reply.

    None of that is a lie and none of that makes me a footballing oracle or spokesman for BCFC. It simply highlights my feelings and proves I am in the mix with the rest of you…and there isn’t a single minute of the day that goes by (mostly on certain Saturdays around 3pm) where I wish to Christ it was me running onto that pitch and giving it my all for my beloved club.

    For the time being though I do truly believe we cannot allow ourselves to assume PP and CY don’t have an intention to make positive steps for Blues until we definitively know where Carson stands legally and therefore we shouldn’t judge or pre-empt it cos its futile.

    What isn’t futile is living your club and being there whenever you can to support it.

    I know most on here can, will, do or want to desperately.


    • Marky mark says:

      Still tarnishing everyone the same, whilst your last post was more considered and concise its a shame that wasn’t your original post and perhaps you wouldn’t have rubbed me up the wrong way.
      As I said choose your words more carefully.

  • TILTONTANK says:

    Agree with some of bluenose neil’s sentiments, but “gutless” was incorrect aswell as unfair. I’m a 40 inch waist for a start! Though “Passionate gobshite” was fair with me.

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