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Nothing to Fear? Wolves Preview

Easter Monday sees Birmingham City welcome Wolverhampton Wanderers to St Andrews with the Blues looking to see if they can continue a recent spell of good form with their fourth win on the bounce. However, Wolves are desperate for points to get out of the drop zone and will be hoping to complete the double over Blues.


Wolves will have had less than 48 hours rest when they face Blues, having beaten Middlesbrough 3-2 on Saturday. After a slump which saw them fall into the bottom three Wolves have picked up of late, winning three of their last four games and are pushing hard to escape the drop-zone. That being said, only Middlesbrough and Bristol City have lost more away games in the Championship this season than Wolves.

Dean Saunders will be assessing his squad to see if changes need to be made after the exertions at the weekend, with Stephen Hunt in particular under the microscope after suffering cramp. Stephen Ward returns from suspension and could be in line for a recall whilst on-loan winger Nouha Dicko could make his Wolves debut after signing from Wigan.


Blues will have to give fitness tests to Keith Fahey and Chris Burke but could well name an unchanged team to the side that thrashed Palace on Good Friday. Should Fahey not make it, Wes Thomas could be recalled to the lineup to enable a switch to 4-4-2. On-loan Olly Lee has been given a squad number but is unlikely to feature.

After the win at Palace Blues sights are now turned towards the top of the table more than the bottom even though Wolves in 22nd are one point closer to Blues than Brighton and Hove Albion in sixth. A win would see Blues go 8th as both Bolton and Middlesbrough play on Tuesday and would be the first time Blues have won four on the spin since January 2012 when they won 6 in a row in all competitions.

My gut feeling is that with it being a derby it might be a lot of pressure on Blues and therefore a draw would be a good result; however, I can happily recall Blues turning over Wolves on this day thirteen years ago despite having two players sent off and I think Blues could well turn over the Wolves again. It promises to be a fiery clash but confidence must be high in the Blues camp and if they play as they did on Friday they will have nothing to fear.

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43 Responses to “Nothing to Fear? Wolves Preview”

  • James says:

    Was it that game thirteen years ago that Martin O’Connor punched Muscat for tugging his shirt?

  • Texas Pete says:

    5-0 would be a good result, making our goal difference zero. I don’t want wolves to go down but our team is high confidence, on the rise and should murder a team in the bottom three.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      But Pete as we saw with the Peterborough result against Cardiff on Saturday, any team in the bottom 3 can beat any team in the league!

      • mark says:

        Absolutely correct bis this league extremely weird. If blues take their chances they have every right to be in the mix for a 6th play off as well. Should any one of those top four dont produce the goods. Lets hope April fool on wolves today…..

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    Thank you for the Question Mark in the title AJ


    I’m more comfortable when you are pessimistic or circumspect, then when you start getting ‘hopeful’ – – so thanks for the question mark.


    Reviewing the Stats etc,
    DRAWN Away with
    Sheff Weds & Derby this Calendar Year
    (Dean’s control)
    Won 0-2 AWAY to Millwall.
    (Cean’s contol)

    LOST to
    (Dean’s control)

    I’d settle for a point, even allowing for how Dean Saunders has bewildered and bemused his first team with his over-taxing training and back-firing “bonding sessions”

    This is funny….

    “The Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters, who call themselves Punjabi Wolves, frequently take their dhols, a type of Indian drum, to away matches.

    But Wolverhampton Wanderers will not allow the instrument at Molineux for home games. ”

    Forza Blues need to find some local talent !


  • mark says:

    Imo I dont care about wolves just keep winning, keep believing. I will going today, and taking three others in the family. Again this match will tough, but blues need a good response at home to finally get the fans to rally behind them in their push towards that 6th place. Kro inclarkwetrust

  • Godsavetheblues says:

    There is a Dingle opposite me in my street. Would be nice to get some revenge, as he reminded me the score last time using his 3 thumbs and his glass eye! Get in play offs under the radar. It happens every season! The only down side I have booked the holiday on play off dates. A bar in the sun will have to do! KRO

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Sadly the same for me, away for two weeks. Rubbish!

      I very rarely have a bet on the Blues but feeling very confident today and have had a score on the Blues. I’d love to look at the table tonight and see us nicely placed in 8th place safe from the drop. Never would have thought it at the turn of the year. Well done Lee Clark. We need to build on that awesome result at Selhurst and a win today just might be the springboard to a real promotion push.

  • StevieW says:

    I think this will also show that Clark has improved or has not. He has a bit of a dilemma, does he play the same team as Friday 4-5-1 or does he change it to 4-4-2 or even a 4-3-3. For me dont change a winning team but he may be forced through injury, Fahey?

    I would accept a nice comfy win but I know that wont happen.

  • andy says:

    This will be tough, very tough. Wolves are a decent team and its odd they are fighting relegation but if we produce the 12th man today and back the team Blues will prevail. Lets make some noise!!

  • Paul Carter - Tells It As It Is he says:

    Although a play off sceptic I may start believing if we get a win today but I don’t get carried away over a good result same as I don’t over a bad so I’m not sure as to which way this will go. I think Lee will go 4-4-2 and I got a feeling Fahey might be out so expect a changed side.

    I want a complete sold out ground today. Bank Holiday, Derby, cracking result last game, both sides got a lot to play for, surely we’ll get the full house for the first time this season.

    Did anyone else notice the fillth in the bottom 3, playing crap, live on TV on Easter Sunday still got 42,000 so don’t give me the old ‘hard times’ bull. KRO one and all

    • thongs says:

      Re: the Villa, its very different situation Paul. Big club, massive fanbase and quality stadium. Good matchday experience and playing against one of the giants of European football. We should get a good gate though, Wolves are twice the size of a club than we are and should be a big draw for a small club like ours.

      • Paul Carter - Tells It As It Is he says:

        Cmon Thonggy you’re better than that kid :)

        • thongs says:

          You’re right, it was meant as a WUM but it all actually true.

          Anyway, with regard to your OP, You say you don’t carried away by one good result but you expect a everyone else to and fill the ground. It will be years before the last 2-3 years are forgotten. Many may never return no matter how much YOU expect them too.

          • Paul Carter - Tells It As It Is he says:

            Not bad mate, better than the first one but you’ve gotta keep trying.

            That’s nowhere near a bite lol.

            ‘It will be years before the last 2-3 years are forgotten?’ So the cup final win and Europe are already a forgotten memory then kidda?

  • Margaret says:

    This is Blues we’re talking about; there’s always something to fear! It’s the unpredictability of football that makes it so exciting, that makes me look forward to each game with a mixture of hope and fear.

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Really hoping for a 20k plus gate today. Bank holiday, derby, Blues on an excellent run should really make that a reality.

    • mark says:

      Kop main stand give us wave.. like you and Paul 20,000 should be achievable, get our voices tuned up for the rallying cry…. for that “keep right on to the end of the road” roaring around the stadium. lets frighten the dogs….kro blues to win…

  • higgsy says:

    Having supported blues for over 30 years i never get carroed away as they have a habbit of breaking ur heart. However, these are exciting times with a crop of young players that has not been betterd since the Francis, Latchford,Burns and Pendery era.

  • Bluesbot says:

    Would be great to get a 4th win on the spin, and although reaching the play offs is possible it would be a big ask, however I am warming to Lee Clark, sure he will make mistakes but in these days of everyone wanting success now there are signs of us coming through the winter and seeing some early stirrings of life – maybe Lee could be building a lasting dynasty here ?, where he brings in and molds young talents, giving a fresh young and hungry team eager for success.
    Would love to see that at St Andrews, hopefully with the right owners though.

  • sutton apex says:

    playing palace then wolves 4 pts would have been great, so a draw will do today – tough derby match 1-1, wes thomas to score

  • chas says:

    Name names, Paul.. Name them and shame them , or are you just being your usuall self ? I wont be there today, I have a terrible chest cold,coughing up loads of green phlem .But I wouldnt have beent here anyway..

    • Paul Carter - Tells It As It Is he says:

      I wouldn’t expect you to pal, you’d have done all yer dough at the Liverpool game yesterday.

      • almajir says:


        I know Chas personally. I will tell you for a fact he’s been a blues fan longer than you have, pal.

        So knock off the Villa insinuations

        • chas says:

          Paul, years ago a Cousin of mine came from Australia and asked me to drop him off at Villa Park to watch them play Leeds, when both Teams were at the top of the League..He offerd to pay for me to watch the match, I said no and went to Stans to watch the Reserves play , sitting with the other 299 REAL fans ..;-)

  • Paul Carter - Tells It As It Is he says:


    I am away to the game now but you can’t make statements like that as you don’t know me or how long I have been going or how old I am. So you don’t know for a fact actually pal.

    • almajir says:

      Did you go to the ’56 cup final?

      • Paul Carter - Tells It As It Is he says:


        Did he got to the 31? My dad did?

        • almajir says:

          Yeah, well my dad was a season ticket holder at Muntz Street. Honest.

          • Paul Carter - Tells It As It Is he says:

            Low Dan, low.

            Interesting fact for ya though, my Grandad used to watch Blues at Muntz St, went to the opening game at St Andrews (I still have the opening day brochure) and actually worked on it’s construction.

          • prewarblue says:

            My umpteen great Grandad used to watch one of the teams/ clubs that Blues were formed from play at “Arthur St” , season ticket holder and helped to build “Muntz St” and St Andrews”,,,,,so comment on the support when you both have some time in.

            ps My grandad was there in 31,,,,,,my Aunt and Uncle were there in 56,,,,,,I was there for the first visits of the continental teams and the “Milk Cup [ home and away ].

            pps All of this is said tongue in cheek,,,,,

    • chas says:

      You seem to think YOU can make them abotu others tho, what is the difference ?

      Anyway, only one question to ask , why was there so much stoppage time, we arent Man Utd?

  • Paul Carter - Tells It As It Is he says:

    BTW Dan

    Talking of how long we’ve all been going, I know a 90 year old man who will be at todays game.

    Bet ya can’t beat that.

  • Paul Davis says:


  • Paul Carter - Tells It As It Is he says:

    Was that yer last game Chas?

    Now look I’ve really gotta get off old pal. If I don’t go now and start queuing I’ll never get in.



    • chas says:

      Blimey Paul, I wrote a reply to you and it has vanished..My last game was last Season, v Crystal Palace..I took my 18 month old G/Son to start him off n his miserable journey through life..I suffered, why shouldnt he..I havent been this Season , but saw the first few Mathces on the Web, and wasnt inpressed..

  • Tony says:

    I dont think Paul went to the 56 final

  • chas says:

    Talking of Wolves, I went past Molyneux on Wednesday, it looks very impressive from the front.

  • Tony says:

    Oh dear so there we have it

  • mark says:

    Return from the match sat in the kop main stand, IMO the players let themselves down first half, Wolves sorry at say were dreadful even with them getting three goals. Blues tempo never got going until the second half. i will say not being abiase blues should won 5-3. Thomas maybe had 3 or 4 chances, Nathan also should scored several he looked very frustated. Furguson hit the post, Zigic should have been given a penalty pulled down by his shirt. Wade scored two, I think his ball play in midfield was a let down. If we had got more crosses past the first man we could done further damage to wolves, wolves were that shocking.IMO it was players who were not at the races today simple as that. Maybe keith for wade may have made a different if keith was fit. Glad koby had a run out….. This was a match IMO BLUES should have taken if they had coverted all their chances…the dogs would have been kicked out of site….no blame to clark for this one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kro

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