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BIH Confirm Interim Accounts to be Released in April

Birmingham International Holdings have today confirmed a board meeting will be held on Friday April 12 to approve the final lot of outstanding accounts.

The announcement made to the stock exchange has confirmed that the board will meet at the BIH head office in Wan Chai in April to approve the release of the interim accounts to December 2012. These have been delayed since February 28.

Whilst these accounts will contain new information that isn’t on previous BCFC accounts they will also, as previous interim accounts have been, unaudited.

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26 Responses to “BIH Confirm Interim Accounts to be Released in April”

  • James says:

    Accounts released – check
    Final accounts released – check
    Carson court date – check
    Multi Billionaire owner waiting in the wings? We can all dream.

    I’m quite nervous about the following weeks ahead and I dare say these accounts will also make for grim reading.

    With Nurseys twitter account stating someone is ready and waiting by the end of the month, do you think this carries any weight Almajir given the accounts being released and Carson now on very thin ice?

  • James says:

    Fair enough – I thought it might be.

    Looking forward to the articles on Carson’s case, should make for an interesting read!


  • Carson Yeung says:

    Patience my family, the time is getting very near!

    Twenty more postcards come today, so I like say big Thank you to lovely people on holiday in Snowy Birmingham for thinking of me.

  • StevieW says:

    Now all the jigsaw puzzle pieces are appearing the picture is becoming clearer.

    Carson in Court outcome TBC

    Accounts up to date in what ever shape or form they take.

    New Owners being organised by Nursey.

    Happy days.

  • zxcv says:

    Now to top it all , can you imagin we beat Palace on Friday. We will be getting carried away with all this positve good news, are the playoffs really in sight ? kro

  • James says:

    I was thinking the same think zxcv, a win tomorrow and a few results go our way, it’s 7 points off 6th place.

    Just off to take my medication…….

  • brummie says:

    zxcv as the scousers would say “karm down, karm down” ;-)

    StevieW: I wouldn’t trust a word nursey wirtes.

    Just another chapter in our glowing history Wheldon, Kumars & Carson. Hold your head high and keep right on, life as a bluenose ^_^

  • zxcv says:

    James, anyone who thinks its not possable, know nowt about the game.Keep the faith matey.

  • dave mann says:

    I know pretty much everything about blues and the game in general,
    and a win against palace would put us 7 points off the playoffs.
    but with only 7 games left and a few teams still above us, it would
    be one off our greatest achivements if we pulled it off, and like you
    say it is possible and i will keep the faith like i have for 40 years and
    prey, but its highly unlikely knowing our luck over the years, but keep
    the faith mateys. KRO.

  • the timms says:

    who is this nursery fella??

  • Dave MacMillan says:

    Win against Place and results go our way leaves us 7 points off
    Win again against the dog heads and again results go our way would leave us 4 points off with 6 games left, we would be in dream world with 6 games left to play….
    Maybe just maybe we could squeeze in, we all know there is always that team that make a late surge into the playoff picture.
    Confidance must be high within the camp at the min, lets go for it!!!!

    • Ali Duncan says:

      If we beat Palace and the Dog Heads then maybe I might get on the bandwagon but I can’t see it – 4 points would be an awesome return (Palace’s home form is superb this season) and go a long way to silencing those Clark doubters. I do genuinley believe that a top ten finish insn’t beyond us though.


    • Graham Woodward says:

      Your maths are incredible, 7 minus 3 leaves 4

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Interesting that rumours of an American takeover at Coventry are in the air.

    What makes them interesting is their ground problems, League One football, possible Administration and practically zero managerial stability over the last decade. You would have thought any potential bidder for Coventry would cast their eye a little further afield and see (in my eyes at least) a far more attractive proposition in the Championship that own their own ground, have managerial stability, a more attractive average attendance and potential support base, a better current financial situation and a more recent premier league club with owners who want to sell.

    Clearly it’s not all that basic but I’d be surprised if any decent investor wanting to buy a club with potential for growth wouldn’t look at other more attractive propositions than Coventry. This isn’t bigger club arrogance but due diligence that would be done by any savvy would-be owner.

  • Paulo says:

    Un-audited accounts to be released in April? ..well, I wonder if that in itself is a get out clause for any more ‘misprints’ or ‘typos’ in them. Either way, it’s been far too long and BIHL have had more than enough time to get their act together ages ago. I have no confidence in them whatsoever, so the only thing that is good about this, is that it does lead us to think it’s preparation for a sale of some sort.

  • dave mann says:

    looks like coventry will be playing at the ricoh afterall this season.
    sorry its not relevant KRO.

  • prewarblue says:

    The uncensored Unexpurgated Collected Fairy Stories of C Yeung and Company,,,,,edited by H.C Anderson and Die Bruder Grimm,,,,,,Vol ?,,,,,,in the rice paper format favoured by B.I.H,,,,,,easier to flush away when their facts contradict the truth

  • DoctorD says:

    Al – are you going to do a look ahead at our final 8 games of the season? I predict 9-10 more points and we end up on 59 points.

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