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Dreamland – Palace Match Reflections

Here are my reflections on the match between Crystal Palace and Birmingham City. Please note that I watched the game on Sky and not at the ground.

Dreamland – top result and top performance

Lee Clark gets plenty of brickbats when he gets it wrong so let’s start off by giving him credit for this one. The team line up looked good when announced; it had balance, it looked right and you could see what he was going for. The players he picked all knew their jobs, all were confident in what they had to do and in all fairness tore Palace a new one. I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to say that this was one of the best performances in the last couple of years – Blues played that well.

Before the game I’d have taken a draw in all fairness; Palace had only lost once at home all season and scored around two a game, every game at Selhurst Park. According to Sky, Blues haven’t scored more than two at Selhurst and we have kept few cleans sheets this season – so a draw might have seemed a good result before play. However, the way we started we showed passion, we showed creativity and we showed the kind of football that will beat any team in this division comfortably – and then, unusually for this season, kept it up for the majority of the ninety minutes.

Nathan Redmond

What a difference a year makes. I remember Blues playing against Palace last season – Redmond struggled on the left against a good player in Nathaniel Clyne and Blues lost 1-0 as they couldn’t create chances. Fast forward to now, and on his favoured side Redmond had the kind of game that has given him a reputation as a bright young talent who could step up to the Premier League. He twisted and turned, knotting up the Palace defenders and showed he has regained his scoring touch with a beauty to open the scoring, pinged into the corner with his less-favoured left foot. I thought that against Derby Redmond had rediscovered his touch and if he can keep it up I can see Burke struggling to get his place back on his return from injury.

Shane Ferguson

I will say this now – we have to keep this lad on loan for the remainder of the season. For the first time this year we have a true threat on the left flank who can run, who can cross and who can track back and tackle. He’s impressed me every time I’ve seen him and today was no different – like Redmond his running and passing on the left flank was killing the Palace defence – and what a way to open your professional scoring account. Away from Blues, I think this loan could be the making of Ferguson as he looks a proper player, not just a young prospect and I suspect it will lead him to first team football in the top flight sooner rather than later.

Mitch Hancox

I could talk about almost any player in these reflections but I wanted to pick up on Mitch because I think this game showed how much he has improved as a player since joining the first team. Palace have a really good player in Yannick Bolasie but Mitch kept him quiet throughout the game and thus blunting a major goal threat. Hancox came into the team a raw but hungry recruit and as he’s got more games you can see the rough edges are slowly getting polished as he gains experience. His run outside of Ferguson and cross for Ravel’s goal were absolutely what you want from your full back. Firstly, it overloaded the opposite full back, giving Mitch the space to cross and when he did get the ball in he used his head and pulled it back low for Ravel to crash in rather than whipping in a ball and hoping for a head to get to it.

This game pleased me on so many levels;  from the Sky commentators talking about the “production line of talent” at Blues – a phrase we haven’t heard for a while – to the sight of  Zigic leading the huddle pre-match showing the leadership qualities I’ve always thought he possesses as the side’s talisman. Blues must build on this with another good performance at home to Wolves – but with three wins on the spin and three good performances, who’d bet on them not doing it? It’s taken a while but maybe, just maybe Clark has found his managerial feet – and he deserves our backing as he continues to deliver the results.

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127 Responses to “Dreamland – Palace Match Reflections”

  • Barry says:

    Great team performance with some confidence boosting goals. I was predicting a draw at best and never imagined we would get 4 goals – and weren’t they good??! Congratulations to both Clark and the team. Same again please on Monday

  • JohnS says:

    I also watched on Tv and feared the worst but was well impressed how clinical we were in front of goal .Second half they came at us and with KP upfront you just know they can come back into it .
    Ian Holloway summed it up in his post match interview when he said he was stunned and shocked but in this league anybody can beat anybody !
    I doubted LC but he has won me over and the kids are on fire .Redmond at the club as an eight year old must say good things about our development .
    What happens off the pitch is out of our hands but on the pitch we can be pround of the lads to get to top 10 .Bring on the Wolves ..kro

  • matt says:

    I have been a critic of clark for most of the season but he’s turned it around and a big well done to him! Keith fahey looks the dogs, nathan redmond, ravel morrison, shane fergusson and mitch hancox superb! Nikola zigic leading the line as a proper centre forward thrived on the responsibility! well done! kro!

    • Marky mark says:

      Great day , brilliant performance and all the plaudits to our Manager. Some of us have been saying for a while give him time he will deliver.

      There are numerous reasons for the upturn in form not least Fahey who was quite superb yesterday, and the youngsters were full of energy and pace, in fact it was like men against boys only the boys were different class.

      Robinson and Davies were solid and I have to say we are a better team without Caldwell at the moment, I’m not slating the bloke but we are.

      So on to the Dogs on Monday were anything less than a win and our intellectually challenged internet crew will be calling for LC head again you know who you are

  • matt says:

    Oh by the way i was at the game with my three lads! nice to sing easy! easy! easy! easy! at a load of trappy cockneys!

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Just got in after an amazing day. I don’t know how often Dan goes to away games but that was the best away performance I have witnessed since the 7-1 trouncing of Oxford at the ole Manor in 1999. Worked hard, chased hard and played some brilliant football. Nathan and Ravel were immense. Mitchell was so strong and along with him so many players simply “did their jobs” So proud tonight. Epic showing. Dominated Palce. Fully deserved. A bit pissed but what a frickin performance. KRO.

  • dcp says:

    spot on about hancox
    a return to form from caddis too
    simple formula, don’t play caldwell, don’t lose

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Why mention Caldwell?

      • bluenoseneil says:

        Paul – you gotta agree the man needs to stay well away from First Team action for the remainder of the season unless utterly necessary.

        He has proved a liability and LC has proved tactically we don’t need him on the pitch.

        Superb game, great performances all round and nice to see Darren Ambrose getting a run out against his old club…albeit he looked well off the pace of First Team regular but no surprise as he hadn’t kicked a ball since November.

        All the ingredients are there for a continued good run of form to see out the season and I can’t wait to take Dad to the Wolves game on Monday as its his belated Birthday present. Lets hope the lads can show at St Andrews that we can really entertain the Home crowd!


        • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

          No I don’t agree Neil. I’ve seen him have good and bad games same as every player in the team.

          Just can’t see why we have to bring it up in the context of a 4-0 win in which he didn’t play?

          it’s as if there were no negatives so let’s find one?

          • chas says:

            Paul , I agree with your coments 100%, no need for negativity after that performance, but YOU are a bugger for bringing contention into your comments , so you cant complain at others.. Now if I had said it, well…:-)
            Great result tho, and four good goals.

  • Thaiblue says:

    What a result.Listened to the match on Blues Player,Palace only really had 10 mins in the second half cus we wouldnt let them in the game.I called my Palace mates ,who were at the game at half time,they couldnt believe it.Called again at full time and wouldnt talk to me,they were stunned!Well done Blue Boys.Push on now and finish with your heads held high.KRO.

  • Chris Smith says:

    To paraphrase ‘Platoon’ it was ****ing beautiful! My mate texted me to say he spotted the four of us there from the pub and I missed the second goal. Was near the goal line in the second half and the pull back for morrison was perfect. The fergie free kick was like a guided missile.

    Palace were competent, they did get the ball and threaten. Then again, it’s an ollie team and their defence is to attack. I think this result is the culmination of a lot of hard work on part of Clark and Co and finally the players have been able to pull in the sum of their training parts. Now they just have to demolish the dingles

  • Pughy the blue says:

    Superb tonite.great balance in team.what ever you think about ziggy we are better with him in team.young lads are in dreamland,and fahey is quality.

  • Ronan Speers says:

    I have always gave managers a lot of time before I start saying they have to go, and to be fair the only time I said Clark Out is after the 0-5 against Barnsley. All managers need a good amount of time to get their tactics right, starting 11, formation ect… sorted at any club, especially in Clark’s case. He has came from a club with a completley differnt outlook to a club in boardroom turmoil, so looking back I can fully understand it taking time for him to find his feet. I don’t believe we will get promoted this year (play- offs are a possibility though), but as long our team dosn’t get completely changed over the summer. I do believe Clark is the right man and he can succeed at our great club. As the chant goes, It’s a long long road, the’re will be joys and sorrows too…..

  • Jamie says:

    I have been on here previously having a pop at our manager but credit is due to him recently and I’m big enough to admit I may have been wrong, we’re not out the woods yet but things are certainly looking better! I’m still not sure he is the man for the job to be completely honest, but he is certainly doing better of late and long may it continue!

  • Art Watson says:

    I’m still not convinced about Clark but congratulations to him and the team for a fantastic result.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      How pathetic you and yer anti mates look now pal.

      • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

        there you go again Paul letting yourself down and if we lose to Wolve (I hope we don’t), the anti’s come back at you. LC got it right today but why has it taken him so long to do this? He played a strong 4-5-1 with pace for the first time this season with Ravel. I think Fahey has to take some credit because he let Ravel bomb on. Well done LC today 10 out of 10, lets kick on now for the rest of the season and play like that every week and you will get the fans on your side.

        • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

          What are we, 3rd in the current form league? Is it 2 losses in 13? Dan? I’d say Lee has been doing it right for some time now, course it wont be up to your high expectations.

          • tony says:

            so critism of clark earlier in the season wasn’t deserved ? of course it was and now praise is deserving.

          • mark says:

            keep banging the drum Paul they love it…………….

          • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

            so the 2 losses aren’t that important? 4-0 to Watford at home and 5-2 to Hull, surely we should be losing heavily to those teams? Big losses but the good thing is we’ve bounced back, I’ve always said I hope LC does well and perhaps he is turning the corner but lets wait till the end of the season as to whether he has been a success.

          • Blue in Spain says:

            Tony you’re right praise for Clark is deserving shame people like Watson hasn’t the integrity to admit he’s wrong!

  • Blue in Spain says:

    Not bad for a drunk manager, that is a liar,has no integrity, has no tactics and has lost the dressing room! #Clark out!

    Well done boys, that was a fantastic result!

  • bluepaul says:

    watched on the internet and was most impressed , dangerous down both flanks, Fahey solid
    Morrison industrious in the middle and Davies colossal at the back.
    Well done Clark

  • macca salop blue says:

    Yeah Clark said he couldn’t believe it either. We win 4-0 he can’t believe it, we lose 5-0 v Barnsley, he can’t believe it! Suddenly while other teams are tiring, we have a freshness, hunger and desire totally opposite to what many saw at start of the season. I think the play offs are beyond us but who knows. Expect the unexpected, enjoy the ride!

  • Blues girl says:

    Every player put in a great performance and what was so pleasing was that they did it for 90 minutes.The team kept working so hard for every ball even when we were 4 – 0 up they looked like they were trying for another goal.Simply fab!!Bring on Wolves and let’s smash them!

  • EssexBlue says:

    As Daniel said the team selection was bang on. I felt we had a chance when I saw it. Credit where credits due and plaudits to Clark. I love the mix of kids with the more regular 1st teamers. It’s giving us the 90 mins of energy we were missing. Hopefully, now we are safe a few more kids will get a run out. Clark out ? Hmmmmm not sure now.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Nathan has got to do it every game, that’s what we all want to see and watching Hancox he was actually learning as he went along against Bolasie. In the early exchanges Bolasie was giving him a hard time but Mitch weighed him up, sussed him out and had him in his pocket for the rest of the game.

    Hope every sngle OP poster gets down to St Andrews on Monday. First sell out of the season from our loyal fans on the back of that performance surely?

    • bluenoseneil says:

      Well, lets hope for a 20k+ turnout as its not beyond a few people on here who don’t go regularly to put their hand in their pocket for what could be a TASTY derby game that could help us relegate Wolves and nudge us closer to the upper reaches of the league.

      Dare to dream?

      I don’t think so….

      …but Nikola Zigic and Obafemi Martins are just 2 reasons why (in the far recesses of my mind) I am having thoughts of scrapping into and winning the Playoffs.

      We should have this plastered around St Andrews: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED..


      • Blues girl says:

        Neil,I do really like that slogan.With a win against Wolves hopefully,who knows?I’m going to the match on Monday with my two boys so I’m hoping for a repeat performance of last night!KRO

    • bluenosed says:

      We can only dream Paul.

  • Bluesnosesol says:

    What absolutely delighted me was the quality of perfromance throughout the team and the team spirit which was tangible. Looking like we dont nead a rebuild next season, just hang on to the players we have got – and our manager!!! KRO.

  • Glyn rees says:

    I did not get carried away when we were losing and I want get carried away now but that was a great performance, well done LC and the boys. Upward and onward you never know Kro4ever

  • Bluesnosesol says:

    i know he was only on for a few minutes at the end, but Darren Ambrose is a quality player who just hasnt done it for us. He looked promising yesterday, what a bonus if he could rediscover his best form!

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Good Friday became Excellent Friday.
    Well balanced team from front to back , with the a solid core , Butland, Davies/Robinson , Fahey,
    & Zigic , that allowed the others to play around them.

    Same team for Wolves on Monday please..

  • Johnners says:

    Dan – glad you mentioned the huddle before the game. I saw Zigic pumping his arms and getting everybody up for it and I suddenly had this feeling that we were going to play a blinder. In a strange way I wonder whether, with King injured, it has created space for Zigic to play a leadership role. He was pinging the ball around early on encouraging the one touch football and giving confidence to the younger lads. I think his influence faded as the game went on but for the first 20 minutes he was leading the charge for sure. Beyond this, one word sums up the difference between now and last October – confidence! Clarke has taken his time to find his legs and he was as fragile as the team for his first three months but he is growing into the role and the players are responding. Redmond is the best example of this since he is a confidence player and really struggled to show anything like his best in the early part of the season. Look at him go now.

    • Bromsgrove Blue says:

      good post – leadership, confidence and developing a ‘not losing’ then ‘winning’ habit are the differences that make an average team ‘excellent’. KRO Johnners

  • thongs says:

    Point of order….Redmond has stated in the past that he favours the left side so he can cut in akin to his idol Ashley Young. Actually read this once in the official matchday magazine.

    Also whilst the result was fantastic, Clark was forced into that line up due to injuries to Burke, King and Spector.

    Credit should be aimed at the players. In particular the youngsters for their energy, drive and determination. Also the absence of Zaha was a major factor.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      You couldn’t make it up.

      Credit to the players but when we lose it’s Clarks fault.

      Mind you only come on here for the wind up anyhow.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      I wouldn’t call em fans mate, half of em on here are filth on the wind up, most of em aint been down since Wmbley/Europa. Some of em had banners up at one game a filth trick if ever I saw one. Criticism is healthy but the kind we’ve seen over Lee went further than that and there was a high level of enjoyment by those doing it. Support? They’ve never heard of it. Even now some of em are scraping the barrel to try to come up with a negative remark.

      With a bit of luck Hughton will take Norwich down, get sacked, and wont find another mug club like us to give him a leg up who he can then desert.

      • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

        are you realy for real Paul, LC took CH’s good team to a bad one over night, the only reason he started playing the youngsters was because the players he bought into the club got injured. What CH did for the club last year was close to a miracle but you slag him off for leaving for a premiership club with money instead of staying at our club, I don’t know what your ambition in your job is but it doesn’t sound like you have any? You never know if LC gets a strong finish to the season perhaps another premiership club may come knocking, do you think LC would stay? But then again anybody that doesn’t agree with you is filth……. what a fool you are.

      • Bluenose says:

        There is common sense and reason and then there is blind positive loyalty

    • Bluenoseso; says:

      Clark was not forced into that line up he had far more combinations he could have used. Credit to the manager. Holloway said before the game that he was gong to “take it out” on Birmingham. Well a manager who was full of confidence and playing at home to secure an automatic promotion spot, was totally out thought by a more intelligent manager, who’s youth policy and foresight has steered us away from the relegation zone into calmer waters ands againts fantastic odds. PS Just cant wait for the scousers to stuff the vile and really but the mockers on someone’s weekend!! KRO

      • mark says:

        spot on with your comments mate totally agreed with you.

      • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

        Right lets get this straight LC didn’t pick the youngsters UNTIL he had an injury crisis, in fact he bought in Papa and Robinson over playing the youngsters, what I will say fair play to him for keeping them in after the players HE bought in got fit. I’m not an anti clark I want him win football games but he wanted to play a pressing game with old players, it works when you have pace and stamina something the players HE bought in dont have. Hey we even have a crack at the playoffs, here’s hoping we do. And something I will say people talk about nobody else wanted the job, but didn’t we interview Billy Davies? Not doing to bad a job at Forest?

  • andy says:

    Well lets hope the board dont sell off “The Production of Talent”

    • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

      If CY and PP are still at the club come August then I think we will lose a couple. Wrong but I think it will be reality unless we can get Zigic off the books.

  • Kimberley Blue says:

    Credit to Butland as well great save from a low shot similar to the one Redmond scored.
    Also did you see his celebration when we scored the last goal.. still means a lot to get a clean sheet

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Lock out Monday everybody. Get yer tickets quick.

    The internet crew plus the Wembley Season Ticket Holders are descending en masse to get behind their beloved team.

    You wont be able to get in after 1.30

    • Bromsgrove Blue says:

      Always agree with your sentiments Saint Paul – but don’t wind them up too much … it might actually backfire and discourage them from attending. But I’m 100% respectful of your true blue loyalties. KRO.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Mmmm yeah, I can see it now.

        Right I’m off to watch the team I love cos am True Blue oh but hang on look what some nobody on the net has written. That’s it, no way am I going now.

    • garyforeverblue says:

      absolutely right Paul suddenly there interest now the darker days are gradually going…all coming out the woodwork…. Lets see this team who now humbled palace….kro get wembley play off ticket lol

  • ed77 says:

    Fantastic result well done boys,he may have 2 change a bit for monday clark said fahey was stiff after boro game so maybe after so long out he wont play twice in a few days and risk injury but whoever plays monday,11 stars yest. KRO

  • Paulo says:

    Fantastic match to watch and the one match I would have thought we could never win. I was set for a draw and a point and then face Wolves to see what that would bring. How I was happily proved wrong, as I imagine we all were. If Lee Clark has found the kind of formula that is working lately, then please continue it. I imagine that a little run of fortune will keep us safe from harm this season, but approaching things one game at a time will keep expectations realistic.
    It was so good though to see Palace not having a clue what had just hit them, and also the positive things being said about Birmingham. This result should give us the lift at home that we all need.

  • Matt Barnes says:

    Oh lee Clark you used to be shite now your all right (until wolves anyway) walking in a Clark’s wonderland.… That was the best away performance since we beat Newcastle in the cup. Hopefully Clark has now turned the corner, I’m actually looking forward to going on Monday for the 1st time in a long time. Let’s get the ownership sorted out and see what happens in the summer. KRO.

  • james says:

    Clarke out!

    Great performance and we can now start to look up – the missing 10k should be turning up on Monday to put another nail in the dog heads coffin.

    Another win and results go our way, its 4 points off with 6 to play…..


  • james says:

    That’s Clark!

  • psmith says:

    Not surprising that Lee Clark is getting more credits. As the team improve it must give him more confidence that he is on the right track and the way the youngsters have performed makes the future look rosy. Pity that some messages are still so negative; let us believe, the only way is up. KRO

  • AR says:

    I think Keith Fahey had the sort of game we’ve been missing this season. His reading of the game, ball control and imaginative passing were excellent. Hope he’s OK for Monday.

  • Lenoir says:

    I watched the first half in disbelief and as I was in a house of family and friends celebrations were, but in the second half all hell broke loose, as the friends and family, who were there to watch 2 previous games of rugby league joined in the celebrations. Even the neighbours came calling to see what the party was for and 22 people watched in a raucous manner the thrashing of Palace. The house has now been booked for the Leicester game!

  • dave mann says:

    what a performance, what superb goals and great managememt from lee clark.
    thats as good as weve played in a long time, and totally bossed palace and
    holloway in to submission.
    back to what paul said about caldwell, he didnt play so he shouldnt be mentioned.
    if there was a negative it was elliott who kept giving the ball away and the blues
    fans let hin no about it, but besides that same again against wolves, but bring
    in thomas for elliott and help to get johnson and his yamyams relegated to
    league 1.
    ps i didnt realise roger left blues to play league 1 football.( o well nevermind)KRO.

    • blaneh says:

      I’m glad someone mentioned Elliot, he had a decent game, but he does worry be that hes gonna drop a b*****k at some point when he plays in the middle. Great result though, an Clarke and the players should get the praise.

  • tony says:

    The most pleasing thing was team selection,tactics and 100% effort from the whole team all at the same time,we’ve not seen that very often under clark.Best performance this season by a country mile and lets hope it continues v the dingles.

  • Lee H says:

    Fantastic performance by the boys last night. I think our season would have turned out differently if the fans didn’t jump on the team as soon as we started the season badly. I wonder if it wasn’t for the Europa league run, would the fans have turned on Hughtons team when they started poorly? Hopefully a positive end to the season to build for next year.

  • dave mann says:

    with leicester loosing last night and forest playing brighton today, 6th place
    is not impossible. 7 points off, 7 games left( if brighton loose) 2 home games
    next week, playing like we did last night, it can be done.

  • Sheldon man says:

    Well done the team and well done Lee Clark, you are proving me wrong at last

  • Tony says:

    Clark got it right last night, the balance was good, the pace down the flanks killed Palace,the defence played well ,midfield were bright and inventive.
    That kid down the left side has one hell of a future in the game he really is a talent, Redmond frightened them to death, like most youngsters he tended to try to beat one player too many at times but that will be sorted.
    The whole team played very well, credit must go to them and the manager for an excellent performance, it goes someway to removing the memory of Barnsley.
    At the start of the season I said 8th was the minimun acceptable for Clark he and the team need to keep it going no slip up against the Yam Yams.

    • mark says:

      bloody hell you might eventually get yourself a season ticket….mate. That’s Clark Tactics was like his waist line, and you been right on most things. Get over the barnsley game for heaven sake we are 10th in the league……

  • chas says:

    A comment from a Crystal Palace Fan forum (the whle forum made good readng, bu I only chose tis one comment.)

    ‘Birmingham are so superior it’s embarrassing’


  • dave mann says:

    that comment sums up blues to a tee!
    weve been superior in many games, but so embarrassing in many to!
    lost 5- 0 to barnsley.
    lost 4- 0 to watford.
    lost 5- 2 to hull.
    won 4- 0 at palace.
    won 1- 0 at boro.
    won 3- 1 against derby.
    drew 3- 3 at millwall when 3- 0 down.
    7 more wins and we might make the playoffs.
    would you adam and eve it! KRO.

  • Moley Dibbers says:

    The difference Fahey made was unbeleivable. I love the way he gives the players around him an easy option and then makes good simple passes to keep attacks moving. It means we retain the ball instead of constantly giving it away and putting ourselves under pressure. He really anchored the midfield for us yesterday.

    The difference between Hughton and Clark? – Hughton had Super Keith available for most of the season – and look what happened when he was out injured for the play-offs !

    • Bluenose says:

      I agree
      Lets not get carried away with LC
      If he had of played Burke, Redmond and zigic regularly and not the collection of poor signings and poor tactics who knows where we’d be
      Did anyone see what looked like him shouting at ravel when he was subbed?
      He simply does not have the temperament for top flight football
      Don’t insult CH with comparisons please

      • Moley Dibbers says:

        I think you’re missing my point. CH massively benefited from having Fahey keeping things ticking over for him in the middle of the park. LC has been deprived of both this and also the highly influential Murphy for most of the season. They are consistent performers and their presence would no doubt have boosted our results and league standing. Lots of you might think differently about Clark if he’d been lucky enough to have them.

        Great to see Redmond, Zigic and Burke playing well of late but Clark has had to manage them through some indifferent performances and should take credit for the current purple patch.

        • Bluenose says:

          Fair point re Fahey but maybe we’ll not know the full story on his long absence.
          Clark alienated key players in his naive ‘my way or the highway’ management style.
          The zigic saga was a turning point. He knew he got it wrong.
          Ziggy was a continual sub and since Watford/ziggyGate LC has been forced to play him after most of us panned him. Much has turned round since then
          I do not trust him to rebuild us over the summer

          • mark says:

            No mate Zigic got it wrong, and now playing how clark wants him to play. Clark missed keith as much as anyone else, but the club and manager gave keith the suffient time for his compassiate leave. well done to both IMO.

          • Blue in Spain says:

            You think Clark changed his mind about starting Zigic because internet warriors like you panned him… Are you 11 years old or thick as mince?

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    What a superb result for LC, the boys and us, the supporters.

    There is now a developing sense of belief and confidence about the team, and barring a couple of the dreadful results in the last quarter, we seem to be showing improvement throughout.

    Some of us harped on from the beginning that relegation was never gonna happen and that LC should be given a break to try and implement his style and ideas on the team, but were given stick for suggesting this.

    But all in all, we are moving forward and the “feel good” factor seems to be returning and there really is no better way to display it than by showing what we can possibly do to the woof woofs on Monday – serendipity.

    There is no reason why we couldn’t sneak that last pay-off place, but the only reason I would not want us promoted is that, the status quo may be prolonged indefinitely.

    Otherwise good stuff all round and onwards to Monday.

  • mark says:

    Atahualpa is a BlueNose says
    There is no reason why we couldn’t sneak that last pay-off place, but the only reason I would not want us promoted is that, the status quo may be prolonged indefinitely. Who do you think is backing Clark????? so you would not want us promoted I sure most fans would disgree with this statement…..

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:


      Would you like us to somehow get promoted, make no major effort to strengthen a team that would seriously struggle in the EPL and get whacked most weeks (look at the apathy in this division when we were not doing so well), see the likes of PP and CY try and hang on for dear life and resent build up again??


      We finish solidly and with a flourish, LC consolidates the team and squad, all involved get another year together forging spirit and understanding, and then something gives and hopefully we see some resolution with the ownership issue in the summer??

      Takes your pick fella…

    • Paulo says:

      I don’t want us promoted either. It would be ridiculous, given we have next to money in the kitty, a load of players that are out of contract soon, loanees returning, a season of fluctuating results and unpredictable performances ..let alone a manager who has had a tidal wave of abuse hurled at him, and an acting chairman who becomes ever more unpopular, selfish, untrustworthy and absent, as well as an owner who is still yet to face trial and shareholders that are all pretty much reluctant to sell us, as well as incapable of providing full, audited and up to date accounts ..on time.
      Yeah, I’m sure come August we will have a squad that can take on Chelsea and Man U and deliver, as well as a massive ‘attending’ fan base who will back the shirt.
      Survival, restructure, investment, new ownership and targets. That’s what will do us better in the long run.

      • woridad says:

        Good common sense response. I too think that any talk of play-offs and promotion should get a reality check……..it would be the end of us. What concerns me is 11 out of contract players during the summer and on loans returning back to clubs……we’ll barely have a team come August if no investment comes. Then the spiral would continue downwards. Fresh investment with deep pockets will be the only way we get something to build on.

  • Bluenose says:

    Great win and performance
    What a change in form. Notable consistent appearances from zigic and Redmond over recent weeks
    Good signing of Ferguson

  • dave mann says:

    i couldnt dissagree more than what atahualpa says about promotion.
    all true blues fans want promotion whatever the status qou.
    carsons got no money and would have an even greater chance off
    selling the club if we were in the premiership, so sod the status quo
    and lets go for it!!!!! KRO.

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:


      Gung-ho tosh is what has got us into bother in the first place.

      Do you honestly believe that CY would want less money for us if we were promoted??

      Those that are still unsure of LC; can you imagine what they would be like if the first few matches went against us if we went up??
      For goodness sake we’d be cannon fodder.

      Look how solid Reading and Southampton were in the Championship last season and look at how they have faired this season – what could you honestly expect realistically if we went up (other than a healthy bank balance for CY and PP to “play” with??

      Is consolidation after a transitional year such a bad thing??

      I’m very sorry if you believe I’m not a “true Blues fan” for suggesting otherwise.

      • Oldbluenose says:

        Atahualpa old mate;, I understand just where you are coming from, and I like you, would also like to see us being sold so we can re-group with a stronger squad next season, !!.

        An away win, — Clean sheet, — Scored 4, goals, — Achieved another 3, much needed [ though unexpected ] points, — Fantastic, !!!.

        I, have never called for Lee Clark’s head, [ though had reservations ], but except for a couple of games, have called for giving him some slack, !!.

  • dave mann says:

    i understand what your getting at mate, cannon fodder or not, the
    premiership is where we should be, and theres no way that cy or pp
    will be around next season because he and they will get the money
    they want ( 40 million) . and just for the record i didnt say that cy
    would want less for promotion, he would just get what he was
    asking for which is 40 millionKRO.

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:


      Of course we should be in the EPL – you won’t get any arguments from me on that front. But the point I’m trying to make is, would you not prefer to be there when we can actually compete to some extent??

      I don’t think we can be certain in any way that CY and crew will get the magical/mythical figure of £40m that he/they want.

      I’d rather be in the Championship for another season to try and build on what we’ve got then simply have another yo-yo season. I make no apologies in saying that being strong and competitive in our current league with a view to the long-term is more desirable than simply hoping for a miracle if we go up for a season or two.

      If we get decent, suitable owners who focus and plan for the long-term, there is no reason why we cannot stay-up when we get promoted next time if it is done “proper”. We can start aiming higher than simply hoping/getting 17th place in the EPL each season. My thoughts only.

      • RichardM says:

        Atahulpa – yes I agree mate, a season in the Premier right now could potentially be disastrous BUT…..(and I hate to say this)…think about the money it would bring?

        We had to sell Butland for a knock-down bargain price becuase there was nothnig left in the kitty. The money this club would get from just one season (and the parachute payments) could actually make our future safer.

        I hate the way football has gone – but that’s the cold reality of it all – MONEY TALKS.

        What would be great to see would be the board (whoever they are) backing the manager (whoever he is) with a guarantee that relegation would not cost him his job – meaning we c0uld use the season in the Premier to build the players up with no pressure or expectations in the hope of a more realistic second crack in a few years time.

        Still – all dreams till this current fiasco is resolved…….

  • Dave says:

    I watched the game at a bar in Warrington surrounded by one eyed Man Utd supporters. I have to say i thought i was going to be in for a rough ride, but the Blues soon silenced the one eyed brigade, the same couldn’t be said of myself. By far the best performance by a Blues side over the last two years! I think Clark and the players deserve their plaudits… Now, just to beat the Dog Heads for a perfect easter….. Roll on monday….KRO

  • zxcv says:

    good write up Dan, and very accurate too. Here`s to the playoffs.

  • Bluenose says:

    Mark – zigic was 2nd top scorer and was playing as a sub. LC bought in Thomas and threw him straight in. It was an insult. He’s started with him every game since he was panned. He was hated at Huddersfield and its just a matter of time before we replace him because its clear by this blog that he divides us.
    #newowners & new boss

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Was he f*** hated at Huddersfield, you idiots keep making up these stories, and you have the audacity to have Bluenose as your user name #somanyficklethickfans!

      • RichardM says:

        Blue in Spain – not hated, that’s too strong, but not rated either. We have a branch in Huddersfield who know I’m a Blues supporter, I’ve had stick and piss-taking all season long (mind you, they’ve gone very quiet recently!)

  • tony says:

    After the debacle of the first half of the season and the doom and gloom overshadowing the club i’m more than happy that we are well away from the relegation that looked very possible.Talk of play offs is a bridge to far i think but its nice to be looking up at the league table and not down..

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Clark’s BBC interview going out tomorrow night..


  • Bluenose says:

    You’re very aggressive Blue In Spain
    Why do you think Ziggy has started every game since LC’s embarrassing outburst?

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Because he put a shift in in training perhaps. Not because some internet warrior like yourself panned Clark. Are you really that thick to believe you influenced the managers decision! #thickasmince!!

      • Bluenose says:

        A shift in training? He was 2nd top scorer coming on for a few minutes and saving some matches. He’s an ex international striker on top wages. Probably not somebody who enjoys being treated like an academy player.
        Perhaps if you lived here and saw the local traffic on every communication medium you wouldn’t think we were kidding ourselves that views on this blog were the only views? However, it’s clear from the traffic that the views are polarised. Lets just see how it all pans out shall we?
        Surely we could agree that LC’s biggest test will be the rebuild? I will gladly hold my hands up if he proves me wrong. My hunch is that he’ll be gone by Xmas if not sooner. KRO

        • Blue in Spain says:

          You’re talking about the same player who is Blues highest ever earner, getting stupidly booked and sent off in games, is that the man you mean. As for being condescending about my location, you do understand how modern communications work don’t you! I have access to exactly the same forums and media as you! Bluenose… not even close!

          • bluenose says:

            no – I’m talking about the Zigic who scored premiership goals and the opener at Wembley v Arsenal. We’ll never forget those days and loyalty has been earnt. Zigic deserves Blues fans loyalty and its great to see the impact he’s had since being picked in the starting line up. LC has much to do to earn anything from True Blues.
            Your agression and abuse concerns me.

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    A rare game I got to go to, and what a good one to pick. Completely agree with your summing up of the match and assessment of the three youngsters performances. I went with my son and a friend who’s a Palace fan, and said the same thing as you to them about Redmond’s performance in comparison to corresponding fixture last season when Clyne had him in his back pocket. One year on Redmond is stronger, and not so easily knocked off the ball. Yesterday he was able to ‘bounce’ off people rather than go to ground – that’s when they managed to get near him. He still has a bit to learn about threading the killer pass, but he’s getting there. One moment, probably unnoticed by many, stood out for me: cutting from the right, dragging the full back with him, the other fullback came across to cut him off. He showed great awareness to wait until the right moment to pass it to the right to Ferguson thereby ensuring both full backs were out of position. Subtle and effective. The boy is learning.

    As an aside it’s worth reading Lowenkrands’s post match tweets.He seems to have taken on the role of mentor to the youngsters, and in particular Redmond, who he refers to as his little ‘Bro’. He seems to be a good club man although it’s his 1st season with us. No sulks when he’s not playing, he instead praises performances of those who. Someone like him is good for changing room harmony.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    It’s a Long Road That We’re Travelling…. How good it is to see self-belief in our team again. Forget whingeing and who-said-what, the important thing is to carry on regardless of the score, to always to do the best we can.
    We’re once again operating as a team, and it shows. Apply pressure in one area, and it allows another section to build up to a scoring chance. Hull did it to us a month ago, yet during that game Redmond’s threat drew markers away, allowing us to get two back. Since then we have capitalised on this attitude and it has now borne fruit at Palace.
    Positivity, Belief and Determination, so good to see our three best players back.

  • Tony says:

    Lets not get carried away it was a terrific performance, but there have been far more terrible efforts. It is quite obvious that Clark divides the fans and he does have a lot to do still. Im of the opinion that hes not the man for the job but time will tell.
    All the talk of Hougton being some kind of demi god is wide of the mark too someone said hes the best manager we have had in 30 years WRONG.
    Actually the best manager we have had was the ginger one thats a fact, he won us a major trophy and got us to our highest position in 50 years, you cant argue with that.
    Forget all the tribalism and why he left, and where he went ,I know its difficult but at the end of the day no one can take the cup away nor our 9th position in the best leauge in the world.

  • Tony says:

    Before anyone mentions the relegations Brucie was mainly resonsible for the one.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Congrats to Clarke and the boys on a superb performance against one of the best teams in the league. I find it strange though Palace fans singing glad its all over before kick off they Shouldve been singing that at the end after that drubbing.

    I thought we had Shane Ferguson till the end of the season. He’s been excellent. Forget the Busby babes lets all get to St Andrews on Monday and roar on Clarke’s babies.

  • Tonytiler says:

    I was one of the fortunate fans who travelled to south London yesterday to witness our best performance of the season so far. It was great to hear the fans chant lee clarks blue and white army. I’ve been waiting all season for it. . This team as the lot. Kro

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Agreed. First time I’ve heard that this season (or at least with ny vigour)

      Quality day out.

    • mark says:

      Fans are starting to see a young manager who has desire and passion for the club, working his socks off. He’s has taken eventhing,and the kichen sink, and could have walked away anytime because in IMO i would have back him for crap he has taken. But shown he has heart,and can rise above that…….and fully deserve the fans backing

  • Dean BCFC says:

    If we beat Wolves we’ll go 8th as the teams above play Tuesday
    We’d all have settled for that in this season of uncertainly and financial turmoil surely
    Well done LC – I always said that a young manager who could go 43 games unbeaten would eventually go to better things – hopefully with us and not somebody else
    Would be great if we had a big noisy crowd to give him support on Monday – but I fear the Tom Ross and dodgy internet couch potatoes will remain so

  • Texas Pete says:

    How about Clarkes hush puppies?

  • Texas Pete says:

    Ahem. I said it last year. The over 30 players lack the enthusiasm of the young entrants , so playing mostly olduns is a conservative and bleak approach. Put some olduns in charge of marauding youth and anything is possible. Winning is the only goal this season, but anything that comes our way should be accepted as a bonus. If that is the playoffs then that gives the potential for CY to sit on a very valuable sale position, the youbg players the top platform to experience and it well gives the club the platform to sell players for top price. Hopefully we are not back to aquiring another set of end of career ” pros”

  • Texas Pete says:

    I meant that a focus on a team full of old guys, you lose the limitless long term enthusiasm of youth that will climb any mountain no matter how steep.

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